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Alternative for immaterial

Tính từ

Of no real importance or relevance
irrelevant insignificant unimportant extraneous inapposite inconsequential trivial trifling unnecessary impertinent inapplicable inconsiderable irrelative petty superficial inessential peripheral tangential beside the point foreign inappropriate inconsiderate meaningless not germane not pertinent of no matter of no moment neither here nor there not to the point of little account a matter of indifference makes no difference matter of indifference no big deal no never mind of no account of no consequence of no importance all the same unrelated unconnected incidental inapt off the subject minor extrinsic wide of the mark marginal pointless secondary subsidiary out of place supplementary lesser subordinate nonessential non-essential nothing to do with it off the point ancillary unassociated incongruous outside unessential disconnected unsuitable adventitious superfluous needless alien inadmissible redundant external unconcerned misplaced accessory wrong borderline unapt unneeded remote inappurtenant inapropos not to the purpose inconsistent accidental not at issue subservient not pertaining to off the topic not connected with lower-level confused illogical parenthetical supervenient unsuited slight lightweight minimal garbage not important not significant additional extra by the by by the way beside the question nihil ad rem not worth worrying about not the issue nothing to do with the case wide of the point intrusive auxiliary inferior lower indirect dispensable side optional not the main less important on the side incompatible inconsonant uncharacteristic expendable unwanted infelicitous ornamental gratuitous cosmetic unwarranted heterogeneous negligible unfit inconsequent of lesser importance than less important than lower than noncompulsory uncritical unrequired unassimilable different from remote from disconnected from distant from misguided detached casual outermost independent disparate dissociated unbecoming inept ill-judged unhappy ill-considered untoward amiss incorrect indecorous improper ill-advised unseemly perverse malapropos graceless uncalled-for not necessary not essential not required not needed separate perimetric outer exterior unfitting surface sideline bordering not connected not applicable not related nothing to do with off base out of order

Tính từ

Spiritual, rather than physical
ethereal incorporeal spiritual unsubstantial airy bodiless disembodied ghostly insubstantial intangible unembodied impalpable aerial discarnate spectral supernatural unbodied unearthly wraithlike disincarnate formless metaphysical nonmaterial nonphysical transcendental not material phantasmal phantasmic apparitional asomatous celestial disbodied dreamlike dreamy heavenly imponderable incorporate insensible psychic shadowy spiritlike subjective unfleshly unworldly unreal imaginary illusory uncorporal phantom visionary vague hypothetical fanciful discorporate mystic chimerical vaporous hallucinatory abstract rarefied otherworldly tenuous mystical numinous transcendent unphysical imperceptible to the touch non-material non-physical flimsy extramundane theoretical untouchable indefinable imagined magical fancied occult other-worldly magic rare intellectual conceptual philosophical speculative psychical inner supernal indescribable thin notional obscure indistinct unclear elusive inexistent pure platonic refined slender academic abstruse recondite ideational theoretic unobservable unapparent conjectural unpractical mysterious inane psychological uncorporeal saintly invisible dim wispy weightless indefinite unrealistic undescribable dainty volatile frail light frivolous fragile diaphanous evanescent suppositional conjectured putative suppositive nonconcrete impractical suppositious uncertain slight evasive unquantifiable indeterminate inappreciable eluding evading unsure imperceptible indiscernible unperceivable delicate imprecise fine nebulous star starry stellar hard to define unable to be touched hard to describe weird divine absent lacking mythical missing wanting fictional ideal figmental illusive non-existent delusive devotional holy sacred ghostlike preternatural gossamery dead defunct baseless empty gone blank negative legendary ungrounded departed groundless extinguished lost vacant perished void null extinct fundamental essential deep basic ephemeral illusionary clairvoyant paranormal extrasensory profound high-flown esoteric universal remote astral cosmological starlike astronomical sidereal starly astrophysical stellular puny false fly-by-night unsound infirm petty idle decrepit supernormal supersensory telepathic nonexistent oversubtle supersensual unexplained out-of-body spiritualistic with second sight telekinetic supersensible with a sixth sense supersensitive necromantic transmundane stargazing supramundane philosophic superhuman suprahuman ontological superior jesuitic eternal supermundane difficult supranatural passed on passed away few and far between null and void without foundation too little too late

Tính từ

Not important or significant
inconsequential insignificant unimportant trivial negligible trifling inconsiderable minor petty incidental paltry slight fiddling inappreciable inessential irrelevant non-essential nugatory measly minute picayune piddling chicken de minimis foolish footling frivolous insubstantial lightweight little niggling no-account nominal of little importance peanut piddly piffling pimping silly small small-fry Mickey Mouse nickel-and-dime of little account of little consequence of no account of no consequence of no importance of no moment small-bore casual dinky exiguous inadequate inappropriate insufficient light neither here nor there puny runt scanty shoestring shrimp skimpy small-time unconsidered wimpy worthless not worth mentioning big zero entry level no biggie not worth bothering about not worth speaking of of no significance small potatoes two bit all the same meaningless pointless nonessential superficial meager meagre secondary minuscule beside the point of no great concern marginal trite unsubstantial second-rate lesser minimal flimsy twopenny-halfpenny valueless tiny ignorable mean low-ranking infinitesimal purportless shallow frothy peripheral everyday microscopic extraneous idle nondescript momentary evanescent penny-ante diminutive nothing useless unnecessary of minor importance minor-league no great shakes senseless a minor point pettifogging commonplace wanky atomic skin-deep vanishing low precedence smaller inferior undemanding hair-splitting time-wasting zip zero zilch null indifferent tinpot two-bit low preference not a priority unintellectual fussy cheap lilliputian base niggly hairsplitting unessential of no matter failing incompetent featherweight imponderous smalltime bush-league ineffectual uncelebrated obscure of no merit of no value low priority imperceptible nanoscopic of little import insensible impalpable indistinguishable barely perceptible intangible vague ephemeral invisible unobservable shadowy indiscernible inaudible undetectable unnoticeable imponderable subtle fine indistinct unperceivable inconspicuous gradual pitiful miserable derisory pathetic mingy poxy scant contemptible beggarly slender token slim faint poor subordinate subsidiary miserly sparse stingy remote wretched outside weak empty mere pitiable ungenerous low fragile inconsequent modest deficient hollow lousy short unproductive barren sorry scrimpy futile feeble frail limited narrow off trashy absurd lower junior scratch shabby improbable unlikely distant perfunctory mild lean insulting restricted symbolic picky quibbling lamentable impractical ridiculous outrageous ludicrous laughable risible preposterous peppercorn cavilling finicky nit-picking potty minuscular neglectable toytown caviling unsound ancillary set common shoddy sleazy unconsequential unconsiderable illogical tenuous minus accessory tacky dependent second-string irrational by-the-way by-the-by background auxiliary unreasonable bogus inutile unavailing despicable mediocre abandoned sterile profitless abject waste drossy counterproductive unusable unprofitable ignoble ineffective vain loitering jejune inane idling vapid insipid banal hardly worth mentioning below the mark thin extrinsic tangential less important invalid gentle unreasoning expendable of less importance occasional dispensable no big deal no big thing fallacious nonrational related contributory supplementary contributing diddly illegitimate dicey implausible iffy far-fetched rare dubious inconceivable fractional isolated questionable diminished doubtful rinky-dink too little too late

Tính từ

Imaginary or illusory
unreal imaginary make-believe fabulous fanciful fictitious mythical chimerical false illusory imagined invented pretend fantastic made-up mock visionary ideal phantasmagoric dreamed-up legendary non-existent artificial chimeric fairy-tale fake fancied fantasied fantastical fictional hypothetical imaginal insubstantial intangible mythic nebulous notional phantasmal phantasmic phantom pretended seeming storybook theoretical dreamlike impalpable insincere ostensible phony phoney sham aerial delusive fabled faux fictive figmental hallucinatory imitation incredible misleading nonexistent reachy replica reproduction romantic suppositious supposititious unbelievable unnatural unsubstantial weird out of this world fabricated untrue whimsical spurious delusory illusive bogus deceptive ethereal specious concocted fallacious apocryphal fantasy pseudo simulated counterfeit mistaken mythological deceitful abstract synthetic fraudulent imaginative erroneous ersatz shadowy factitious quixotic traditional dreamy substitute feigned apparent unfounded assumed phantasmagorical made up dummy spectral allegorical forged storied manufactured transcendental folkloric speculative vague imitative man-made spiritual unsound mimic trumped up deceiving invalid incorporeal conceptual contrived semblant conjectural trumped-up plastic created surreal metaphysical devised utopian incorrect ghostly airy blue-sky bodiless heroic wild unearthly absurd faked irrational academic supernatural illusionary discarnate theoretic deluding beguiling illogical ridiculous hyped up sophistical bizarre ungrounded fishy wrong otherworldly inaccurate supposed unbodied vaporous extravagant inexact untruthful imagal nightmarish psychedelic poetic epic faulty non-physical suppositional unsubstantiated misguided distorted flawed unreasonable putative baseless groundless nonphysical nonmaterial impractical ideational symbolic imprecise affected imponderable Kafkaesque conjectured far-fetched unrealistic mythologic blue sky fantasized dream transcendent off without foundation oneiric idealized ghostlike dim unclear indistinct all in the mind disembodied capricious unembodied play-play vain untouchable unworkable intellectual idealised impracticable wonderful formless wraithlike philosophical fantasised apparitional subconscious mental virtual unfeasible product of someone's imagination proverbial curious inexistent subjective unconscious symbolical idle queer pipe dream psychological parabolic high-flown counterfactual truthless improper disincarnate thought up crackpot offbeat fool's paradise tenuous foundationless unproven casuistic misrepresentative colored abstruse psychosomatic unsupported uncorroborated unconfirmed recondite imperceptible to the touch slender misinformed all in one's head coloured ill-founded indefinite gone unlikely floating improbable cooked-up questionable so-called ivory-tower sophistic unpractical numinous mystical nonconcrete without basis indeterminate uncertain cod mad facsimile put-on mechanical strained forced on cloud nine unreasoned adulterine not genuine unworldly reasonless doubtful in the mind falsie way off implausible phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic phantasmagorian inane unread mocking filled with dreams delusional hollow prepared chimeral Barmecidal Barmecide float wistful acted improvised created out of thin air non-material estimated conceived dreamt up trancelike trance-like invisible dream-filled nonnatural suppositive misty hazy off the mark non-natural larger-than-life in your head dicey iffy contrary to fact unattainable stress-related stress-induced uncorporeal dodgy model toy faint dreamish hypnagogic manmade off beam full of holes way off beam preposterous ivory-towered Utopian unachievable famed unauthentic extraterrestrial apish hokey quasi make believe unheard of tall meretricious snide inauthentic ancient famous mercurial elusive figment of someone's imagination outstanding impressive extraordinary remarkable enchanted magic important magical evanescent flakey far out fairy tale kinky flaky framed ungenuine bent bum pirate out-of-reach engineered preternatural other-worldly counterfeited rare evasive imperceptible unobservable insensible slight unquantifiable inappreciable eluding evading unapparent unsure dubious unverifiable related told customary unhistoric unhistorical handed-down pinchbeck cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take non-viable starry-eyed silly impossible in the clouds untested unverified unwarranted unjustified unattested indescribable indefinable nonmaterialistic paranormal celestial extramundane religious foolish senseless idealistic half-baked obscure pie-in-the-sky pie in the sky castles in the air essential deep basic fundamental perfectionist expressive absent wanting lacking missing nonvalid unreliable profound universal esoteric creative supersensory daydreaming astral daydreamy crazy potty academical presumed ephemeral gratuitous bottomless mendacious uncalled-for off-base oversubtle dead flimsy empty blank departed extinguished vacant void null gossamery defunct negative lost perished extinct not applicable naive nonrealistic not sensible nonsensical fresh exotic original infirm petty decrepit puny fly-by-night supramundane superhuman jesuitic unfleshly supermundane difficult philosophic unphysical suprahuman ontological superior eternal supranatural inspired artistic inventive eccentric fancy quirky originative flighty perceptual presupposed provisory casual contestable disputable assumptive stochastic debatable postulated problematic contingent equivocal conditional conjecturable refutable guessed presumptive suspect proposed pretending artful brilliant unconventional freaky radical fertile freakish ingenious genius experimental innovative keen not backed up by evidence innovational unorthodox vivid revolutionary astute emotional subliminal passed on passed away too little too late far-out Promethean head in the clouds avant-garde out of touch with reality dishonest null and void few and far between

Tính từ

Of only average standard or quality
indifferent mediocre middling fair ordinary average moderate passable so-so medium second-rate undistinguished commonplace middle-of-the-road run-of-the-mill tolerable adequate everyday inferior unexceptional uninspired workaday lackluster lacklustre pedestrian prosaic unexciting unremarkable amateur amateurish bog-standard common fair-to-middling forgettable half-pie insignificant OK run-of-mine run-of-the-mine second-class unimportant vanilla not very good plain vanilla poor not so hot of no consequence nothing to write home about not up to much no great shakes plain humdrum typical drab usual unmemorable mundane bland uninteresting unnoteworthy unimpressive useless nothing trite routine normal boring uninspiring dull irrelevant uneventful inconsiderable paltry inconsequential pointless piddling nondescript worthless of little importance characterless dime-a-dozen meaningless nothing special garden variety of no importance whatever not much cop a dime a dozen garden-variety of no account common or garden not worth mentioning bog standard of no great concern of little consequence standard fairish modest quotidian conventional decent banal mean mainstream acceptable fair to middling standard-issue cut-and-dry cut-and-dried stale colourless ornery all right okay nothing to get excited about colorless not bad hackneyed garden satisfactory respectable corny substandard old hat serviceable customary good bush-league unoriginal derivative predictable inconspicuous stock hacky presentable familiar sufficient insipid fairly good fine intermediate good enough unimaginative overworked overused overdone tired time-worn bad nothing out of the ordinary lousy wretched allowable unpretentious imperfect shabby O.K. sorry uncreative unmoved meh junk monotonous admissible tawdry worn out sad base dime-store cornball déclassé lemon unspectacular sufficiently good traditional poorer homespun hack general played out moderately good worse frequent regular natural reasonable plastic low-quality goodish unexceptionable low-grade not too bad two-bit run of the mill humble low-rent good-for-nothing formulaic habitual ten a penny generic pretty good middle of the road unimposing par for the course can't complain reasonably good second best plodding in-between tame household enough unenthusiastic shiftless uninterested anonymous ubiquitous no-frills basic fair enough second class simple minimal matter-of-fact spiritless widespread homely prevailing settled popular wonted established discreet accustomed public competent of poor quality unadventurous passionless derived anaemic unobjectionable commensurate clichéd unambitious apathetic lazy stereotyped suburban sufficing able plenty cromulent midway median obvious matter-of-course starch worn-out plebeian prevalent lowly middle midsize midsized sterile uninventive lifeless dry vapid neutral limited up to scratch dreary white-bread familiar tune boiler plate unimpressed featureless bromidic ponderous flat barren heavy-handed stodgy yawn nothing to shout about boilerplate unimpeachable livable tidy unmotivated outclassed anemic nowhere jake phoned in better than nothing

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