Đồng nghĩa của before long

Alternative for before long

Đồng nghĩa: presently, shortly, soon,

Phó từ

In a short time
presently shortly soon anon by and by directly momentarily any minute in a minute in a moment any minute now ere long in a jiffy in a little while in an instant in a short time in no time in the near future before you know it in two shakes in less than no time in no time at all in the twinkling of an eye before you can say Jack Robinson in a second in a tick in a mo in two ticks in a flash in a trice very soon in a snap in a wink erelong early in a blink quickly before you can say knife in the blink of an eye in the wink of an eye in next to no time in a nanosecond quite soon immediately pretty soon at any minute at any moment at any second any moment now in a short while without delay in less than no time at all right away at once sharpish betimes instantly speedily promptly just now instantaneously any time now any second now any day now before one knows it in short order in a twinkling in due time in two shakes of a lamb's tail expeditiously in a bit straightaway post-haste any time in time on time in a couple of shakes in a sec before too long posthaste any second straight away without hesitation rapidly in a while briefly coming down the pike any day swiftly at the speed of light very quickly suddenly down the line down the pike down the road by-and-by tomorrow then afterward again on the double tout de suite in nothing flat this instant like now in double quick time this minute before the ink is dry on the page before one can say knife momently forthwith in an instance pronto right off plumb bang first off straightway incontinently right as soon as possible straight off headlong PDQ double quick instanter beforehand seasonably proximately punctually prematurely occasionally first thing in good time now right now on the spot straight toot sweet fast unhesitatingly without further ado there and then summarily this very minute that instant on a dime without more ado dead then and there like a shot forthright lickety-split like a flash here and now off the bat that minute with all speed abruptly that very minute due ekdam chop-chop quick hastily fleetly snappily direct as quickly as possible plump double-quick quick as lightning instant contiguously apace briskly presto at short notice this moment without a second thought on the instant in a hurry this second like greased lightning in a fraction of a second like lightning outright hurriedly urgently first on the nail as fast as possible spontaneously ASAP in a New York minute double-time at the double within a short time without any delay at a stroke by return all of a sudden in a split second at warp speed like an arrow from a bow from the word go soon after on the barrelhead enthusiastically gladly eagerly very willingly hereupon thereupon now or never on the dot soon afterward a.s.a.p. hotfoot sharp with no delay sooner soon enough right off the bat in the same breath in the bat of an eye right at this time at this moment in time by when this day readily at this point at this moment at this point in time at this juncture peremptorily arbitrarily flat-out quick as a flash quick as anything quick as a fox in a very short time with little delay without warning without notice without formality without discussion without due process swift precipitately away hot at a rate of knots like the clappers like the deuce at full throttle a mile a minute hell-for-leather like a bat out of hell like a bomb like the wind at full speed hell for leather like billy-o like wildfire by leaps and bounds like gangbusters full tilt like a scalded cat at a lick at full tilt at a gallop at speed like a madwoman like a madman

Trái nghĩa của before long

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