Đồng nghĩa của retarded

Alternative for retarded

Đồng nghĩa: mentally retarded,

retards, retarded, retarding

Đồng nghĩa: arrest, check, curb, delay, detain, hinder, impede, inhibit, keep back,

Trái nghĩa: accelerate,

Tính từ

Foolish or lacking in sense
half-baked foolish silly asinine brainless senseless stupid witless crazy idiotic doltish ignorant callow daft dumb immature moronic unintelligent birdbrained credulous damfool dim dopey green thick absurd balmy bubbleheaded cockeyed crackpot cuckoo daffy dippy divvy dotty dozy dunderheaded fatuous featherheaded harebrained kookie kooky lamebrained looney loony lunatic lunkheaded mad nonsensical nutty preposterous sappy screwball simpleminded tomfool unwise wacky whacky zany chowderheaded dof dotish gormless inept inexperienced insane jerky backward batty blockheaded boneheaded fool glaikit imbecilic indiscreet slow dim-witted empty-headed feeble-minded half-witted weak-minded hare-brained simple-minded feather-brained feather-headed wet behind the ears as thick as two short planks simple soft in the head cretinous vacuous vapid dunce-like wooden-headed chuckleheaded fat-headed pea-brained muttonheaded dull crackers vacant nuts potty mental cracked obtuse barmy bone-headed bonkers addle-pated dull-witted feebleminded slow-witted slow on the uptake mentally slow ridiculous inane ludicrous mindless irrational unreasonable imprudent pointless foolhardy illogical ill-advised laughable bizarre thickheaded risible irresponsible screwy thoughtless goofy puerile imbecile loopy rash reckless injudicious crackbrained wild ill-considered fantastic cockamamie farcical cock-eyed odd strange impractical dense incautious ill-conceived brain-dead pinheaded eccentric cockamamy madcap softheaded giddy halfwitted weird impolitic out to lunch fanciful fantastical thick-witted unthinkable short-sighted infantile impracticable peculiar childish dead from the neck up ill-judged scatty outrageous comical derisible unreal shocking dopy grotesque incongruous incredible meaningless monstrous scatterbrained outlandish unbelievable astonishing derisory braindead careless unworkable off the wall unrealistic unstable wacko oafish flighty dorky queer soft unsmart knuckleheaded airheaded bonehead opaque unusual implausible weak pathetic derisive inconsistent heedless rattlebrained oddball ill-thought-out clownish quirky lamebrain funny frivolous unconventional inappropriate deranged insipid surreal slang hilarious off the air up the pole unthinking way out badly planned squirrelly pie-faced nerdy dappy off beam not the full shilling unearthly clueless unsteady changeable bathetic defective clock derpy unconsidered purposeless sluggish harum-scarum off one's head off one's trolley incomprehensible anencephalic anencephalous unaware insensate complacent mentally incompetent bugged out empty erratic goofy loony freaky donkeyish obstinate contemptible foolheaded trifling futile worthless Boeotian dimwitted flakey flaky unsafe unsound off the beam extremely foolish full of holes untenable stupidly irresponsible blockish idiotish very stupid smooth-brained smoothbrained sheepheaded muddle-headed nitwitted bovine lumpish thick-skulled avant-garde off-centre extreme impossible amusing light-hearted comic extravagant excessive whimsical mercurial exorbitant waggish chucklesome diverting vain crass wishy-washy flat innocuous wackadoodle bewildering nonconformist crazy-ass mystifying extraordinary abnormal unique freakish baffling wackadoo phenomenal puzzling cranky kinky inconceivable outré dreamlike offbeat rum remarkable funky quixotic weirdo far-out dilly devoid of intelligence joshing humorous camp witty campy out of the question too much taking the cake misguided off-the-wall spaced-out off-kilter out there doolally gonzo beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason in left field overhasty wrong-headed unseemly demented unhinged unbalanced crazed off your head off your trolley psychotic certifiable loco gaga touched undiplomatic inexpedient brash indelicate graceless tactless hasty inadvisable disturbed bats frenzied distraught meshuga hotheaded confused risky inconsiderate wrong psychopathic distracted sectionable raving bananas delirious frantic manic barking hysterical nutso buggy nutsy schizoid off the top of one's head bushed porangi yarra not right upstairs nutty as a fruitcake not quite right in the head not all there have kangaroos in the top paddock mad as a hatter away with the fairies of unsound mind have bats in the belfry round the bend foaming at the mouth out of one's head non compos mentis mentally unbalanced stark mad as daft as a brush mentally ill raving mad not together stark staring mad mad as a March hare round the twist barking mad idiosyncratic have a screw loose not right in the head stark raving mad twisted sick in the head misbegotten vague bad poorly thought-out badly thought-out doomed ill-made abortive

Tính từ

Intellectually disabled, medically defined as having an IQ (intelligence quotient) below 70 in addition to deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors (which means having problems with basic functional skills that affect everyday, general living)

Động từ

Past tense for to prevent from progress
arrested checked decelerated delayed handicapped braked brake clogged detained hindered impeded obstructed encumbered postponed slowed down stalled deferred hampered curbed hamstrung hamstringed held back held up inhibited set back slowed up interrupted kept back put back restrained restricted slackened slowed cumbered stayed trammelled trammeled baffled baulked balked bogged choked crimped dawdled decreased downed faltered fettered flagged hesitated interfered with lessened loafed loitered mired poked reduced retardated put a brake on backed off bogged down choked off closed off hung up let up shut down shut off took down taken down brought to screeching halt threw a spanner in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of blocked cramped stopped stymied thwarted prevented put off frustrated shackled constrained halted limited barred hobbled bridled handcuffed foiled hog-tied put on hold manacled embarrassed curtailed tied up short-circuited forestalled controlled crippled repressed suspended put an end to put on the back burner put on ice deterred borked derailed suppressed shelved prohibited withheld put over held shut out cut off put on back burner put in cold storage rescheduled stood in the way of contained stifled confined moderated regulated disrupted held off stemmed stonewalled dammed reined in counteracted put the brakes on held over opposed set aside put a stop to kept adjourned remitted averted prorogued protracted staved off stove off held in held down caught held off on burdened tied interfered smothered governed intermitted straitened scuppered tamed cut back cut short tabled prolonged procrastinated debarred interdicted pigeonholed hit the brakes warded off weighed down mothballed withholden holden laid over put at a disadvantage nipped in the bud kept lid on held in abeyance laid on the table stilled paused circumvented countered got in the way of gotten in the way of diminished discontinued staunched muzzled reined disadvantaged ruled measured bound forbid pulled up fetched up made late avoided kept under control kept in check lost speed choked back hemmed in bottled up corked pulled in respited brought to a standstill extended headed off defended against stemmed the flow of hung fire stunted gotten in the way got in the way sabotaged kept waiting embogged discouraged crabbed neutralized muffled defeated bottlenecked ruined inconvenienced put paid to beat precluded sandbagged constricted cut down chained subdued lagged stanched frozen froze evaded overloaded neutralised terminated fazed let down flaps circumscribed circumnavigated nullified oppressed entangled brought up resisted contravened fought back leashed gagged bit bitted skirted sidestepped imprisoned put a limit on shut in continued warded steered clear of boxed in put the stopper on upset put the kibosh on spoiled spoilt kept a lid on jailed gaoled put aside ruled out kept in dragged one's feet cramped one's style eased up dallied locked up put on brakes put an stop to saddled with carried over kept within bounds cooled off kept in abeyance put a spoke in someone's wheel took a rain check on kept the lid on waived put in abeyance put out of commission put in an unfavourable position put half nelson on quit taken a rain check on put away cooled brought to an end placed at a disadvantage put on the shelf drawn up drew up bounden forbidden forbade saddled loaded given rain check gave rain check tempered ended abated qualified reefed quieted lumbered caused to stay caused to wait throttled straitjacketed obscured screened complicated fenced stood ceased swallowed squelched laden laded weighted slacked freighted overtaxed strained taxed stressed netted strangled captured ensnared enmeshed escaped bypassed impaired wound down lost steam pegged disciplined quashed dissuaded snagged incarcerated interned rattled discomfited incommoded checkmated repulsed rebuffed overturned scotched entrammeled entrammelled entrapped occluded overwhelmed overburdened disconcerted debilitated dissuaded from tethered enjoined outlawed tabooed charged discommoded bothered dropped braced sidetracked fixed fixt scrubbed monkeyed with deflected setted limits on imposed limits on congested jammed closed clotted dampened slackened pace locked in disallowed immured shotgunned concussed necessitated fenced in closed in deprived cooped up banned denied sidelined recessed disbanded dissolved prorogated wronged come to a standstill withstood become slower petered out not moved stood off harnessed canned barricaded outwitted stumped blocked up wrecked juked ditched crashed unsettled loused up screwed up fouled up tied one's hands bitten back bit back temporized temporised made difficult held in check knocked off cooled down reduced in speed kept in line slammed on the anchors prevented from making progress quitted forfended laid aside omitted boxed up gummed up laid off kept off chilled cracked down directed treated harshly delimited got slower killed turned aside pulled back anticipated made slower impounded kept at bay intercepted sat on played for time plugged up told against stopped up lingered dillydallied blockaded pinned down treated unfavourably brought under control left to another time called a halt to tarried inflicted a handicap on kept a tight rein on guided counted out got bogged down buttoned up tied down hogtied obviated reduced speed clogged up slammed on the brakes reined back lost pace had on a tight leash bunged up filed slacked up kept down kept tight rein on staved fended off slackened off inactivated treated unfairly stove lengthened loaden gotten out of got out of anchored it beaten sank sunken sunk stuffed broke off broken off came to a standstill became slower taken wind out of took wind out of done for did for gone slower went slower given a hard time gave a hard time threw a spoke in the wheel of threw a spanner in the works thrown a spoke in the wheel of thrown a spanner in the works pink-slipped lay off broke up broken up given a rain check gave a rain check taken a raincheck took a raincheck took out gave disadvantage given disadvantage taken out done a disservice to did a disservice to gave a disadvantage to given a disadvantage to toned down quelled silenced deadened put a damper on calmed set capped mitigated corked up squashed put a lid on mastered overcome quenched softened allayed damped down dulled modulated damped submerged modified soothed pocketed concealed stamped out extinguished lowered assuaged blunted let bounded mellowed weakened overpowered relieved mollified eased diverted dashed composed repelled put a ceiling on tranquilized depressed muted adjusted put the mockers on upset the apple cart put up a fight against overcame hid monitored pacified demarcated cracked down on simmered down cushioned shushed alleviated fought palliated specified enclosed demarked disappointed lightened confronted defined come down on messed up poured cold water on soft-pedalled soft-pedaled played down conquered collected cornered lulled deflated settled crushed sapped gulped back humbled covered up devitalized gentled kept secret quietened determined quelched decided helped garrotted disadvised scared refused relaxed crossed prescribed immobilized immobilised defied delimitated challenged strangled at birth kept an eye on girdled parried dodged defended tackled snookered sweetened pre-empted shut up placed a limit on revised altered turned off put the lid on cast down kept within limits dulcified ducked combated combatted nobbled talked out of picked off marked off put in irons clipped someone's wings beat down encircled surrounded put straitjacket on clamped down on set out cast a pall over cut down on put a crimp in revamped cooled out upset one's apple cart switched fought off cut in put the brakes on struggled against put in chains transmogrified put end to set bounds to put up a fight hidden foughten clobbered proscribed shaken shook gotten the better of got the better of came down on thrown cold water on threw cold water on licked censored undermined eroded rallied recovered inspected appeased nipped something in the bud threw monkey wrench in clamped down thrown monkey wrench in retained marred cowed compromised damaged placated busted reclaimed estopped managed dispirited left out trapped collared kept feeling inside oneself brought to naught destroyed gulped disturbed watered down conciliated seized letten leet got a grip on dismayed subjugated ailed dejected troubled kept hold of disheartened demoralized sated balanced attuned internalized bottled swayed numbed cauterized blanketed benumbed broke broken discountenanced hushed iced internalised harshed kept control of influenced formed dictated conditioned enervated daunted saddened gained control over gained mastery over minced guarded bulwarked established refused to pay harmonized gyved pinioned enfettered idled enchained expropriated commandeered snatched grabbed disfavoured encroached on infringed deprecated warned disfavored frightened indisposed slaked saved propitiated temperated affected moulded shaped holp holpen attenuated setted a limit on drowned eliminated kept on a string touched attacked cuffed clapt clapped secured ambushed chained up clouded cauterised perturbed wearied chagrined abased distressed tuned toned varied kept a rein on invalidated scuttled molded predisposed fended inclined worked on shepherded disposed covered hijacked appropriated buttonholed interloped waylayed accosted waylaid interposed protested contested disputed confounded dummied up dried up forbid to comforted satisfied ameliorated exerted influence on impacted on smashed rationed delineated identified outlined designated classified stipulated held captive dragged feet inflected bummed out demoralised warred oppugned battled relucted eluded had an effect on pounced on resolved clapped in irons shrunk prelimited admixed inclosed contracted narrowed shortened distinguished brought an end to reconciled dulcorated honeyed sugared beaten down countervailed shielded against protected against safeguarded against counterplotted buried brought to a stop suspended proceedings traversed rooted queered took on taken on bucked had an impact on kept under wraps harmonised adapted tied someone's hands defended yourself stood up for kept within the limits of marked out swooped down on skipped fought against amended baulked at setted the boundaries of jammed up bordered objected to brought into line coped with halted in its tracks replied retaliated dissented with bilked chilled out come to an end fixed up locked horns with shifted girt kept at arm's length made off with made reasonable detailed called a halt battled against marked blacked out buffaloed diluted stood up to strove against walled in promoted riposted staked out contended with flanked brought to a screeching halt bollixed rimmed run circles around took the edge off enveloped dug in one's heels refused to accept beat off shuffled off met halfway defended oneself against laid down brought to a halt run rings around faced down monkeyed around with belted brought to an end to sent up striven against made a stand against laid down the law to someone skirted round tweaked changed compassed kicked against headed off at pass called it a day encompassed patched things up setted the limits of rebelled against finished guarded against kept inside caused setback taken the edge off fine-tuned verged girded edged taken tough action took tough action re-collected acted against tongue-tied took taken shope shapen drawn the line on drew the line on underlay underlain forbidden to bore down on borne down on acted on undone undid shrank shrunken bitten one's lip bit one's lip lay down taken out of play took out of play taken sting out took sting out been a factor in was a factor in were a factor in thrown a curve threw a curve took wind out of sails taken wind out of sails taken the bite out of taken the sting out of took the sting out of took the bite out of got back at gotten back at beaten off acted like a wet blanket taken away took away given the slip ran circles around thrown a monkey wrench in the works shook off threw a monkey wrench in the works given the run-around shaken off gave the slip ran rings around gave the run-around took a stand against took up arms against taken issue with spoke out against gone against took issue with taken up arms against spoken out against went against taken a stand against taken five taken a break taken a breather took five took a recess took a rain check took a break taken a recess came to an end took a breather taken a rain check

Động từ

Past tense for to decrease in sensitivity

Trái nghĩa của retarded

retarded Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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