Đồng nghĩa của providence

Alternative for providence


Timely preparation for future eventualities
foresight forethought prudence care caution judgment judgement judiciousness precaution wisdom carefulness circumspection discretion economy farsightedness foresightedness prescience sagacity shrewdness thrift vision forehandedness perspicacity thriftiness common sense good management guidance provision sense careful budgeting presence of mind canniness planning perception awareness discreetness anticipation preparedness discernment insight penetration intuition foreknowledge prevision vigilance divination perceptiveness clairvoyance cautiousness premeditation forward planning deliberation restraint watchfulness attentiveness precognition prophecy wariness belt and braces forethoughtfulness provident foresightfulness frugality consideration gumption imagination saving innovation creativity inspiration inventiveness husbandry readiness discrimination prediction abstemiousness sparingness economizing premonition prospect long-sightedness prenotion preconception hindsight prognostication safeguard sophrosyne economising calculation moderation temperance vaticination percipience prophesy augury sharpness creative power cleverness understanding astuteness keenness pythonism haruspication psychism psychic powers adumbration insurance heedfulness heed chariness alertness guardedness breadth of view attention omniscience presage third eye gingerliness caginess mindfulness thoughtfulness palladium fail-safe preventive protection risk avoidance Fabian policy backstop preventive measure defence defense regard deterrent security preventative measure safety measure


Divine government


A manifestation of divine care or direction
fate destiny fortune kismet luck nemesis predestination accident chance fortuity predetermination serendipity stars circumstances coincidence divine intervention astral influence God's will outside influence one's lot one's portion hazard happenstance fluke circumstance hap karma doom casualty good luck stroke of luck freak misfortune Lady Luck divine will lucky break lot good fortune the stars Dame Fortune handwriting on the wall what is written in the stars contingency twist of fate way the cookie crumbles blessing break luckiness fortunateness horoscope happy chance happy accident toss-up happening a fluke run of luck adventure a twist of fate a happy chance a bit of luck occasion the times a piece of good fortune wheel of fortune a bit of good luck way the ball bounces fortuitousness eventuality quirk incident accidental happening mere chance heritage cup dole afterlife breaks inescapableness wyrd orlay occurrence turn Moirai Fates Norns piece of good fortune chance event bit of luck bit of good luck tripping over stumbling upon dumb luck happy coincidence divine decree what is written Parcae probability mishap one's lot in life dynamite venture hundred-to-one fling possibility go wager long shot risky business lucky hit peradventure bad luck hit or miss heads or tails turn of the cards throw of the dice success prosperity advantage portion preordination destination Providence predestiny end windfall felicity advantageousness successfulness godsend a lucky break opportunity weal wealth triumph in the cards health streak of luck smile a stroke of luck big break happiness profit win victory stroke what is to come writing on the wall one's dole foreordination foreordainment preordainment situation condition fifty-fifty good break what is in the books God's plan mozzle weird hand unforeseen event election happenchance start necessity ordinance inevitability Fortuna edge Lady Fortune scenario life history experiences place station adventures expectation means star certainty experience course of events boon deal lucked out lucked into fighting chance miracle benediction bonanza strike roll of the dice decision sentence state position plight lucky strike one in a million decree verdict condemnation judgment predicament tragedy conclusion calamity trouble Moira judgement cataclysm opinion fixed future Judgment Day hand one is dealt handwriting on wall way cookie crumbles lap of the gods


The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions
rationalness judgement judgment judiciousness reason understanding awareness discretion discrimination intelligence nous perception wisdom wit acumen cognition discernment insight intellect intellection intellectuality penetration prudence sense sharpness shrewdness smarts tact thought vigilance astuteness circumspection coherence enlightenment erudition gumption heedfulness logic perceptivity percipience perspicaciousness perspicacity perspicuity practicality pragmatism sagacity sapience sensibleness thoughtfulness wariness watchfulness acuity acuteness apprehension brains canniness capacity cleverness comprehension consideration experience foresight forethought genius grasp incisiveness ingenuity intuition keenness knowledge levelheadedness lucidity lucidness mentality perceptiveness quickness ratiocination rationality reasoning sagaciousness sanity savvy sophistication soundness tactfulness wits commonsense marbles sageness common sense logical thought good sense sound mind sound judgment good judgment clear mind cognitive faculties good reasoning scientific thinking presence of mind soundness of mind clear-sightedness clear thinking good judgement powers of discernment savoir faire horse sense caution policy maturity heed smartness rationale learning saneness worldliness care balance worldly wisdom arguteness poise pansophy diplomacy carefulness chariness guardedness delicacy sensitivity discreetness subtlety concern solicitude deliberation responsibility observation calculation warning kid gloves considerateness precaution moderation attention mind brain brainpower head loaf grey matter psyche ability cognizance brainbox powers of reasoning brain cells aptitude recognition consciousness cerebrum observance conception sentience kop daylights mental capacity gray matter upper storey level-headedness brilliance capability precocity powers of intuition mother wit clear-headedness soundness of judgement native wit common headpiece ego faculties subconscious imagination focus cerebration egghead what it takes pundit instinct powers of comprehension creativity intellectual capabilities powers of thought spirit function apperception talent faculty flair gift education knack bent need notice acknowledgment thinking regard note intimacy authority appreciation schooling intellectual capacity expertness scholarship mindfulness idea realization grip acquaintance cunning learnedness ingeniousness acquaintanceship sensibility savviness acknowledgement conscious thought endowment expertise know-how knowingness conversance with familiarity with realisation knowing inside out intimacy with acquaintance with turn aptness


The state of being protected, especially by someone or something serving as a guardian
protection shelter care charge refuge aegis auspices egis guidance protectorship umbrella championship custody guardianship keeping patronage support safe keeping tutelage wardship safe haven supervision ward backing sponsorship trusteeship control management safekeeping advocacy trust superintendence custodianship aid responsibility surveillance assistance oversight stewardship promotion keep auspice preservation favour favor direction administration conservation handling regulation superintendency government governance help intendance presidency safeguarding headship financing operation espousal agency possession authority ministration guard watch sustentation conserving preserving observation hands defence defense funding maintenance guaranty running salvation protecting conduct looking after conservancy encouragement benefaction subsidy recommendation grant patronization influence cover safeguard countenance wardenship caretaking tutorship tutelarity lap escrow benefactor angel sponsor patron finance instruction moment store liability account overseeing wing blessing organization organisation command philanthropy furtherance investment inspection parenting mothering fathering saving provision of care upkeep guarding husbandry preserval sustainment supervising cherishing managing governing storage keeping alive keeping going care and feeding careful management keeping up endorsement championing advancement sanctioning favouring favoring approval furthering boosting arguing for calling for pushing for pressing for cultivation fostering boosterism argument for support for abetting urging boost upholding forwarding espousing supporting stimulation acceptance propagation endorsing promoting promulgation recommending development betterment sponsoring activism proposal approving justification advocation campaigning for spokesmanship pleading for preferment progress preference exaltation ennoblement advising in favour go-ahead contribution to prelation sanction seconding cooperation lift hand assist abetment adoption commendation accompaniment embracing helping facilitating aiding assisting backup secondment adherence nurturing pushing acceleration succouring improvement hastening moral support helping hand leg up expediting elevation welcome taking up pursuit enhancement augmentation succoring preferring taking to siding with wholehearted reception enthusiastic reception prosecution speeding up carrying-out vouching for aiding and abetting advance advancing campaigning strengthening nurture fuelling reinforcement fueling advising in favor

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