Đồng nghĩa của typical of

Tính từ

A characteristic particular to something
unique characteristic distinctive particular exclusive specific original peculiar special symbolic emblematic indicative individual individualistic signature distinguishing representative singular differentiating discriminating discriminative idiosyncratic innate personal symptomatic typical inborn inbred inherent local marked especial essential exclusive to particular to peculiar to characteristic of diagnostic found only in individualising individualizing native appropriate ingrained proper distinct separate private individualized respective personalized different single individualised patented subjective express identifying personalised privy independent disparate diagnostical sole idiomatic distinguished discrete own unmistakable classic intrinsic particularized precise particularised uncommon notable remarkable noteworthy only select restricted diacritic endemic unusual autonomous set categorical exceptional concrete extraordinary isolated lone identifiable inimitable solitary fixed distinguishable patent determining standard recognizable recognisable resident outstanding claimed deliberate extra special in character very own quintessential archetypal prototypical one alone disconnected reserved definite detached apart divorced specified purposeful clear-cut selfstanding unitary unrelated unconnected free divided disjointed diverse dispersed natural conspicuous unshared undivided full whole entire exclusory restrictive complete total segregated prohibitive circumscribed absolute closed dedicated exclusionary confined licenced preferential licensed noninclusive uninclusive privileged

Trái nghĩa của typical of

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