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  • tính từ
    • nhẵn bóng


Learned in the ways of cultured or civilized society
refined cultured cultivated civilised civilized polished genteel accomplished urbane polite sophisticated courteous well-bred well mannered educated gracious mannerly civil advanced decorous elegant courtly well-mannered enlightened gallant gentlemanly ladylike discerning discriminating highbrow tasteful suave affable erudite developed distinguished respectable chivalrous tolerant proper tactful sensitive learned diplomatic classy well informed well-educated well read stately esthetic experienced well bred decent magnanimous aesthetic understanding well-behaved good mannered humane seemly finished politic cavalier dignified scholarly intellectual knowledgeable noble honourable upright honorable well-informed cordial accommodating kind composed proud venerable artistic obliging artistically aware well-read friendly hospitable amiable kindly well educated appreciative lettered savant blue-stocking intellectually aware literary arty informed able distingue liberal literate intelligent versed high-class up-to-date traveled considerate benevolent travelled warm-hearted charitable beneficent indulgent benign thoughtful kind-hearted with good taste au courant genial pleasant pleasing sociable easy loving giving tender good-hearted amicable congenial approachable complaisant big-hearted forthcoming bonhomous bland unctuous cosmopolitan precise stylish accurate evolved improved pinpoint airy majestic dainty spot-on close forward mathematical graceful high late exquisite rigorous higher handsome progressive punctilious fastidious sublime spiffy restrained swanky plush high-brow snazzy ritzy high-minded posh superior respectful gentle deferential attentive sympathetic regardful solicitous dutiful mild neighbourly good-natured neighborly caring compassionate formal helpful nice generous good well-brought-up merciful well behaved benignant greathearted courageous well brought up heroic valiant brave great-hearted charming reverential bold intrepid discreet knightly debonair valorous obedient affectionate kindhearted responsive noble-minded warm well-spoken altruistic agreeable unselfish soft munificent virtuous just well spoken feeling lenient true big tenderhearted tender-hearted softhearted soft-hearted goodhearted bleeding-heart angelic benefic maternal motherly fatherly philanthropical warmhearted well meaning well intentioned all heart cooperative large-hearted protective becoming wellmannered conscientious fearless dauntless stout-hearted devoted fond aristocratic responsible modest highborn patrician well-born blue-blooded soft-spoken correct taught upper-crust trained humble reverent subservient womanly submissive deferent admiring venerating duteous obeisant orderly chivalric honest ethical trustworthy selfless conciliatory amenable obsequious poised concerned condescending good-mannered smooth daring loyal elevated fair natural lofty great lordly incorrupt worthy moral dependable self-effacing comradely wholesome likeable humanitarian upstanding righteous principled acquiescent manageable compliant constant companionable peaceable philanthropic well brought-up right straight willing mindful tractable manly gentlemanlike spirited quixotic lovable soft touch brotherly propitious likable mellow princely bounteous good-tempered clement patient forbearing stand-up comforting eleemosynary easygoing unstinting pitying calm sweet cheerful unoffensive open-handed lavish delightful public-spirited bountiful good-humoured fatherlike sweet-tempered heart in right place openhanded good-humored openhearted supportive engaging freehanded clean-living well-disposed on the up and up squeaky clean right-minded all right


Following the established standards of behavior or manners
correct proper decorous seemly decent respectable befitting fitting nice right standard suitable accepted approved civilised civilized conventional courtly fit mannerly moral refined well-mannered appropriate apt ceremonious customary formal genteel polite punctilious usual diplomatic kosher OK orthodox starchy stiff stiff-necked stilted traditional acceptable becoming careful conforming de rigueur done okay comme il faut right stuff dignified elegant polished gentlemanly ladylike well bred well mannered gracious prim cultivated cultured courteous sophisticated civil stately urbane stylish sedate staid tasteful well-behaved reserved chivalrous graceful august distingué aristocratic lofty imposing majestic honourable honorable tactful modest demure well behaved comely in good taste restrained meet good ceremonial seasonable au fait gallant suave debonair classy fine obliging affable handsome highbred gentle flattering high-bred preux adulatory studied complimentary distinguished noble solemn exalted upright lordly grand kingly venerable eminent imperious highbrow composed imperial serious proud portly regal impressive well-bred magnificent sombre great respected magisterial somber grave highfalutin' nifty superior accomplished affected just so self-respecting posh hollow fashionable prudish patronizing snooty priggish patronising snobbish straitlaced precious pompous discreet prissy condescending ostentatious pretentious confined stuffy la-di-da artificial intolerant applicable apposite felicitous expedient due just relevant timely convenient apropos pertinent opportune fitted suited happy worthy official congruous rightful desirable deserved qualified germane precise pretty presentable useful strait-laced required to the point to the purpose exact material prudent sensible austere related adequate mannered favourable significant in order requisite fair favorable equitable necessary compatible correspondent rigid straight in keeping obligatory on the nose on the button merited ideal perfect condign justified advantageous able judicious capable smart legitimate functional prepared feasible preferable connected warranted auspicious propitious adapted deserving ready conservative welcome competent belonging reputable puritanical employable pukka stodgy useable serviceable available usable conformable starched square relative beneficial respectful effective done thing equal strict pointed satisfactory worthwhile consonant consistent appurtenant valid efficacious old-fashioned right on spruce ad rem allowable fuddy-duddy stick-in-the-mud of the old school de rigeur womanly ornate elaborate sober educated protocol ritualistic fogeyish set fixed prescribed ethical sufficient ample enough legit mandatory normal compulsory permissible permitted well suited well qualified uptight tailor-made attentive congenial pleasing lucky forced developed impeccable just right gentlemanlike considerate accommodating thoughtful bounden fortunate heaven-sent tip-top top-notch spot on made to order reasonable the done thing laboured unnatural that's the ticket earned right and proper well-respected high-class well-placed upper-class strained professional established deferential just what was ordered well-deserved admissible frigid unrelaxed icy well judged ritual regulation important fortuitous labored deliberate measured well-suited scrupulous benign golden flukey fluky accurate regular well deserved well earned grandiose linked honest preferred ripe pertaining to weighty applicatory pat harmonious congruent in point accordant concerning pointful referring conformant correlated cognate having direct bearing on having to do with salient admirable desired rational wise pragmatic reasoned practical advisable Victorian slow-moving serendipitous casual well-timed incidental providential enviable successful well timed promising accidental virtuous trustworthy de règle clean-living logical productive strategic sound niminy-piminy old-maidish mimsy fussy schoolmarmish particular fastidious neat above board tidy estimable old-maid po-faced governessy nice-nelly schoolmistressy straightlaced bluenosed ordinary creditable moderate redoubtable sublime well-thought-of mediocre redoubted of good repute effectual gainful best helpful recommended unbending Grundyish square-toed inflexible unsympathetic aloof blue-nose prim and proper moralistic dapper choosy goody-goody meticulous wooden cleanly stickling overmodest spic-and-span nit-picking highly regarded bourgeois remote unfriendly detached haughty sagacious definitive suggested best suited tactical clear conformist withdrawn unsocial reticent forbidding antisocial unforthcoming unresponsive undemonstrative unapproachable uncommunicative taciturn traditionalist narrow-minded suburban parochial equipped exploitable operable practicable Pooterish compelling doctrinal Biedermeier dogmatic good enough straight arrow by the numbers keeping people at arm's length stand-offish -worthy small-town button-down straight-laced bien pensant most correct


Refinement and good education
refinement polish culture cultivation civilisation civilization accomplishment urbanity sophistication gentility civility politeness courtesy breeding elegance grace style tact manners taste courteousness class good manners graciousness suaveness mannerliness dignity distinction affability courtliness propriety diplomacy suavity delicacy worldliness enlightenment finesse education poise charm consideration smoothness respect gallantry discernment politesse genteelness good taste finish discrimination decency subtlety chivalry erudition gracefulness thoughtfulness tactfulness panache respectfulness poshness kindness good breeding classiness elegancy complaisance savoir-faire chic nicety nobility savoir faire learning stylishness deference progress etiquette letters advancement cordiality gentlemanliness thought dash tastefulness decorum fineness urbaneness geniality experience intellectual awareness artistic awareness grandeur sumptuousness stateliness handsomeness majesty discretion fashion development aestheticism skill cool exquisiteness luxury comity flair elevation schooling training amiability address gentleness restraint noblesse lushness magnificence ornateness hauteur rhythm felicity splendor purity symmetry splendour soft skills savoir vivre self-possession correctness considerateness pleasantness obligingness quality excellence common courtesy nurture background conduct confidence niceness compliance social standing élan merit prestige savoir-vivre social grace worldly wisdom aplomb amenity mildness unctuosity beauty bon ton precision edification respectability pre-eminence belles-lettres fastidiousness nuance empire polity illumination evolution acculturation human development science art practice proficiency capacity ability dress perception knowledge lore maturity opulence plushness improvement swankiness ascendancy social well-being land of the living fine tuning fine point decorousness smartness modishness gallantness cultivated beauty amenities reverence attentiveness familiarity solicitude ceremony friendliness sympathy good behavior social superiority control pride of place cultivated look culturedness grounding refined taste judgment social graces adroitness formalities mores protocol acuteness acumen judgement good form p's and q's sensitivity appreciation attractiveness carriage behavior demeanor comportment civilities mien bearing deportment manner penetration assurance savvy composure calmness ritziness elan equanimity coolness collectedness serenity ease imperturbability behaviour demeanour dexterity sangfroid form calm correct behaviour repose presence countenance equilibrium unflappability done thing self-control presence of mind feeling susceptibility acceptable conduct polites convention polite behaviour social skill polite know-how Aukflarung understanding niceties wisdom judiciousness proprieties social know-how flamboyance cosmopolitanism éclat prudence convenances seemliness dressiness zing oomph pizzazz fashionableness extravagance mode luxuriousness flourish perspicacity policy aptness intelligence insight care delicatesse head politicness ladylikeness bravura chichi pzazz punctiliousness formality the done thing correct behavior Ps and Qs suppleness fluency hot ticket last word stability rank affectation ostentation affectedness ostentatiousness deftness agility flow nimbleness steadiness dernier cri flower society optimacy neatness effortlessness loveliness naturalness common sense horse sense placidity tranquillity shapeliness lithesomeness lissomeness flowingness comeliness lightsomeness cool-headedness level-headedness pliancy balance allure ruling class blue blood high birth composedness self-composedness impassivity impassiveness tranquility self-command unexcitability placidness tranquilness light-footedness fluidity of movement gentle birth good family poetry in motion ataraxy ataraxia nerve equability sang-froid self-confidence self-assurance self-composure


The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group
etiquette manners convention courtesy formalities protocol civility decorum politeness politesse propriety rules code customs form usage good manners custom manner mores niceties proprieties punctilios acceptable behaviour accepted behaviour amenities conformity conventionality decency deportment dignity good form kawa polite behaviour proper behaviour seemliness suavities tikanga code of behavior code of behaviour customary behaviour good behaviour rules of behaviour rules of conduct good behavior proper behavior p's and q's social graces social norm thing to do ritual formality punctilio respectability modesty refinement breeding precision exactitude meticulousness rectitude correctness nicety strictness punctiliousness scrupulousness appropriateness demureness sobriety decorousness ceremony conscientiousness orthodoxy delicacy discretion becomingness gentility conventions procedure probity tenue courtesies particularity civilities conventionalities finickiness accepted conduct done thing the done thing practice behavior system behaviour mode rule way praxis policy method conduct tradition polish habit fashion regulations canon prescription style precept norm carriage demeanor comportment elegance culture mien bearing established ways attitude principle way of doing things guideline good breeding ceremonial correct behaviour observance ethics demeanour law wont convenance routine tack principles rubric heritage rite convenances pattern modus operandi morals diplomatic code standard procedure social code social procedures standards code of conduct conventionalism attention to detail design traditional action agreement guidelines acceptable conduct polites cyber etiquette online etiquette internet etiquette polite pomp taste urbanity sophistication practise do's and don'ts moeurs fuss social conventions social grace social niceties covenance percept tenet covenant order obligation preciseness formalism netiquette matter of course one's Ps and Qs maxim correct behavior formal courtesy morality practices traditions ways Ps and Qs elegancies consideration tact ordinance consuetude dictates precedent institution folkways shibboleth customariness vogue mould set of principles set of customs set of standards habits savoir vivre polished manners table manners proper conduct character mold type observation kaupapa established way unwritten rule unwritten law sacred cow procedures usages custom and practice practises routines patterns traditional customs scruples rites way of life codes values policies social conduct rituals expected behavior usual procedure use how solemnity formula approach social practice tactics recipe technique regimen strategy methodology proceeding channels setup ropes process regulation right practice set formula by the book by the numbers

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