Đồng nghĩa của innate

Alternative for innate

Trái nghĩa: acquired,

Tính từ

Fundamental, inherent or central in nature
essential inborn inherent natural constitutional intrinsic inbred indigenous inherited instinctive intuitive native congenital connate ingrained immanent built-in hard-wired spontaneous unlearned untaught basic connatural constitutive deep-seated engrained fundamental hardwired hereditary inbuilt ingrain ingrown integral organic quintessential characteristic deep-rooted distinctive elemental normal regular standard typical unacquired in the blood in your blood in one's blood in the family instinctual indwelling underlying genetic vital rooted central ineradicable radical key inveterate original fixed in-built latent entrenched primary structural indispensable necessary profound confirmed permanent inheritable heritable bred in the bone principal elementary core internal main cardinal focal settled inseparable indelible material primal foundational root intimate born natural-born deep established primitive dyed-in-the-wool hard-core intrenched bred-in-the-bone persistent deep-down abiding long-lasting natal gut rudimentary subjective genetical chief prime true real untutored critical important staple genuine genealogical patrimonial salient implicit existing from birth pivotal ineffaceable firm ingenerate inner inmost secure unshakeable irremovable capital chronic basal subconscious well established lingering handed down in the genes part and parcel frequent temperamental compelled native-born embedded implanted wild inwrought congenite genetous incorporated particular crucial nuclear raw unsophisticated brassbound endemic base complete utter thorough included in one's genes unlearnt rudimental requisite needed infused instilled beginning mother introductory meat-and-potatoes inexpungible en suite resident unalienable inward individual integrated transmissible maternal traditional paternal passed down sporogenous chromosomal phytogenetic digenetic matriclinous historical ancestral abiogenetic genital xenogenetic genesiological eugenic genomic dominant foremost predominant bottom-line incurable ethnic habitual longtime longstanding deep-set illiterate uneducated irredeemable long-established unschooled ignorant benighted indurated enduring old perennial lifelong set sworn adamant long-lived usual persisting radicated continuing stubborn customary obstinate accustomed seasoned habituated deep down lodged in one's brain deeply felt unread unlettered nonliterate simple untrained analphabetic uninstructed dark rude unforced major first leading paramount premier supreme overriding preeminent master greatest arch grand overbearing highest overmastering number one numero uno sovereign big great sovran ruling prior pre-eminent number-one prominent significant ultimate outstanding lead prevailing head top uppermost controlling primordial presiding abecedarian topmost supereminent utmost decisive high commanding overruling definitive initial noteworthy defining earliest final influential keynote notable must-have primeval prevalent weighty causal star stellar determining substratal underived arch- aboriginal momentous especial primaeval pristine of prime importance of greatest importance constituent special foundation strategic operative serious conclusive settling deciding axial alpha senior superior popular No. 1 urgent big-time preponderant guiding initiative top-priority chad major league telling potent consequential champion effective in demand nitty-gritty directing compelling noticeable signal pronounced remarkable striking conspicuous arresting intervening of supreme importance first and foremost superseding of greatest significance absolute shaping responsible evaluative certain strongest actual maximum supporting sustaining substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical bottom axiological groundlaying obvious marked immediate transcendental sublime categorical moving intrusive arrestive projecting pertinent protruding famous jutting relevant obtrusive impressive second-to-none firsthand direct empyrean empyreal unmediated bog-standard ancient prehistoric early antediluvian antique most proto- autochthonous lower ur- oustanding nascent autochthonic embryonic primigenial better majority greater larger bulkiest biggest largest best lion's share uncivilised uncivilized underivative unevolved uncomplicated coarse barbaric most important most prominent most influential most significant

Tính từ

Characteristic of a particular person or thing
individual characteristic distinctive distinct idiosyncratic particular respective patent peculiar personal unique specific disparate distinguishing original signature singular categorical intrinsic representative special typical emblematic especial essential exclusive individualistic inherent inimitable own personalised personalized proper separate different exceptional inborn inbred individualised individualized notable patented privy recognisable recognizable subjective unmistakable symptomatic appropriate particularized diagnostic archetypal endemic particularised peculiar to particular to local found only in native ingrained select express private distinguished restricted quintessential prototypical identifying independent identifiable reserved resident very own regular symbolic indicative standard habitual predictable usual true archetypical differentiating discriminating discriminative average normal classic marked individualising exclusive to in character characteristic of individualizing typical of idiomatic diagnostical intimate customized extraordinary customised one-to-one one-on-one precise set remarkable concrete diacritic demonstrative noteworthy uncommon conspicuous discrete suggestive direct single monogrammed tailor-made sole impressionistic determining unusual internal claimed several relevant corresponding various fixed natural privately owned privately-owned each selflike warning signalling exceeding offbeat striking prominent distinguishable outstanding familiar salient custom indicatory denotive indicating associated evidential designative denotative significant dissimilar perceptible specialised refreshing unofficial face-to-face head-to-head signaling specialized informal definitive nonconformist noticeable detectable decipherable pointing to copybook illustrative model vintage paradigmatic textbook classical exemplary stock ideal stereotypical non-official prime stereotyped prototypic prototypal archetypic stereotypic patterned typic perfect non-public hands-on in the trenches in the front line in amongst it at the coal face most typical

Tính từ

Of, or relating to physical, needs or desires
animal physical bodily carnal fleshly natural sensual biological brutish corporal corporeal feral inborn intuitive mammalian visceral wild animalistic beastly bestial instinctive instinctual organic somatic subconscious untamed appetitive brute coarse fleshy gross material mortal beastlike earthly earthy inhuman subhuman uncultured unrefined human substantial actual tangible sexual unspiritual erotic lascivious lustful voluptuous lewd lecherous real libidinous sensuous licentious worldly venereal sexy concrete randy salacious prurient raunchy steamy luscious lush unchaste wanton lubricious ferine terrestrial mundane genital earthbound base swinish brutal temporal secular anatomical normal objective phenomenal sensible materialistic profane earthborn sublunary terrene epicurean mindless unthinking senseless lay incarnate of this world reproductive basic sybaritic luxurious hedonistic personal non-spiritual voluptuary Dionysiac procreative violent arousing moving heavy physically gratifying hot hedonic stirring exciting sharpened pleasing X-rated stimulating rough tactile debauched sensory delightful sex genitive generative amorous impure vulgar self-indulgent pleasure-seeking indulgent decadent pleasure-loving lotus-eating extravagant immoderate bacchanalian dissolute overindulgent intemperate unrestrained fast-living lavish greedy horny libertine abandoned pleasurable coital pampered champagne passionate dissipated gratifying excessive sensualistic profligate self-gratifying parsimonious effete lusty provocative luxury-loving Lucullan desirable attractive enticing hedonist appealing comfort-seeking aesthetic rich intimate miserly sumptuous easy sensorial affective sordid opulent aesthetically pleasing primrose intense esthetic deep of the flesh hot-blooded sensualist depraved gourmandizing louche sinful gluttonous shameless saturnalian binge-eating foodie gourmand connoisseur

Tính từ

Not conquerable
unconquerable indomitable insurmountable invincible unbeatable bulletproof enduring impregnable insuperable invulnerable irrepressible irresistible unstoppable unyielding indefeasible inexpugnable intractable resistant secure unassailable unattainable undefeatable undefeated unsurpassable unshakeable impassable strong indestructible inviolable safe untouchable unattackable overwhelming unflinching indefatigable unbending impenetrable firm staunch resolute steadfast impossible stalwart hopeless intransigent lionhearted supreme dauntless determined challenging tough willful dogged doughty steely spirited unshakable stout powerful strong-willed well fortified well defended strong-minded stout-hearted safe and sound unfaltering unflagging feisty above criticism undismayed sacred hallowed sacrosanct holy insusceptible well-defended immovable insensitive impervious immune matchless solid fortified unsurpassed peerless unmatched unsurmountable excellent outstanding proof against unexcelled no-win inaccessible unmasterable ineluctable persisting persistent inevitable inescapable unrelenting inexorable overpowering relentless persevering forget it no way not beatable not a prayer set brave plucky fearless intrepid inflexible adamant heroic valiant untameable stubborn ruthless gritty obstinate mettlesome courageous pertinacious tenacious unwavering bold gutsy undaunted vigorous spunky gallant single-minded unswerving obdurate daring uncompromising manful valorous resolved rock-ribbed dedicated stouthearted gutty game unafraid purposeful audacious unhesitating fixed untiring greathearted undauntable headstrong implacable ballsy recalcitrant constant earnest committed heroical refractory lion-hearted forceful venturous wilful have-a-go unmanageable perverse steady intent unshrinking indurate hardy driven nervy insistent froward enthusiastic stiff confident contrary high-spirited defiant contumacious adventurous strenuous balky pigheaded bolshie decided self-willed ungovernable unruly stiff-necked bloody-minded dyed-in-the-wool iron-willed uncontrollable purposive hard-nosed devoted ardent wild uncooperative bulldog rigid undisciplined serious mulish unshaken restive difficult true cantankerous opinionated full of determination tireless hardheaded dashing unfearful bull-headed unbendable perseverant obstreperous patient unremitting fractious stroppy set in one's ways awkward dead set on wayward industrious unmalleable deliberate unadaptable hard-line avid zealous energetic unchanging noble keen disobedient indocile insubordinate dynamic daredevil manly faithful venturesome ossified loyal cussed adamantine untoward inconvincible hardened undeviating death-or-glory resilient hard bullheaded incompliant active intense unaccommodating strict iron pat self-opinionated four-square impavid fire-eating uncompliant unswervable passionate assiduous bent diligent settled unwearied set on bent on true-blue Herculean inexhaustible insuppressible unrestrainable unpersuadable rebellious ornery weariless fanatical undeterred chivalrous reliable frightless assertive unblenching unabashed rebel recusant diehard fierce sure trusty cross-grained spartan brassy temerarious bound eager incontrollable compulsive remorseless immutable herolike decisive pushy hell-bent ironclad assured unreasonable stubborn as a mule unswayable independent grim meaning business dogmatic opinionative pig-headed locked in contrarious as game as Ned Kelly go-ahead standing one's ground undisciplinable bound and determined argumentative bent upon self-assertive wrong-headed unsubduable immortal bravehearted uncontainable sporting direct self-disciplined firmly-based unkillable undiscouraged adventuresome dependable fervent devout redoubtable aweless straight fiery incessant unalarmed honourable macho great-spirited rigorous hidebound stringent stanch hardboiled buckled down cool blinkered unfearing orped lively brisk inalterable unalterable stable sturdy hard-working unchangeable brassbound unvacillating unmoved unbreakable heady fervid impassioned sworn tried-and-true responsible pious tried inveterate gung ho peppery gingery cocky icy sassy high-powered definite unfailing unceasing set in your ways hard and fast stern not put off not discouraged ambitious convinced reactionary traditionalist conservative urbane hairy honorable quixotic suave dignified mettled frisky sprightly out unwilling mutinous aggressive motivated with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in deaf to reason superhuman disorderly steamroller powerhouse perky continuing plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted fireball continued hyper plodding obstinately disobedient firm in spirit perceptive vehement two-fisted sagacious keen as mustard animated tough-minded resourceful self-confident certain take charge mean ultra-conservative hard-core unprogressive deep-dyed tried and true hanging tough tried and tested intent on do-or-die determined to committed to the idea of tall in the saddle hell-bent on on one's mettle insistent on hell-bent upon hell bent on intent upon grand extravagant classic exaggerated epic renitent pervicacious inspired hungry enterprising consumed compelled obsessed turbulent violent delinquent incorrigible non-compliant elevated high-flown inflated grandiose good possessed thirsty desirous obsessive striving noncompliant resisting insubmissive radical opposing withstanding out of control champion mythological incurable long-standing eager beaver galvanized monomaniacal impelled like a loose cannon excited insurgent beside oneself badly-behaved freaked abandoned lawless fixated aspiring militant obsessional induced hopeful stand tall impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided unwearying entrenched blimpish bigger than life go-getting self-starting hard-driving never-tiring insoluble thorny unpliable locked problematic knotty self-driven urged on goal-oriented dead set sedulous unsinkable painstaking fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist tough nut hang tough imprudent forward chin-up foolhardy fortitudinous nose to grindstone stop at nothing demanding grumbly disobliging overbearing importunate pitiless irritable trying boorish finical tiresome vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured hard to please temperamental crotchety uppity touchy troublesome uptight chippy quarrelsome unamenable disputative sour oafish discontented tyrannical hypercritical picky prickly dissatisfied rude querulous bearish crabby thrawn huffy negative delicate oppressive hard to satisfy irritating fussy overcritical impolite disputatious irascible obstructive perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial critical ungracious unflappable wholehearted unmovable

Tính từ

Imperative or essential for one's well-being or goals
necessary required essential needed requisite vital compulsory imperative indispensable needful obligatory demanded mandatory important key central consequential incumbent intrinsic must-have pivotal all-important core critical forced integral involuntary necessitous nonelective peremptory appropriate called for compulsatory high-priority inherent rudimentary substantive all important basic binding bottom-line cardinal chief compelling crucial decisive desired elementary exigent expedient fundamental momentous paramount preferred prerequisite pressing prime principal proper quintessential recommended significant specified urgent wanted de rigueur vitally important incumbent on life-and-death pre-eminent name of game of great consequence of the essence of the utmost importance major focal characteristic structural staple natural underlying profound rudimental foundational elemental primary constitutional constituent salient burning constitutive connected component at the heart of meat-and-potatoes acute serious weighty grave far-reaching considerable substantial severe portentous of consequence earnest heavyweight solemn meaningful of moment heavy somber sombre sober of great import no joke of great importance life and death no laughing matter of significance big sedate staid earth-shattering humourless humorless no-nonsense big deal material underlined monumental historic heavy-duty fateful eventful main capital determining appreciable determinative uncomic leading deciding sizable world-shaking life-or-death very important influential noteworthy stipulated great large-scale exceptional intense hefty impactful big league nitty-gritty radical foremost dire mission-critical business-critical drastic dangerous notable much needed apocalyptic climacteric large instrumental strategic overriding landmark ponderous valuable epoch-making prominent pronounced tough powerful difficult imposing of vital importance grand earth-shaking world-shattering outstanding telling especial striking mighty almighty egregious rare major league conclusive high-level big-time life-changing deep hard major-league earthshaking lacking called-for lacked basal right-hand inescapable dominant name-of-the-game fatal overruling preeminent primal premier predominant overwhelming coal-and-ice climactic supreme top ruling master glum stern a matter of life and death massive gloomy dour grim austere now or never extremely important life-saving life or death of great moment downbeat cold sober quiet matter of life and death sad pertinent sweeping desperate perilous clamant priceless crying terrible emergent importunate hazardous precious imperious awful pointed immediate top-priority worthwhile precarious inestimable instant irreplaceable dreadful top-level overshadowing of concern high-profile of note grievous big-league extraordinary parlous helpful choice alarming serviceable extremely helpful invaluable beyond price extremely useful worth its weight in gold treasured sensational glaring much strong distinctive headline front-page noticeable preponderant extensive obvious signal unusual extreme resonant remarkable unordinary special ponderable forceful potent memorable newsworthy unforgettable glorious conspicuous marked keynote particular worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight emphatic quantum uncommon generous impressive milestone bad sudden life-threatening afflictive super ill-fated direful doomful tectonic super colossal unlucky inauspicious ominous eminent mammoth resultful

Tính từ

Above or beyond what is expected or normal
transcendent superior consummate pre-eminent unique unparalleled incomparable matchless peerless supreme unrivalled ascendant exceeding excellent extraordinary paramount predominant superlative unequalled great sublime transcendental unsurpassed excelling magnificent absolute abstract accomplished awe-inspiring boundless entire eternal fantastic finished hypothetical ideal infinite inspirational inspiring intact intellectual intuitive moving obscure original perfect primordial surpassing theoretical towering transcending ultimate unconfined unequalable unequaled unlimited unmatched unrivaled uplifting whole beyond one's grasp second to none inimitable nonpareil unsurpassable unexampled beyond compare without equal only rare exquisite beyond comparison outstanding best exceptional out of sight top greatest alone unparagoned foremost in a class of its own leading topmost without parallel preeminent unmatchable singular highest without peer most utmost unexcelled hors concours chief distinguished finest renowned unapproached without match eminent prominent star major important sovereign one-in-a-million unchallenged famous celebrated illustrious top-tier par excellence premier arch- unbeatable faultless all-time solid-gold champion gilt-edge aces tops super prevailing first culminating final elite choice marquee supereminent world class stand alone without an equal all-time best maximum max uttermost extreme significant maxi exclusive the most quintessential model classic unprecedented novel essential exemplary prototypical special typical standout one-off irreplaceable one of a kind extraordinaire signal sui generis far-out phenomenal unheard-of unconventional unimaginable notable unrepeatable archetypal in a class by itself one and only noteworthy something else purpose-built separate once-in-a-lifetime newfangled amazing new without precedent remarkable unordinary primo one-of-a-kind incredible unrepeated fresh

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