Đồng nghĩa của stereotyped

Alternative for stereotyped

stereotypes, stereotyped, stereotyping

Đồng nghĩa: pigeonhole, stamp,


So often used that it has become repetitive and tiresome
banal hackneyed stale tired trite conventional standard corny overused platitudinous standardised standardized stereotypical stock threadbare unoriginal conventionalized formulaic predictable cliche cobwebby commonplace derivative hack hackney mass-produced moth-eaten musty obligatory overworked shopworn timeworn typecast well-worn clichéd cliché-ridden dull hacky ordinary worn-out played out well worn old hat worn thin common routine run-of-the-mill prosaic pedestrian vapid uninspired bromidic unimaginative set flat worn out cliché warmed-over worn cornball hokey jejune bathetic time-worn normal ready-made humdrum boring usual familiar tune exhausted chain drained mildewed stereotypic platitudinal used-up customary cliched truistic hoary old familiar antiquated regular everyday habitual obsolete overdone uninteresting vanilla traditional dime-store repetitious tedious quotidian dreary monotonous out of date typical unvaried average accepted popular out of the ark generic outdated outmoded widespread orthodox insipid tiresome defunct mundane wearisome stupid passé drab colorless prescribed prevalent mainstream universal unremarkable colourless unexceptional workaday ritual accustomed undistinguished bland plain vanilla bog-standard garden variety archaic weary drudging tame arid dry stodgy tiring stuffy dead out-of-date wonted warmed-up characterless old-fashioned zero nowhere nothing old-hat tripe mind-numbing ho-hum ho hum pervasive prevailing uninspiring uneventful unexciting formal unadventurous plain frayed classical garden-variety classic household traditionary modest garden simple proven acknowledged unpretentious ornery ubiquitous past their sell-by date a dime a dozen homely prescriptive well established common or garden ritualistic time-honoured time-honored humble immemorial standard-issue doctrinal unnoteworthy tried and true tried and tested widely used cliché inane silly old-chestnut old-saw played-out vieux jeu uncreative imitative ineffective unsophisticated interminable bomb bummer drag cloying irksome plebeian spiritless lifeless drear rehearsed expected unspontaneous tarnished faded foetid past mawkish zestless fetid yesterday's out bent effete artificial formalistic gone off weariful facile cornfed pabulum trivial noplace square dumb blah abiding like a dinosaur ancient staple overall general samey enduring immortal ageless collective ruling off-the-shelf nothing special insignificant plain-Jane unextraordinary ten a penny dull as dishwater lined aged dated decrepit lacking variation lacking variety lasting timeless shared admitted majority public ragged weathered broken-down rundown acquired honored going current basic dog-eared shabby wrinkled outworn homespun mediocre indifferent so-so derived proverbial middling undying memorable unforgettable deathless battered tattered used middle-of-the-road unmemorable established nondescript fair received honoured vulgar passable widely held suburban OK rampant cut-and-dry run-of-the-mine run-of-mine cut-and-dried medium second-class second-rate tolerable adopted rife frequent the worse for wear dime-a-dozen not bad endemic plastic inferior white-bread mean constant readily available widely available no great shakes not up to much nothing to write home about natural persistent congruous staid ceremonial fixed conformist sanctioned rooted taken for granted extinct antediluvian superannuated numbing slow wearying jading leaden monochromatic heavy ponderous dusty antwacky cut and dried fuddy-duddy lacklustre lackluster half-pie adequate moderate forgettable fair-to-middling not so hot fairish decent amateur amateurish not much cop acceptable day-to-day okay satisfactory all right featureless intermediate run of the mill unimpressive respectable plodding anaemic unvarying fair to middling matter-of-fact anemic inconspicuous nothing to get excited about wishy-washy straightforward repetitive lowly sufficient serviceable not very good bush-league indistinctive good banausic bog standard good enough neutral unadorned bourgeois nitty-gritty terrestrial middle-class limited prosy unexceptionable presentable sterile unspectacular barren median fairly good reasonable fine inconsequential O.K. midsize midsized middle goodish bloodless flavorless flavourless uncomplicated par for the course pretty good conservative gray grey uninventive provincial elementary allowable small-town lusterless admissible parochial practical nothing out of the ordinary unimportant yawn unmoved sufficiently good meh unchanging immaterial parish-pump moderately good clear passionless deadpan two a penny tidy anonymous weak vacuous not too bad dim monotone inconsiderable faceless noncommittal midway soulless clean middle of the road feeble big yawn unembellished unobjectionable limp unappealing of no consequence inoffensive lame unstimulating unimposing unspecified unidentified immemorable daily in-between unspecial unartistic workday no-frills casual informal unimpressed heavy-handed businesslike enough small poor unromantic usual thing long-winded turgid discreet settled treadmill toneless anodyne empty quiet unenthusiastic shiftless uninterested scanty unnoticeable middle-England petit-bourgeois annoying irritating diddly actual practicable prose unfateful indecisive noneventful inconclusive phoned in livable unimpeachable earthbound unsentimental unvarnished unpoetic literal unemotional factual blending into the background obvious matter-of-course starch of poor quality meagre skimpy light useless boresome vexatious irrelevant paltry considerable dragging minimal pointless piddling worthless boiler plate matter-of- fact blank expressionless no big deal meaningless whatever sparse superabundant lustreless competent noticeable goodly sizable generous worthwhile abundant substantial sizeable biggish significant comfortable appreciable marked pathetic better than nothing artless pallid commensurate boilerplate fair enough apathetic unambitious lazy torpid unanimated able plenty cromulent sufficing meager antiseptic unrefined jake unentertaining stiff unenjoyable undistinctive up to scratch cheap and commonplace mid medial soporific draggy dreich deadly yawnsome dullsville fatiguing prolix lacking excitement deadening unspirited dry as dust lacking interest neither one thing nor the other waterish nerdy wimpy milk-and-water sapless lacking personality lacking charisma intermediary halfway of little consequence of little importance not worth mentioning of no importance of no great concern of no account bought insular inward-looking blinkered property-owning nothing to shout about unmotivated ample mediate central midmost store par run-of-the mill beige medium-sized middle-sized rural country shopkeeping propertied materialistic not amounting to much down-to-earth up to standard off-the-rack off-the-peg store-bought Pooterish hidebound folksy inelaborate pure and simple normophilic uncluttered unornamented austere rustic your basic unostentatious unelaborate undecorated philistine Victorian old-line illiberal unappetizing unpalatable inedible unsavoury tasteless distasteful uneatable uniform savourless uninviting harmless off-putting unpleasant unattractive disagreeable safe halfhearted diluted regimented boiled down without punch straight governmental utilitarian corporate functional institutional unsavory rudimentary ugly standard issue unambiguous uninvolved easy specific painless clear-cut short precise non-complex


Having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing
typical classic distinctive archetypal characteristic standard archetypical definitive distinct distinguishing prototypical quintessential true copybook identifying idiosyncratic illustrative indicative model paradigmatic regular representative signature textbook vintage classical emblematic exemplary ideal identifiable particular stereotypical stock symbolic unmistakable archetypic diagnostic diagnostical discriminating prime proper prototypal prototypic stereotypic suggestive essential individual patterned peculiar perfect typic symptomatic unique specific special singular personal conventional individualistic different original exclusive especial differentiating imitable uncommon extraordinary demonstrative usual ultimate consummate absolute supreme innate intrinsic separate inherent significant appropriate noteworthy indicatory peculiar to private denotative respective evocative remarkable denotive evidential designative marked diacritic fundamental best own discriminative pointing to individualized personalized recognizable patented subjective privy individualizing recognisable notable inimitable individualising local personalised individualised restricted endemic true to type inborn inbred particular to exclusive to found only in excellent determining epitomic predictable habitual average patent hackneyed normal trite disparate dinki-di staple hacky clichéd categorical in character familiar standardised common standardized warning signalling ingrained characteristic of typical of native at her best at his best at its best particularised particularized exceptional reserved true to form associated indicating unconventional signaling off-centre abnormal weird aberrant strange eccentric quirky odd queer irregular anomalous complete unusual set express natural precise freakish bizarre outlandish idiomatic conspicuous concrete discrete pure reminiscent optimal flawless transcendental optimum utopian idealised idyllic idealized reflective telltale indicial exhibitive denoting expressive signifying redolent untainted unsullied untarnished unblemished all your own telling augural testimonial revealing inauspicious ominous significatory testatory evincive connotative prognostic apocalyptic auspicious allusive recalling intriguing significative remindful evocatory giving an inkling most typical most characteristic


Past tense for to make uninteresting or trite by frequent use

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