Đồng nghĩa của tanning

Alternative for tanning

tans, tanned, tanning, tanner, tannest

Đồng nghĩa: bronze, burn, sunburn, suntan, tangent, topaz,


Present participle for to strike or hit repeatedly
thrashing belting flogging whipping beating lashing leathering strapping wallopping walloping birching caning switching horsewhipping spanking flagellating flailing flaying hiding whaling bashing basting batting battering belabouring belaboring bludgeoning buffeting buffetting clubbing cowhiding currying doing drubbing fibbing hammering lacing lambasting lathering licking mauling paddling pelting pommelling pommeling pounding pummelling pummeling rawhiding scourging slashing slating slogging smacking threshing thumping tromping whapping whopping whupping lamming larruping larrupping bunging up hitting messing up paddlewhacking punching out punishing roughing up striking waxing whacking whomping working over dusting someone's britches giving someone a hiding tanning one's hide warming someone's seat clobbering clouting knocking punching banging thwacking slapping socking slugging bopping biffing swatting rapping smiting boxing welting slamming cracking pasting cudgelling cudgeling busting clipping swiping beating the living daylights out of clocking clapping nailing bonking cuffing zapping bobbing tagging boffing giving someone a good hiding decking smashing sloshing laying one on donging lacing to laying into raining blows on knocking into the middle of next week assaulting letting someone have it quilting swinging pitching into attacking sticking one on chinning tonking chastising giving someone a drubbing giving someone a beating lighting to giving someone a good beating giving someone a good drubbing beating up trouncing thudding beating up on maltreating striping knocking around bumping breaking bruising knocking about hooking sucker-punching crowning abusing flooring hitting hard ramming dotting tapping mashing whamming blasting doing over feruling castigating drawing forging drumming assailing manhandling trashing driving crushing coshing lacerating crashing skelping bullwhipping tanning someone's hide quirting plugging mutilating blowing taking a strap to knobbing handling impacting fluttering flapping flopping shaking jerking whisking reviling blistering windmilling hitting repeatedly thumping on knocking on defeating wearing out bearing down slippering whirling punishing severely giving the cat o'nine tails bamming bushwhacking mistreating pitching chopping malleating raining blows upon fustigating taking out planting one bashing up blackjacking scudding tearing into impairing chipping injuring hurting duffing up setting on weighing into striking with a stick beating with a stick disciplining trimming blipping beating to a pulp contusing brutalising aiming blows at mangling laming maiming brutalizing crippling disabling defacing wrecking disfiguring breaking face leaning on putting in the hospital taking care of jabbing popping dashing against uppercutting filling in giving someone a licking percussing stoning dabbing blitzing kicking braining whanging pelleting dinging lobbing scathing penalising excoriating terrorizing harassing terrorising scorching penalizing giving a black eye knocking out letting fly zonking riding roughshod KO'ing giving someone a hot bottom putting over one's knee putting someone over your knee damaging pulverizing dashing having a go at pulverising sailing into setting upon harming mugging marring destroying wounding setting about deforming roughhousing lashing out at flattening demolishing letting fly at ruining spoiling falling on contorting distorting mishandling rounding on flying at jumping screwing twisting torturing striking out at hitting out at getting stuck into massacring totalling totaling ill-treating banging up beating hollow blemishing slapping around incapacitating kicking in warping turning on pushing overwhelming routing cutting buckling slaughtering annihilating squinching bullying besting crashing against thrusting hacking creaming burying marmalizing malforming beating against smoking worsting murdering colliding misshaping gnarling rolling shellacking crucifying tanking smothering impinging bombing skunking owning dusting knocking someone's lights out killing chastening winning a resounding victory over walking all over falling upon running rings around taking to the cleaners bringing someone to their knees knotting skewing messing over handling roughly kicking around striking down beating someone's brains out flawing walking over slamming into wincing pouncing upon defeating utterly wiping the floor with making mincemeat of taking a stick to cracking against blowing away blowing out of the water cracking into getting the better of triumphing over blowing out snowing under pulping bombarding berating poking aggressing beating someone up duking knocking down breaking down busting up clumping conking besieging impelling oppressing wronging sinking landing a punch striking at lungeing lunging physically attacking gashing grazing bending rending laying a finger on plunging boxing someone's ears bowing scraping scratching victimizing persecuting stabbing sending pulling jumping down one's throat hauling off on coming down on going for butchering bending out of shape making misshapen distorting the shape of assaulting physically pouncing on causing pain to putting out causing injury to tearing digging pinching victimising shoving hustling jostling crumpling hamstringing treating badly shaking up treating roughly interfering with cutting up pawing running propelling smacking against misusing ill-using molesting skinning sideswiping marking slicing carving slaying chopping up hashing tearing apart cutting about separating slitting sticking butting twacking jackhammering hog-tying castrating gimping dismembering disqualifying truncating rousting blackening crunching discolouring bundling giving someone the works giving someone what for giving it to someone giving a going over fixing someone's wagon bumping into meeting head-on cannoning into banging into coming into collision with ploughing into running into smashing into colliding with smacking into knocking into driving into skinning alive putting out of action giving a lesson to making black and blue discoloring doing a number on zinging blacking grimacing


Present participle for a golden-brown shade of skin developed by pale-skinned people after exposure to the sun


Present participle for to expose one's body to the sun in order to relax or to obtain a suntan


Present participle for to comprehensively defeat
flogging defeating beating conquering overthrowing worsting crushing licking overwhelming subduing overpowering routing besting overcoming quelling trouncing vanquishing subjugating clobbering demolishing mastering stuffing tanking busting hammering quashing thrashing whipping pulverising pulverizing slaughtering annihilating crucifying drubbing massacring murdering pasting pounding skunking smashing steamrolling totalling totaling trashing undoing wallopping walloping whacking caning creaming decking destroying dispatching flattening flooring getting marmalizing overbearing overmatching overturning pommelling pommeling ruining sinking stopping surmounting taking trimming upending upsetting whitewashing zapping dropping edging outplaying shellacking slamming slaying subverting torpedoing trampling triumphing over whomping ambushing butchering decimating entrapping lambasting obliterating outflanking outhitting outjumping outmanoeuvring outmaneuvering outrunning overrunning owning routeing shipwrecking skinning swamping knocking out prevailing over winning against plowing under wiping out working over blowing out edging out getting the better of nosing out running rings round wiping the floor with finishing off giving someone a drubbing giving someone a hiding KO'ing mowing down putting paid to running roughshod over taking it all taking to the cleaners walking all over winning a victory over bringing someone to their knees bringing to ruin doing down pipping at the post putting an end to rolling back running rings around taking to cleaners bearing down getting around making mincemeat of blowing out of the water picking apart pwning knocking off putting away taking down humbling shooting down blowing away wasting unseating bulldozing putting in the shade blasting checkmating waxing shutting down outfighting taking care of beating up putting someone in their place belting bludgeoning thumping burying mauling smoking slogging smothering whupping bombing dusting doing snowing under whopping hiding spanking threshing battering leathering buffeting buffetting pummelling basting pummeling rolling tromping bashing whaling whapping currying chastening winning a resounding victory over killing chastising punishing striking down walking over defeating utterly messing up taking a stick to beating hollow roughing up bunging up


The punishment of being whipped
whipping beating birching caning flagellation flogging hiding lashing thrashing leathering belting defeat drubbing licking loss lump overthrow plastering punishment rout scourging shellacking spanking strapping switching trimming trouncing birch cane castigation lash pasting pounding pummeling scourge switch walloping the strap flaying bashing thumping hammering slapping clobbering smacking battering pummelling mauling thwacking cuffing pelting whacking bopping biffing punching buffeting pummeled cudgelling clubbing lambasting horsewhipping slugging doing-over beating-up duffing-up cudgeling assault knocking boxing striking chastisement attack lathering working-over hitting bludgeoning bullwhipping larruping kicking going-over corporal punishment whaling flailing welting ruin belt strap downfall conquest annihilation slaughter setback concealment caching secretion stashing smack thump whack wallop spank violence aggression harm offense offence abuse impugnment vilification assaulting jumping violation totaling battery oppression mugging denigration rape hurt strike harassment molesting doing over dirty deed beating up rough handling physical attack physical violence physical assault roughing up sexual interference sexual assault violent act totalling sexual misconduct act of violence grievous bodily harm act of aggression actual bodily harm manhandling mistreatment injury maltreatment bullying mishandling persecution ill-treatment ill treatment ill use misuse molestation damage massacre ill usage trashing dusting vanquishment overwhelming defeat ill-usage cruelty ABH GBH slap torture neglect bad treatment physical abuse rough treatment vanquishing whitewash crushing brutalization impact decisive defeat humiliation force exploitation paddling debacle fiasco washout injustice smackdown demolition inhumane treatment cruel treatment embarrassment waxing wronging malevolence pulverisation pulverization landslide defilement walkover romp injuring impairment spoiling wrong interference misapplication crushing defeat indecent assault misusage misemployment ill-use charge torment censure hounding offensive criticism condemnation hate crime bias crime rod the belt the lash the cane the birch


The action of preserving something
preservation maintenance conservation keeping protection safeguarding care conserving keep preserving safety support sustentation upholding upkeep defence perpetuation safekeeping salvation security defense evaporation guard guardianship preserval refrigeration safeguard saving shield storage ward care and feeding sanctuary guarding protecting cover safe keeping shielding shelter safeness aegis servicing asylum service refuge repair invulnerability repairs assurance immunity aftercare screen trust armor custody subsistence fortification relief sustenance charge insurance haven custodianship reassurance supervision armour harbour harbor tutelage impregnability armament self-defense improvement freedom looking after retainment continuance continuation management possession welfare conservancy unassailability running trusteeship protectorship patronage freedom from danger strength well-being inviolability indemnity barrier buffer surety food board surveillance certainty escape reprieve retreat stability ammunition wall public safety means nurture living livelihood nourishment peace safe haven comfort solace redemption lifeline good hands board and lodging help recovery kai buckler egis weapon bulwark shade arms cushion weaponry munitions stronghold resistance deterrent deterrence bumper mail fastness fence shock absorber exception untouchability impenetrability imperviousness a roof shadow protector rampart provision absorber lee hedge insurance cover hiding concealment housing preparation hardware buildup deployment disarmament ordnance rearmament mobilization arming warfare harborage citadel gun heat material safe harbor plate breastplate panoply reinforcement hiding place midst heart centre chain mail flak jacket armor plate suit of armor coat of mail suit of armour protective clothing bulletproof vest body armor body armour mobilisation circle core bosom embrace center

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