Đồng nghĩa của individualised

Tính từ

That has been tailored to an individual
individual personal particular unique personalised personalized peculiar private patented singular subjective separate idiomatic privy distinctive distinct special exclusive idiosyncratic respective characteristic independent individualistic distinguishing signature different especial own specific disparate representative intrinsic express original essential identifiable identifying unmistakable single select distinguished particularized innate typical customized customised proper restricted particularised endemic notable conspicuous inimitable inherent intimate emblematic recognizable recognisable impressionistic sole internal patent reserved categorical monogrammed resident tailor-made very own exceptional inborn inbred privately owned privately-owned one-on-one one-to-one autonomous claimed exceeding offbeat striking nonconformist dissimilar prominent perceptible distinguishable outstanding familiar noticeable detectable specialised specialized salient decipherable custom extraordinary refreshing isolated disconnected diagnostic natural symptomatic precise set discriminating diagnostical detached apart divorced local classic remarkable concrete unrelated discrete appropriate diacritic unconnected free divided disjointed diverse dispersed solitary individualised differentiating indicative symbolic discriminative complete regular entire full dedicated marked individualising individualizing given specified certain demonstrative undivided noteworthy uncommon whole total absolute purpose-built unshared suggestive custom-built standard exclusory segregated archetypal prototypical quintessential direct particular to peculiar to found only in usual unusual determining allocated fixed relevant corresponding assigned each unidentified one unnamed selflike in character exclusive to anonymous characteristic of typical of native ingrained only custom built warning signalling discretionary restrictive one-off custom-made indicatory denotive associated evidential designative significant indicating denotative unofficial circumscribed closed confined prohibitive exclusionary head-to-head face-to-face signaling exact informal archetypical definitive true licenced licensed noninclusive privileged preferential uninclusive pointing to copybook paradigmatic illustrative model vintage textbook actual clear-cut detailed explicit exemplary classical stock ideal stereotypical non-official prime prototypic prototypal stereotyped archetypic stereotypic discretional designated patterned typic perfect defined earmarked definite non-public arbitrary focussed concentrated wholehearted focused hands-on in the front line in amongst it in the trenches at the coal face in person most typical

Động từ

Past tense for identify clearly and definitely
specified named stated cited defined designated stipulated detailed instanced itemised itemized enumerated identified mentioned particularised particularized described framed listed list cataloged catalogued dropped indicated laid down lay down noted noticed prescribed quoted spelled out spelt out commanded drew up drawn up individuated ordained ordered set down set out adverted to agreed blueprinted conditioned determined established explicitised explicitized fingered fixed gave given inventoried limited made pegged postulated precised referred to required set settled slotted specialised specialized specificated tabbed tagged buttoned down insisted on laid out lay out pinned down pointed out put down showed clearly shown clearly ticked off touched on touched upon drew a picture drawn a picture went into detail gone into detail put one's finger on came to the point come to the point got to the point got down to brass tacks gotten down to brass tacks set forth recited rehearsed related numerated recounted tabulated spread circumstantiated reeled off recorded documented delineated narrated presented numbered explained expounded elaborated summarized registered counted portrayed announced declared depicted showed communicated told revealed embellished exhibited epitomized recapitulated uncovered tallied entered epitomised analysed produced summarised notified analyzed reported on quoted chapter and verse sweated details shown gave an account of given an account of flew speck flown speck individualised fixt put down for arranged run through rattled off covenanted contracted pledged promised engaged imposed guaranteed provided bargained insisted upon chronicled charted enrolled made a point laid finger on checked off run off run down ran through demanded distinguished scheduled instructed repeated reiterated reviewed stated clearly restated readied acted iterated reported chimed dinned summed figured recapped counted noses kept tabs tested reenacted experimented honed alphabetized billed polled made a condition of trotted out ran down ran off calendered minuted made a proviso of made a precondition of broke down made a list of kept count noted down given details gave details went over gone over taken account of took account of went through gone through been through written down broken down wrote down

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