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Alternative for erstwhile

erstwhile /ə:st/ (erstwhile) /'ə:stwail/
  • phó từ
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) ngày xưa, xưa kia

Tính từ

Having been or happened in the distant past
bygone departed extinct ancient antiquated dead defunct earlier forgotten former lost olden one-time past previous completed finished long-ago bypast done expired gone gone by nonextant obsolete of old of yore outmoded vanished archaic belated dated foregone forepassed late long-gone oldfangled old-fashioned old-time out-of-date quondam sometime past recall in oblivion out of date sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge old antique worn-out passé historical outdated redundant unrecalled unremembered ex- outworn superseded latter-day way back lost in time consigned to oblivion lost and gone way back when historic aged moth-eaten relic remote stale primeval primordial old as the hills unfashionable decayed traditional once old as Methuselah hackneyed unoriginal demode primitive immemorial aboriginal pristine timeworn early superannuated original time-worn cast-off rusty hoary venerable age-old crumbling onetime antediluvian primaeval prehistoric prior distant primigenial earliest ended long gone long ago one time last at the time then first predictable inevitable inescapable ordained certain predetermined unavoidable fated destined removed deep over abandoned from the past lapsed discarded disused fossilized discontinued recent spent older ex wiped out no more accomplished elapsed long past long departed gone-by in the olden days of an earlier time ages ago once upon a time back when of a former period in the good old days unemployed stagnant fossilised ago latter dead and buried fallen into disuse no longer in use over and done with over and done very old whilom

Phó từ

At a previous or earlier time or period
formerly once onetime previously earlier heretofore in the past long ago time was when once upon a time in times past at one time in days gone by in times gone by back in the day sometime before at one point beforehand of yore earlier on in the old days in days of yore in times of yore in former times in bygone days time was some time ago a while back in years gone by before now in the olden days at an earlier time back when before this in the good old days in earlier times back erst whilom already hitherto afore antecedently ahead anteriorly preliminarily aforetime until then until now anciently on a former occasion away back eons ago last time one time before back then a while ago in times bygone at some point bygone quondam no longer then precedently forward fore sooner one time up till now in anticipation prior to now in readiness prior to the present time before then before present in those days way back when before the present one time previously ages ago ahead of time from way back at one stage prior to this in advance on one occasion since God knows when prior to this time years ago in one case but once lately ago as was erewhile radically of old olden days water under the bridge used to be down memory lane since agone gone so far syne theretofore yet thus far up to then up to now in time gone by early as yet advanced ante previous to date in old days till now up until now in olden times up to this time in antiquity in yesteryear in auld lang syne in days of old beforetime now until that time until recently former ere still at that instant further back prematurely inopportunely precociously unseasonably by that time by then by the time precocious above by the time mentioned by now from year one in my day until this time up to the present time even now till then up until then onwards in front at the head precedent preceding advancing progressing foremost to the fore at the fore at the head of the queue at an advantage in the vanguard in the lead in the foreground in the van

Phó từ

Some time ago

Phó từ

At some unspecified or unknown time
sometime eventually finally someday ultimately yet former formerly intermittently late occasional once one day periodically previous quondam some day sooner or later at a future date at a future time in due course by and by in the long run one of these fine days at some time in the future in the fullness of time at some time or other one of these days at some point in the future at length in time in the end after a while subsequently in the future at last after some time when all is said and done hereafter in due time after a bit in time to come one fine day after a long time at some point slowly but surely after a period of time at long last at the end of the day in the course of time sometime or other one time or another in a time to come at a later time later anytime later on not now one time at some time beyond this at some future time on a day some time belatedly tardily in future climactically conclusively at a later date at some stage as time goes on as time goes by in a while lastly in conclusion in the final analysis when push comes to shove as a conclusion in the sequel in consummation at the close in spite of all in the eleventh hour at the last moment despite delay when all was said and done at the end at the last somewhen with time latterly next afterwards after that afterward then thereafter ensuingly following this following that thereupon next off before long soon after when the time is ripe followed by towards the end consequently after infra thenceforth behind thence duly from then on the next day after this and then next day after the event after while at a subsequent time from there on down the line in the aftermath down the road thenceforwards next time on the next day thenceforward

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