Đồng nghĩa của clamouring

Alternative for clamouring

clamours, clamoured, clamouring

Đồng nghĩa: clamor, clamoring, clamouring, hue and cry,


Present participle for to make a loud noise or outcry
yelling screaming bawling baying howling roaring shouting shrieking shouting loudly bellowing crying calling hollering screeching thundering vociferating barking hallooing holloing sounding off wailing yelping whooping clamoring crying out ululating cheering yapping calling out growling yawping caterwauling yowling hooting raising your voice blaring squealing squawking squalling booming trumpeting blustering snarling braying yammering blasting clanging shrilling exclaiming routing speaking loudly singing out keening hailing hurrahing huzzahing announcing brawling lowing pressing cooeeing proclaiming woofing bellering singing claiming urging demanding railing fulminating declaiming cursing threatening gnarling insisting on clattering crashing making a claim for uttering threat yelling at sounding tooting dinning resounding honking reverberating pealing advertizing ringing out making a racket sounding loudly sounding out moaning whining whimpering lamenting weeping groaning grumbling croaking muttering repining griping carping inveighing bleating whingeing maundering complaining grouching yipping nagging murmuring mourning sobbing grizzling fussing yauping grousing crabbing bellyaching beefing grumping kvetching kicking wauling greeting blubbering deploring grieving belling snapping bemoaning protesting bewailing outcrying berating kicking up a fuss questing uttering rumbling screaking crying loudly voicing squeaking calling hello to crowing giving tongue hissing miaowing gabbling cackling trilling sighing cawing grunting careering juddering skidding shuddering bickering quarrelling quarreling hollering out shouting out saying brusquely speaking brusquely speaking out spitting making screeching speaking angrily saying angrily saying abruptly speaking abruptly speaking up talking loudly mithering sniveling snivelling putting up a howl raising Cain agitating appealing debating insisting raising the roof disputing decrying grieving for disparaging remonstrating objecting condemning sorrowing impugning lashing admonishing castigating upbraiding denouncing reviling criticizing lambasting ranting vituperating grieving over scolding recriminating roasting censuring trashing reproaching vilifying regretting weeping for storming abusing denigrating raging blaming scorching crying for wailing for pining for wailing about hurting taking it hard complaining about bleeding kicking self shedding tears for beating one's breast eating your heart out raining weeping over criticising jumping down one's throat sounding off about working over beefing about kicking up a fuss about letting someone have it tongue-lashing grouching about kicking up a stink about cracking down on running down bellyaching about laying into taking exception complaining vehemently about going after having at ripping into inveighing against expostulating laying out


A strong expression of public disapproval or anger
outcry protest uproar clamour dissent protestation tumult hullabaloo vociferation complaint cry furor furore indignation objection outburst row clamor disapproval exclamation fuss howl hubbub opposition roar ballyhoo commotion demurral hullaballoo noise ruction stink ferment flak hoo-ha howls of protest hubba-hubba hue and cry formal complaint chorus of disapproval bellow growl ululation bay shout yell shriek scream screech bawl holler crash grumble baying bark growling barking crying bellowing howling roaring woof wail yelp yap clamoring rumpus turmoil pandemonium disturbance brouhaha remonstrance ruckus stir din hurly-burly exception fracas upheaval storm racket demur to-do challenge confusion bustle agitation grievance criticism ado expostulation demurrer clatter bluster squall hoopla shouting turbulence question kick gripe bedlam bother disquiet shindy pother blather kerfuffle excitement whirl stew welter bobbery foofaraw williwaw hurly zoo disruption moil unrest chaos remonstration disorder fun coil convulsion helter-skelter carry-on yelling upset riot discord difficulty clutter trouble hassle splore do corroboree hurricane hurry flurry grouse moan squawk hubble-bubble hurry-scurry hoo-hah hurry-skurry babel blare beef cavil grouch alarums and excursions babble disagreement niggle brawl frenzy cacophony fever bangarang flap tempest fulmination dissatisfaction howl of protest melee lather mayhem disquietude song and dance eruption scene quibble murmur argument upturn big stink outrage hell broke loose protesting worry stooshie screaming concern distraction cataclysm stramash buzz lament palaver perturbation tizzy chatter scruple caterwauling scuffle boisterousness declination disapprobation demurring odium censure disinclination doubt disesteem discontent railing pantomime donnybrook craze free-for-all loud noise inveighing revilement hesitation reluctance repugnancy displeasure dislike rejection earthquake affray broil mania uneasiness paroxysm bouleversement unwillingness shrinking discomposure outbreak counter-argument restlessness fermentation aggro rocking disaster argy-bargy Sturm und Drang big scene mess mutter word altercation struggle quarrel shindig peep sound blaring scrap dust-up revolt talk clangour bagarre rhubarb bowwow demand appeal call request charivari statement of opposition whine clangor glow heat enthusiasm lunacy hype fad controversy rough house havoc wrangle squabble dispute katzenjammer lamentation bewailing uproariousness fanfare whinge public outcry public outrage rallying cry unquietness restiveness folderol imbroglio maelstrom ailment uprising state of unrest rumble blackball declaration campaign knock bellyache shock shaking trembling quaking seism tottering hysteria splash activity excitation moaning muttering whining murmuring fault-finding carping grumbling kvetch dither action ructions fireworks fury carp tamasha annoyance production hustle backwash combustion tizz delirium scandal sensation rage plaint condemnation griping beefing whingeing deliriousness miserere hustle and bustle whimper bleat bobsy-die breach of the peace fuss and bother rampage snafu feverishness yammer alarm work-to-rule tantrum grousing bellyaching nitpicking grouching mithering twining hysterics performance anxiety babbling revolution tintamarre disorganization stimulation distress clinker tizz-woz sweat nervousness fluster fear solicitude nervosity anxiousness apprehension concernment arousal agita care apprehensiveness unease overthrow disarray incitement disconcertment stirring tremor explosion flip-flop alteration turnaround shakeout switch catastrophe violent change about-face temblor mixing tension protests complaints disorganisation tizzy, tizz nervous excitement fret mêlée fray farce farcicality ridiculousness senselessness new deal major change seismic shift sudden change new ball-game flare-up monkey business problem hostility dissuasion storms of protest taking exception

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