Đồng nghĩa của checked

Alternative for checked

checks, checked, checking

Đồng nghĩa: bill, certificate, control, curb, mark, money, prove, restrain, stop, verify,

Tính từ

Having proved its value or truth
proven established tested confirmed definite demonstrated tried verified attested authentic certified dependable recognised recognized reliable accepted demonstrable establishable proved supported sure undoubted upheld valid verifiable conclusive sustained trustworthy tried-and-true safe reputable approved trusty solid responsible secure failsafe tried and true tried and tested loyal creditworthy fail-safe true good calculable steady trustable sound consistent foolproof time-tested well-built well-founded well-grounded safe as houses well engineered tested and proved high-quality well-engineered well-tried settled honest stable strong sterling unfailing trusted certain constant faithful staunch steadfast classic used put to the test tried out true-blue time-honoured honourable unwavering honorable firm unswerving upright resolute devoted ardent conscientious devout stanch pious dyed-in-the-wool fast fixed dutiful committed straight truthful incorruptible allegiant dedicated unfaltering enduring sensible never-failing down-the-line credible sincere scrupulous hard-core behind one on the level patriotic genuine sturdy stalwart determined guaranteed sure-fire competent mature true-hearted virtuous ethical righteous attached obedient level-headed hopeful liege tried and trusted always there confiding unchanging loving affectionate string along with circumspect up front seasoned experienced straightforward right-hand favorite main important honored principal predictable card-carrying orthodox veracious close intimate uncompromising deep-dyed go-to in good faith die-hard rocklike copper-bottomed rational sane assured unimpeachable principled reasonable immovable to be counted on carrying the load good as one's word true to life correct believable saintly fly right to be trusted straight-up worthy of trust above suspicion true blue boy scout down home full of integrity rock solid as good as one's word discreet honoured favourite confident adult capable infallible easy unanxious nailed down locked on absolute undoubtful sanguine in the bag carefree able shoo-in durable immutable unchangeable rigid capable of being trusted stout lasting unshakeable flawless watertight perfect unerring efficacious effective unassailable balanced permanent equable pure unbreakable idiot-proof faultless goofproof airtight never failing perdurable bulletproof right just moral nice decent enthusiastic fervent passionate long-lived long-standing long-lasting supportive right-minded well balanced well-balanced worthy truehearted veridical undistorted estimable high-principled creditable square wholehearted all right deep-rooted decided strong-minded persistent single-minded set on resolved gritty set strong-willed dogged earnest bent on hardboiled tenacious driven untiring indomitable stubborn unflinching unhesitating obstinate buckled down bent purposeful persevering no lie on the up and up gung ho avid fervid impassioned sworn serious inveterate intent

Tính từ

Having a handicap
handicapped incapacitated infirm invalid lame paralysed paralyzed wheelchair-using crippled disabled disadvantaged learning-disabled paraplegic quadriplegic tetraplegic baulked balked blocked burdened curbed deterred encumbered foiled hampered hemiplegic impeded limited monoplegic obstructed paraparetic paretic restrained restricted stymied wounded differently abled having a disability physically challenged physically handicapped physically impaired having a mental disability having learning difficulties having special needs mentally disabled physically disabled maimed debilitated weakened hurt impaired damaged enfeebled injured sidelined bedridden weak helpless deformed powerless hamstrung harmed game laid up immobilized halt sickly limp ailing mutilated impotent broken-down laid-up out-of-action confined incapable housebound defective run-down frail stiff bruised sore feeble gimp hog-tied immobilised out of action out of commission vulnerable fragile unfit indisposed limping hobbling bad compromised wornout undermined battered tender hors de combat disadvantageous exceptional challenged immobile lifeless gammy disarmed worn-out out-of-commission wrecked stalled decrepit strengthless impuissant impoverished diminished raw pained gimpy handcuffed hindered toothless high and dry ruined destroyed spoiled palsied with a disability spoilt mangled broken confined to bed marred sick ill unwell valetudinary poorly valetudinarian weakly peaked down in poor health below par on the sick list laid low unable useless in hospital in the hospital numb inert afflicted aching prostrate stricken smarting painful throbbing hurting flat on your back stinging cut inflamed paralytic crushed discoloured scarred discolored black-and-blue benumbed dead insensible ineffective inactive nerveless torpid beaten grazed scratched burning sensitive lacerated gashed crook gutless chafed reddened agonised knackered ruptured mauled bleeding agonized disfigured scraped nicked in pain struck busted up hit unmoving fractured deadened smashed shattered unfeeling frozen at a loss bedfast bedbound insensitive insensate desensitized ill in bed effete incompetent diplegic off colour smitten palsified enervated unproductive forceless inept infecund puny dud desensitised excruciating agonizing delicate tingly distressed paper tiger past it under the weather achy afflictive prickly twingeing irritated severe gnawing suffering biting uncomfortable smartful laborious nagging sharp troublesome searing piercing pounding tingling agonising hurtful caustic abscessed flat on one's back harrowing red tired nasty achy breaky grievous ulcerated defenceless ineffectual inadequate dependent subject tied disenfranchised unarmed wishy-washy supine etiolated without power blank disfranchised defenseless resistless chicken wimp passive not able over a barrel with no say out of gas shot buffeted tortured warped

Tính từ

Occurring at intervals
on-again, off-again intermittent alternate arrested broken by bits and pieces cyclic cyclical discontinuing discontinuous epochal every other fitful here and there hit-or-miss infrequent interrupted isochronal isochronous iterant iterative metrical now and then occasional on and off periodic periodical punctuated recurrent recurring rhythmic rhythmical seasonal serial shifting spasmodic sporadic stop-and-go irregular disconnected fragmentary episodic casual patchy spotty erratic episodical odd aperiodic spastic isolated unsteady scattered random choppy on-and-off continual catchy stop-go on again and off again in fits and starts alternating uneven regular frequent repeated inconsistent inconstant habitual desultory variable fluctuating repetitive unstable unsystematic disrupted varying unsettled changeable haphazard capricious uncertain constant continued disturbed wavering changing unreliable rolling reoccurring chain jerky disjointed unmethodical persistent perennial on-again-off-again continuing steady volatile scattershot unequal rambling aimless shaky like clockwork bitty reiterative unpredictable entropic indiscriminate chronic intervallic impulsive fractal routine flickering disorganized non-stop disorganised non-linear perpetual off and on daily every so often numerous at fixed intervals every once in a while occurring often incomplete troubled broken up wandering convulsive restless repeating spurtive twitching happening at intervals gaping inchoate unorganized disordered unconnected incohesive muddled incoherent oft-repeated herky-jerky unorganised impermanent freelance outsourced outside in bits and pieces oft repeated part-time incidental chaotic loose sketchy orbital annual weekly yearly monthly hourly centennial catch-as-catch-can stray unthinking slapdash arbitrary offhand unfocused orderless nonuniform on certain occasions at various times mutable customary commonplace helter-skelter without purpose fickle temperamental changeful mercurial eccentric partial designless quotidian everyday unpunctual unconsidered purposeless wayward ever-changing fluid flickery unfixed labile skittish vacillating up and down off-and-on non-periodic vagarious irresolute variational fluctuant flighty undependable partially fractional gradual intermittently fitfully waffling peaky not constant blowing hot and cold piecemeal incessant many familiar endless common countless profuse reiterated manifold eternal several by degrees at intervals successive lots of millions of loads of a good many heaps of a great many masses of quite a lot of thick very many iterated dozens of hundreds of thousands of quite a few various by fits and starts stage by stage little by little step by step

Tính từ

Falling behind, not keeping up the pace
simple-minded arrested backward behind delayed dense dull feeble-minded imbecile late moronic simple slow slow-witted stupid subnormal underdeveloped underprivileged undeveloped dilatory languid unhurried dragging dillydallying poky laggard pokey dallying sluggish tardy snaillike leisurely creeping dawdling snail-paced crawling poking lagging half-witted unintelligent witless dim dopey opaque mindless brainless ignorant dumb empty-headed thick doltish lamebrained vacuous dim-witted birdbrained obtuse unsmart oafish dozy weak-minded foolish idiotic dull-witted thickheaded imbecilic boneheaded stolid dunderheaded naive chuckleheaded brain-dead senseless pinheaded fatuous wooden-headed lamebrain bonehead gormless soft knuckleheaded dorky airheaded lunkheaded thick-witted softheaded bubbleheaded dopy dof dotish dead from the neck up slow on the uptake half-baked dunce-like vapid chowderheaded glaikit divvy cretinous lumpish gullible blockish dippy pea-brained crass bovine muttonheaded blockheaded pig-ignorant as thick as two short planks uncomprehending imperceptive insensitive thick-skinned daft log-headed hebete woodenheaded thick-skulled numskulled impassive braindead boorish fat-headed not the full shilling lethargic torpid soft in the head fatheaded stunted limited thick as mince slow on uptake dummy dumbbell touched underachieving dumdum pinhead yo-yo exceptional weak numbskull mentally defective gorked defective held back sappy retardo dumbo retarded unwitting unknowing silly inexperienced unaware unmindful incompetent nescient oblivious innocent insensible clueless ill-informed unacquainted impractical in the dark uninformed incognizant unconscious green inane anencephalic anencephalous thoughtless deficient nitwitted addle-brained

Động từ

To have ascertained by measurement
took determined ascertained established evaluated measured appraised assessed calculated confirmed discerned gauged identified gaged quantified rated verified computed counted discovered figured out found out calibrated checked up on detected divined estimated learned learnt picked up sized up worked out made sure made certain double-checked ensured substantiated corroborated validated assured seen saw guaranteed insured satisfied oneself certified affirmed gradated got a fix on saw to it did not forget took care checked out conceived distinguished uncovered judged picked up on seen to it taken care reckoned totaled totalled tallied enumerated figured cast summed totted up put a figure on valued cast up counted up added up set numbered added summed up put totted guessed weighed told considered totalized toted cost supposed ciphered called conjectured summated forecast toted up believed placed guesstimated accounted footed run down looked upon thought deduced regarded surmised assayed ranked reckoned up valuated figured up sized made deemed numerated adjudged kept tabs set at put a value on set down doped out recorded added together squared costed esteemed graded fixed fixt priced expected metered scaled reasoned suspected decided predicted pegged foretold looked over found the sum of forecasted quantitated weighed up ticked off solved classed concluded ran down inferred classified held put a price on gathered scored aggregated assumed extrapolated viewed spanned surveyed presumed imagined put a stopwatch on prophesied putten understood derived cost out marked subtracted divided multiplied construed anticipated counted on approximated come to the conclusion counted noses run over fancied looked on thought through set a figure put down as cut ice counted out counted off typecast cast something up taken account of put down for looked into put together worked something out footed up took account of calculated roughly thought of read timed held to be counted heads did addition done addition clocked accepted devised writ formulated examined holden settled plused plussed conceded explained setted a price on plumbed resolved speculated heard span audited registered combined ratiocinated postulated projected syllogized priced out stood categorized positioned schemed taxed planned budgeted outlined interpreted as tagged decided on marked down stumbled on balanced taken noticed analyzed number crunched eyed amounted presupposed analysed made an estimate of came to the conclusion typecasted intuited paced off formed opinion roughly calculated cataloged marked out tallyhoed thought of as averaged regarded as totalled up itemised taled noted piled up felt for hypothesized inventoried differentiated categorised gleaned tested buttoned down heard tell judged to be itemized ran over rationalised figured in catalogued measured out viewed as figured something out specified considered to be meted contemplated racked up philosophized trusted kept score had a hunch banked on deemed to be counted one by one thought to be budgeted for contextualised stacked up made out philosophised adjusted pigeonholed reckoned to be hypothesised tabbed portioned marked down as looked on as guessed at accounted for tallied up contextualized rationalized had one's number found to be posited made of thought likely written wrote took the measure of taken the measure of wrote down written down drawn drew conclusions drawn conclusions drew took stock of something taken stock of something gotten the measure of got the measure of gotten a fix on took stock of taken stock of taken one's measure took one's measure taken account took account taken the measurements of readen took the measurements of saw as seen as taken for took for drawn the inference foresaw took it taken something on board taken it foreseen drew the inference took something on board saw through saw the light seen the light taken for granted took for granted seen through

Động từ

To have found out by making inquiries
seen enquired found out inquired investigated asked explored queried questioned confirmed made enquiries as to probed canvassed ascertained determined learnt clarified learned quizzed grilled interviewed interrogated prest pressed examined scrutinized catechized inquisitioned pumped cross-examined popped the question tested tested the waters hit sought an answer put a question to sought information of went over made inquiries sought information sweated put through the wringer scrutinised worked over needled put out feelers cross-questioned hit up gave the third degree picked one's brains buzzed enquired of put the screws to pried into wanted to know inquired of sounded out requested information requested information of sweat roasted felt out put questions to put the screws on put through the third degree put through the mangle debriefed put someone through the wringer given the third degree asked questions of gave the third degree to wormed something out of someone given the third degree to double-checked bombarded reexamined reviewed gone over pried put the pressure on put on the hotseat put somebody through the mill put to the question hat hitten browbeat requested knocked analyzed sifted prospected inspected searched studied sought drilled questioned intensely solicited talked consulted conversed held inquiry wormed out of made inquiry sweated it out of tried wormed something out of held a meeting with tried out held out for frain gathered intelligence questioned closely looked into raised question questioned persistently had a dialogue with searched for answers had a discussion with analysed sweated out talked to frained conversed with petitioned saw asked questions sought answers conferred with browbeaten drew out drawn out asked pointed questions gone over with a fine-tooth comb went over with a fine-tooth comb gave the third given the third gave somebody the third degree given somebody the third degree froun showed curiosity asked about shown curiosity got for the record gotten for the record given oral examination gave oral examination

Động từ

(seen over) To have inspected or scrutinized
seen inspected examined checked out scanned scrutinized sized up examined closely eyeballed looked over looked up and down scrutinised cast an eye over given a once-over given the once-over had a look around looked around surveyed gone on a tour of gone over with a fine-tooth comb had a look round had a tour of looked round put under a microscope toured studied tested investigated monitored probed researched established ascertained confirmed certified analyzed noted reviewed explored dissected verified vetted told cased audited parsed tried out made sure of analysed worked over candled scouted out looked see looked into proved inquired into frisked found out enquired into compared quizzed corrected ensured tested out counted enquired about kept account gave something a look-see taken stock went into given something the once-over taken a dekko at gave something a once-over gone into took stock took a dekko at looked at prove proven gave something the once-over given something a look-see went over with a fine-tooth comb gone through been through given something a going-over went through given something a once-over gave something a going-over watched eyed run through viewed looked read through glanced flipped through flicked through perused peered spied searched ogled clocked stared at gazed at taken a gander run over cast a brief look run your eye over observed gaped regarded gazed stared peeped skimmed peeked taken a look leafed through browsed considered rubbernecked glared gawped at gawked gotten a load of leered taken stock of glanced at gawped goggled had a squint leched over perved on given someone the glad eye taken a shufti had a look-see leched after screened spotted beheld beholden noticed focussed focused assessed leered at taken in looked through descried espied appraised conned looked something over glimpsed overseen keeked kept an eye on eyed up overlooked read riffled taken a gander at recce'd recced made eyes at riffed glanced over scoped taken a stealthy look taken a secret look skimmed through given someone the come-on inquired looked fixedly read swiftly hit the high spots read quickly had a dekko snuck a look dipped into had a peek stolen a look enquired gawked at run eye over taken a sly look looked quickly looked from hiding looked surreptitiously swept scoured thumbed leafed contemplated raked flipped looked suggestively squinted looked lasciviously given sly looks to made eyes drooled over readen glassed surfed fanned patted down shaken down looked something up and down flashed rumbled brushed over turned the pages glanced through gotten the cream thumbed through speed-readed gone once over lightly browsed through had a quick look at supervised checked over superintended pored over kicked the tires scouted taken a look at gone over subjected to an examination interrogated subjected to an inspection canvassed catechized questioned rivetted leched fixed fixt riveted laid eyes on made sheep's eyes at gaped at given the glad eye marked taken squinnied evaluated given the once over snatched a glimpse snooped had a peep snuck a quick look looked hurriedly censored redacted fixt one's gaze paid attention to taken note of caught sight of laid one's eyes on weighed up feasted one's eyes taken a dekko taken a butcher's searched into dug into checked up on delved into passed under review perceived discerned sighted distinguished witnessed remarked caught slanged followed surveilled spied on kept under surveillance kept tabs on kept under observation kept watch on gazed upon kept a tab on watched like a hawk kept under scrutiny kept a weather eye on had a gander at twigged had a squint at had a dekko at taken a shufti at given the eye kept a beady eye on had a shufti at had taken a glance at had a look kept eagle eye on

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