Đồng nghĩa của rocking

Alternative for rocking

rocks, rocked, rocking

Đồng nghĩa: bob, flounder, roll, stone, sway, swing, toss, tumble,


A swaying or rocking of an object around an axis parallel to the direction of motion


A state of anxiety or nervous excitement
agitation worry alarm disquiet trouble anxiety upset concern confusion excitement perturbation turmoil clamor clamour distraction distress disturbance flurry outcry stimulation upheaval agita anxiousness apprehension apprehensiveness arousal care commotion concernment disquietude fear ferment fluster lather nervosity nervousness solicitude sweat unease uneasiness discomposure disconcertment incitement tumult mixing tension tizzy unrest nervous excitement tizzy, tizz restlessness restiveness edginess turbulence discomfiture discomfort jumpiness fretfulness vexation embarrassment inquietude disconcertion trepidation irritation jitters grief abashment anguish chagrin movement fidgetiness instability awkwardness bustle jitteriness antsiness mortification torment sorrow bother disorder insomnia activity hurry transience fitfulness inconstancy worriedness unsettledness ailment excitability ants unquietness woe stress annoyance flusteredness fermentation perplexity misery skittishness strain flightiness dither Sturm und Drang disruption suffering fidgets dismay pain strife malaise shame disorientation angst humiliation disappointment sadness discombobulation twitchiness difficulty affliction shock worriment demoralization hassle demoralisation burden stew discord dissatisfaction conflict trauma nerves panic consternation doubt heartache grievance bewilderment moodiness hardship problem pressure inconvenience unhappiness tribulation defeat misgiving solicitousness hurt heebie-jeebies uncertainty surprise impatience tangle stirring up puzzle neurosis flutter unquiet tenseness fearfulness dread hurry-scurry misfortune dysphoria dyspathy suspicion pins and needles furore twitter torture qualms presentiment squirminess complaint illness sickness issue trial dubiety qualm scruple compunction fret foreboding ants in your pants adversity botheration bummer travails furor loss of face problems frustration beating ruin failure lowering responsibility rout overthrow undoing nonplus response derangement anger fright harassment descent comedown conquest vanquishment defeasance burdens issues shake-up disarray weakening crushing unmanning unpleasantness provocation animation inflammation reaction reversion letdown dislocation affront destruction queasiness task dilemma struggle agony despair row pitfall hindrance turn-up subversion shakes yips willies bubbling bitterness enervation devitalization self-consciousness scrape jumps mental strain abdabs collywobbles habdabs enlivenment exhilaration souring leavening dissolving volatilization evaporation ebullition frothing seething foaming lamentation desolation dejection rue melancholy despondency blues heartbreak dolor wretchedness depression uproar hang-up mental stress emotional strain bashfulness chaos jim-jams grieving desperation bereavement sorrowfulness gloom infelicity regret puzzlement shyness rebellion anarchy insurrection mourning cheerlessness bewailing bemoaning disconsolateness dispiritedness heartsickness funk listlessness gloominess lamenting mournfulness uprising ignominy sheepishness bad feeling rioting mystification bafflement emotional suffering heavy heart mental suffering broken heart showing up screaming abdabs screaming habdabs wonder sedition protest wonderment befuddlement timidity indebtedness mistake impecuniosity blushing poverty complexity clumsiness hitch indiscretion pinch strait destitution snag quarrel fighting ructions mopes discontent befuddling muddle discontentment awkward situation boo boo egg on face hot seat faux pas hot water disaffection stupefaction perplexing bamboozlement change dissension daze astonishment discomfiting confusedness bemusement confounding bewilderedness altercation dissent bickering controversy unsettling fog whirl dumbfounding flap upsetting mixup debate contention crisis disease ennui blurring cluttering pother misunderstanding obscuring tangling addling maze misperception head-scratching


A violent social or political upheaval
convulsion upheaval tumult agitation cataclysm disturbance furore turbulence earthquake eruption storm bouleversement disorder disruption paroxysm tempest turmoil unrest uproar upset chaos commotion clamour clamor disaster ferment furor outcry quaking seism shaking shock tottering trembling upturn Sturm und Drang trouble disarray mayhem stirring stir confusion bedlam storms havoc excitement strife convulsions tempests maelstroms whirlwind brouhaha bluster wildness riot high winds revolution disorganization pandemonium overthrow temblor outbreak alteration shakeout turnaround switch catastrophe violent change tremor about-face explosion outburst flip-flop tossing disorganisation churning seismic shift sudden change major change new deal new ball-game shake whisking beating folding whipping blending rolling jolting rumpus ruckus hubbub ruction bother fuss hullabaloo row ado bustle hoopla clatter ballyhoo pother blather whirl shindy bobbery fracas welter foofaraw squall brawl williwaw hurly racket melee fray hurly-burly to-do helter-skelter zoo flurry din hassle lather fever scuffle fret mêlée cacophony monkey business flare-up farce farcicality fun ridiculousness senselessness hue and cry kerfuffle flap rumble affray corroboree stink moil hurry-scurry uprising do coil clutter quake stew quarrel insurrection bangarang distraction fisticuffs splore hindrance restlessness shindig street fight big scene alarums and excursions hoo-ha violence disarrangement spasm big stink free-for-all hoo-hah hurry-skurry rampage hubble-bubble


A shape or movement that alternatingly curves in opposite directions


A feeling of positivity, satisfaction, or enjoyment
happy joyful merry cheerful delighted delightful ecstatic effervescent enjoyable fantastic glad heartwarming high jubilant pleasing pleasurable welcome wonderful cheery contented elated euphoric jocund jovial joyous overjoyed vivacious amusing blissful boisterous boon buoyant carefree chuffed enraptured exhilarated exuberant festive gladsome glowing grinning grooving hilarious humorous jumping larking lively optimistic peaceful pleasant pleased radiant rapt rapturous riotous satisfied stoked thrilled upbeat uproarious winsome wrapped beaming beatific blithesome enchanted entranced frolicsome fulfilled fun hopeful lighthearted orgasmic paradisaic paradisaical paradisal paradisiac paradisiacal rejoicing rhapsodic rhapsodical rollicking rosy rousing sanguine saturnalian smiley thankful triumphant untroubled well zappy zingy zippy blessed blest blithe captivated chipper chirpy comfortable content convivial entertained exultant gay gleeful gratified intoxicated jolly laughing light magical mirthful peppy perky playful smiling sparkling sportive sunny tickled up wild Panglossian in a good mood in good spirits cock-a-hoop in seventh heaven light-hearted on a high on top of the world at ease beside oneself with joy blissed out floating on air full of beans fun-loving in high spirits over the moon rip-roaring feel-good jumping for joy walking on air as happy as a clam flying high rose-colored starry-eyed tickled to death as happy as a sandboy like a dog with two tails tickled pink as happy as Larry as pleased as Punch on cloud nine looking good can't complain high-spirited jocular jocose bright genial bubbly funny comical comic celebratory carnival holiday facetious entertaining mad unconstrained hearty festal Christmassy gala without a care in the world good-time back-slapping backslapping decorated bouncy feastly feastful snappy go-go swinging carnivalesque juiced up animated sprightly jaunty sparky spirited airy happy-go-lucky diverting ebullient ludic breezy good-humoured positive good-humored unworried jokey vibrant full of life joshing peart witty laughable active exciting friendly of good cheer full of the joys of spring frisky waggish good lightsome eupeptic canty agreeable daffy clubby social bright-eyed and bushy-tailed amused energetic welcoming full of vim and vigour zestful zesty chucklesome droll cordial buzzing joking gamesome ludicrous camp campy gratifying cheering satisfying debonair heartening frolic insouciant frivolous perk Pickwickian great full of hope lots of laughs as merry as a grig as lively as a grig bright and breezy flamboyant companionable sociable conversible hospitable dynamic gregarious invigorating spectacular showy on cloud seven party envigorating vigorous colorful colourful easy-going excited exalted smug gloating warm abuzz outgoing benign easygoing unthinking amiable coltish loony nutty chaffing bantering jollying dizzy happening partyish humming good-natured affable sunbeamy har-har ridiculous absurd gelastic rich scream nonsensical riot unusual derisive eccentric asinine mocking derisory risible inane bizarre farcical preposterous jesting off-the-wall special commemorative congratulatory teasing whimsical prankish skittish laughter-filled roguish fun-filled tongue-in-cheek delectable delicious frolicking antic elfish romping larky kittenish frolicky fay sportful wanton capering clever smart groovy cool grand charming gladdening engaging interesting full of fun game splendid heavenly lovely flakey flip wacky crazy boffo silly flaky mischievous joculous flippant pizazzy bouncing mettlesome devil-may-care springy kinetic pleasure-seeking unconcerned animate slaphappy jazzy crank vital pert racy rakish spanking brisk pizzazzy magnificent marvellous marvelous fabulous glorious distracting fine clubbable for grins gagged up alert confident forward brash pushy self-assertive keen presuming heart-warming


Excellent in standard or quality
phat excellent wonderful great marvellous fantastic superb fine grand awesome splendid stellar fabulous sensational terrific fantabulous marvelous top cool cracking divine super topping heavenly radical sterling superlative beautiful choice dandy fab lovely neat nifty peachy quality rad supernal swell topflight unsurpassed wicked classic groovy immense righteous superior corking crackerjack dynamite hot mean noble prime prizewinning dope gilt-edged keen banner boss bumper capital famous gangbuster gangbusters hype slick wizard boffo bonnie bonny brag brave bully down foxy frontline juicy primo prize gone first-class tip-top A-OK first-rate high-class bang-up gilt-edge jim-dandy out-of-sight out of this world blue-chip blue-ribbon first-string five-star four-star number one par excellence top-notch numero uno top-of-the-line top-shelf peachy keen too much magnificent brilliant outstanding exceptional smashing tremendous champion glorious brill ace supreme supercalifragilisticexpialidocious schmick exquisite sublime beaut top-hole mega world-class amazing magic admirable sik spiffing bodacious very good perfect ripping exo impressive bosting select good bonzer delightful on fleek amazeballs def mind-blowing crucial phenomenal extraordinary belting remarkable tiptop dreamy gorgeous sound best pearler barrie chillin' sovereign spanking pre-eminent A-1 worthy far out crack matchless stupendous peerless topnotch fabby marvy striking dazzling beezer A1 incredible goodly lank kif elite rare notable unreal exemplary class premier of the first water applaudable accomplished formidable bad breathtaking too good to be true greatest noted stunning distinguished eminent top-drawer meritorious estimable masterly incomparable consummate of high quality splendiferous spectacular highest elegant of the first order skilful skillful deluxe preeminent attractive flawless unrivaled transcendent of the highest quality of the highest standard high-quality high-grade awesomesauce unrivalled top-level way-out fly bosker winning top-class chic exclusive premium of the highest order special valuable enjoyable outrageous dominant desirable unparalleled vintage commendable colossal praiseworthy prodigious laudable memorable virtuoso nice lofty unique standout singular leading solid finest far-out top-grade optimal optimum top-quality the dog's bollocks hunky-dory tops top-tier grade A highest quality very best super-duper fancy ideal entrancing illustrious plush enchanting legit certified invaluable to die for pleasurable mint radiant high priceless fantastical masterful unequalled adroit pleasing celebrated delectable top-of-the-range scrumptious unexcelled renowned inspired surpassing cream star unmatched lead flagship faultless unbeatable model creditable quintessential uppermost untouchable unbelievable effusive extreme excessive exalted inflated unequaled exaggerated worthiest solid gold top of the line top of the range best ever in a class all by itself ka pai second to none out of sight without equal top-flight the best beyond compare above and beyond of highest order award-winning zero cool majestic key sharp quick reliable bewitching captivating charming bestselling unforgettable arresting agile deft clever smart agreeable pleasant satisfying rewarding refined enviable astonishing fashionable unorthodox deep wild blissful astounding miraculous top quality high quality handy well-designed natty convenient apt ingenious stylish spruce mighty idyllic rapturous gratifying ravishing alluring wondrous sophisticated advanced crowning polished eye-popping jaw-dropping peak posh ritzy expert upmarket classy upscale paragon important hypnotic selected distinctive choicest first baller crash hot well-known luxurious gnarly noteworthy really good awe-inspiring prize-winning hand-picked elect prominent like wow cat's meow adept grade-A not too shabby of a high standard moving eloquent surprising agitating most sup rior all very well well and good elevated august splendorous pick fat proud signal really nice skilled able the very best state-of-the-art a standout principal virtuous top drawer nang No. 1 superfine dainty with it pretty cool ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly competent eventful extraordinaire extremely good favored 10 popular preferred preferential A-number-1 predominant chief mostest out-of-this-world hundred-proof tasty worthwhile handpicked plum favorite precious honourable dream honorable meritable venerable dexterous hotshot proficient demon deserving respectable favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked unusual copacetic carefully chosen first-line dextrous worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas hunky dory 24-karat imposing foremost dignified stately paramount major inimitable unprecedented gifted regal powerful commanding royal towering better especial talented exceeding monumental lordly ultimate imperial aristocratic educated influential intellectual genteel higher master particular delicate experienced central massive reputable high-ranking prestigious magnific heroic big honoured privileged mind-boggling honored practised marked grandiose courtly main versed epic magical anomalous primary practiced discerning baronial handsome unexampled seminal rich respected gallant complete essential unsurpassable extravagant veteran esteemed heroical professed authoritative compleat greater upper-class Homeric swanky highly regarded high profile high-level high-powered out of the ordinary luxury cultivated bigger cultured advantageous tasteful abnormal peculiar decorous intelligent odd graceful proper huge enormous polite resplendent prevailing vast cardinal high-minded head recherche atypical aberrated freak unwonted aberrant uncustomary kingly finished integral significant famed recognized classical favorable favourable preternatural monstrous learned larger nonpareil arch- serious trusted expensive iconic uplifting well-bred high-up senior top-ranking puissant resonant well known high-end grander unimaginable recognised top-end more formal topmost brainy largest genius sumptuous urbane bright opulent gracious gigantic lavish astute staggering palatial civil happy welcome conspicuous unaccountable inexplicable consequential shipshape gentlemanly transcendental trained strange entire up to snuff considerable whole intact giant mountainous princely capable creative acute modish irreproachable couth pivotal mammoth preponderant red-carpet titanic VIP artful workmanlike bravura knowledgeable scholarly imperious heavy core fundamental patrician dashing hulking portentous gentle precocious arch revered Brobdingnagian whopping penetrating inventive profound erudite cerebral perspicacious titled airy well-connected notorious prized courteous valued ladylike improved win-win aesthetic fabled archetypal refreshing snazzy eye-opening highborn costly dear pricey acclaimed suave banging excelling rational fast alert knowing of influence historical alpha all-important potent magisterial unmatchable world class industry leading unconventional highbred wellborn pompous Einstein sharp-witted spendy big-ticket well born eggheaded silk-stocking supersmart very intelligent a la mode ultraexpensive well versed something else whip nimble esthetic hyperintelligent quick-witted major league whiz kid supermundane blue-blooded whip-smart big-time ultrasmart upper-crust pricy high-born big league far-reaching high-ticket impeccable piked professional best in class unblemished definitive outshining loftier unimpeachable artistic tough world efficient seasoned controlling blameless critical amiable high-test eclectic oratorical upper cogent successful of note deciding virtuosic acceptable unimpaired uninjured unharmed unhurt super-eminent congenial unbroken super-excellent positive undamaged satisfactory paradisiacal paradisiac pro tophole apex coruscating A-list utopian marquee supereminent golden delicious deadly vital beyond words beyond description five star of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality pretentious number-one biggest better than usual first class enhanced of the best quality streets ahead better than average well trained strong a million dollars like a million dollars awful providential a dab hand at habile glittering magnolious tip top without parallel without match beyond comparison without peer only one in a million unusually good eximious in a league of their own ornamented affected ornate ostentatious comely debonair well-favored very agreeable very pleasant very nice a cut above the rest best possible elder supernatural exciting fascinating thrilling tall splendacious intrinsic requisite pretty novel typical prototypical bulkier longer weightier one-in-a-million well-dressed overdone stylized enthralling material focal well-born extra special freakish the utmost wonderworking numinous supranatural stupefying unheard of up to standard up to scratch up to par cordon bleu unearthly in a class of its own hors concours one-off irreplaceable indispensable high-priority major-league of high standing heavy-duty earnest big time big-league necessary needed skookum exhilarating theatrical soaring gentlemanlike blue upper crust Brahmin silver-spoon born with a silver spoon in one's mouth knightly queenly ennobled aristocratical festive unmarred of mark of great consequence well thought of in the public eye public steep awe-striking heart-stopping exacting momentous historic unparagoned sui generis one of a kind mysterious no-expense-spared A-grade whimsical solemn staid paranormal fortunate lucky blessed pure astral self-important overblown immodest highest-ranking spesh unheard-of purpose-built new without precedent unrepeatable utmost fresh one and only once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind unrepeated separate unordinary in a class by itself newfangled reserved ceremonious partisan covetable unthinkable dominating celebratory sky-high sky-scraping multistorey traditional magnanimous correct decent conventional sedate upright civilized weird metaphysical irregular mystical otherworldly uncanny supernormal unworldly other-worldly preferable immoderate exorbitant unconscionable overextravagant undue insane plethoric baroque unmerciful altitudinous inordinate overmuch overdue overweening stiff intolerable devilish partial ripe mature overbearing primal first rate admired of the first rank prior legendary triumphal idealistic redoubtable highly rated presentable highbrow portly composed unnatural grandiloquent higher up high up plushy swank cooler ginormous sombre somber distingué highfalutin' starchy grave right accepted untypical ghostly occult deviant unrepresentative deviative bizarre desired sought-after red-letter swish tony in uptown trendy dicty mod self-respecting just so very fine spiring aerial unmeasurable towery skyscraping of moment tempting in vogue high-toned precise biased discriminatory pukka comme il faut well-respected well-placed exciting envy much to be desired worth having ascendant close progressive rigorous accurate late evolved developed sensitive forward pinpoint spot-on mathematical discriminating fastidious punctilious well-mannered noble-born luminous of noble birth of gentle birth restrained civilised spiffy high-brow well mannered well bred infinite unlimited beyond grasp intuitive inspiring absolute inspirational eternal original primordial unequalable obscure hypothetical transcending unconfined boundless innate abstract theoretical large leviathan substantial oceanic gigantesque largish walloping humungous ambitious astronomic humongous voluminous vasty sizable outsized supersize jumbo sizeable monster whacking biggish elephantine supersized gargantuan astronomical boxcar pharaonic cosmical tidy cyclopean haughty oversized cosmic bulky planetary husky oversize outsize hefty herculean galactic king size Himalayan king-sized king-size more desirable most successful most important most desirable


Full of energy and enthusiasm
spirited lively active animated energetic sprightly vigorous vivacious bold vital enthusiastic fiery passionate dynamic peppy sparkling vibrant ardent effervescent gritty brisk chirpy gay gingery jaunty jazzy kinetic peppery perky pert pizazzy pizzazzy racy snappy spanking sparky springy valiant zappy zesty zippy airy animate avid barnstorming bouncing frisky bouncy bright burning hot hyper jumping sharp zingy high-spirited full of life frolicsome chipper playful sportive mettlesome peart swinging full of vim and vigour full of beans lightsome nimble agile sparkly wick full of energy spry full of pep as lively as a grig as merry as a grig bubbling ebullient merry jolly scintillating cheerful bubbly happy upbeat buoyant breezy carefree cheery sunny joyful irrepressible zestful vivid frolic crank lusty exuberant gamesome keen lighthearted brash exciting full of fun happy-go-lucky bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bright and breezy full of the joys of spring light-hearted dashing strong blithe forceful alert spunky enterprising powerful daring feisty fun-loving blithesome eager joyous aggressive hardy in high spirits gutsy intense adventurous forcible jovial quick tireless stirring fresh vehement rollicking flamboyant glad alive and kicking courageous go-go plucky wild festive tough gleeful indefatigable zealous excited audacious bustling busy intrepid confident boisterous strenuous witty jocund stalwart venturesome jocular alive robust mirthful genial ludic fearless determined stimulating sturdy colourful skittish driving resolute potent emphatic devil-may-care rousing debonair buzzing light nervy kittenish elated gallant positive flourishing gladsome frivolous fervent colorful red-blooded coltish impish industrious smart adventuresome impassioned mischievous emboldened nerved swashbuckling full of get-up-and-go prankish go-getting fun full-blooded flippant punchy entertaining humorous striking high-powered thriving imaginative humming ingenious piquant jocose hearty insouciant abuzz in good spirits happening brave resourceful unrestrained romping energized venturous free-swinging roguish spicy daredevil waggish wanton frolicky contented clever energised ball of fire game ballsy stout optimistic funny inventive effective hopping untroubled untiring sporty sound astir unflagging winsome creative interesting heroic eupeptic on the go canty assured whimsical volatile dazzling abubble aboil pushy rowdy heated moving innovative exhilarated ambitious activated dauntless valorous rumbustious assertive roisterous poignant emotional uncontrolled unruly dramatic tart go-ahead healthy of good cheer puckish gratified sassy riotous resounding muscular intensive capable salty flush jokey doughty delighted euphoric fay sportful antic elfish larky devilish showy jubilant charged relaxed content arch fierce pleased satisfied lionhearted easy raucous fit larkish facetious eventful teasing flip elvish rugged mobile excitable comical hopeful hard-hitting laughing unconcerned raring to go rash quick-witted hale and hearty original good-humoured in-your-face good-humored resilient modern feeling one's oats sensitive brilliant coming on strong romantic on top of the world responsive noisy sexy dapper pungent entrepreneurial invigorated undaunted casual rip-roaring up-and-coming knockabout beaming storming progressive without a care in the world fulfilled honored loud fervid new talented hectic uninhibited gifted violent robustious rambunctious able gregarious unafraid tangy hell-raising perk occupied nonchalant proud unflinching cheeky combative blunt unbridled pushing saucy vitalized tenacious fluid quarrelsome fast dynamical argumentative bellicose pugnacious rakish easy-going belligerent contentious exceptional joking truculent hale militant naughty chaotic wonderful confrontational warlike wicked gumptious hard arduous virile swift graceful radiant take-over disputatious unworried tumultuous expressive blooming biting high-octane agonistic in fine fettle exultant rapid working chippy frantic appreciative gladiatorial demonstrative tricksy rascally taxing productive discordant exhausting electrifying smiley amusing droll assaultive diligent overjoyed brawly laborious hot-blooded decisive heroical foolhardy reckless able-bodied athletic dexterous forward social blissful coruscating full of spirit warm thrilled frenetic frenzied slaphappy perceptive temerarious laid-back all-out unthinking stouthearted scrappy have-a-go ready inspired lion-hearted efficient espiègle in good condition easygoing gutty ecstatic convivial buzzy supple dextrous over the moon tongue-in-cheek risible glib fighting fit sanguine ornery prideful honoured grateful esteemed dignified expansive full of vim cocksure bullish pulling no punches assuming presuming glowing furious elastic full of joie de vivre unreserved expectant fit as a fiddle smart-alecky self-assured sharp-witted disposed to look on the bright side quick on the draw quick on the uptake neat theatrical stylish swaggering invigorating frolicking capering outgoing attractive raffish salacious fancy jazzlike psychedelic glitzy deep fairylike grooving emotive boon exhilarating heady aware swish elegant pioneering awake all out turnt savory savoury hilarious youthful excellent magnificent outstanding marvellous whopping marvelous remarkable overbold formidable rich tasty distinctive urbane liberal disruptive advanced forward-looking chivalrous stout-hearted breathless envigorating party dogged earnest Herculean pertinent dull relevant tight provocative intriguing fascinating indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless demoniac motive locomotive kinematic motile high informal enlivened enlightened driven forward-thinking exclusive swank coquettish persistent unremitting pertinacious disorderly deedful beatific ostentatious macho rigorous insubstantial unserious full of the joy of living clubby coy jesting jumpy arresting cock-a-hoop cheering pleasure-seeking rising overexcited uproarious flirtatious on the move practical smiling grinning festal partyish enjoyable welcoming fanciful full of vim and vigor comic amiable full of zip self-assertive vibrating feverish cavalier still going strong going strong juicy avant-garde nifty holiday cute clamorous undisciplined wayward rough abandoned as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy deviceful pixieish scampish bantering knavish pixy pixie sly leprechaunish chucklesome refreshed torrid superheated ventilated affable mellow easy-breezy low-pressure contemporary sophisticated hip electric magnetic well impetuous wilful roistering zoolike to the point functional revitalized reinvigorated explosive warm-blooded religious ungovernable beside oneself with joy wrapped on cloud nine thankful on cloud seven tickled chuffed in jest clowning in fun shallow superficial trivial free and easy unconstrained offhand full of activity clangorous obstreperous hardened inured engaged whole heartening heartwarming blessed rapturous effectual wholesome silly flirty empty-headed demure giddy scatterbrained dizzy feather-brained revivified rejuvenated rested restored renewed perfervid incandescent passional staunch headstrong toughened snazzy slapstick highbrowed profound ironic tactful smart-aleck nimble-witted cutting assiduous up-to-date trendy full of hope cavorting strident vociferous vociferant over-the-top brawling enduring resistant employed operating functioning revived revitalised reenergized strapping fine doubtless implicit certain clear sure good can-do encouraged greathearted undauntable manful sedulous exacting tiring extroverted childish hot-tempered cantankerous hostile have a bone to pick on the outs at loggerheads mean have chip on shoulder battling fighting have it in for antagonistic charismatic activating self-motivated highpowered energising influential compelling energizing hyped-up go-getter vitalizing handy occupational operational serviceable operative rollicksome thumping ripping in good health inspirited strengthened fortified pepped up freshened reanimated motivated perked up challenging demanding in good trim in good kilter strong as an horse strong as an lion strong as an ox in tip-top condition in good shape difficult to keep down practicable utile right as rain bursting with health ridibund undoubtful secure well-conditioned in rude health in good heart self-confident fit as a flea aweless bantam flexible rolling with punches quick to recover quick to bounce back utilitarian well-oiled lithe play hard ball play for keeps persuasive steamroller take-charge hard-driving unwearied looking on the bright side unfatigued fresh as a daisy like a new person untired buoyed up quickened adjustable adaptable variable turbulent severe restless testing harsh trying unsparing in the pink red-hot accommodating feelgood meaningful suggestive supersmart acute hyperintelligent intelligent ultrasmart astute hungry craving hardworking advancing self-starting itching yearning aspiring hustling lusting sociable burdensome full flustering madhouse bombastic personable limber light-footed tied-up touchy like new rehabilitated bright-eyed like a new man bushy-tailed brainy trim natty in full swing busy as a bee deft malleable difficult spruce eloquent artistic graphic significant revealing likable friendly bumpy onerous full on wearing imperious action-packed acrobatic willowy spark plug hard ball compliant all there with it impudent fleet nippy quick-moving fleet-footed lissom featly light-foot lissome gracile nimble-footed feline lithesome talkative congenial extraverted telling pregnant revelatory indicative evocative descriptive meaning sympathetic twinkle-toed on the ball brazen pliant changeable pliable modifiable alterable yielding thin-skinned flattered likeable cordial quick-thinking twinkle toes fabulous clear-headed quick on the trigger quick off the mark spright winged prompt mercurial gassy easy-moving on the warpath high-strung visionary indicating emotion indicating feeling allusive deeply felt insolent shameless versatile complaisant tolerant conformable cocky revered venerated well-pleased barefaced impertinent unabashed immodest presumptuous brassy understanding representing pictorial indicating tender representative articulate pathetic thoughtful full of feeling communicative touching full of emotion pointed open easy-to-read picturesque masterly silver-tongued signifying recuperative mutable soaring rude glittering wise bold-faced defiant blatant unashamed familiar unshrinking unembarrassed unblushing free overfamiliar brazen-faced brassbound brass-necked arrogant flashing glistening shimmering not backwards in coming forwards bold as brass twinkling shining glinting gleaming iridescent lustrous coruscant shimmery flickering glistering dancing opalescent scintillant effulgent fulgurating mantling starry shiny spangled lambent glittery gaseous


Present participle for to shake or cause to shake or vibrate, especially because of force or an impact

Trái nghĩa của rocking

rocking Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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