Đồng nghĩa của problematic

Alternative for problematic

problematic /problematic/
  • tính từ
    • còn phải bàn; không chắc, mơ hồ

Tính từ

Subject to dispute or questions
debatable doubtful dubious questionable disputable dubitable suspect dodgy doubtable equivocal fishy puzzling queer shady shaky suspicious tricky uncertain enigmatic unsettled chancy moot problematical ambiguous arguable challenging iffy indecisive open precarious open to doubt up for grabs undecided open to question unsure controversial borderline unclear up in the air unresolved contentious in doubt open to debate disputed undetermined untrustworthy indefinite indeterminate contested unreliable pending at issue contestable in dispute vexed unlikely in question yet to be decided not kosher odd inconclusive clouded vague unconcluded funny controvertible undependable mootable shonky flimsy betwixt and between touch and go up for discussion not quite right in the balance under suspicion unpredictable unknown strange debated cryptic unconfirmed delicate ongoing peculiar mysterious murky exceptionable dark irregular between rock and hard place bone of contention the jury's out between sixes and sevens unestablished tentative difficult tenuous dicey unsupported unsound improbable confused unsubstantiated weak issuable awkward hot-button unanswered in limbo negotiable unsolved far-fetched open to discussion open to suspicion shifty underhand obscure inexplicit enigmatical unintelligible muddy clear as dishwater tenebrous opaque unapt insecure crooked bent disreputable conjectural off at risk outstanding unascertained open for discussion yet to be settled not yet settled implausible devious spurious speculative subject to debate suppositive unreasonable suppositious pseudo potentially dangerous ridiculous thin incredible thick potentially false suspected unbelievable disputatious unsubstantial ungrounded nebulous on ice divisive sensitive contended polemical marginal unfounded emotive provocative tendentious polemic conditional unfixed pendent on the back burner in contention thorny ticklish sticky knotty taxing debateable waffling in a state of limbo open-ended not decided to be decided in a state of uncertainty hot notorious heated hairy in lap of gods erratic hesitant capricious whimsical fluctuant incalculable in the lap of the gods risky under discussion unclassifiable not reliable not dependable troublesome fractious ambivalent much debated peripheral frontier bordering inexact dishonest phony farfetched unusual corrupt criminal different phoney of doubtful honesty too much out of line rings untrue won't wash undefined imprecise unfinished indistinct incomplete unspecified hazy irresolute ill-defined unforeseeable indistinguishable vacillating arcane wavering abstruse shadowy perplexing confusing unattended to unlimited in no man's land unexplained woolly undone unspecific proving nothing hidden remaining undisclosed general concealed unproven wooly hanging awaiting decision awaiting action not done not yet established still open hanging fire intangible awaiting attention blear apocryphal in the air in abeyance fuzzy contingent to be done equivocating blurred double-edged occult not definite touch-and-go on thin ice anybody's guess uncompleted unpaid in hand non-specific hinky inscrutable wide-open uncommitted suspended riddling hand-to-mouth ignored neglected deferred deep elliptical mystic wide open sketchy open to argument of two minds unchallenged unquestioned unnoticed unrefuted secret Delphic elliptic a controversial subject a live issue a moot point postponed unrevealed unverified unprovable fuliginous contradictory conflicting a matter of opinion unfinalized approximate argumentative uncounted unstipulated to be won or lost untold quarrelsome scrappy hanging by a thread settling nothing paradoxical loose hypothetical undivulged limitless hesitating abeyant unfamiliar unidentified faltering undiscovered put off anyone's guess unclassified uncategorized indeterminant unstated borderless unconvincing unproved put to one side in suspension in cold storage in a state of suspension not obvious infinite immeasurable endless evasive critical unsatisfying unsatisfactory resolving nothing unfateful uneventful inadequate lacking groundless deficient unrecognized unapprehended under advisement under examination dim faint muzzy misty blurry bleary gauzy pale foggy unnoted unperceived unrecognised noteless unheard of oracular leaving matters open measureless unfathomable illimitable bottomless horizonless unrestricted immensurable boundless unbounded fathomless two-edged inexhaustible indeterminable innumerable wide noncommittal broad being discussed under consideration sitting on the fence left hanging flexible still open to question still open to doubt for debate at stake under debate fanciful unrealistic discussable left unthinkable fantastic preposterous awaiting continuing pensile in reserve dependent ominous absurd movable exchangeable transactional convertible assignable variable difficult to believe hard to swallow long shot fat chance beyond the bounds of possibility scarcely credible on board on line in line subject to discussion in the works around the corner on the agenda to be discussed open to modification muffled indiscernible elusive

Tính từ

Constituting or presenting a problem
difficult knotty ticklish tricky hard prickly sticky thorny awkward complex complicated controversial dodgy problematical taxing troublesome baffling catchy delicate hairy intricate involved nasty paradoxical perplexing puzzling sensitive spiny touchy tough tricksy vexed like herding cats precarious dicey uncertain dangerous risky chancy hazardous trying convoluted perilous vexatious gnarly bothersome unsafe touch-and-go parlous unpleasant critical unstable worrying iffy concerning rocky treacherous uncomfortable upsetting irksome unpredictable embarrassing distressing insecure unsteady grievous fraught with danger unsound disturbing unsure dubious unreliable challenging grave shaky arduous worrisome formidable dark serious unsettled fiddly tangled daunting rough tortuous mystifying elaborate sophisticated unhealthy high-risk troubled harassing undependable onerous forbidding grim touch and go harrowing nettlesome exposed threatening vulnerable emotive punishing volatile awful problem loaded nerve-racking desperate jeopardizing menacing scary confusing capricious painful wicked troubling terrifying erratic strenuous rugged dynamite tormenting unfathomable jeopardising tight operose bewildering dire bleak perturbing at risk unsettling alarming compromising humiliating on thin ice disquieting niggling dismaying traumatic disagreeable cringeworthy harrying unfriendly spartan hostile bitter suspect questionable cringey stressful briery pointed contentious unchancy cringe-making labyrinthine confused full of problems involute doubtful beset by problems severe labyrinthian byzantine baroque daedal slippery anxious-making nerve-wracking speculative Byzantine venturesome obscure impenetrable discomforting shonky insoluble unanswerable messy laborious involuted impossible heavy demanding in danger incomprehensible confounding extreme uphill Gordian effortful excruciating in jeopardy cumbersome not easy undecipherable Russian roulette enigmatic playing with fire built on sand chaotic uneasy echinated annoying stimulating intractable profound jeopardous tender provocative subtle heated divisive scandalous fluctuant barro afflicted nice kid-glove up and down mind-bending insolvable searching penetrating incalculable quirky trouble disconcerting temperamental mercurial changeable inconstant fickle variable hair-trigger flustering kittle discomfiting demeaning degrading devilish inconvenient embarrassed untimely discomposing discountenancing bristly barbed devil of a very devil of a death-defying shameful incommodious exasperating briary thistly brambly toe-curling detailed sharp spiculate pronged bristled spiniferous spicular spiky aculeate spinous spiked scratchy cryptic abstruse fancy wobbly serpentine inscrutable jumbled mixed interlaced dense knotted entangled recondite setaceous jaggy muricate pointy barbellate spinose Daedalian hi-tech difficult to understand full of twists and turns Daedalean hanging by a thread complicate on a slippery slope hanging in the balance out on a limb terrible ramified reticular mazy grueling testing rigorous harsh fatiguing backbreaking exacting gruelling exhausting killer hellish easier said than done high-impact slavish torturesome wearying weighty toilful drudgy labored back-breaking tiresome tall upstream vicious cruel laboured vigorous agonizing unnerving wearing crippling high-pressure really hard tough going burdensome fierce intimidating titanic mighty unbearable unforgiving galling ambitious jarring intense worksome distressful tiring savage scabrous toilsome depleting uphill battle moiling agonising unendurable killing shattering knackering hard-won backbreaker intolerable sweaty tedious immense no picnic energy-consuming marathon difficile brutal unsparing sapping prohibitive unremitting draining oppressive Herculean ominous insufferable bruising merciless ponderous gargantuan staggering torturous colossal crushing unyielding herculean debilitating like getting blood out of a stone solemn painstaking very hard ferocious almighty grinding gigantic wearisome mysterious deep esoteric inexplicable arcane opaque unaccountable multifaceted unclear beyond one ambiguous wildering hidden abstract occult advanced inextricable multifarious hard to understand mixed up mystic befuddling mystical Delphic devious cabalistic secret muddled circuitous winding concealed cabbalistic ornate meticulous hermetic hermetical surprising ravelled fathomless raveled extensive over one's head little known beyond comprehension enigmatical thorough manifold mixed-up compound particular misleading refined unintelligible maze-like rarefied drawn-out minute heterogeneous variegated many-faceted dainty long-drawn-out disorienting exact high-tech uncanny nuanced acroamatic orphic careful precise pedantic sibylline secretive hazy bamboozling oracular recherché unsolvable fine clear as mud above one's head out of one's depth long-winded plotty layered scrambled inordinate weird strange unintuitive private state-of-the-art perplexed amazing mazelike radical peculiar odd funny intertwined interwoven vague stunning astonishing eye-popping inner murky labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthiform labyrinthic labyrinthal bemusing frustrating new clever gimmicky hypermetric pluridimensional contradictory inconsistent ungraspable stupefying astounding magical miscellaneous multiplex mosaic multiple multiform conglomerate motley composite compounded mingled indivisible inseparable drastic disarranged disorganized muddling impossible to understand indiscernible fiendish roundabout indirect untold complete sweeping revolutionary incognizable indecipherable sphinxlike unknowable oblique Greek to me sinuous twisted varied disordered full of surprises beyond you blurring elite veiled rococo inaccessible as clear as mud clear as dishwater multidimensional muddlesome mistakable major clandestine unstraightforward hard to follow shadowy disorganised kaleidoscopic covert shrouded verbose lengthy overlong deceptive irreducible high-level higher-level particularized perverse cunning indissoluble impossible to separate can of worms clouded cloaked full studied finical fussbudgety choosy finicking choosey picky old-maidish pernickety fussy fastidious finicky perfected unrevealed top-level mind-boggling concentrated intensive stormy te nebulous anagogic cloak-and-dagger black circumstantial skilful imposing skillful prodigious gingerbread vexing rambling thought-provoking difficult to follow hard to solve hard to explain beyond one's grasp overdone overworked particularised little-known Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way blow-by-blow inefficient high tech highly wrought heightened unwieldy wasteful nitpicking persnickety punctilious slow-moving slow badly organized

Tính từ

Having the characteristic of being troublesome or unruly
problem unruly delinquent difficult badly-behaved disobedient disturbed intractable intransigent maladjusted recalcitrant refractory troublesome uncontrollable ungovernable unmanageable tricky stubborn wayward defiant rebellious uncooperative undisciplined cantankerous willful self-willed insubordinate contumacious indocile contrary awkward obstinate wilful unyielding obdurate perverse unbending wild uncompromising incurable inflexible fractious bull-headed unaccommodating indomitable unmalleable headstrong balky stiff-necked unadaptable obstreperous rebel recusant untoward froward incompliant rock-ribbed restive bloody-minded unpliable locked in tough tenacious insoluble hard-line mulish locked pat resolute pigheaded thorny tough nut immovable hang tough knotty pertinacious dysfunctional naughty badly behaved ill-disciplined mischievous bad pugnacious insolent misbehaving whiny impudent petulant socially impaired belligerent troublous incorrigible fierce unrestrainable rude trying irksome scrappy uncompliant pesky rascally aggressive uncontainable roguish sullen confrontational peevish hostile combative argumentative rowdy undisciplinable tiresome nasty erratic devilish bold loudmouthed errant hot-tempered exasperating rough malicious disruptive ill-behaved wearisome demanding bellicose mean disorderly truculent turbulent riotous out of control unrestrained mutinous attention-seeking unbiddable impish bolshie noisy uncontrolled lawless non-compliant raucous noncompliant sinful wrong full of mischief out of hand boisterous rollicking loud roisterous rambunctious troublemaking uproarious irrepressible clamorous rackety robustious violent rumbustious knockabout hell-raising insurgent aberrant incontrollable rampageous stroppy playful wicked tricksy puckish brattish scampish prankish gallus fiendish wanton nonobservant exuberant anarchic limit misbehaved robust resistive vexatious unpredictable fickle impolite annoying swashbuckling swaggering cavalier teasing worthless unsettling disturbing upsetting bad-mannered evil untrained seditious reckless wild and woolly unsteady capricious unschooled intolerable impossible unbearable undependable distracting divisive immoral cross-grained self-indulgent strong-willed ornery arbitrary ungoverned lacking self-control inconsistent treacherous factious disaffected dissentious uncomplying out-of-order out-of-line causing trouble off-base disrupting offending loutish sinning erring deviant roughhouse culpable lawbreaking guilty criminal transgressing artful straying like a loose cannon excited strong freaked overwhelming beside oneself abandoned overpowering intense insuppressible raunchy ruffianly kiddish thoughtless immature childish infantile ill-natured inconsiderate sly disrespectful frolicsome foxy bothersome unorthodox miscreant shifting stray heretic devious fallible deviating off straight and narrow unreliable meandering errable

Tính từ

Causing trouble, difficulties, or discomfort
inconvenient troublesome awkward inopportune bothersome inexpedient untimely annoying disruptive unseasonable difficult disadvantageous discommodious unsuitable incommodious tiresome discommoding inappropriate incommoding unfavorable unfavourable unfortunate unhandy aggravating disturbing irritating unmanageable unwieldy vexatious vexing cumbersome detrimental distressing pestiferous worrisome ill-timed upsetting mistimed inauspicious worrying infelicitous unpropitious taxing perturbing irksome trying unsettling tricky niggling harassing nagging troubling thorny troublous badly timed unpleasant wearisome burdensome inapt contrary exasperating malapropos infuriating maddening demanding intractable ungovernable ill-chosen unwelcome disquieting concerning pesky plaguy pestilential painful undisciplined alarming pestilent mean nasty discomposing discomforting ugly wicked traumatic harrying adverse arduous oppressive hard laborious importunate precocious early premature daunting unanticipated unexpected murder rough damaging tough heavy repressive uphill rowdy messy infestive dangerous disorderly harrowing nerve-racking dismaying unforeseen disastrous unusual unpredictable surprising unpredicted grave incontrollable willful wilful wayward froward unruly unlucky refractory uncontrollable headstrong recalcitrant prickly scary hairy sticky anxious-making inimical agonising agonizing apprehensive untoward misfortunate unpliable stubborn star-crossed unyielding fractious hapless luckless indocile ill-starred wild galling objectionable grating displeasing provoking rankling infernal wretched repugnant irking riling discouraging enraging tedious challenging forbidding lamentable deplorable abrasive antagonizing jarring puzzling knotty chafing peeving carking afflicting frustrating nettling confounded tormenting disagreeable disappointing nettlesome festering antipathetic teasing wearing unsatisfying pesty unattractive impossible rebarbative plaguey antagonising cussed enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall bad regrettable calamitous improper unseemly destructive harmful threatening prejudicial ominous unhappy unpromising negative dire unfit wrong ill unsuited unbecoming poor ruinous ill-fated ill-advised gloomy injurious hostile dreadful cursed undesirable jinxed baleful hopeless menacing baneful counter ill-suited hurtful unbefitting cataclysmic catastrophic deleterious opposed disparaging inadvisable fatal devastating inept deadly uncomplimentary unfriendly crippling terrible sinister direful undue perilous bleak evil inconducive afflicted forsaken destitute doomed unprosperous out of luck in a bad way too soon hasty harsh unadvantageous woeful black tragic grievous hazardous intrusive tragical heartrending heartbreaking distressful pernicious unprofitable very bad ill-omened awful subversive fateful unhelpful shameful foreboding lethal virulent prejudicious malignant unhealthy toxic critical bodeful disheartening sinistrous disgraceful ill-considered previous ill-boding corrosive nocuous cancerous noxious malicious mischievous parlous corroding counterproductive unwholesome soon oversoon overearly abortive corrupting too bad too early dicey undermining maleficent annihilative wounding incendiary poisonous venomous eradicative extirpative nocent malefic suicidal early on a bit previous before time desperate broken ruined unsuccessful pained stricken shattered troubled burdened unsynchronized remote embarrassing misjudged ill-judged prohibitive unfitting misplaced incongruous ill-fitted indecorous injudicious tactless obtrusive unsatisfactory tardy late antagonistic low testing inhospitable grim unacceptable minatory doomy portentous disobliging unchancy impending unsympathetic out of keeping derogatory detracting pejorative debit-side dyslogistic depreciative slighting depreciatory downside sad sorry blameworthy pitiable reprehensible corruptive egregious pitiful afflictive regretful on the debit side cataclysmal undeveloped raw embryonic incomplete immature green unfledged forward unripe predeveloped a pity miserable damning advance anachronistic out-of-date catastrophal shattering frightful bright and early too late early bird impulsive rash precipitate overhasty precipitous impetuous half-baked half-cocked jumping the gun

Tính từ

That cannot be conceived
unconceivable incredible unbelievable implausible inconceivable unthinkable unimaginable fantastic improbable fantastical unconvincing incredulous uncompelling impossible doubtful dubious weak fishy suspect thin flimsy unsubstantial unreasonable reachy farfetched obscure puzzling shaky full of it too much won't wash far out full of holes won't hold water for the birds unlikely questionable preposterous far-fetched absurd debatable unrealistic fanciful ridiculous not likely cock-and-bull tall unplausible hard to believe cock and bull hard to swallow tenuous untenable vague flawed irrational unpersuasive faulty nonsensical poor unsatisfactory inadequate inconclusive unsubstantiated unsound contradictory feeble nebulous ludicrous illogical lame spurious incongruous hollow unsustainable invalid sketchy unsupportable specious irreconcilable senseless indefensible false groundless nonrational vain pathetic unfounded airy unreasoned inconsequent illegitimate inconsequential unreasoning fatuous nutty unimpressive wacky fallacious slight off the wall self-contradictory extraordinary astonishing staggering amazing beyond belief astounding rare strange incogitable singular mind-boggling exceptional phenomenal incomprehensible fabulous breathtaking unheard-of mind-blowing scarcely credible out of the question beyond the bounds of possibility unimagined unique remarkable prodigious remote stupendous outlandish extravagant uncommon strained surprising laboured stunning miraculous unusual wondrous unheard of unreal highly unlikely labored striking spectacular cockamamie eye-popping hard to take difficult to believe beyond the realm of reason odd wild shallow unknowable ineffable peculiar unspeakable impracticable untold unutterable curious bizarre weird unworkable insane awful wonderful awesome eye-opening sublime portentous overwhelming crazy insupposable whimsical unordinary unattainable tremendous unthought of mad phony queer grandiose romantic foolish comical oddball not on phoney outrageous undreamed of zany amazeballs marvelous marvellous not in the least likely out of the ordinary off-the-wall hare-brained make-believe insupportable imcomprehensible beyond possibility extremely implausible extremely doubtful extremely unlikely insufficient beyond reason extremely difficult to believe won't fly impractical idealistic insubstantial awe-inspiring outstanding bewildering confounding supernatural impressive not to be thought of unfeasible indescribable trifling immense legendary inapprehensible undreamed-of threadbare superficial transparent forced ponderous ineffectual rad beyond one's wildest dreams out-of-this-world top drawer hardly possible non-viable contrary to reason vapid faint harebrained infeasible reaching not understandable flakey kooky scatterbrained flaky cockeyed lamebrained screwy half-baked not convincing untoward weak-kneed outside chance less likely contrary flat meager meagre beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams past belief open to doubt jaw-dropping not feasible unachievable not worth considering sensational notable momentous hopeless unrealizable beyond one unsuitable unobtainable eye-catching unforgettable arresting special uncustomary noteworthy conspicuous unwonted exceeding offbeat uncanny abnormal aberrated extraordinaire funny unprecedented aberrant serious especial freak unco atypical anomalous preternatural out-of-the-way unaccustomed unacceptable unfamiliar flash off beaten path never to be forgotten gnarly heavy forby unexpected out of this world not remotely possible eccentric imaginary illusory visionary erratic misleading artificial capricious ambitious illusive daft extreme barmy hallucinatory suppositious different potty outré out of sight cock-eyed uncredible rings phony not able to hold water

Tính từ

Deviating from what is considered normal
queer odd strange curious funny peculiar weird unusual extraordinary outlandish remarkable bizarre eccentric singular uncommon unconventional abnormal suspicious uncanny unorthodox anomalous atypical dubious mysterious offbeat puzzling rum eerie fishy questionable unnatural different erratic irregular unexpected unfamiliar untypical baffling doubtful incongruous mystifying perplexing unaccountable aberrant bizarro deviant freak freakish freaky shady cranky crazy creepy debatable disputable disquieting dodgy doubtable dubitable equivocal far-out funky kinky kookie kooky quaint queerish quirky rare screwy shaky spooky suspect unaccustomed unco uncustomary unique wacky weirdo whacky wild droll outré problematical surprising demented flaky flakey idiosyncratic irrational mad oddball outre touched unbalanced unhinged left-field off-kilter off-the-wall out-of-the-way way-out off the wall out of the ordinary spaced-out out of the way exceptional off-centre unwonted fantastic whimsical wacko preternatural zany phenomenal novel aberrated way out special fanciful absurd especial ridiculous incredible exotic preposterous inexplicable out there grotesque far out inconceivable extraordinaire exceeding ludicrous original foreign unreal surreal alien divergent daggy uncharacteristic unheard of isolated capricious incomprehensible unthinkable out in left field astonishing nutty devious perverted uncertain unlikely nonconformist unknown unrepresentative supernatural perverse unprecedented off-center unordinary monstrous unheard-of insane something else aberrational deviate unparalleled outrageous alternative avant-garde iffy amazing noteworthy foolish quizzical comical individual implausible infrequent unpredictable fantastical scarce extravagant characteristic laughable twisted bent unbelievable prodigious new conspicuous distinctive off-key unimaginable dark nonconforming murky nonstandard out of the common in left field distinct improbable nonsensical warped dilly non-typical far-fetched ambiguous wonderful inscrutable obscure cockeyed untrustworthy unearthly not quite right cockamamie unclear ghostly illogical risible bewildering out of line farcical dotty distinguished open to doubt madcap arcane other-worldly eldritch shonky malformed heterodox memorable chancy wayward humorous secret spookish haunting arguable outstanding awesome particular disparate distorted contrary corrupt bohemian deviating rogue esoteric confusing under suspicion unreasonable unsure anomalistic notable not kosher indecisive beat unconforming unrealistic daft jarring awe-inspiring make-believe hare-brained recondite heteroclite off-base extreme off-color off the beaten track goofy fresh shifty untried disreputable open to question silly unexplainable distinguishing exclusive individualistic informal unfathomable intriguing unsavoury chance impenetrable imaginative scary sporadic unhealthy unceremonious arbitrary derisory unreliable striking insoluble old-fashioned random cryptic radical paranormal specialized fluky unconvincing Bohemian amusing out of place eery fearful miraculous rummy enigmatic awkward atypic prominent significant eminent refreshing cock-eyed incoherent magical contentious borderline controversial sick hippy nuts inexplainable unlike newsworthy unsavory unforeseen seldom disconcerting unsettled pervy open specific boho unknowable labored laboured romantic unintelligible befuddling digressive tenuous unanticipated eye-popping unsupported unsound undependable transgressing moot sicko unsubstantiated weak dumfounding confounding few and far between incomparable wandering grandiose weird and wonderful mystic astounding farfetched flimsy thin on the ground specialised muddling out of this world open to suspicion open to debate in doubt variant suppositious interesting unexplored oddish offhand out-there underhand exciting maverick depraved inconsistent crooked mischievous playful custom customized signature personalized impressive vagarious teratoid changeable fitful eccentrical innovative typical excentrical waggish disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent cuckoo dippy cracked crackpot off kookish loner cool nondescript startling egregious few essential private representative pathetic cockamamy derisive unsolvable degenerated sadistic degenerate masochistic progressive advanced non-standard slang rambling straying dissimilar half-cracked haywire birdy occasional wigged out schizoid schizo unrecognized funny peculiar personal batty experimental potentially illegal potentially dishonest derisible defective out of keeping avant garde one of a kind unexampled pretend concocted ersatz made-up imitation staged breaking new ground tricky like nothing on earth limited licentious deviative immoral unrecognised disorderly abstruse beyond comprehension beyond understanding unnormal heteromorphic not tightly wrapped seldom seen sensational frightening sinister controvertible very unconventional untraditional mental psycho indeterminate clouded inconclusive stunning momentous inimitable wildering varying heretical errant other discordant unharmonious crotchety chimerical unforgettable eye-catching arresting off-beat newfangled crinkly twisty barbarous conjectural spectacular stupendous off the rails altered imported ready personalised customised awful horrific ghastly dreadful ominous remote little known uninvestigated off the air spectral imaginary serious tremendous wondrous dicey creative witty flighty pseudo potentially dangerous thick potentially false suspected thin dumbfounding challenging precarious inconsequential amazeballs illusory incredulous uncouth occult magic whacko numinous supernal diagnostic discriminating identifying one and only diagnostical classic symptomatic issuable unestablished uneasy bugged out flustering overwhelming portentous heavy flash gnarly forby unbelieveable strained forced not prepared unconceivable misleading ambitious visionary uncompelling artificial mercurial senseless impracticable inane not normal scaring spine-chilling petrifying terrifying hair-raising chilling blood-curdling wackadoodle loony shocking infantile imbecilic crazy-ass pointless idiotic wackadoo ornate elaborate intricate illusive barmy potty hallucinatory all your own off beaten path never to be forgotten subject to debate suppositive spurious speculative negotiable in question unworkable harebrained imprudent dreamlike fatuous puerile quixotic foolhardy balmy unannounced discomfiting nonplussing jolting shattering nonplusing dismaying upsetting ungrounded nebulous unsubstantial unnerving superstitious crawly ghostlike rococo baroque Kafkaesque deformed out of sight cock-and-bull up for grabs unfounded dishonest irresponsible hard to swallow enigmatical mystical concealed fortuitous unforeseeable surprise transcendental superhuman transcendent supernormal misshapen ugly marvellous marvelous glamourous glamorous phony unexplained ironic short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason bird-brained half-baked out of all reason inappropriate hideous unsightly criminal unsolved hidden phoney hilarious inspired supranormal ghoulish devilish veiled misproportioned not reliable not dependable stealthy deep sibylline irritating mangled mutilated gnarled very strange elliptical difficult subjective cagey elliptic rich annoying entertaining priceless diverting rings untrue unhandsome unbeautiful ill-favored homely unpretty unappealing unattractive unlovely unpleasing vile uncomely double-edged of doubtful honesty won't wash too much a laugh a joke a bit much OTT side-splitting a bit thick over the top fugly huckery flamboyant antic grody ill-favoured surrealistic gross staggering great fabulous breathtaking sublime mind-blowing brilliant dramatic mind-boggling eye-opening superior magnificent jaw-dropping imposing considerable signal intense terrific important glorious marked splendid excellent impossible superb monumental superlative powerful supreme major stupefying grand indescribable strong noticeable peerless substantial unequalled dazzling massive towering unequaled matchless big acute unrivalled flabbergasting profound fascinating famous paramount perfect unrivaled surpassing meaningful commanding beyond belief enormous unutterable super huge thrilling consequential unmatched vast blindsiding historic large emphatic bold pronounced material beyond compare exquisite sizeable sizable formidable unsurpassed consummate immense celebrated pre-eminent solid ample excessive high appreciable without equal sudden gee-whizz lavish unpredicted majestic stellar incogitable extensive exorbitant smashing inordinate red-letter showy weighty electrifying splashy catchy salient renowned top ultimate unexcelled beautiful groundbreaking noisy bodacious hefty substantive famed colossal astronomical record utmost attractive eventful healthy mythical ground-breaking heroic fine without parallel abundant second to none horrendous divine splendorous stirring epic ideal steep unsettling unconscionable immoderate stiff nonpareil voluminous intolerable landmark kenspeckle grabby manifest supermundane observable legendary unimagined whopping generous obvious handsome giant tidy standout severe respectable earth-shattering good much moving earthshaking preeminent dynamite primo sui generis far-reaching from left field scarcely credible alarming incommunicable proud gorgeous royal out of the question undreamed of elevated resplendent celestial stately luxurious unholy tall God-awful unusually good lofty differentiating best metaphysical otherworldly disturbing ungodly uncommunicable engaging evident proper undue arrestive profuse ineffable too good to be true gigantic overmuch unspeakable unsurpassable plethoric frightful tectonic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious recherche untold headline overextravagant enthralling unmistakable overdue illustrious fancy unmerciful critical revolutionary touching boundless overweening suspenseful attention-grabbing unthought of supranatural pioneering perceptible titanic mammoth hulking hypothetical insupposable humongous forceful vital large-scale mythological theatrical fab inspiring best ever above average crucial major-league goodly out-of-this-world par excellence august uplifting fateful better than expected highly unlikely buzzworthy influential urgent front-page first-time principal imperial undreamed-of largish not in the least likely steady of note pivotal out of the blue awe-striking opulent palatine in a league of its own swell elegant regal palatial first-rate in a class of its own full of it princely magnific without warning solemn kingly difficult to believe swanky beyond the realm of reason sumptuous first-class queenly statuesque splendiferous noble heavenly heroical beyond the bounds of possibility venerable very great sightly baronial Homeric very unique immortal bigger than life very unusual odd strange leading finest chief foremost inexpressible determining blinding unbeaten unsocial cherished unworldly topmost star providential perturbing chimeric romanesque without peer asinine pointed wonderworking copious captivating humbling reasonable exhilarating colourful whopping great what faultless flawless immaculate impeccable devastating extra special shock only the utmost exemplary model prototypical quintessential disproportionate astronomic gargantuan larger than life very different dope legit enjoyable mind-altering inapprehensible raving antisocial whacking lunatic tense psychic one-off irreplaceable fat titantic whacking great immeasurable can't miss it undescribable the foreign-looking unrestrained surpassing belief unblemished not on insupportable beyond possibility festive psychedelic bountiful what great streets ahead unparagoned heart-stopping godlike deranged not understandable beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams rad oversize decent wicked maximum imcomprehensible reachy exaggerated overblown happy maniacal stupid featherheaded external outside enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine beyond your ken bad ill pure gripping riveting lively Herculean herculean fundamental unacceptable offensive undiscovered topical extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful archetypal in a class by itself clear-cut visible overdone nasty late horrid unseemly uncivilised atrocious uncivilized spesh uttermost world class graphic climactic vivid citable mentionable namable nameable red-carpet primary main celebratory drop-dead clear over-the-top not to be thought of beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe reaching infeasible daring impassioned groovy dandy delicious absorbing affecting like wow hunky-dory rousing omnipotent bionic plentiful oversized bulky outsized outsize biggish maximal from abroad extramundane phantom non-rational hypernormal unsung disgraceful unremarked unregarded very good relevant lamebrained scatterbrained shock-horror effective stem-winding high-octane heady forcible heightened intemperate increased escalated jacked up limitless unrepeatable unrepeated of particular interest worthy of note delightful admirable ostentatious gilt-edged telling charming jazzy compelling cogent gratifying studied zero cool worthy of mention murder splash boss hot underlined stand-out patent high-profile nameless never before encountered little-known unrenowned golden beyond one's wildest dreams top drawer portly won't hold water full of holes for the birds past belief discrete diacritic mythic decisive milestone breath-taking purpose-built without precedent once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind separate highest greatest beyond human intensified fairy invisible unrevealed superordinary uncomprehensible predominant ascendant rip-roaring action-packed fairy-tale of substance preponderant cardinal impactful high-priority mighty capital keynote burning conclusive glaring high-level pressing heavy-duty earnest resonant all-important worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum ponderable potent climacteric grave triumphant fulfilling real worthwhile key of moment epoch-making the end worth mentioning worth taking a look at all-time scanty subtile subtle sparse attenuate short light attenuated deficient semioccasional scattered rarefied unfrequent firm sturdy sound folkloric fictitious soaring cheering shining satisfying honorable exalted pleasurable rewarding bright pleasing honourable epochal heart-warming deadly raging sovereign mortal excelling useful durable valuable heavyweight recognizable fictional imagined apocryphal traditional proverbial untenable superabundant infinite unlimited entire intellectual intuitive absolute inspirational eternal accomplished primordial unequalable transcending whole unconfined intact innate abstract theoretical finished mother of all greatest possible uncredible distinguishable familiar identifiable allegorical parabolic symbolic storied earth-shaking rings phony hard to believe hard to take sky-high sky-scraping multistorey mountainous big-deal horrifying recognisable individualised enchanted storybook made up fabled well-known of importance beyond grasp altitudinous Brobdingnagian not able to hold water of consequence of significance independent idiomatic intimate patented individualized privy detectable express decipherable cock and bull ginormous airy spiring aerial unmatchable unmeasurable towery skyscraping fearsome appalling forbidding hairy dread bloodcurdling intimidating dire terrible horrible redoubtable direful spine-tingling nightmarish hair-curling cliff-hanging causing excitement more than human

Tính từ

Supposed but not necessarily real or true
hypothetical theoretical academic speculative assumed supposed suppositional putative conjectural imagined academical conjectured notional presumed theoretic imaginary unreal assumptive casual concocted conditional conjecturable contestable contingent debatable disputable doubtful equivocal guessed indefinite indeterminate postulated presumptive presupposed pretending proposed provisory questionable refutable stochastic suppositious suspect uncertain unconfirmed vague made up suppositive apparent abstract alleged purported ideational supposititious hypothetic likely philosophical asserted tentative intellectual conceptual ideal impractical reputed unproven inferential ostensible unsubstantiated unproved rumoured metaphysical analytical formularized idealized ideological general rumored in theory seeming transcendental idealised ostensive evident untested imaginative codified formalistic instanced prima facie logical in the abstract as a premise transcendent accepted believed claimed inferred reported held thought understood groundless unfounded unrealistic professed pedantic problematical unearthly quixotic surmised based on guesswork pure expected on paper suspected declared said anticipated intelle fanciful fancied illusory paradigmatic visionary imagal recondite divinatory recognized acknowledged unpractical nonconcrete experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive regarded considered intangible immaterial specious non-practical postulational guesstimated figured guessing unresolved surmising unpragmatic imputed reputative irrelevant estimated deemed soi-disant non-technical blue-sky useless invented made-up fictional recognised commonly believed commonly regarded on a hunch accounted fundamental higher basic on a long shot so-called reckoned judged ivory-tower ivory-towered fabled suppository gossiped ivory-towerish probable stated described plausible credible granted given hypothesized implicit connoted tacit designated suspicious affirmed believable hypothesised avowed dubious averred postulatory pretended predictable possible reasonable prospective odds-on creditable nominal taken as known counted on taken for granted conceivable verisimilar foreseeable awaited circumstantial convincing presumptuous outward superficial semblant perceived surface illusive feigned implicated incriminated involved under suspicion based presumable appearing exterior quasi- obvious clear-cut unambiguous clear exhibited manifest notable colorable demonstrative quasi admitted premised to all appearances just so whispered prevailing told broadcast circulating bruited external rife going around given out all over town

Trái nghĩa của problematic

problematic Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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