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Alternative for unvaried

unvaried / n've rid/
  • tính từ
    • không thay đổi; đều đều


Not changed or modified
same unchanging unchanged changeless unvarying invariable perpetual unaffected unaltered unfailing constant consistent uniform regular stable steady undeviating fixed unwavering static unfluctuating even invariant inflexible unalterable immutable continuous rigid uninterrupted smooth unbroken unmodifiable unchangeable identical set similar permanent alike continual monotonous homogeneous equal incommutable inalterable hard-and-fast immovable habitual undiversified compatible matching level irreversible straight homogenous metrical unrestored untransformed unreconstructed unaltering frozen untouched firm unmodified continuing eternal unbothered unmoved resolute equable equivalent sustained abiding enduring stabile incorrigible reliable plumb symmetrical fateful well-proportioned orderly ordered systematic consonant ossified fated true methodical monolithic normal well-balanced entrenched indelible unshakeable irremovable established well-established unyielding unbending sacrosanct ageless steadfast ineradicable lasting balanced of a piece persistent absolute fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians undistinguishable comparable akin cognate kindred analogous all alike solid harmonised harmonized standardised standardized all the same much the same all one of the same kind all of a piece much of a muchness predictable fast unrelieved not changing settled certain final endless ceaseless hard unfading never-ending unending hard and fast set in stone stationary undying everlasting determinate definite perennial decided indestructible cast-iron deep-rooted perdurable strict predetermined imperishable dependable inexpugnable flat irreparable never-changing inevitable irremediable irrevocable immortal unrectifiable binding unfaltering rhythmic timeless sure indefinite unreversible unappealable peremptory unrepealable deathless dateless stiff rooted ironclad arranged lifelong irretrievable calm unrepairable stringent rigorous predestined hidebound standing unmovable conclusive long-lasting agreed doomed lost unadaptable ingrained concrete stubborn beyond repair unswerving specified hardened indissoluble ongoing definitive durable hardheaded preset obstinate forever sempiternal infinite nonstop repeated deep-seated periodical periodic unremitting recurring unceasing incessant inveterate never-failing without end precise relentless exact well-set locked in solid as a rock intractable flowing gridlocked fossilized fluent strong uncompromising fossilised irrecoverable irredeemable unredeemable unrecoverable fluid frictionless hard-line exacting brassbound biased interminable unabated unabating non-stop decisive incurable categorical preconceived irrefutable severe inexorable expected perduring indisputable incontrovertible not changeable plain nonnegotiable true to type regularized regularised for keeps repetitious returning repeating never-ceasing reoccurring intermittent unchallengeable ultimate beyond recall solid as rock set in concrete unanswerable determinative emphatic fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians forever and a day in for the long haul like the Rock of Gibralter going on finished well grounded frequent pigheaded bound jelled unflappable regulated systematized allotted confirmed prearranged nonrandom staying put long-lived long-standing defined decreed determined prescribed stiff-necked patterned measured express explicit planned adamantine resolved unblinking steady-going all-year-round round-the-clock systematised congruous alternating punctual mechanical harmonious cyclic successive accordant serial infallible still stated unqualified stipulated in order boundless writ in stone in the bag not subject to change inexhaustible composed continued on an even keel immemorial unruffled serene tranquil classic amaranthine fail-safe loyal unlimited surefire faithful can't-miss unerring illimitable always coolheaded undisturbed limpid peaceful unemotional sedate collected recollected cool untroubled placid possessed anti-aging never dying unflagging staunch bottomless tried and true diligent tried and tested unrelenting assiduous dyed-in-the-wool unshakable tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy counted on rock solid unshaken unworried unperturbed together self-possessed self-composed even-tempered


Ordinary, dull, and uninteresting
humdrum dull boring dreary tedious monotonous mundane tiresome uninteresting wearisome commonplace ho-hum ordinary routine uneventful banal pedestrian repetitious unexciting everyday mind-numbing prosaic unvarying common day-to-day quotidian repetitive run-of-the-mill unremarkable vanilla arid banausic colourless colorless customary drab drudging dry dusty flat heavy jading jejune leaden monochromatic normal numbing old ponderous regular slow stale stodgy stuffy stupid tame tiring typical usual weary wearying workaday blah bromidic dim garden variety garden-variety insipid lifeless monotone plodding prosy toneless treadmill white-bread plain vanilla common or garden a dime a dozen bland samey unchanging trite vapid tired hackneyed nowhere nothing lacking variety ho hum platitudinous unimaginative uninspiring soporific stereotyped mechanical unoriginal characterless uninspired dead uniform unexceptional well-worn recurrent featureless derivative stereotypical depressing conventional duplicative undiversified wishy-washy repeating dull as dishwater as dry as dust clockwork threadbare moth-eaten interminable spiritless predictable soul-destroying zero repeated iterative monochrome hacky stock fatiguing clichéd reiterative recurring lacklustre lackluster dullsville dragging weariful average truistic deadly pabulum unpalatable unenjoyable dismal unentertaining draggy unnoteworthy inane all the same recapitulatory iterant nothing to write home about big yawn echoic automatic irritating annoying nitty-gritty terrestrial boresome vexatious safe workday lowly sterile desolate bomb bummer drag cloying irksome plebeian drear mediocre bloodless unstimulating mindless unmemorable uncreative laborious wintery raw sorrowful dispiriting damp oppressive wintry windy downcast overlong matter-of-fact turgid prolix half-pie bog-standard OK so-so quiet dreich mortal enervating exhausting poky snooze droning lacking variation ornery endless noneventful unfateful inconclusive indecisive unrelieved not so hot no great shakes pointless empty vacant without variety not up to much hack unfeeling lusterless milk-and-water watery unexcited expressionless mat dulled unexpressive matte similar monotonic reiterated sing-song samely unchanged overworked overused overdone deadly dull uninflected dry as dust corny time-worn hoary unseasoned blind sapless weak muted innocuous whitebread long-drawn-out hackney worn out shopworn cliche obligatory cornball cobwebby timeworn musty flat as pancake dime-store old hat cliché-ridden lead balloon namby-pamby facile hokey cornfed tripe played out trivial noplace square dumb puts one to sleep run of the mill standard simple familiar unpretentious plain humble off-the-shelf generic modest nothing special insignificant plain-Jane homely unextraordinary undistinguished ten a penny standard-issue unappetizing inedible distasteful unappealing unsavoury tasteless flavourless uneatable savourless uninviting unattractive off-putting unpleasant disagreeable regimented functional governmental institutional utilitarian flavorless unsavory rudimentary corporate ugly standard issue elementary middle-of-the-road nondescript mainstream indifferent barren vacuous anaemic cut-and-dry cut-and-dried lame anemic middling second-rate forgettable unanimated limp feeble garden wooden stiff torpid factual unsentimental lustreless apathetic practical literal deadpan dull as ditchwater worn-out general not much cop down-to-earth nothing to get excited about miserable laboured soulless passionless gray grey passable stilted straightforward fair unemotional homespun unvarnished unembellished medium sombre no-nonsense inoffensive unadorned businesslike inferior run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class zestless habitual bush-league level-headed hard-headed natural dime-a-dozen antiseptic yawnsome labored set bog standard somber accustomed lacking excitement lacking interest familiar tune listless long-winded depressed bleak useless unadventurous derived uninventive suburban sleepy clear inconspicuous unmoved unromantic yawn prevailing pallid unproductive unimpressive worthless inconsequential sober realistic pedantic undistinctive uninterested non-stimulating tolerable pragmatic popular sluggish frequent forced stagnant traditional outdated rational sensible neutral outmoded obsolete established unspirited ineffective plastic antiquated cliché public deadening amateurish amateur serious stolid commonsensical majority sad one-horse bathetic wonted fuddy-duddy matter-of-course mean intermediate hardheaded earthy pragmatical emotionless dead-and-alive fair to middling middle of the road phlegmatic unimpassioned unembroidered unaffected undistorted exact unidealistic not very good straight-thinking gloomy deep forlorn joyless shadowy tenebrous glum with both feet on the ground dingy depressive macabre funereal lonely dark grim dolorous morbid cheerless usual thing menial long prosing literal-minded unartistic unlively unpassioned indistinct not fun unspecial yawn producing earthbound slack unimpressed heavy-handed wordy trying frustrating unpoetic unspectacular unexceptionable crude meagre simplistic meager clumsy unnatural awkward artificial casual informal anodyne basic no-frills ubiquitous household disheartening unsatisfying demoralizing unfulfilling unprogressive inactive solemn imitative old-hat out-of-date played-out old-chestnut old-saw boilerplate heavy-going formal logical tepid out of date phoned in dowdy diddly actual practicable prose clean staid moderate old-fashioned worn not bad archaic adequate jake verbose poor half-hearted inadequate unimportant two a penny defunct unobjectionable extinct puerile harmless straight warmed-over exhausted drained used-up mildewed ready-made silly chain formulaic discreet settled waterish nerdy wimpy antediluvian weighty cardboard halfhearted diluted fair-to-middling futile superannuated backward unenthusiastic shiftless soft mild drivelling nebbish driveling beige fatuous tenuous slight subdued blank passé meh heavy going accepted irrelevant inconsiderable paltry blending into the background vain profitless matter-of- fact boiled down without punch of poor quality decent fairish backwoods comatose demoralising piddling immaterial unambitious indistinctive faceless noncommittal antwacky meaningless whatever unrewarding out of the ark cut and dried hard to digest neither one thing nor the other overall fixed confirmed lazy fruitless behind the times ruling received aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless unnoticeable robotic brainless unmotivated okay par for the course of little consequence of little importance of no consequence not worth mentioning of no importance of no great concern of no account well worn favourite time-honoured favorite ineffectual otiose unavailing hollow unsuccessful bootless inefficacious abortive unfruitful unfilled unprolific widespread no big deal undemanding obvious starch prevalent boiler plate faithful hard-boiled stoic naked cold-blooded truthful accurate impassive calm impersonal cold feasible


Strictly regulated
regimented controlled disciplined ordered organised organized strict orderly systematic uniform even neat tidy unchanging unvarying dull monotonous regulated strictly regulated systematised systematized unbroken regular restricted well-ordered well-organized closely controlled strictly controlled on a tight rein efficient effective rigid under control methodical structured businesslike precise arranged consistent shipshape steady peaceable in order well thought-out in good shape law-abiding all together well-behaved self-controlled well-arranged meticulous planned methodic coordinated well ordered methodized exact careful logical standardized well organized coherent fixed standardised together formal well-regulated supervised scrupulous systematical governed measured painstaking well regulated well-kept spick-and-span well thought out trim deliberate routine unified delimited practical clean classified formulated severe well planned in apple-pie order skillful directed skilful managed settled uncluttered punctilious correct spruce thorough prim kempt trig immaculate straightened out crisp tidied straight groomed snug smug bandbox antiseptic slick tricksy standard chipper well-groomed sorted out well kept analytical thoroughgoing fastidious in good order neat and tidy spick and span picked up by the book by the numbers complete shipshape and Bristol fashion to rights out-and-out joined-up as neat as a new pin reduced nonrandom harsh monitored spotless restrained superintended integrated adapted set adjusted cohesive piloted administered Bristol fashion as fresh as paint in tip-top condition sensible in sync no-nonsense guided exacting rigorous reasonable consolidated collective well-maintained professional ruled cooperative assimilated combined united harmonious correlated cataloged tabulated conscientious well run regimental framed alike rangé scientific set-up conventional negotiated contrived enforced grouped formed catalogued prearranged prepared workaday matter-of-fact organic competent in shape neat as button neat as pin heedful conscionable punctual fussy finicky demanding practised pragmatic sedulous diligent expeditious earnest practiced accomplished serious enterprising direct industrious concentrated purposeful intent hardworking sleek cleanly presentable well-turned-out well arranged apple-pie order neat as a pin


Consistent with, or similar to, something else
conformable parallel corresponding similar correspondent akin analogous comparable matching resembling commensurate congruent congruous close cognate consistent equivalent matched proportionate tantamount alike conforming connate consonant ditto equal homologous kindred like related resemblant uniform analogical coequal complementary duplicate harmonious homogeneous homogenous identical indistinguishable interchangeable near reminiscent same substitutable such suchlike synonymous twinlike undifferenced undifferentiated undiverse in agreement much the same of a kind on par the same much of a muchness cut from the same cloth exact one and the same selfsame impossible to tell apart of a piece relatable like two peas in a pod almost identical exchangeable like peas in a pod compatible congeneric carbon copy relating double jibing symphonious congenerous allied invariant even substitute allying equalling dead ringer not unlike approximating connatural equaling congenial approximative fungible unvarying Xerox companion reciprocal kin twin correlative coextensive agnate on the order of associated affiliated coupled concordant agreeing same difference convertible approximate look-alike identic connected relative incident correlated paired commensurable accordant like Tweedledum and Tweedledee interconnected coincident coherent symmetrical nonconflicting proportional sympathetic agreeable very all of a piece conformable to correspondent to correspondent with on a par Tweedledum and Tweedledee very same linked blending tallying consanguine coterminous obverse likewise suitable standardised standardized according clone united amounting mated carbon-copy carbon friendly tied exactly the same even-steven approaching equalized even-stevens joint verging on spitting image coordinate equalised in harmony same as in tune to the same degree evenly matched coordinating toning autologous homologized complementing harmonizing interrelated answering patrilineal agnatic harmonising identified looking like looking alike associate connected with allied with cognated synonymic harmonised harmonized treadmill attractive likeable likable germane closely related closely connected dupe aforesaid similarly aforementioned apposite coordinated concurrent facsimile coinciding generic general universal adapted attuned copy synonymous with commensurate with counterpart the same as as good as of that ilk the dead spit a dead ringer bordering on as good a match transposable commutable of the same kind in the same manner in the same category regular invariable much the same as workalike mutual converse reciprocative swappable changeable interconvertible of a piece with sister co- fellow like as two peas in a pod difficult to tell apart very similar two of a kind as like as two peas in a pod break even on a plane on level pegging not a million miles away from logical reconcilable stack up with conterminous joined in line in keeping according to equable conforming with in accord corresponding to conforming to dual twofold drawn combined bound married duplex binary double-edged bipartite double-barreled balanced amalgamated leagued confederate unified integrated syndicated cooperating geminate aligned wed partnered with nothing to choose between them nip and tuck on a level side by side close together level pegging neck and neck all square level in a position of equality like-minded in league in cahoots copied second duplicating accompanying bifold hand in glove understanding qualified unanimous frictionless amicable responsive in sympathy companionable harmonious with in accordance with congruous with compatible with according with consistent with accordant with concordant with in rapport in harmony with at one with in agreement with of one mind by comparison modified allusive metaphorical not absolute conditional reasonable vying contrastive in proportion restricted comparative fair rivalling provisional not positive rivaling in comparison with reservation contingent on the same wavelength more or less the same

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