Đồng nghĩa của precluded

Alternative for precluded

precludes, precluded, precluding

Đồng nghĩa: bar, deter, exclude, forbid, prevent, prohibit, shut out,

Động từ

To have prevented oneself from
helped avoided refrained from stopped averted dodged evaded prevented abstained abstained from bypassed circumvented controlled deflected desisted diverted ducked eluded escaped forbore got around passed up resisted restrained from shied from shirked shook off shrank from sidestepped skipped skipped out on skirted stayed away stayed away from steered clear steered clear of withstood broke the habit of fended off forbore from got out of held off kept from neutralised shunned warded off anticipated arrested blocked checked checkmated compensated for counteracted counterbalanced deterred eschewed forbade forbid forestalled frustrated halted headed off hindered impeded interfered with made up for negated neutralized nullified obviated offset offsetted prohibited provided shook stalled staved off stove off ceased declined denied yourself desisted from did without forwent gave up kicked left off refused renounced withheld from holpen holp quit cut out cut off quitted shut off discontinued dropped packed in laid off ended knocked off packed up let up finished abandoned put an end to suspended concluded terminated broke off broken off cut short lay off put a stop to canned given over gave over broke broken brake given up broke up broken up forgone wound up brought to an end passed axed closed relinquished elapsed determined called a halt to dead-ended called it a day laid off of winked out interrupted lapsed expired belayed belaid called it quits died brought to a halt pulled the plug on surceased canceled cancelled rejected abjured forborne from cut passed on jacked in dispensed with shut down done without got off quit cold set aside cut it out left alone put the kibosh on swore off sworn off forborne forsook forsaken snubbed spurned repudiated curbed paused ditched scrapped had done with ignored forswore forsworn stopped oneself from restrained oneself from refrained turned down brought to a stop packed it in come to an end gone went rebuffed dismissed resigned from repealed rescinded waived obstructed disapproved sacrificed overlooked completed revoked knocked back aborted abolished went without gone without reprobated eliminated stayed intervened killed baulked at said no to called off scrubbed intermitted gotten off pulled out of reined in remitted gotten out of come to a stop kicked over cut into come to a halt closed down kept off put paid to forlet not accepted let alone quit cold turkey put the lid on prevented yourself from escaped from left out kicked the habit nipped something in the bud come to a close wrapped up said goodbye to cut dead nipped in the bud come to a standstill prevented oneself from knocked something on the head parted with put a cork in closed out withdrawn withdrew shaken came to an end closed off withheld denied yielded surrendered dissolved stood down from chucked repulsed ceded forewent foregone barred extracted marginalized excised deleted exsected carved usurped removed ousted extirpated severed abrogated excluded isolated disavowed abdicated failed hampered held back from brought to end demurred resolved stilled disregarded discounted resigned caught disturbed demurred at stemmed hobbled annulled staunched shrunk from abated scratched shelved hesitated deselected nixed faltered adjourned brushed aside wavered sundered phased out immobilized recessed checked out from backed off from forfeited balanced staggered dithered vacillated scrupled teetered wabbled wobbled limped disrupted broken the habit of whiffled stumbled bucked given a rest came to a stop died away laid aside left faded away refused to take advantage of gave a rest disunited brought to standstill resisted the temptation to wiped out got shut of wound down rounded out came to a halt parted from turned your back on achieved petered out winded something up fizzled out drawn to a close surceased from checked oneself gave a wide berth to kiboshed eighty-sixed looked down one's nose at missed switched off dissevered hung it up pulled up finished with stopped trying stopped work passed by wiggle-waggled sewed up ultimated fetched up come off cried off drew to a close disjoined jacked something in opted out of settled succeeded came to a standstill gave something the chop came to a close backed off marginalised had nothing to do with not touched crowned held at bay not heeded downed tools opted out stemmed the flow given something the chop died down given a wide berth to ended up separated rounded off immobilised finished off hung back consummated brought to a close negatived disposed of pulled the plug jilted rested called it quits on held up sat out parted spelled disconnected wrapped divorced retired from wrapt held back come to rest stopped doing shilly-shallied interposed balked at topped off culminated brought to a standstill sewn up brought up dusted off ceased to indulge in withholden yolden yold carven corve extraught gotten around shaken off frozen froze backed out of broke into broken into lain by lay by got done got shot of gotten shot of gotten done taken the cure gotten on the wagon took the cure got on the wagon drawn up blown the whistle on blew the whistle on came to rest drew to a stand drew up drawn to a stand threw in the towel thrown in the sponge threw in the sponge thrown in the towel gave something a miss given something a miss gave the thumbs down to thrown out came off threw out given the thumbs down to gotten rid of blown off did away with got rid of blew off done away with bagged it went cold turkey gone cold turkey taken away took out took away taken out wrote off withdrawn from threw up written off withdrew from thrown up broke with forgot about broken with forgotten about given the red light shook one's head gave the thumbs down given the thumbs down shaken one's head gave the red light

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