Đồng nghĩa của native

Alternative for native


Đồng nghĩa: indigenous, natural, original,

Trái nghĩa: alien, foreign,

Tính từ

Of the indigenous inhabitants of a place
indigenous aboriginal original autochthonic autochthonous earliest endemic first mother vernacular primary primaeval primeval primitive born domestic local initial primordial ancient home-grown autochthonal pristine regional home-bred enchoric demotic nonforeign homegrown ethnic congenital chthonic unacquired connate inherited enchorial premier inaugural foremost maiden early pioneer starting embryonic opening foundational prime initiatory primal headmost inceptive leadoff virgin beginning commencing introductory infant prototypal rudimental elementary fundamental rudimentary prototype underivative underived previous first-hand preliminary incipient basic nascent inchoate prior antecedent prehistoric precursory germinal initiative leading inductive antediluvian old prefatory prelusive primigenial archetypal anterior preparatory pilot antique lead-in earlier preceding proemial preparative provisional foundation budding fledgling trial essential young precursive test past preludial elemental radical unprecedented pioneering aborning first-gen first-time first-edition first-ever prolegomenous premature dedicatory launching advance archaic prototypical advanced forward immediate lead head lower ur- proto- untouched by humans base raw direct firsthand number one numero uno master experimental beforehand undeveloped unmediated first-generation former uncivilised underlying substratal unevolved uncomplicated coarse barbaric uncivilized avant-garde proleptical bog-standard foregoing ahead brand-new prodromal prefatorial prelim prodromic preambular preambulatory in advance antiquated primogenital eldest first-born ahead of time pre-existing of yore early bird prolegomenal exordial prelusory of long ago virginal simple exploratory entry-level intact unmarried pure proving unwed undefiled chaste oldermost untried untapped unused new unbroached maidenly fresh oldest

Tính từ

Innate or instinctive to a person or thing
innate intrinsic ingrained inherent instinctive natural inborn inbred inherited natal congenital hereditary intuitive original immanent instinctual connate connatural constitutional constitutive engrained essential hardwired integral fundamental implanted inwrought wild built-in deep-seated natural-born bred in the bone deep-rooted hard-wired in the blood in the family indigenous ingrain basic inbuilt indwelling elemental characteristic underlying organic central unlearned in one's blood vital unacquired key latent genetic radical in-built inseparable quintessential indelible permanent typical ineradicable distinctive structural true intimate internal core rooted primal in your blood material deep-down gut ingrown real regular inveterate implicit standard ineffaceable genuine untaught normal existing from birth fixed subjective elementary primary particular born inner ingenerate main diagnostic idiosyncratic necessary inmost focal profound cardinal indispensable individual symptomatic representative root foundational primitive part and parcel appropriate local spontaneous mother compelled genetous congenite incorporated native-born frequent entrenched embedded brassbound principal included confirmed chronic in one's genes rudimentary base important instilled infused chief dyed-in-the-wool critical complete utter dominant en suite prime salient thorough staple foremost pivotal predominant basal capital bottom-line meat-and-potatoes inexpungible resident unalienable inward integrated predictable archetypal archetypical habitual usual average classic in character exclusive specific symbolic special peculiar individualistic signature indicative emblematic individualizing differentiating peculiar to personal typical of unique singular particular to individualising exclusive to distinguishing characteristic of found only in marked especial discriminating proper discriminative crucial major first leading paramount premier supreme overriding preeminent master greatest arch grand overbearing highest overmastering number one numero uno sovereign big great sovran ruling prior pre-eminent number-one introductory prominent beginning significant ultimate outstanding lead rudimental prevailing head top uppermost controlling primordial presiding abecedarian topmost supereminent utmost decisive high commanding overruling definitive initial noteworthy defining requisite earliest final influential keynote notable must-have primeval prevalent weighty causal star stellar determining substratal underived arch- aboriginal momentous primaeval pristine of prime importance of greatest importance needed constituent foundation simple strategic operative serious conclusive settling deciding axial alpha senior superior popular nuclear No. 1 urgent big-time preponderant guiding initiative top-priority chad major league telling potent consequential champion effective in demand nitty-gritty directing compelling noticeable signal pronounced remarkable striking conspicuous arresting intervening of supreme importance first and foremost superseding of greatest significance absolute shaping responsible evaluative certain strongest actual maximum deep supporting sustaining substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical bottom axiological groundlaying obvious immediate transcendental sublime categorical moving intrusive arrestive projecting pertinent protruding famous jutting relevant obtrusive impressive second-to-none firsthand direct empyrean empyreal unmediated bog-standard ancient prehistoric early antediluvian antique most proto- autochthonous lower ur- oustanding nascent autochthonic embryonic primigenial better majority greater larger bulkiest biggest largest best lion's share uncivilised old uncivilized underivative unevolved uncomplicated coarse barbaric most important most prominent most influential most significant

Tính từ

Existing in an environment predating human technology, production, and design
natural wild uncultivated untamed untouched primitive undomesticated remote unbroken feral savage fierce wilding ferocious vicious free indigenous virgin uncivilized barbarous barbaric agrarian barbarian overrun overgrown rampant uninhabited uncivilised warrigal uncontrollable untrained untameable bestial brutish unmanageable unused to humans not broken in unspoilt uncorrupted untainted preserved unspoiled unsullied unimpaired undamaged undefiled pristine unblemished untarnished raw pure crude agrestal rough rude desolate luxuriant waste lush dense escaped neglected deserted desert beastly ferine animal animalistic brutal fell truculent rugged nonliterate rabid wolfish raging rapacious ignorant uncultured swinish harsh animalian brute bearish subhuman austere unsubdued predatory ravening beastlike uncontrolled regressive tameless not house-trained not housebroken theriomorphic theroid non-literate zoomorphic zoic heathenish heathen uncivil uneducated goatish beast-like zoological zoologic jungli naive simple Neandertal Neanderthal unsophisticated undeveloped childlike innocent untutored simpleminded unpretentious dewy-eyed dewy wide-eyed unworldly naif artless unwary ingenuous uncritical unsuspecting untaught unsuspicious unaffected green unknowing aw-shucks unlearned vestigial underdeveloped atavistic violent cruel dangerous murderous aggressive menacing furious fiery grim threatening intimidating unruly ungentle merciless malevolent ruthless severe unmerciful malignant terrible forbidding fearsome steely gruff unrestrained stern bloodthirsty flinty convulsive heartless impetuous dour baleful frightening callous louring frightful delirious fiendish monstrous sadistic pitiless incessive remorseless inhuman raving enraged inhumane stark hard lowering fearful cutthroat horrible hellish angry frantic mad infuriated crazed butcherly biffo tigerish aggers venomous

Tính từ

Lacking class or refinement in one's manner or behavior
vulgar ill-bred uncouth low unrefined boorish common crude gross impolite rough uncultivated uncultured unmannerly ill-mannered indecorous ordinary unseemly low-minded plebeian unsophisticated coarse crass illiberal illiterate incult insensible loutish low-born lowbred lowbrow philistine raffish rough-hewn roughneck rude rugged tasteless uneducated unpolished vernacular yobbish baseborn general ignorant plebby uncivil oafish uncivilized churlish uncivilised discourteous brutish graceless barbaric unmannered rustic barbarian bad-mannered barbarous inelegant ungentlemanly inconsiderate indelicate primitive savage gruff ungracious clumsy unladylike Neanderthal thuggish awkward raw blunt cloddish thoughtless disrespectful wild tactless mannerless loud slobbish brusque ungallant harsh gauche impertinent bearish clodhopping provincial benighted Neandertal insensitive clownish curt offensive impudent heathen uncalled-for unchivalrous simple heathenish natural sullen insolent classless stiff ungraceful untutored swinish improper bungling unhandsome wooden uncomfortable uneasy rustical maladroit surly cruel base mean ungainly gawky unread indiscreet unsubtle brash ornery cantankerous rash unsavoury inept unlettered unenlightened blundering uninformed stilted hasty untactful foul-mouthed unsavory low-bred loud-mouthed unschooled stupid parochial dour untaught hooligan brutal lumpish insulting lewd inhuman heavy indecent ugly unpleasant untrained imprudent callous sharp abusive hick inurbane irritable audacious cheeky disgracious injudicious unpolitic misbehaved ill-humored artless unworldly shameless badly behaved ill-humoured uncoordinated lumpen undiplomatic fresh impolitic ocker lubberly nescient raunchy unlearned backward corrupt outlandish analphabetic nonliterate uninstructed dark heavy-handed socially unsure socially awkward lacking in social graces socially inept non-U unfinished basic obnoxious obtuse subhuman agrestic unfeeling bourgeois earthy troglodytic undiscriminating imperceptive stolid rough and ready ill-behaved sketchy commercial materialist untamed vicious merciless rowdy bullying doltish loudmouthed crabbed disagreeable immature dense hoonish ungentlemanlike bad-tempered ill-tempered morose careless presumptuous poor shoddy countrified unpoised anti-intellectual inartistic short tart offhand derogatory pert brassy straightforward precipitate poorly educated tacky cheap common as muck off lippy sleazy sordid ungenteel flip offish like a bull in a china shop moody contumelious underbred malapert lumbering laboured backwoods hillbilly out-of-line uncharitable unkind mean-spirited abrupt unfriendly unnatural unwieldy ponderous unco elephantine tough profane severe ribald hard bluff obscene foul snippy cross-grained polite grumpy miserly unsociable grouchy truculent ill-natured unneighborly touchy cussed crusty dirty forbidding austere fierce bawdy roughcast grim vulgarian filthy stern all thumbs steely stark intimidating louring grievous uncontrolled outrageous ungodly unholy unconscionable wicked labored uncourtly rusty flinty onerous unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive ungentle beyond the pale murderous lowering unwise inadvisable ill-educated ill-informed unthinking unperceptive unaccomplished in a state of nature inexperienced unversed unpractised unqualified ill-advised

Tính từ

Frequent or common
familiar common everyday frequent household ordinary routine accustomed commonplace domestic recognised recognized stock usual conventional known repeated typical customary habitual mundane plain acquainted general normal well-known expected quotidian regular settled standard ubiquitous unsophisticated wonted proverbial recognisable recognizable recurring traditional workaday established homespun humble prosaic run-of-the-mill time-honored well known bog-standard day-to-day garden variety garden-variety old hat common variety matter-of-fact characteristic orthodox representative inherent natural accepted symptomatic average consistent prevalent prescriptive reliable predictable anticipated chronic foreseeable indicative emblematic unremarkable foreseen unsurprising distinguishing formulaic likely idiosyncratic proper distinctive unexceptional steady individualistic clichéd cliched acknowledged set in keeping in character true to form to be expected cut-and-dry only to be expected par for the course cut-and-dried … all over true to type on the cards time-honoured standard-issue popular prevailing common or garden mainstream humdrum daily dull fixed vanilla universal simple current stereotypical generic stereotyped garden a dime a dozen constant hackneyed confirmed banal widespread public boring undistinguished going pedestrian regulation classical classic trite homely received modest unpretentious admitted characterless fashionable staple unoriginal renowned well established middle-of-the-road well worn stale unimaginative uneventful rife family approved pervasive uninteresting archetypal mediocre indifferent periodic ruling bland tired corny platitudinous understood authorized overworked nondescript unmemorable sanctioned derivative obligatory unexciting archetypical standardized hacky matter-of-course authorised standardised by the numbers ten a penny no great shakes nothing to write home about lacklustre lackluster monotonous overall uninspiring tedious rampant majority adopted shared endemic documented persistent overused well-worn favourite favorite dreary uninspired periodical stipulated threadbare preferred bromidic congruous colourless casual terrestrial informal so-so shopworn cliche hackney hack timeworn methodical plastic reiterative iterated basic long-established ornery nitty-gritty insignificant traditionalist widely held predominant home homey OK worn out colorless played out run of the mill plain vanilla two a penny agreed upon not up to much in vogue nothing special tame insipid diurnal discreet inconspicuous comfortable scheduled unspectacular familial practical agreed collective median seasonal OB legendary famous famed notorious domiciliary inferior fair mean acceptable vapid unnoteworthy acquired honored next endorsed mutual usual thing dead long-winded ho hum blah big yawn given used habituated unextraordinary unvaried derived trivial musty moth-eaten cobwebby cliché-ridden white-bread typic grind touted prescribed chosen unexceptionable self-evident axiomatic unquestioned plain-Jane off-the-shelf honoured vulgar embraced united across the board like truistic cliché anodyne superabundant unopposed passed legit okayed de rigueur investigated bathetic uncreative imitative ineffective reputed infamous intermutual commutual tried and true tried and tested arrived at of choice in the habit of studied cheap and commonplace believed sop wont formal declared identified perceived model blank expressionless deadpan existing ready-made whitebread down-to-earth drab allowed realized true remembered same old worn-out indistinctive featureless neutral faceless noncommittal quintessential realised professed repetitious practised practiced mechanical systematic rooted automatic long-term ongoing addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory permanent cyclic seasoned readily available widely available unaffected unassuming commonest standard operating procedure playing it safe in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle flat paradigmatic personal private predominating known about warmed-over exemplary textbook definitive folksy neither one thing nor the other influential operative dominant main preponderating principal warmed-up defunct middling amateurish forgettable amateur vintage prototypical widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted dime-a-dozen boilerplate old-hat out of date preponderant comprehensive catholic all-embracing in style in circulation regnant sweeping fundamental in fashion worldwide ecumenical unrefined unfussy prime imitable ideal copybook signature perfect correct conformist conservative nowhere jake official authoritative dinki-di out of the ark past their sell-by date second-rate doctrinal canonical inelaborate cozy unostentatious cosy prototypal not much cop traditionalistic ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical button-down old-fashioned buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative not so hot nothing to get excited about half-pie bush-league not very good middle of the road kosher well-established home-made home-grown right straight pious legitimate religious punctilious rightful sound square bien pensant straight arrow in line according to the book homemade home-produced home-based homegrown recurrent incessant continual numerous perennial continuing many endless countless reiterated manifold several profuse eternal perpetual successive thick intermittent various non-stop millions of loads of a good many a great many very many quite a few lots of heaps of masses of quite a lot of occurring often dozens of hundreds of thousands of most common most usual most frequent

Tính từ

On or relating to the earth
terrestrial earthly worldly mundane earthbound sublunary terrene tellurian carnal earthborn fleshly global material temporal subastral earthlike earthy physical profane secular subsolar telluric Terran uncelestial unspiritual mortal corporeal human nonspiritual non-spiritual earthen bodily sensual geotic alluvial terraqueous lay in all creation under the sun materialistic base tangible corporal somatic non-religious nonreligious animal concrete gross vile sordid substantial real incarnate banausic actual world civil brutish bestial loamy low nonsacred unsanctified subcelestial unsacred unhallowed solid everyday planetary visceral brute perceptible palpable non-church of this world laic quantifiable objective factual visible measurable natural ungodly practical phenomenal sensible appreciable true grasping acquisitive greedy consumerist avaricious rapacious money-grubbing capitalistic bourgeois money-oriented yuppie money-orientated object-oriented possessive earthly-minded covetous tactile touchable noticeable detectable positive discernible obvious definite existing existent genuine tactual evident valid significant firm clear-cut reasonable fleshy distinct striking legit certain manifest effective unimaginary legitimate perceivable veridical observable indubitable substantive de facto bona fide anatomical ponderable moderate state laical unconsecrated irreligious nonclerical non-fictional non-fictitious intrinsic profound deep intense current historical unimagined living honest-to-god distinguishable marked considerable live irrefutable embodied rightful sound present dinkum for real sizeable ascertainable recognizable pronounced discernable fair goodly apprehensible tidy twenty-four-carat sure enough apparent good-sized healthy large sizable estimable plain inborn feral biological innate mammalian intuitive wild recognisable animalistic untamed instinctive organic subconscious beastly instinctual appetitive coarse hard veritable clear authentic subhuman unrefined uncultured inhuman beastlike certified verifiable demonstrable confirmed undeniable verified certifiable undoubted honest absolute indisputable unmistakable unquestionable categorical proper patent intelligible precise explicit conclusive well documented well-grounded well defined honest-to-goodness unequivocal accurate very unambiguous fixed definitive decided detailed sure-enough set in stone

Danh từ

An original inhabitant, animal, species or plant of a place or region

Trái nghĩa của native

native Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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