Đồng nghĩa của irascible

Alternative for irascible

Tính từ

Easily provoked to outbursts of anger
angry cranky cross grumpy irritable testy uptight fiery fractious grouchy peevish petulant ratty surly touchy bristly cantankerous choleric crabby feisty huffy prickly querulous snappy bilious chippy crabbed dyspeptic ireful narky ornery perverse pettish snappish captious crotchety crusty curmudgeonly peppery snarky tetchy bearish edgy iracund iracundulous snippety snippy stuffy waspish hasty out of humor passionate raspy bad-tempered ill-tempered hot-tempered thin-skinned ill-humored ill-humoured ill-natured quick-tempered short-tempered hot under the collar out of sorts splenetic impatient liverish soreheaded disagreeable eggy moody miffy snaky peckish stroppy sulky sullen shirty fretful quarrelsome sour scratchy churlish like a bear with a sore head volatile temperamental on a short fuse bitter mean shrewish waxy brusque excitable hostile complaining hotheaded argumentative curt antagonistic short-fused morose truculent aggressive on edge spiteful sensitive acrimonious cross-grained belligerent in a bad mood pugnacious whingy tense gruff scrappy acid miserable violent sorehead combative snarling fierce contentious annoyed as cross as two sticks nasty confrontational bellicose hot-blooded difficult hot-headed unfriendly militant exasperated threatening grumbling harsh sharp disputatious bloody-minded critical mardy whingeing emotional furious warlike oversensitive malicious contrary displeased malignant agonistic impetuous cavilling short fussy tart caviling resentful malevolent irritated vindictive discordant assaultive piqued jumpy in a mood vehement wrathful waspy awkward venomous vexed discontented gladiatorial explosive tooshie restless dour nervous defiant out of temper rancorous highly strung uneasy irate whining restive upset ungracious fidgety obstinate vitriolic high-strung on the warpath sore brawly saturnine indignant easily upset abrupt vinegary twitchy neurotic wild malign cussed anxious acrid glum arsey blunt hypersensitive disgruntled tempestuous impassioned irked rude uncooperative vicious agitated unsettled unpleasant impulsive skittish enraged unkind cynical jittery carping warring catty mumpish fuming disputative ticklish ill at ease ugly inflamed excited raving tough dissatisfied ferocious trying headstrong froward hot out of humour intense having got out of bed the wrong side inhospitable up in arms worried stormy fault-finding pouty impolite rough peeved livid huffish unsociable outraged infuriated riled mad easily offended litigious snarly apoplectic incensed ardent sarcastic provoked melodramatic pouting heated hateful whiny nervy raging rabid overstrung battling unruly inflammable wired pertinacious salty aerated fighting antsy hurtful unquiet envenomed wroth perturbed savage incandescent poisonous steamed up grousing aggers grumbly stressy frenzied obstreperous het up bolshie teed off destructive ranting keyed up hopping mad bent out of shape uncivil foaming at the mouth caustic adversarial fit to be tied in a temper abusive offensive having got out of bed on the wrong side spoiling for a fight inimical loudmouthed discourteous terse mercurial galled brief uncomfortable factious fervent virulent overwrought aggrieved stressed unhappy fervid scathing animated moping misanthropic maleficent wicked crybaby bad uncongenial unstable lively put out faultfinding wrangling ropeable brittle mopey atrabilious troubled ballistic angered rankled spirited dark bickering apprehensive steamed overemotional ill-mannered acerbic crook burning ticked seething boorish malefic gloomy aggravated worked up pernicious adrenalized brawling agitable hysterical frantic feverish griping chuffy growling fretting childish turbulent demonstrative foaming boiling roiled hawkish recalcitrant disobliging insecure quick militaristic steaming enflamed infuriate censorious filthy rebellious volcanic shaken oppugnant unpredictable hopping riley biffo warmongering hinky goosey dithery atwitter queasy queazy aflutter wound up ticked off choked storming spare hypercritical passional refractory foul-tempered hacked off sabre-rattling wilful willful ready for a fight evil-intentioned indomitable hung up hate-filled in a lather cheesed off beside oneself in a paddy negative hard to please in a bate easily provoked going crook easily agitated easily frightened nasty-tempered out-of-sorts sharp-tongued seeing red horn-mad ready to fight in a huff in a fume have a bone to pick blue in the face in bad mood beside yourself with rage in a pet have chip on shoulder in high dudgeon with all guns blazing prima donna-ish in a frenzy distraught scowling embittered wrought up distressed foul menacing humourless humorless disrespectful uncontrollable offended inconsiderate uncharitable unsympathetic vinegarish wreck rattled frowning mopish unsmiling unhelpful spunky acute tempersome forceful naysaying scornful plaintive murmuring bad-humored joyless broody dejected grudging indocile uncompliant evil brooding provocative jaundiced blue wounded mopy kittle baleful viperous mighty antipathetic narked ungenerous zowerswopped glowering louring like a bear toey mean-spirited unindulgent moaning wailing crying deploring lamenting bemoaning whimpering perversely irritable black wriggly pushy perturbable dicey hazardous unsafe apt to fly off the handle flip squirmy jingoistic battleful having short fuse hot under collar sharp-tempered antagonized wiggly maddened hacked very angry miffed bloodthirsty tilting wrestling martial skirmishing controversial polemical polemic dissentious angerful cheerless psyched up disapproving cold convulsed evil-minded on the outs at loggerheads looking for trouble have it in for wired up roused nettled rousted huffy irascible dramatic ructious arguesome got up on wrong side of bed under arms bugged frustrated bundle of nerves over-emotional a bundle of nerves all wound up keen glowing dogged scandalized buffaloed war steamed-up hottempered antagonised shocked scandalised self-assertive itching to fight having a chip on one's shoulder disturbed cruel mordant skittery fluttery spooky flighty hyperexcitable spasmodic hyperkinetic fed up browned off torrid charged amorous blazing trenchant tumultuous boiling mad hyperactive hyper sardonic cutting all steamed up raging mad peed off overcome with anger at boiling point discomposed uncontrolled alarmable rash intolerant reckless galvanic enthusiastic overzealous susceptible in a rage beside yourself rubbed the wrong way blown a gasket off the air burned up bummed out at end of one's rope hot and bothered pushed too far in a filthy temper barbed paroxysmal cyclonic convulsive effusive vigorous zealous abrasive crude alarmed fearful all shook up withering biting pointed unceremonious knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts aroused hammer and tongs bang-bang distracted short fused self-conscious fraught unrestful embarrassed discomfited mordacious brusk stinging vitriolous blowing hot and cold undiplomatic offhand flaming warm perfervid nutty dismayed harassed tormented shaky anguished perplexed bothered wrung disquieted suspicious in turmoil palpitant afraid all nerves like a fish out of water on the qui vive cavalier bluff astringent corrosive fiddle-footed searing wounding acidulous brisk vex slashing red-hot warm-blooded gung-ho hoha razor-edged rapier-like breviloquent thoughtless unmannerly dripping with malice squint-eyed stubborn demanding direct graceless uncompromising bad-mannered not best pleased short-spoken no-nonsense overbearing unrelenting unreasonable unamenable grim intractable unaccommodating matter-of-fact to the point hardheaded hard-nosed obdurate pigheaded picky fastidious rigid inflexible tyrannical finicky on tenterhooks strong-minded hard-line tiresome unmanageable bull-headed steadfast choosy resolute immovable oafish thrawn opinionated delicate dogmatic intransigent oppressive unflinching overcritical wrong-headed obstructive particular over-particular dictatorial importunate pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways finical hard to handle invidious fiendish uppity troublesome stiff stiff-necked hard to satisfy irritating contrarious inexorable unyielding opinionative unbending perfectionist balky on pins and needles like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks brassed off affronted ruffled snuffy hurt stung scunnered flustered wrath insulted uncommunicative pained disappointed aloof injured unresponsive taciturn obnoxious sourpussed harried distant afflicted sulking unapproachable needled severe grieved slighted depressed cool unattractive chilly hard disaffected frosty stern unneighbourly frigid sombre somber discouraged unlikable dismal berserk chafed annoying withdrawn chill wintry clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed wintery antiseptic uncordial hard-eyed gelid frozen icy arctic glacial coldish intimidating fretted ungratified insane down in the mouth ill-disposed up the wall gnashing one's teeth goaded burning with excitement unsavoury reproachful objectionable malcontent snubbed good and mad mad as hell hassled unlikeable snitty confused disrespected crazy ready to be tied lugubrious laconic discontent chagrined adverse disheartened Eeyorish pessimistic sober crackers p.o.'d crabbing bellyaching uncontent kicking malcontented kvetching out of countenance stewed ill offish off unfulfilled defeated unsavory blazing mad flaming mad out of joint bad tempered disgusted at daggers drawn dirty unglued with a long face raving mad boisterous unsatisfied unsated in a funk in the sulks in a strop having a fit of the sulks unlovable grieving distressing weighty out of control very upset as black as thunder eristic carrying a chip on your shoulder in a wax in a towering rage desperate demented energetic corybantic full-on all-out crazed maniac bent smoking manic breakneck irrational concerted ghastly insufferable unbearable frightful unloveable extremely angry long-faced forbidding despondent steely uninviting flinty disconsolate sad downcast disillusioned serious formidable melancholic forlorn low down saddened stony sinister stark lowering solemn ungentle fell austere grave unamicable antisocial inconsolable disenchanted crestfallen doleful gutted downhearted unsocial unwelcoming unaffable itching bleak reserved stand-offish sorrowful deadly terrifying cowing terrorizing vituperous terrorising insolent frightening browbeating bullying gray grey supercilious unforthcoming haughty impersonal indifferent disdainful adversary mortal sick Olympian starchy mean-looking boot-faced against conflicting opposite estranged competitive unpromising vengeful opposed unneighborly low-spirited not on speaking terms disparaging deprecating nagging pedantic quibbling niggling pettifogging nit-picking hair-splitting nitpicking criticizing judgemental judgmental rejective pernickety pass-remarkable nitpicky thorny exceptive criticising exacting unjust unfair hairsplitting very critical petty trivial cavillous tricky

Tính từ

Contemptuously ridiculing or mocking someone or something
scoffing mocking sardonic scornful cynical sneering satirical derisive caustic contemptuous jeering disparaging taunting sharp ironical biting cutting mordant acerbic satiric disrespectful trenchant offensive mean contumelious scorching corrosive arrogant bitter salty carping acid acerb backhanded acrimonious brusque needling saucy scurrilous chaffing twitting austere captious ornery disillusioned cussed evil severe weisenheiming hostile snarling smart-alecky sarcastic scathing snarky barbed smart-mouthed scalding acidulous acrid smart-aleck stinging pungent acidic tart ironic wry wise dry sarky mordacious nasty derisory malicious disdainful vitriolic harsh snide insulting ridiculing slighting denigratory sceptical dismissive doubtful skeptical unbelieving suspicious mistrustful derogatory deprecatory uncomplimentary quizzical jibing doubting disbelieving teasing detracting pessimistic distrustful unconvinced incredulous dubious withering demeaning belittling degrading derogative decrying pejorative depreciative depreciatory detractive denigrative sniffy pillorying full of contempt questioning critical condescending lampooning tongue-in-cheek double-edged snidey unsure misanthropic irreverent ridiculous hesitant twisted misanthropical defiant supercilious droll uncertain rude witty unkind deprecating insolent hard disapproving undecided cheeky haughty abhorrent hesitating snotty keen snooty opprobrious agnostic contemptible cynic hurtful spiteful uncivil shrewish vituperative insinuating ill-natured hinky trustless unsettled unpleasant hateful cavalier non-believing contorted vain imperious proud nullifidian faithless rationalist irreligious distorted crooked uneven deformed warped pathetic silly cockamamy absurd ludicrous laughable risible cockamamie comical farcical preposterous snippy hard-nosed bold audacious temperamental snobbish uppity cool upstage cold-shoulder sly subtle deadpan humorous pawky awry aslant askew skewwhiff gally out-of-line flip cocky fresh smart sassy nervy crusty high hat dog it high and mighty laconic on your high horse on high horse dissenting leery freethinking aporetic defeatist iffy misbelieving waggish apathetic sour having reservations Pyrrhonist minimifidian sharp-tongued matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced for the birds negative disenchanted hardened jaundiced world-weary hard-bitten clever implausible contradictory exaggerated backbiting alert poignant burlesque atypical incisive curious spicy quick-witted black hard-boiled bleak taking something with a pinch of salt nonbelieving superior hypercritical overbearing egotistic despicable abusive

Tính từ

Characterized by an abnormal and unhealthy interest in disturbing and unpleasant subjects, especially death and disease
morbid unhealthy gruesome sick ghastly grisly ghoulish macabre unwholesome ailing deadly diseased dreadful grotesque hideous infected death-obsessed horrible horrid malignant pathological sickly unsound aberrant abnormal baleful bloody brooding disgusting frightful gory grim maleficent monstrous moody nasty ominous perverse sickening sinister twisted unnatural unusual warped horrific shocking lurid horrifying terrifying appalling revolting terrible awful horrendous eerie frightening nightmarish dark atrocious offensive weird spooky loathsome scary unspeakable chilling unearthly dire black grewsome repugnant bleak terrific nightmare spookish cruel perverted fearsome distressing abominable spine-chilling savage shadowy funereal fearful sepulchral ghostly obscene gloomy sombre somber diabolical devilish harrowing morose hellish distasteful odious gross forbidding repulsive abhorrent sullen sadistic wretched cold shady disturbing noxious nauseating noisome foul outrageous evil violent godawful alarming heinous scandalous fiendish creepy hair-raising garish murky prurient direful vile depraved repellent contemptible God-awful egregious beastly bestial terribly bad very bad strange taboo cynical poignant haunting diabolic ironic deathly unthinkable unmentionable brutal bloodthirsty demonic Kafkaesque insalubrious unattractive unhealthful degenerate bilious severe harsh misanthropic pessimistic mordacious unpleasant upsetting grievous unreal unnerving traumatic petrifying disquieting nightmarey phantasmagorical undesirable worrying disagreeable concerning hellacious dread redoubtable formidable intimidating loud disgustful loathly grody execrable rancid repellant fulsome obnoxious ugly nauseous lamentable daunting indescribable detestable gut-churning from hell sick-making spine-tingling disgraceful bad bloodcurdling sublime shuddersome overwhelming abysmal tremendous astounding animal beast hateful infamous sensational intolerable vicious graphic exaggerated villainous wicked suffocating overpowering explicit melodramatic inhuman startling iniquitous nefarious shameful brutish despicable satanic barbaric barbarous voyeuristic nosy trashy colourful sensationalist extravagant rubbishy overdramatized unrestrained flagitious base merciless ruthless pulp tasteless ribald kitschy cheap salacious menacing dirty suggestive filthy desperate immoral shock-horror vivid tacky juicy threatening raging foreboding yellow full-frontal angry stormy turbulent tumultuous volatile inauspicious fierce malevolent ferocious fiery off-color raunchy salty purple extreme sanguine deep rough racy striking colorful distinct low-down miserable glum dreary melancholic melancholy dispirited dismal depressive desolate solemn depressing cheerless disheartening tenebrous sad pitiless gray mournful dingy grey drab mirthless lugubrious drear grave reprehensible rotten sinful mean murderous deplorable infernal heartless corrupt ungodly dastardly low inhumane dishonourable objectionable unsavoury unsavory reprobate criminal dishonorable ignoble remorseless wrong wanton black-hearted insufferable sordid brute truculent callous unprincipled dissolute unrighteous malicious demoniac butcherly stinking scurvy calamitous unforgivable flagrant accursed lousy damnable unholy unlawful ignominious disreputable cold-blooded unfeeling yucky inexcusable unethical cacodemonic dangerous off-putting beyond the pale unscrupulous notorious opprobrious hard-hearted crooked debased unpalatable degraded displeasing unmerciful abandoned Mephistophelian unkind glaring impious tragic discreditable uncaring dishonest demoniacal malfeasant disconcerting bent sanguinary hard shameless dismaying perturbing sorry putrid impure unbearable woeful miscreant unsettling yucko amoral uncharitable vulgar exceptionable profligate unpardonable wrongful coarse unfortunate morally wrong scoundrelly fell unacceptable serious lawless unutterable debauched icky unworthy hairy implacable bogging irreligious profane blasphemous facinorous unsympathetic scaring unsparing underhand knavish roguish troublesome shabby hurtful soulless rascally wild insupportable wolfish underhanded spiteful agitating peccable baneful indecent pernicious dislikeable insensitive rebarbative unclean skanky not cricket lewd hostile sacrilegious non-mortal subhuman non-human blatant troubling godless unrespectable louche shy shoddy treacherous odd bizarre discomforting irksome disastrous degrading Hadean illicit inglorious illegal Stygian crude indefensible illegitimate unrelenting unpitying cold-hearted obvious boorish hard-boiled unforgiving abject loose stony uncompassionate bitter preposterous arrant felonious conspicuous deleterious worthless crying patent distressful poor thick-skinned obdurate compassionless desensitized indurate affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney paltry unwelcome vomitous audacious wrathful stern tainted feral demoralized excessive harmful doleful relentless uninviting sleazy rank regrettable snide currish adverse decadent unfair heartbreaking untamed pronounced tragical immodest serpentine stark pathetic desensitised defiled low-minded galling libertine rancorous demoralised capital homicidal vomit-inducing vindictive cut-throat blameworthy demonian demonical Luciferian terrorizing dreaded unconcerned humiliating abased stone-hearted caitiff erring fallen worrisome indictable unhallowed uncanny dishonored beyond contempt barefaced hard-nosed unkindly inconsiderate agonizing stressful torturous draconian destructive discomposing annoying brazen dissipated sullied terrorising furious flinty unbecoming injurious sober enormous crazed mad undisguised utter questionable uncomfortable difficult outright bold impetuous carnal unendurable naked evident tigerish grotty manifest irritating unconcealed corrupted complete aggressive exorbitant improper eldritch virulent punk tormenting fraught troublous palpable transparent dishonoured inexpressible immoderate poisonous overt frantic pitiful crummy heartrending unconscionable unruly wayward intemperate cursed gruff humourless humorless painful unhappy unpleasing sedate licentious sorrowful blood-curdling gut-wrenching rakish jackleg stomach-churning stomach-turning vitiated uncivilised uncivilized with a heart of stone mortuary heart-rending incorrigible excruciating agonising cringe-making uncontrollable dodgy rakehell hated hateable venomous out and out rakehelly out-and-out brass-necked vengeful causing fear unhuman bone-chilling transgressing sneaky embarrassing unjust ignorant ruffianly blackguardly mercenary critical thievish unrefined uncultured unlettered blood-and-guts blood-and-thunder uncouth eery great good-for-nothing discouraging mephistophelean lou culpable peccant awesome piggish gluttonous swinish ferine irrational frenetic maniacal possessed beneath contempt bothersome demoralizing unbelievable inconceivable senseless dislikable awe-inspiring bad-hearted unimaginable ridiculous foolish unseemly venal unsightly discommoding ill-famed tough ineffable catastrophic heavy unlucky very disgusting pitiable cataclysmic naughty drunken impoverished oppressed inconvenient lustful lascivious lecherous bearish tactless indifferent ruinous brackish catty ill-reputed contaminated faulty insubordinate libidinous imposing mean-looking impressive devastating unlikable vexing backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting frozen gnarly unjustifiable detested execrated beyond words preternatural undefinable festy surfeiting sleazeball unappetizing squicky cloying scuzzy untold undescribable otherworldly unsafe highly improper poverty-stricken undignified blood-stained cruddy despised irreverent ravenous lupine voracious onerous yecchy unreasonable indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil sucky pits tenth-rate pants chronic cowardly inequitable ornery reviled vice-ridden weighty taxing red hot sheer plain guilty abominated loathed abhorred steep like death warmed up intimidatory ill-boding powerful afraid massive rigorous absolute downright inordinate unqualified faint haggard wraithlike supernatural anaemic dim deathlike corpselike anemic weak damaging mortifying demoralising mischievous prejudicial nocuous servile inelegant menial maggot detrimental ill apparent unmitigated significant major inconsistent incompatible contradictory opposed unwarranted maddening impossible OTT exasperating defective a load of pants confounded too horrible for words illiberal rigid inflexible intolerant minatory viperous rowdy minacious unsatisfactory vexatious averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic O.T.T. extortionate praetorian saddening unappealing afflicting afflictive affecting uncool yukky sour awkward punishing strict unfriendly against opposite alien invidious extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different revulsive unfitted foreign scurrilous too great shaming disgracing debauching depraving debasing contumelious anguished unlovely uncongenial bad news self-indulgent deceitful disparaging delinquent errant exploitative slippery evil-minded self-seeking contemptuous conscienceless two-faced despiteful scheming mean-spirited crafty scrofulous sly tyrannical squalid scornful shifty unconscientious devious inexorable disdainful tyrannous punitive unremitting coldhearted constant distorted deviant over the top nerve-racking nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking in opposition rabid steely ungentle cannibalistic malign louring delirious dour convulsive austere forlorn cataclysmal unpropitious blue cutthroat raving lowering enraged incessive rugged undomesticated stupefying infuriated rapacious deviate sicko heartstopping biffo animalistic primitive aggers fatal stony-hearted staggering stunning astonishing bewildering amazing lethal surprising bloodless underworld nether lower pervy contorted impaired kinky vitiate unemotional terminal inclement killer Plutonian misguided rash pestilent slaughterous roughshod risky foolhardy hazardous hasty open killing daring subterranean Tartarean Plutonic Styxian incurable vital reckless flaunting pestilential ostentatious precipitate incautious madcap mortiferous dead chthonian of hell Acherontic Avernal chthonic helly headstrong determined life-threatening mortal death-dealing headlong anxious no good unashamed flagitous deliberate flaming noticeable worried venturesome careless distracted sulphurous sulfurous bald-faced bare-faced devil-may-care death-defying stick out like sore thumb hanging out

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