Đồng nghĩa của upkeep

Alternative for upkeep

Đồng nghĩa: backing, maintenance, provision, support,


The costs involved in the maintenance or support of someone or something


Regular meals, or the provision of meals at a place where one stays
board food meals provisions victuals nourishment chow grub provender foodstuffs sustenance viands fare comestibles rations edibles vittles refreshments aliment table bread eats nosh commons scoff maintenance vivas meal diet kai keep menu mess refreshment daily bread daily meals eatables feed tucker chuck vivers supplies necessities requirements fodder groceries forage stores nutriment cuisine cooking tack scran meat victual viaticum ration viand commissariat nosebag provision swill slop regimen dishes cheer food and drink survival rations nutrition subsistence foodstuff aliments nutriments fares staples support comestible nibbles tuck pabulum nurture scoffs shopping pabula larder produce straw goodies edible snack hay grain chucks noshes wherewithal stocks bread and butter items materials flesh tables diets brawn silage pasturage store grass feedstuff corn barley salt aid bacon fuel viaticums nosebags commissariats tacks pap animal food means of keeping body and soul together esculent esculents living keeps livelihood necessaries snacks beverages drink vegetables perishables titbits ingredient essential food supplies entrées bites staple oats manna tidbits selection of food bite grubbery paps refections essentials ingredients larders handouts nutrients handout shingle swills menus slops regimens equipment goodness home cooking daily food refection supply resources staff of life bed and board means of survival alimentation feeding animal feed replenishments goods purchases material articles stock deliveries solids baking herbage raw materials eatable life support keeping appanages supportings corrodies alimentations sustentations care financing feedings remittance alimonies child support funding allowances

Trái nghĩa của upkeep

upkeep Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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