Đồng nghĩa của maturity

Alternative for maturity


Trái nghĩa: immaturity,


Knowledge gathered throughout one's life
sense experience level-headedness matureness wisdom adultness discrimination practicality responsibleness shrewdness sophistication sagacity sensibleness sense of responsibility prudence judgment acumen tact gumption judgement foresight discretion tactfulness perspicacity common sense knowledge insight understanding intelligence savvy circumspection sageness judiciousness caution discernment perception consideration smarts wariness worldliness learning comprehension reason nous wit enlightenment sagaciousness rationality heedfulness policy levelheadedness thoughtfulness canniness observation providence forethought watchfulness good sense heed presence of mind vigilance horse sense care diplomacy carefulness chariness guardedness delicacy sensitivity discreetness subtlety concern solicitude deliberation responsibility calculation warning kid gloves considerateness precaution moderation attention penetration perceptiveness sapience astuteness acuity percipience perspicuity smartness rationale logic erudition perceptivity reasoning sharpness saneness cleverness pragmatism wits commonsense sanity balance good judgement clear thinking worldly wisdom arguteness sound judgment poise good judgment clear-sightedness brains ingenuity savoir faire pansophy soundness perspicaciousness skill expertise proficiency skills exposure familiarity involvement practice know-how mastery competence intimacy capability practical knowledge training qualifications impression professionalism talent qualification savoir-faire command education action finesse conversance acquaintance grounding contact authority expertness skillfulness intuitiveness refinement proof efficiency life skills prowess capacity knack grasp empiricism ability power inclination right stuff distinction evidence faculty awareness fitness scholarship profundity development touch resourcefulness doing hindsight technique dexterity participation suaveness genius intellect intuition keenness acuteness sharp-wittedness brilliance knowingness cunning brainpower brightness vision quick-wittedness intellectuality brain mind powers of reasoning braininess thought mentality cognition foxiness caginess cageyness apprehension ratiocination grey matter ingeniousness adroitness hardheadedness intellection common quickness flair lucidity inventiveness native wit imagination adeptness artfulness reasonableness loaf learnedness farsightedness aptitude cognizance creativity incisiveness culture enterprise initiative rationalness precocity mental capacity appreciation cultivation IQ profoundness information art mother wit artistry logical thought intellectual capacity craft head coherence skilfulness far-sightedness deftness prescience sound judgement alertness omniscience grip virtuosity imaginativeness gift marbles logicality depth headpiece inspiration science accomplishment gray matter brain cells native intelligence good reasoning solidity stability attainments excellence insightfulness spirit consciousness conception schooling lore foresightedness giftedness lucidness guile suss aptness precociousness craftiness book learning deduction brainbox good taste upper storey thesis keen-wittedness kop sound mind cerebration cognitive faculties soundness of mind powers of discernment deepness syllogism accomplishments advisability intellectual power mental agility brain power mental acuity mental ability study knowledgeability train of thought acquirements I.Q. edification illumination recognition taste reasonability realization deep insight mindfulness letters apperception sensibility thinking selectivity psyche forehandedness accuracy literacy get-up-and-go observance academic attainment analysis bent instruction nimbleness masterfulness address wiliness argument artifice oomph esprit discipline sleight realisation bookishness trenchancy daylights basis hypothesis grounds premise sentience clear-headedness acquaintanceship philosophy explanation interpretation case underpinning argumentation creativeness system rationalization cogitation proposition supposition intellectual capabilities story dialectics mentation reckoning rationalisation rationalizing rationalising syllogization quick wits quickness of mind thought process whys and wherefores line of reasoning process of reasoning why and wherefore line of thought clear mind weightiness weight body of knowledge scientific thinking what it takes chain of reasoning equanimity fairness sharp-sightedness fineness razor-sharpness brilliancy practicability propriety slyness cunningness originality truths greatness moxie chops hold realism cool plain sense clarity practical intelligence cavernousness fathomlessness reach immensity calculatedness eye percipiency nose tuition background knowledgeableness idea panache cop on sound sense sweet reason separation fastidiousness demarcation discreteness sense one was born with logicalness cogency innovation savviness ken cautiousness doctrine divination culturedness connoisseurship aestheticism clearness forcefulness backbone nerve handiness dexterousness pundit egghead invention innovativeness breadth of view courage mettle pluck grit spunk humanities belles-lettres literature books powers of intuition astucity competency familiarity with intimacy with acquaintance with economy thrift native ability studiousness scholarliness pedantry scholarism facility soundness of judgement great intelligence fine mind great intellect soundness of judgment assimilation industry conversance with quick wit thriftiness lesson grace elegance niftiness thinking outside the box knowing inside out ego faculties subconscious responsiveness good management guidance provision ableness nippiness precision letter academic training higher education academic knowledge focus cerebrum intelligence quotient careful budgeting systematicness mental age cordiality mannerliness respect decorum politeness courtesy polish respectfulness etiquette greater understanding better understanding enhanced understanding superior understanding comprehensive understanding improved understanding powers of thought function instinct couth enthusiasm drive spiritedness the right stuff book-learning gallantry amenity politesse repose smoothness control politicness urbanity presence delicatesse suavity energy ambition vigour vigor vitality zest push dash maneuver run-around con racket assurance manoeuvre feint gimmick grift research powers of comprehension method soft skills big stick intellectual attainment academic achievement planning approach way vim go pep pizzazz zip pzazz resource criticality academic study inference connection forethoughtfulness means relevance relationship link field preparedness procedure routine style meticulosity linkage induction dialectic syllogistics branch provident foresightfulness syllogistic reasoning good reason tactics body of facts chain of thought course of thought formal system antithesis and synthesis branch of knowledge area of study body of information analyticity inquisitiveness


An insurance policy, security, etc. having a fixed maturity date


The process by which something unfolds or becomes revealed
unfolding progress progression growth advancement expansion advance spread buildup evolvement maturation maturing spreading advancing evolution evolving flowering unravelling unraveling enlargement addition augmenting reinforcement upgrowth elaborating reinforcing ripening increase adulthood augmentation boost developing hike improvement increasing perfecting upping ongoing adding to making progress development transformation growing change fruition coming-of-age metamorphosis rise adaptation extension blossoming emergence capability ability flourishing reworking elaboration modification revision burgeoning enhancement refinement transmogrification blooming furtherance unrolling recasting reconstruction ontogeny ontogenesis working out headway betterment amelioration breakthrough elevation promotion enrichment gain step forward movement procession escalation march cultivation passage melioration momentum innovation process upgrading upgrade onrush proliferation heightening expedition gestation anabasis forward movement onward movement movement forward incubation leap revolution going mellowing continuance accrual modernization break uptick rally mushrooming swelling forwarding accretion accession snowballing steps forward regeneration stride preferment upswing scientific advancement technological advancement step up ballooning civilisation civilization build-up increase in size onward motion forward motion blow up blowing up transspecific evolution inroads natural process boosting ground gained widening nurture thickening broadening refining order flow succession sequence macroevolution pregnancy polishing continuity finding leap forward inroad step discovery find invention perfection proceeding operation passing motion success quantum leap fine-tuning gravidity journey chain germination benefit raising accumulation shooting up scheme consecution string course incubate nurse nourish step in the right direction change for the better springing up supplement sprouting increment addendum collecting amassing formation more gathering amassment raise plus cumulation parturiency thriving intensification encroachment vegetation reproduction family way fecundation agglomeration bump pullulation moving forward gradual growth aggrandizement expanse multiplication magnification swell amplification diversification spike buildout uptrend diffusion inflation upsurge upturn unfurling embellishment aggrandisement spreading out opening out scaling up continuation career forward march giant strides getting ahead going forward


The realization or fulfilment of a plan or project
fruition attainment fulfilment realisation realization actualization consummation completion maturation perfection accomplishment achievement materialisation materialization ripeness close conclusion enjoyment finish resolution actuality effecting execution fulfillment implementation pass performance ripening success culmination effectuation fruitfulness gratification pleasure readiness reification satisfaction winding up polishing off sewing up achieving fulfilling prosecution completing crowning finishing triumph feat end coup carrying out acquirement maneuver manoeuvre closing discharge master stroke exploit deed production finalization ending carrying through gaining procurement reaching stroke of genius winning act finalisation enactment effort acquisition conquest baby positive result termination cessation windup engineering curtains expiration finis commission pursuance perpetration undertaking wind-up wrap-up kick discharging contentedness contentment victory masterpiece concluding arrival operation successful completion contrivance kicks observance tour de force you got it just the ticket capping perfecting term stunt exercise move stratagem doing redemption obtaining getting securing realizing work enterprise handiwork creation action gain reaping procuring acquiring bringing about stroke hit bringing into being bringing to fruition carrying-out realising succeeding feather in your cap dispatch completeness hips integration arrival at self-realization serenity nirvana self-fulfillment self-actualization joy win finishing point swan song inner peace glory masterstroke ascendancy progress eminence advance benefit flying colors grand slam walkover strike favorable outcome walkaway éclat effectuality ascendency effectiveness feather in somebody's cap effectualness efficaciousness auspiciousness successfulness finale favourable result successful outcome favourable outcome jackpot skill miracle halt discontinuation closure stoppage stop discontinuance cutoff wrap shutdown arrestment shutoff surcease cease endgame terminus arrest denouement closedown dénouement check homestretch lapse death liquidation capper desistance curtain successful resolution winding-up grand finale last stage last mop-up run-in end of the road final stage end of the line final part final act successful fulfillment successful conclusion successful consummation successful execution successful finalization


The condition of being precocious
precociousness brightness cleverness giftedness intelligence precocity talent intellect brilliance brains smarts acumen wit wisdom brainpower perspicacity acuity astuteness sagacity discernment ingenuity smartness sense savvy genius reason perception understanding judgment IQ judgement braininess comprehension mind intuition cunning nous insight percipience shrewdness sageness keenness aptitude ability quickness sharpness canniness profundity intellectuality perspicuity grasp competence quick-wittedness alertness know-how ingeniousness what it takes the right stuff gray matter erudition gumption creativity resourcefulness intuitiveness capability skill brain wits farsightedness faculty vision reasoning knowledge mentality sagaciousness intellectual capacity mental capacity mental agility intellectual power mental acuity mental ability powers of reasoning brain power grey matter I.Q. acuteness skills great intelligence fine mind great intellect thought powers of intuition savoir faire rationality lucidity incisiveness adroitness education artistry artifice skillfulness bookishness proficiency adeptness learnedness artfulness masterfulness art suss knowledgeableness craft deftness dexterity gift flair expertise calculation esprit quick wits quick wit penetration capacity sapience cognizance perceptivity perceptiveness awareness discrimination perspicaciousness aptness foxiness thoughtfulness trenchancy caginess knowingness cageyness headpiece sharp-wittedness brain cells clear-sightedness common sense quickness of mind horse sense


Cultured elegance in behaviour or manner
refinement elegance finish grace polish sophistication style cultivation culture finesse courtliness discrimination politeness taste civility civilisation civilization gentility graciousness urbanity breeding courtesy delicacy fineness politesse precision accomplishment class classiness couth elegancy gracefulness handsomeness majesty stateliness fastidiousness good breeding good manners nicety nuance subtlety affability dignity enlightenment erudition gentleness knowledge lore suavity tact fine tuning fine point discernment poise distinction propriety judgment manners charm stylishness education good taste perception judgement learning courteousness acumen decorum gallantry understanding flair etiquette tastefulness smoothness suaveness kindness diplomacy acuteness panache wisdom discretion ceremony correctness penetration chic consideration form perspicacity insight savoir-faire training schooling sagacity mannerliness genteelness scholarship respectability literacy savvy amenities grandeur cordiality proficiency worldliness complaisance dexterity formality astuteness shrewdness amiability edification niceness geniality restraint thoughtfulness keenness aestheticism attractiveness awareness respect tactfulness savoir faire learnedness percipience symmetry deference address skill letters splendour sensitivity competence adroitness mastery luxury ability splendor information nobility beauty science pleasantness good behavior protocol sense chivalry expertise decency exquisiteness background teaching decorousness seemliness instruction selectivity attentiveness poshness familiarity comity book learning artistry development reverence ease touch friendliness sageness solicitude pizzazz nous appreciation craft magnificence technique efficiency skillfulness adeptness nimbleness separation dash prudence agility nurture improvement professionalism clearness manner rhythm purity pzazz excellence mildness perceptiveness mores smartness cleverness fashion conduct astucity pleasurableness advancement gallantness sapience sumptuousness craftsmanship tuition sharpness sympathy delightfulness good form virtuosity ingenuity tutelage experience punctilio intelligence illumination tutoring smarts lushness know-how skills confidence workmanship agreeableness capability comprehension deftness study capacity aptitude apprenticeship pedagogy soft skills artistic ability indoctrination reading inculcation grasp resourcefulness sobriety brainwashing catechism direction proselytism rearing propagandism preference differentiation difference decision bias deportment pedagogics formalities brilliance gentlemanliness exclusiveness progress balance good-naturedness agreeability enjoyableness personableness sweetness amiableness culturedness artistic awareness intellectual awareness demeanor perceptivity favour favor urbaneness modesty indulgence generosity acuity ostentation élan amenity appropriateness selectiveness noblesse hauteur felicity ornateness elevation flamboyance cool demureness practice social graces knowingness p's and q's loveliness prettiness control neatness niceties comeliness éclat art demeanour grounding clear-sightedness charity goodness gratefulness allure intellect respectfulness brains discipline cunning guile savoir vivre bon ton sagaciousness coaching talent artfulness intuitiveness knack command expertness prowess gumption common sense shapeliness worldly wisdom drilling guidance preparation considerateness the done thing genius fitness right stuff power superiority care feeling susceptibility chivalrousness self-possession exercising judgment choosiness fussiness polite aplomb carriage behavior comportment civilities bearing mien suavities unctuosity thought particular cultivated look presence etiquettes fluidity exclusivity cleanness detail due regard quality ingeniousness social standing pre-eminence refined taste virtue merit prestige obligingness andragogy lessons book-learning properness savoir-vivre behaviour frangibility good-temperedness convention common courtesy social grace fragility formal education appropriacy luxe richness ascendancy acquirements attainments belles-lettres compassion benevolence veneration facility perspicuity wit rectitude convenance correctitude orderliness order sedateness gravity habits empire evolution acculturation polity human development finer point sharp-wittedness brightness bookishness studiousness intellectuality scholarliness pedantry scholarism academic attainment proprieties dress classicalism objectivity proportion sublimity neoclassicism rationalism simplicity severity lucidity clarity Hellenism exposure involvement ladylikeness kindliness heedfulness mindfulness forbearance intuition canniness convenances calibre skilfulness sleight punctiliousness intimacy practical knowledge plushness opulence good grace appropriate behavior social superiority open-mindedness broad-mindedness success flourish show display effect aptness expertism competency grip cosmopolitanism elan becomingness orthodoxy conventionality vision initiative enterprise rank ostentatiousness affectation affectedness articulateness articulacy social well-being swankiness light ableness caliber gift chops skillset masterliness qualifications impression qualification higher education academic knowledge daintiness zing ritziness fashionableness extravagance mode luxuriousness dressiness oomph probity tenue writing proficiency reading ability reading proficiency ability to read and write writing ability society optimacy flower pure taste high art conventional formality grand style formal style aesthetic principle Atticism Ciceronianism foxiness cageyness caginess hardheadedness correct behaviour correct behavior modishness capableness effectiveness mastership potency dodge strength potential awakening liberalism vigour vigor lustre pomp maneuver quickness run-around con racket assurance manoeuvre craftiness feint gimmick grift bravura chichi contact authority action conversance acquaintance Ps and Qs done thing endowment moxie handiness bent green thumb wherewithal masterfulness goods puissance what it takes potentiality means stuff farsightedness common arguteness explanation satori epiphany bodhi clarification suppleness fluency land of the living hot ticket last word ruling class blue blood high birth cultivated beauty empiricism evidence faculty life skills foresight rationality reason inclination profundity doing hindsight proof participation observation flow horse sense grey matter pride of place gentle birth good family dernier cri accepted conduct showmanship effortlessness naturalness classicism demarcation judiciousness discreteness powers of reasoning big stick flowingness lightsomeness lithesomeness lissomeness connoisseurship pliancy an aha moment light-footedness fluidity of movement luster appeal gorgeousness peace that passeth understanding winsomeness glamour poetry in motion pleasingness fairness pulchritude allurement bloom seductiveness heavenliness beauteousness voluptuousness impressiveness beautifulness decorativeness picturesqueness aesthetics esthetics cuteness sightliness looks delights irresistibility prepossessingness wonders bonniness glories good looks glamor natural beauty adorableness physical attractiveness fascination

Trái nghĩa của maturity

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