Đồng nghĩa của unaccommodating

Alternative for unaccommodating

unaccommodating /'ʌnə'kɔmədeitiɳ/
  • tính từ
    • không dễ dãi, khó tính, khó giao thiệp
    • hay làm mất lòng

Tính từ

Not accommodating
awkward difficult disobliging troublesome uncooperative unhelpful obstructive contrary unreasonable obstinate tiresome bloody-minded perverse stubborn intractable obdurate thrawn cussed bolshie inflexible balky froward wilful annoying stroppy vexatious recalcitrant headstrong unamenable refractory pigheaded bull-headed obstreperous contrarious disobedient mulish uncompromising unyielding contumacious cantankerous unbending renitent pervicacious trying ill-natured wayward unmanageable unsupportive capricious truculent self-willed opinionated disagreeable intransigent stiff-necked immovable tough fussy crabby rude cross-grained overbearing demanding strict perfectionist critical fractious hardheaded importunate dictatorial unpredictable querulous stiff tyrannical negative prickly irritable unflinching ornery touchy hard to please hypercritical chippy hard-line hard to handle hard to satisfy over-particular not helpful peevish morose irrational shrewish biased illogical blinkered arbitrary unwilling inconsiderate unresponsive unadaptable prejudiced intolerant rock-ribbed blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying sticky unconstructive hindering belligerent exasperating frustrating disruptive making difficulties not cooperative vexing pesky complex bulky incommodious cramped discommodious clamorous judgmental rigorous disapproving difficult to handle insistent overexacting hard imperious cavilling harsh nagging stringent exigent firm sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous quibbling disparaging needy censuring possessive cavillous unsparing hairsplitting caviling demeaning carping censorious serious cynical high-maintenance unrelenting grim fault-finding over-rigorous over-strict over-censorious over-exacting picky boorish rigid hard-nosed argumentative fastidious finicky pitiless dissatisfied bearish inexorable irascible resolute oafish discontented grumbly set in one's ways testy choosy snappy temperamental irritating impolite uptight quarrelsome strong-minded single-minded finical huffy vexed invidious steadfast fiendish delicate dogmatic oppressive captious sensitive crotchety indomitable overcritical uppity wrong-headed opinionative disputatious feisty particular disputative sour pertinacious ungracious unobliging uncivil unsympathetic discourteous unfriendly unpleasant unamiable uncongenial willful untoward ungovernable defiant unruly rebel recusant insubordinate incompliant rebellious restive contrariant nonconforming adverse dissident discordant arsey nonconformist disagreeing antagonistic paradoxical hostile antipathetic converse inimical wrongheaded dissentient pig-headed

Tính từ

Unwilling to compromise or moderate a position
intransigent uncompromising obstinate stubborn unyielding immovable inflexible obdurate unbending stiff-necked tenacious adamant intractable resolute tough unrelenting uncooperative unmalleable unpersuadable unshakeable unwavering bull-headed diehard hardline hard-line iron-willed single-minded adamantine bloody-minded bullheaded determined dogged firm hard hardened hardheaded hard-nosed headstrong implacable inconvincible inexorable inveterate mulish opinionated ossified pat pertinacious perverse pigheaded rigid self-opinionated self-willed unbudgeable wilful willful balky indurate hard and fast narrow-minded recalcitrant refractory difficult contrary wayward awkward unreasonable disobedient insubordinate rebellious defiant undisciplined contumacious obstreperous incompliant unadaptable restive rebel froward uncontrollable unmanageable indomitable stroppy recusant bolshie pervicacious noncompliant steely resistant strict relentless hidebound stringent rigorous fixed iron undisciplinable blinkered dyed-in-the-wool steadfast obstructive unhelpful immutable renitent unchangeable brassbound unwilling truculent unswayable staunch uncompliant obstinately disobedient disobliging trying thrawn exasperating standing one's ground set in one's ways cussed set in your ways not giving an inch strong-willed unruly wild incurable ungovernable fractious cantankerous untoward rock-ribbed unpliable insoluble locked thorny knotty problematic indocile locked in tough nut hang tough unshakable persistent unflinching stiff persevering strong-minded set in stone stubborn as a mule dead set on stalwart resolved unswerving unbendable set hard-core dead set hanging tough unalterable cross-grained steady pig-headed insistent unsparing strong decided ornery rugged categorical die-hard standing pat brick-wall stony purposeful intent unmoved unbreakable dogmatic heady opinionative unimpressible remorseless convinced contrarious unrepentant hardhearted bullhead uncompassionate unemotional impertinent harsh mean forceful unappeasable stiffened grim cold fish proof against persuasion immalleable durable merciless ruthless unmovable unflagging untiring indefatigable tireless pushy decisive mullish domineering wrong-headed tough nut to crack sedulous importunate assiduous unfailing with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in deaf to reason impassive constant game stony-hearted unimpressionable unshaken solid quiescent permanent unmodifiable stand pat set in concrete dug in stick to guns

Tính từ

Tending to behave in a perverted or deviant manner
perverse depraved perverted abnormal corrupt degenerate warped deviant sick base debased debauched decadent degraded demoralised demoralized dissipated dissolute immoral jackleg libertine loose rakehell rakehelly rakish reprobate twisted unclean unnatural unwholesome wicked evil improper kinky pervy sicko unhealthy bad-tempered churlish crabbed ill-natured ill-tempered incorrect nefarious shrewish spiteful surly villainous profligate abandoned sinful licentious lewd wanton impure lecherous unchaste sordid vile lascivious unprincipled vicious bad corrupted intemperate lustful promiscuous libidinous indecent defiled low rotten miscreant obscene unrestrained fast louche shameless disreputable immodest self-indulgent fast-living prurient vitiated gone bad fallen infamous profaned wild voluptuary desecrated sybaritic uncleanly amoral coarse tainted carnal dishonourable gone to the dogs monstrous wayward ungodly criminal flagitious mean iniquitous dishonorable concupiscent indulgent wrong swinging easy vice-ridden aberrant pleasure-seeking gross high living profane vulgar unrefined abased dishonored boorish baneful deleterious unsavoury ignoble scoundrelly despicable contaminated rascally retrograde hedonic hedonistic scungy sleazy dishonoured brutal retrogressive riotous not pure unsavory raffish unconstrained violated deteriorated drunken open light night owl in the fast lane fast and loose lacking restraint in the gutter mercenary disgusting sullied erroneous venal crude ribald reprehensible inferior hardened distorted lubricious wrongful unworthy incorrigible praetorian dubious prodigal sensual salacious roguish degenerated vulgarized vulgarised impious unrighteous unholy blasphemous irreligious deviate goatish voluptuous randy horny unregenerate epicurean overindulgent luxurious flatitious demeaned sinking failing raunchy lickerish grotesque vitiate sadistic contorted impaired knavish freethinking careless roundheeled decaying moribund lost declining rude foul misguided imprudent whorish heedless disturbing inconstant irresponsible no better than one should be out of control of easy virtue dirty flagitous strange macabre undesirable morbid filthy dirty-minded immoderate hellbent gone to seed uncontrolled passionate hot incontinent unbridled satyric lubricous hypersexual itchy smutty uninhibited bawdy extravagant reckless unrestricted erotic pornographic naughty excessive X-rated bacchanalian lotus-eating unvirtuous unhindered unchecked saturnalian nasty blue uncurbed raw unscrupulous unruly free pleasure-loving lax suggestive fleshly ruttish uncontrollable orgiastic lavish devil-may-care unbounded trashy rampant unhampered porny unprintable runaway stag gutter gay greedy ungoverned unethical locker-room dishonest unconfined sexual unconscionable unimpeded Dionysiac offensive underhand devious sexy crooked untrammeled wolfish ardent inordinate hircine desirous hankering titillating scabrous cutthroat Machiavellian itching shady low-down indelicate outrageous flirtatious untrammelled unrepressed impetuous bestial lusty unblushing pampered Dionysian animal unmoral relaxed disorderly champagne frenetic grubby amorous impulsive deceitful unprofessional sensualist hot and heavy luxury-loving Lucullan Bacchic self-gratifying amatory gluttonous gourmandizing wasteful bacchic uproarious Saturnalian aphrodisiac parsimonious effete miserly tricky steamy enticing hedonist appealing attractive delightful desirable pleasing aphrodisiacal luscious lush slack tarty slaggy demonstrative fraudulent craving voyeuristic spendthrift unfair morally wrong riggish extreme dirty-dealing double-dealing mercentary sly bent cheating conscienceless two-faced stop-at-nothing double-crossing two-timing dastardly longing binge-eating indecorous hot-blooded emotional carefree dodgy black unlawful dark racy scatological philandering porno scatologic off colour thriftless squandering improvident gourmand connoisseur foodie sensuous unjust graceless saucy adult porn Fescennine fruity boisterous unreserved unlimited not cricket ithyphallic Cyprian unreasonable good-time rank barnyard scurrilous crass explicit bohemian casual sporty unconventional dashing jaunty high-rolling unthrifty near the knuckle unjustified undue effusive touchy-feely severe violent unwarranted beyond the pale unshackled unfettered undisciplined natural unsuppressed boundless egregious tempestuous dapper irrepressible unbound unquenchable unstoppable footloose uncontainable O.T.T. uncalled for ungovernable dissipative over the top venereal unbalanced flashy spontaneous frank flamboyant candid audacious impertinent indiscriminate blunt out of hand impotent plenary exaggerated lawless bizarre limitless hot to trot flash colorful tawdry colourful unusual free-spirited individual

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