Đồng nghĩa của now or never


In urgent need of immediate attention
pressing imperative important compelling critical crucial urgent vital burning high-priority demanding exigent importunate necessary serious acute clamant constraining crying dire emergent imperious instant key necessitous pivotal essential inescapable claiming clamouring clamoring distressing exacting forcing heat-on hurry-up immediate irresistible obliging persuasive requiring unyielding of the essence of the utmost importance significant paramount indispensable required requisite needed of great consequence needful pre-eminent all-important life-and-death mandatory fundamental integral consequential vitally important must-have momentous compulsory called for obligatory grave central prerequisite desperate decisive great weighty substantive basic pertinent current all important cardinal extreme topical prevalent relevant severe controversial active drastic intense contemporary binding parlous terrible peremptory climacteric sore live very important deciding very great demanded primary heavy principal meaningful chief earth-shattering life-or-death world-shaking bottom-line insistent overriding coercive unavoidable without lacking needing worrying strategic determinative necessitating involving basal fatal major radical mission-critical business-critical demanding attention real calling for clamorous underlined constitutive lively nitty-gritty much needed meat-and-potatoes name-of-the-game coal-and-ice of interest incumbent intrinsic involuntary forced core nonelective emergency impelling popular dominant widespread running appropriate compulsatory rudimentary innate inherent leading capital driving foremost quintessential expedient incumbent on prime wanted name of game specified desired preferred elementary proper recommended de rigueur prevailing earnest circulating common portentous historic alive debatable unsettled fateful apocalyptic determining effective top-priority called-for life and death epoch-making earth-shaking far-reaching of current interest life-saving world-shattering life or death of great moment of vital importance extremely important


Decisive or critical, especially in the success or failure of something
crucial critical key pivotal decisive climacteric deciding testing determining important momentous searching settling trying big central consequential fundamental influential major psychological significant vital weighty epoch-making far-reaching historic life-and-death acute clamorous desperate dire imperative climatic insistent showdown touchy hanging by thread on thin ice touch and go serious urgent grave pressing paramount portentous fateful apocalyptic indispensable meaningful essential earth-shattering earth-shaking all-important life-saving high-priority world-shaking life-or-death life or death vitally important world-shattering of great consequence of great moment of vital importance extremely important principal chief prime main primary cardinal leading necessary foremost basic predominant premier dominant capital first preeminent supreme core overriding outstanding considerable great focal master pre-eminent arch substantial intrinsic grand primal number one elemental earnest prominent ultimate requisite final material ruling salient greatest elementary overbearing staple conclusive numero uno integral overmastering profound rudimentary underlying number-one top highest solemn sovereign somber lead sombre severe sovran heavyweight sober needed of consequence of moment of significance definitive notable exigent of great importance head sedate staid quintessential of great import prior root noteworthy monumental humourless humorless radical must-have foundational eventful no laughing matter no joke prevailing uppermost basal no-nonsense life and death big deal presiding required remarkable heavy commanding rudimental constitutional supereminent topmost underlined uncomic absolute earthshaking high certain relevant major league exciting defining striking powerful constitutive mandatory telling heavy-duty conspicuous seminal necessitous forceful signal inherent original determinative strategic memorable utmost beginning controlling introductory much tectonic keynote big-time appreciable burning creative dramatic prerequisite hefty pertinent meat-and-potatoes formative high-level action-packed arresting compulsory obligatory unlucky decided noticeable pronounced operative settled fatal climactic causal obvious marked ingrained structural innate special impressive star stellar overruling eminent particular sizable tough difficult sensational headline landmark primitive mighty abecedarian especial extraordinary arch- hard potent needful big league front-page maximum deep bottom-line newsworthy exceptional earthshattering last clear nucleus responsible shaping evaluative king active predestined foreordained inevitable doomed destined lively busy full standard developmental constructive best axial applicable senior strongest ill-fated doomful direful inauspicious ominous resultful prevalent everything champion effective simple initiative super event-filled strenuous No. 1 determinant good stipulated popular hectic alpha apposite germane fitting nitty-gritty characteristic substantive of prime importance of greatest importance interesting natural super colossal mammoth valuable elevated second-to-none glum constituent determined appropriate apropos apt in demand moving intrusive projecting protruding famous arrestive jutting obtrusive stern component connected actual wanted right-hand gloomy dour grim primordial organic initial concluding finishing closing ending definite chad austere indicative topical quiet downbeat sad all important at the heart of imperious trenchant authoritative compelling cold sober buzzworthy large-scale large stirring gripping riveting peak culminating hair-raising apocalyptical thrilling called for transcendental sublime categorical distinguished incisive innovative matter of life and death strong distinctive preponderant rare resonant impactful unforgettable intense worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon generous imposing milestone glaring extensive unusual extreme unordinary ponderable glorious emphatic sustaining axiomatic axiological supporting deep-seated substratal substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom underived groundlaying empyrean empyreal crisp peremptory noted trusted reputable celebrated illustrious imaginative groundbreaking crowning climatical climactical out of the ordinary of note of substance litmus test much needed very important of the utmost importance of the essence honoured noble top-ranking superior pioneering productive ground-breaking epochal high profile honourable well known top-notch high-powered honorable highly regarded major-league high-ranking honored high-up big time big-league top-drawer of high standing germinal inspiring inspirational generative life-changing puissant skookum of importance most important most prominent most influential


Done or arranged in haste, usually in response to a critical situation
urgent fast immediate instant expeditious prompt quick rapid sudden expeditive express hasty instantaneous speedy swift accelerated brisk hurried rushed snappy not to be delayed fleet fleet-footed nippy agile flying zippy whirlwind lightning splitting dizzy breakneck hot rattling blistering breathless galloping rapid-fire fleeting brief short passing perfunctory cursory impatient fiery rathe hurrying slambang eager pronto abrupt thoughtless harefooted quickie transitory quickened slapdash on the double chop-chop lively energetic nimble vigorous spry sprightly active animated bustling spirited sharp alacritous vivacious alert fast-moving adroit precipitate summary meteoric headlong short-lived desultory momentary superficial precipitous rash casual high-speed on-the-spot direct transient temporary mercurial whistle-stop ready unexpected ephemeral sketchy evanescent fugacious impermanent fast-track offhand overnight timely unanticipated unforeseen unthinking punctual rushing impulsive flash quick-fire flitting winged unhesitating at speed smart short-term without delay cracking careless token supersonic PDQ slight inattentive spanking peremptory incidental fugitive little flat-out unceremonious split-second deciduous drive-by limited snap impetuous without warning very fast volant turbo fleet of foot velocious hypersonic double time uninterested surprising in nothing flat up-tempo mechanical overhasty gadarene shallow glancing pacey early uncritical depthless dismissive helter-skelter rude half-hearted slipshod light half-baked pell-mell fading startling haphazard awful curtailed violent unlooked-for without notice surface-level temporal straightaway light-footed shifting spasmodic precipitant screaming speedball short and sweet volatile vanishing flashing wee gone in flash ultrarapid ultrafast in wink of an eye unpremeditated forthwith jerky determined no-nonsense resolute efficient prevenient arbitrary anticipatory diligent spur-of-the-moment touch-and-go willing excessive reckless rush effectual effective dangerous tantivy dashing succinct infinitesimal without formality without hesitation severe excruciating dreadful unbearable terrible intense piercing frightful going nifty hurry-up supple nimble-footed acrobatic deft lissom limber lithe with good acceleration hurricane cyclonic tumultuous tornado responsive zooming streaming irresponsible quick-moving lissome speeding ultrasonic furious unenduring interim without discussion fast-tracked dreamlike double-quick barrelling extremely fast dangerously fast fast-paced unfussy purposeless swift-footed unconsidered impromptu acute perishable inadequate nodding trite twinkle-toed lightsome like mad like crazy like lightning explosive unusual speeded quick as a wink shaking a leg hit-or-miss at full tilt trifling uncivil undignified impolite discourteous barreling light of foot imperfect flimsy partial insincere inconsequential feigning paltry flash in the pan here today and gone tomorrow fly-by-night nasty hastening indifferent routine automatic unpleasant not bargained for out of the blue like greased lightning random sloppy off unmannerly unconcerned harsh disagreeable spontaneous lackadaisical losing no time crude disinterested insensible apathetic pococurante uncurious complacent insouciant nonchalant negligent brutal hit or miss incurious slovenly wooden heedless hair-trigger brusque shocking unpredicted unforgiving on the spot in a flash cool phoning it in walking through it laid-back going through the motions


Requiring a desperate effort to avoid disaster or failure


Immediately and without delay
fast immediately instantly now promptly quickly instantaneously posthaste post-haste right now straight away without delay without further ado at short notice like now presto pronto shortly soon this instant without hesitation in a hurry in a jiffy in a trice in a wink in the blink of an eye on the dot on the double rapidly straight off summarily this minute urgently chop-chop in nothing flat in no time in no time at all in short order on the spot there and then tout de suite unhesitatingly with all haste in a flash in double quick time with dispatch without a second thought double quick directly forthwith right away speedily at once straightway instanter straightaway presently hereupon thereupon headlong right off as fast as possible double-time here and now incontinently this very minute soon afterward that minute as soon as possible on the nail that very minute with all speed before you can say Jack Robinson in a New York minute PDQ anon that instant toot sweet right plumb bang swiftly suddenly like a shot abruptly lickety-split in an instant straight expeditiously then and there without more ado momentarily on a dime hastily in a second forthright apace like a flash in two shakes off the bat early before you can say knife ekdam quick in less than no time snappily first off all of a sudden briskly fleetly in a moment in the twinkling of an eye double-quick hurriedly dead without warning without notice before you know it like greased lightning out of the blue in a minute unexpectedly at the speed of light by and by at the double outright ASAP before long as quickly as possible in a tick quick as lightning at warp speed due instant contiguously like lightning on the spur of the moment this moment precipitately on the instant unanticipatedly unawares in a little while all at once very soon in two ticks in a mo this second punctually very quickly in two shakes of a lamb's tail seasonably first in a fraction of a second in a short time hotfoot by surprise within a short time swift on time arbitrarily spontaneously before the ink is dry on the page hot hell-for-leather right off the bat full tilt without any delay in the wink of an eye at a stroke by return before one can say knife at a rate of knots at full tilt in a split second like the clappers like the deuce a mile a minute like an arrow from a bow in a snap like a bat out of hell like a bomb like the wind at full speed hell for leather in a sec like billy-o like a scalded cat at a lick at a gallop at speed from the word go like a madwoman like a madman in a blink in the near future on the barrelhead plump sooner direct cleanly soon after increasingly amain hand over hand pretty soon by when in a bit enthusiastically gladly eagerly very willingly any moment now any second now meteorically in the same breath a.s.a.p. asudden with no delay surprisingly away soon enough readily this day in a jiff magically unpredictably sharply sharp peremptorily unforeseen at this point at this moment at this juncture in due time in the bat of an eye right at this time at this moment in time at this point in time any second in a twinkling any minute now in next to no time any minute in a nanosecond hand over fist flat-out without formality with little delay without due process quick as a flash without discussion quick as anything quick as a fox in a very short time on spur of moment like magic without preparation then afterward again tomorrow short ere long jiffy speed at full throttle like wildfire by leaps and bounds like gangbusters just now very fast

Trái nghĩa của now or never

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