Đồng nghĩa của ruining

Alternative for ruining

ruins, ruined, ruining

Đồng nghĩa: demolish, destroy, devastate, mar, ravage, spoil, upset, wreck,

Trái nghĩa: restore,

Danh từ

Physical damage caused to something
harm damage destruction devastation degeneration desecration deterioration detriment impairment ruin abuse attrition defacement defilement disfigurement erosion havoc marring mutilation ravage ruination wreckage adulteration affliction annihilation battering contamination corruption crushing debasement prejudice spoilage vandalism vandalization vitiation wrecking abrasion catastrophe corrosion deleteriousness depreciation disturbance injury sabotage scarring violence banefulness blemish blow bruise infliction mischance noxiousness wear and tear foul play loss hurt suffering shattering friction ill detrition deprivation mishap waste evil breakage outrage pollution bane casualty adversity disservice accident hardship wound illness knockout mischief wrong cave-in defacing disadvantage violation demolition desolation obliteration demolishment trouble disability disbenefit misfortune mistreatment ill-treatment spoiling dilapidation maltreatment cruelty downfall trashing extinction pain distortion disfiguration disaster disintegration smashing misuse misadventure depredation trial trauma end grief decimation calamity neglect manhandling beating extermination wastage cataclysm persecution spoliation mishandling bad luck rough handling disablement ill treatment ill use profanation sacrilege tragedy dismantling blasphemy unpleasantness collapse bullying inconvenience elimination decay breakdown ravaging distress damaging tribulation anguish misery oppression ravages ill-use torment impiety blighting despoliation mauling degradation mincemeat injuring decline assault irreverence torture atrophy plunder crumbling undoing disrepair dishonour wipeout molestation decrepitude offense assaulting dissolution death overthrow degeneracy offence punishment wasting ill usage bad treatment dishonor grafitti sacking wounding incapacity scuffing diminution infestation uglification vandalizing agony maiming disfavor demerit despite wear vexation disruption dismembering deformation penalty pillage vandalising a few knocks destitution malformation deformity pangs badness agitation incapacitation disfavour ruins condition impurity misshapenness graffiti shock perdition cost drawback illfare handicap liability confusion defoliation profanity pollutant contaminant adulterant dismemberment disfiguring setback failure struggle wronging malevolence diminishing deficiency complaint defect weakening disorder hitting depravity disgrace woodworm striking interference infelicity debacle decomposition roughing up rough treatment doing over indecent assault beating up befoulment abolition rot mishappening bother hitch commotion hassle tumult snag putrefaction putrescence extirpation rotting festering bad news tough luck boo-boo hard luck dire straits bad break rotten luck hot water thrashing aggression levelling disintegrating razing putridity perishing blight degrading befouling dishonouring infection battery bashing hammering pounding felling travail straits withering mortification flogging lashing thwacking belting punching pummelling impugnment lambasting injustice ill-usage problem ruined goods crashing zapping dynamiting abolishing invalidating extinguishing invalidation dissolving leveling torpedoing blasting bombing decadence harassment thumping whacking knocking worry gangrene razing to the ground breaking up laying waste pulling down tearing down rooting out knocking down blowing up rottenness fading dishonoring failing woe grievance strain misapplication caries demise malice spoilation senescence dying decrease consumption rust pummeled misusage misemployment putridness crash knock wasting away downgrade labefaction subversion comedown topple drop tumble wreck slaughter ill luck carnage ravagement despoiling break-up falling to pieces rack and ruin

Động từ

(somewhat rare) Bringing harm or injury to
annoying harming injuring crippling damaging hurting bruising impairing maiming mangling molesting scathing traumatizing wrecking abusing blemishing crushing marring mutilating spoiling tarnishing vandalizing vitiating wounding breaking defacing deforming disfiguring wrenching traumatising vandalising destroying devastating shattering smashing decimating totaling ravaging totalling vaporizing demolishing trashing blighting wasting desolating razing pulverizing flattening blowing ruinating annihilating busting torpedoing scotching sabotaging scuppering sinking desecrating dashing wracking nixing ravishing despoiling creaming botching nuking blasting mullering undoing dilapidating overwhelming defeating banjaxing levelling defiling euchring leveling overthrowing overturning poisoning bodging dishing extinguishing scourging cruelling reducing screwing up bringing to nothing cleaning out wreaking havoc upon bringing to ruin vaporising laying in ruins pulverising laying waste rubbing out bringing to naught lousing up doing in reducing to rubble reducing to nothing putting the kibosh on pulling down tearing down bringing down doing for wreaking havoc on blowing a hole in leaving desolate knocking down making a mess of messing up leaving in ruins fouling up wiping out depleting compromising flawing tainting endamaging weakening corrupting undermining crabbing crossing up pillaging bloodying polluting sacking plundering debasing staining ransacking distorting spoliating looting contaminating depredating battering raiding perverting sullying subverting scarring disabling gutting fouling rifling robbing marauding reaving queering infecting deteriorating dirtying thwarting profaning raping corroding depraving soiling warping stripping diminishing adulterating devouring hindering impeding incapacitating disrupting touching enfeebling disfeaturing debauching sapping befouling prejudicing playing havoc with upsetting lessening frustrating devaluing foiling wearing away debilitating prostituting stymieing blotting consuming demoralizing putting paid to scratching degrading demoralising twisting afflicting contorting rusting darkening besmirching violating burning dishonouring dismantling cutting eroding dishonoring throwing a spanner in the works of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of putting a damper on disintegrating threatening discolouring hamstringing quashing cheapening gnawing lacerating eating away cankering blunting enervating foraging discoloring putting an end to smirching rotting decaying invalidating stealing from alloying bastardizing brutalizing marking shaking up brutalising putting out of action taking out putting the lid on bastardising mucking up crumbling demeaning blackening abasing depressing laming jeopardizing hacking abrading hampering disgracing torturing worsening quelling eating dissolving charring fleecing destabilizing uglifying weathering mauling paralysing bending interfering with misshaping prostrating nibbling fretting impoverishing paralyzing disqualifying denting wearing down outraging unfitting making a hash of breaking up shooting down watering down littering smashing up attenuating roughing up laying waste to wasting away putting a stop to bringing to an end running through jeopardising spiking destabilising biting tearing apart biting at exhausting causing detriment to scattering deflating misusing strewing burgling buckling butchering squinching shaming affecting screwing cluttering disarranging disordering misapplying malforming obstructing ending misemploying cramping overcoming harrying smearing gnarling preventing holding up emasculating depreciating stewing stifling overcooking squashing wronging obliterating fading deranging dismembering stopping radioactivating pirating diluting immobilizing shaking tearing throwing into disorder overrunning denuding reiving putting at risk knotting coloring subduing seducing skewing restricting scuttling inactivating making impure bleaching bestializing shocking scorching havocking decomposing cutting up tweaking dinging spreading to wincing spreading among chipping away at handicapping knocking out hacking up gnawing away doctoring colouring burning through hocking taking apart driving a nail into the coffin of overdoing muzzling knocking off burning into taking advantage of razing to the ground playing merry hell with raining on someone's parade dropping litter appropriating immobilising biting into hogtying hogtieing distressing doing damage to stabbing scouring gnawing away at wearing making unattractive throwing monkey wrench in pinioning making useless wreaking havoc sticking up slashing animalizing kiboshing rendering incapable making ugly detracting doing mischief to unbracing detracting from eating away at unstrengthening using up plaguing shivering devitalizing indisposing bringing about the downfall of oxidizing depopulating clobbering tagging torpefying spray painting withering inconveniencing messing whittling busting up bowing branding blaspheming wiping off map stamping out muddying speckling blotching disfashioning rendering powerless making unfit making powerless putting out of commission throwing a monkey wrench into doing harm to castrating gimping truncating massacring hog-tying disserving marauding over nicking disturbing disorganizing dampening nipping in the bud endangering making misshapen bending out of shape distorting the shape of assaulting fragmenting perishing tarring slowing retarding delaying unsettling convulsing dumping on handling roughly committing sacrilege mongrelizing dragging down imperilling imperiling liquefying dissipating worn through melting smothering restraining curbing inhibiting turning upside-down slowing down rending forcing treating sacrilegiously insulting souring oxidating beating scoring dispossessing scraping pinching costing causing the loss of resulting in damage to leading to the end of resulting in harm to causing the sacrifice of throwing into confusion causing turmoil in causing confusion in throwing into disarray knackering toxifying making filthy infesting blaspheming against committing sacrilege against treating with disrespect making lose face rustling depriving humbling humiliating grieving tormenting piquing aggrieving paining stinging waxing drawing blood doing burglarizing expurgating bowdlerizing censoring streaking flaking oxidising troubling freebooting cutting to pieces amputating bowdlerising tearing limb from limb hashing up impacting striking toppling discrediting steaming mugging stiffing becoming rusty influencing perturbing bedding confiscating trespassing embezzling invading arrogating neutralizing squelching moving enthusing diseasing overbaking chopping crumpling mortifying bankrupting eradicating harshing misrepresenting misinterpreting falsifying deflowering sexually assaulting lowering chastening reducing in value reducing in quality decreasing prevailing occurring canceling out cancelling out ageing aging limiting rendering ineffective spotting garbling mishandling exploiting burning to a cinder turning over burning to a frazzle burning to a crisp breaking into dehumanizing desensitizing indecently assaulting forcing oneself on sexually abusing forcing yourself on halting impinging carving slaying separating slicing chopping up hashing flaying mashing cutting about slitting seasoning whittling away disempowering cutting down disparaging running down bemeaning derogating panning taking down dehumanising desensitising slamming cutting down to size taking down a peg casting down lowering the status of belittling putting down decrying bringing shame to misconstruing diverting manipulating skinning working against crazing outmaneuvering outfoxing crimping abolishing ballsing up outmanoeuvring having abating outsmarting overreaching neutralising unbuilding offsetting making waves jamming impacting on prevailing over impinging upon making dirty tingeing tinging casting a gloom upon digging out softening knocking the bottom out of tunnelling sandbagging challenging dragging through the mud queering the pitch of tunneling hollowing out overshadowing casting gloom over bringing a note of sadness to poking full of holes digging mining clipping one's wings knocking over relieving lofting foraying liberating kipping lifting prowling requisitioning preying ripping off grabbing moonlight requisitioning striking at striking down misrelating cooking fudging misstating deflecting slanting deactivating freezing disenabling felling ill-using conditioning having an effect on exerting influence on taking hold of attacking having an impact on crashing dynamiting clamping washing out bestrewing nullifying devaluating taking bombing exploding smiting preventing from moving making inoperative rendering inactive tying bringing to a standstill preventing from working rendering inoperative actioning bringing to a halt disarming arresting mellowing banging up splitting maltreating tampering with causing injury cracking knocking glitching up disappointing salting changing altering faking veering doctoring up mistreating brainwashing steering watering disarraying mussing blowing to bits blowing up blowing to pieces blowing sky-high breaking down losing strength grimacing showering chipping scraping away exterminating spreading grinding down eating into simulating age in trampling cluttering up making a shambles of making untidy

Tính từ

Harmful, often in a subtle or unexpected way
deleterious adverse detrimental damaging harmful dangerous injurious pernicious baleful baneful hurtful bad inimical noxious prejudicious ruinous destructive nocuous prejudicial unfavorable unfavourable disadvantageous ill negative nocent destroying undesirable unfortunate evil wicked mischievous pestilential malignant pestiferous pestilent disastrous counterproductive calamitous lethal deadly unhealthy cancerous poisonous fatal corrupting unwholesome toxic malign nefarious maleficent devastating miasmatic virulent insidious venomous mortal offensive spiteful noisome miasmic malefic killing environmentally unfriendly malicious malevolent nasty vicious hostile bitter vindictive mean cruel wounding rancorous catty murderous hateful evil-intentioned sinister dire vitriolic menacing unkind terminal crippling catastrophic cataclysmic acrimonious hazardous deathly unfriendly mephitic ill-natured savage antagonistic threatening poison vengeful death-dealing fell corrosive undermining septic critical suicidal annihilative life-threatening killer subversive caustic perilous viperous infectious infective vital despiteful unsafe incurable eradicative mortiferous toxicant splenetic corruptive cutting scathing corrupt corroding parlous distressing acid acerbic barbed sharp untoward extirpative fierce internecine hate-filled acrid incendiary cataclysmal waspish annihilatory devastative damning dirty toxiferous contaminated ominous risky painful insalubrious biting stinging harsh dicey abusive peccant antipathetic unconducive trenchant contagious unpropitious violent diseased withering morbid wrackful astringent mordacious brutal tart grievous envenomed foul fateful lousy rough unpleasant woeful afflictive mordant resentful troublesome sarcastic mephitical uncontrollable forbidding lethiferous wreckful slaughterous sardonic homicidal frightening unsympathetic defamatory mortuary final disturbing minatory counter inexpedient inopportune grudging pointed vituperative ravaging cantankerous communicable searing revengeful bodeful razor-edged untreatable hellish unlucky acidulous dreadful minacious bilious irascible causing death crabbed spreading murder grave tragic catching hard ornery cussed shattering bad-natured evil-minded direful unsound spoiled rotten unnutritious spoilt tainting contaminating slighting unbeneficial insulting intimidating aching hurting backbiting vile necrotic contrary opposed artful slanderous intimidatory bothersome iniquitous reprobate precarious louring invasive mortifying poisoned embittered aspersive desolating annihilating dead metastatic irremediable tough scathy horrid harassing sinful viperish offended implacable begruding sore insulted erosive cutthroat consumptive cankerous full of hate jeopardizing epidemic imperilling imperiling unwelcoming ill-disposed snide rude slaying bloody bloodthirsty ruthless cannibalistic carcinogenic of evil intent terrible crushing dripping venom not conducive oppugnant inimicable inimic disaffected repugnant at odds angry aggressive wrathful ireful pugnacious ferocious unnourishing full of spleen full of gall accidentally on purpose costly snarky acerb smart-mouthed acidic scornful belittling smart-aleck smart-alecky scalding pungent satiric satirical transmittable ill-fated death dealing ill-starred innutritious insanitary severe serious thorny troubling jeopardising jeopardous immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting wasteful transmissible cross censorious choleric plague-like piercing taunting junk tainted sickly unhygienic unhealthful awful disease-ridden belligerent cranky testy indignant irate crabby contentious peevish unsalutary disquieting blighting earth-shattering lamentable appalling deplorable heartbreaking frightful regrettable messy repulsive decayed objectionable distasteful disagreeable impure pathological portentous inauspicious highly contagious ill-intentioned highly infective rapidly spreading highly infectious creepy eerie black alarming dark doomy scary evil-looking spooky eldritch ill-omened ill-boding foreboding vitriolous sinistrous minatorial suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse obnoxious blackhearted lowering apocalyptic burning slashing rapier-like dripping with malice squint-eyed

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