Đồng nghĩa của gave a hard time

Động từ

Past tense for tease
kidded around teased annoyed badgered baited bantered bothered chaffed disturbed dogged fooled around goaded harassed joshed led on mocked needled nudged pestered picked on ragged razzed ribbed rode rid ridiculed roasted taunted hassled tormented gibed hazed plagued worried heckled put on jibed at put down kidded derided joked jived rallied satirized twitted funned guyed quizzed chiacked jeered interrupted disrupted harried provoked slanged slang irritated aggravated bedevilled bedeviled shucked smoked rotted booed barracked hectored sledged importuned vexed vext devilled gnawed deviled beleaguered gnew tantalized spoofed slammed shouted down snapt sounded snapped scoffed at took the piss out of made sport of made a monkey of flouted at messed around sent up pulled one's leg poked fun at poked mullock at tantalised pulled someone's leg satirised had on jeered at goofed on swang at poked borak at flirted with took the mickey made jokes about wound up made fun of slung off at laughed at ragged on hissed rattled disconcerted fazed bullied embarrassed chivied dissed hounded discomfited butted in shouted catcalls at shouted at made game of ridden gnawn taken the mickey swung at taken the piss out of given a hard time japed jested sneered pilloried flouted jollied sneered at insulted scorned scoffed scouted skewered made a monkey out of lampooned fooled quipped jabbed jibed yukked gagged yucked wisecracked panned treated with contempt shot down held up to ridicule made a fool of set up mimicked reviled got at gibed at louted disdained criticized outraged upbraided offended slapped criticised reproached twittered dug affronted hoaxed treated contemptuously frazzled humiliated fleered cartooned unmasked deflated exposed dumped on hooted buffooned girt fooled about girded raspberried ridged stayed boned pooh-poohed played a prank thumbed nose at played a practical joke heaped scorn on showed up squibbed censured held up to shame run down called names railed at made someone a laughing stock laughed out of court exposed to ridicule poked borack made a laughing-stock made a game of gotten at shown contempt for shown contempt showed contempt for showed contempt ran down

Động từ

Past tense for to make things very unpleasant for someone
gave someone hell harassed annoyed badgered bothered bullied harried hounded pestered plagued troubled worried baited bedeviled bedevilled deviled devilled hassled intimidated molested terrorised terrorized victimised victimized made it hot for someone made things hot for someone picked on upset irritated bugged nagged tormented vexed vext persecuted irked disturbed needled aggravated rid rode put out provoked teased drove up the wall agitated distressed got to galled fretted beset ruffled peeved hurt dogged afflicted narked exasperated chafed nettled ate perturbed angered chivvied riled hectored displeased piqued hacked off burned up got gat got on your nerves gave someone grief miffed grated pained goaded grope griped beleaguered fussed mithered tried wound up got in your hair ticked off disquieted offended discomposed tortured rasped stressed spited frosted itched browbeat heckled pursued rubbed up the wrong way bummed out got across infuriated incensed rankled besieged agonized perplexed kept after kept on at agonised grieved alarmed racked oppressed flustered concerned curst cursed rattled harrowed anguished gravelled graveled fazed henpecked chivied ailed strained got at picked at tantalized pecked at went on at breathed down someone's neck gave a bad time made waves tantalised put your back up worked on drove round the bend got on your wick got your back up hacked you off got under your skin put someone's nose out of joint made someone see red gave someone the hump maddened taunted unsettled dismayed discountenanced disconcerted outraged excruciated saddened wound wounded ragged inconvenienced discomforted threw frustrated flurried disgusted frazzled dunned depressed unhinged importuned distempered distracted discombobulated derailed discommoded aggrieved prodded nudged weighed down hagrid hagrode alarumed gnawed gnew weirded out gnawed at freaked out harped on at drove round the twist drove bananas undid got on one's nerves bent someone's ear made somebody's hackles rise scolded enraged carped ribbed criticized inflamed unnerved antagonized niggled chaffed berated frightened scared haunted burdened sweat embarrassed shook made angry attacked spooked chagrined carped at dissatisfied injured confounded psyched indisposed drove crazy interrupted abraded bit made anxious hurt somebody's feelings flipped out intruded upon put the squeeze on put pressure on grated on antagonised egged on exercised tried your patience broke grumbled at found fault with stirred up cut up brake made your blood boil ruffled one's feathers criticised moaned at got up someone's nose pricked found fault got someone kept complaining to gave the business put through wringer threw off balance beat rankled with insulted got your hackles up got your dander up infested guyed pressurized turned off mixed up mocked leaned on brought pressure to bear on pressurised bored bore crossed impeded hindered imposed on ridiculed stewed feared sweated made wretched strapped ate at pushed pushed buttons weighed on nit-picked made miserable martyred aroused anxiety in caused anguish to made it tough for caused suffering to desolated did a number on assailed affronted puzzled affected gibed hazed made uncomfortable caused discomfort to preyed on your mind made uneasy caused concern to grinded ground bummed overwhelmed entangled hampered hacked wigged got your goat aggressed fell upon started in on fell on gave the needle jumped on one's case got in the hair of took the mickey took the piss out of razzed got on the nerves of disgruntled stung curdled scorned disappointed searched high heaven scratched around yapped at ragged on mortified humped exacerbated keyed up crazed layed up turned fired up rocked the boat made a scene turned on incapacitated sickened pothered debilitated bewildered cramped flipped laid up floored stressed out worked up attracted absorbed motivated got a rise out of interested grabbed ignited awaked absorpt awoke quickened rattled one's cage bullyragged forayed macerated burnt despoiled jerked around noodged burned domineered smote rubbed salt in wound smit punished leaded someone a merry dance wrung played cat and mouse boned wrang made cross chid chided upbraided drove mad cheesed off browned off taxed yawped inveighed growled yammered murmured grizzled grumped crabbed muttered complained squealed maundered grouched whinged bleated kicked croaked whimpered squawked whined kvetched caterwauled wailed grumbled moaned yowled bellyached hollered keened beefed yauped repined screamed groused rubbed you up the wrong way incommoded gave someone the pip teed off caviled cavilled despaired moaned on at took it out on urged busted someone's balls egged busted chops tested expelled dragooned wronged singled out got the knife into exiled hunted crucified sticked the knife into teared sweated out lied heavy on tore caused anxiety to reminded insisted messed with drove you up the wall gnawn gone on at given someone grief driven up the wall given a hard time driven round the bend driven round the twist pressured forced coerced railroaded put the screws on pressed ridden compelled strong-armed bulldozed tyrannized tyrannised hustled bludgeoned browbeaten blackjacked fast-talked brainwashed obliged constrained influenced prevailed on threatened put down hit where one lives eaten gotten to press-ganged used pressure on maltreated cowed persuaded impelled gotten menaced bounced made ill-treated burnt up gotten on your nerves put under an obligation pushed around used strong-arm tactics on mistreated abused squeezed spurred subjugated obligated bogarted blustered gotten at driven drove dominated mau-maued despotized twisted someone's arm rubbed the wrong way turned on the heat terrified suppressed smothered plied barraged confused given someone the hump blighted subdued gripped overawed incited exploited impressed scourged steamrollered muscled sandbagged buffaloed misused appalled enslaved insisted on enforced put the screws to put up to overpowered driven crazy ground down given a bad time driven mad roiled pushed about gotten across ill-used gotten under your skin treated harshly gotten your back up rattled someone's cage set off put through the wringer set on put screws to twisted one's arm put the chill on raised your hackles put heat on put the heat on tyrannized over walked all over put upon torn broken overbore overborne hagridden undone suffocated rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over gotten on one's nerves rousted encouraged wringed savaged daunted implored advised manipulated humiliated violated titillated enticed obtruded encroached intruded accosted admonished promoted disparaged begged lacerated advocated expedited festered smitten smited belittled reproached reviled besought beseeched induced solicited inspanned bitten mauled clawed killed mangled mutilated discriminated against crowded struck recommended hung over awed visited buffeted buffetted inspired prompted allured tempted beguiled led on intrigued excited lured abased fascinated derided crushed affrighted caused trouble to propelled adjured compressed ramrodded steamrolled exhorted entreated preyed on buttonholed manhandled speeded up sped up tried to persuade castigated thrown baffled thwarted dishonored charmed squashed constricted condensed destroyed weakened shaken repressed caused anxiety given the business railroaded into nagged at sold hegemonized overcome mastered politicked driven to distraction drove to distraction driven bananas dragooned into poured it on grilled brutalised brutalized mishandled dumped on flirted with martyrized dishonoured acted on discomfited started eaten at subjected steamrollered into pushed for scared off bossed around bossed about messed weighed heavily on bulldozed into kept down heated up come at sold one on messed over worked into lather exerted influence on given someone the pip got someone's wick worked over made fun of pushed someon's buttons encumbered saddled brought someone to their knees trampled underfoot overloaded lorded it over trampled on brought under the yoke scared the bejesus out of kept someone hanging on sent into a rage pulled at stepped on the toes of beat down asked for it brought to heel held down had a down on played the heavy with made your mouth water ruled with an iron hand browbeat into held sway over gotten up someone's nose held a gun to one's head handicapped trampled ruled with a rod of iron ruled got across someone had it in for walked heavy kept hanging ruled over kicked around laid a bad trip on weighed heavy upon overrode overridden stricken broke in broken in worn wore given someone hell took taken beaten driven nuts drove nuts overcame taken it out on fallen upon fallen on came at given the needle done an injustice to taken advantage of did an injustice to took advantage of appealed to took a rise out of taken a rise out of gotten a rise out of beaten down overthrown overthrew gotten your hackles up rode roughshod ridden roughshod done a number on thrown off balance gone to town on browbeaten into bore down on went to town on borne down on taken the mickey taken the piss out of driven you up the wall gave no quarter given no quarter went for jugular gone for jugular teared at gone for went for tore at tore to pieces torn to pieces

Động từ

Past tense for to impede the work or progress of
short-circuited hindered hampered impeded obstructed encumbered inhibited stymied trammelled trammeled cramped fettered handicapped shackled clogged hobbled manacled handcuffed interfered with embarrassed held back held up hog-tied tied up checked blocked curbed barred cumbered frustrated foiled hung up baffled cramped one's style chained cut off put a brake on baulked entangled hamstrung shut off hamstringed balked shut down got in the way bound delayed brake braked thwarted restrained stopped retarded disrupted slowed closed off deterred dammed rattled disconcerted slowed down derailed interfered fouled up fazed screwed up stood in the way of got in the way of threw a monkey wrench in the works of threw a spanner in the works of crippled froze saddled with opposed borked stonewalled scuppered discomfited bounden gotten in the way given a hard time restricted constrained bridled confined limited set back tied prevented leashed stalled held stifled arrested controlled repressed halted crimped interrupted put off put half nelson on locked up thrown a spanner in the works of entrammeled entrammelled tethered forestalled straitened curtailed reined in prohibited regulated crabbed withheld weighed down detained thrown a monkey wrench in the works of held in held captive holden secured fastened disadvantaged suppressed inconvenienced lashed burdened trussed upset smothered imprisoned incarcerated debarred constricted tamed interned governed contained bogged down shelved put at a disadvantage put paid to hemmed in sandbagged tied down dragged your feet put straitjacket on slowed up kept lid on put on hold put out of commission pulled in corked choked off gaoled shut in bottled up put away put on back burner put back jailed gotten in the way of put a straitjacket on shut up put on brakes put in irons put an stop to locked in shut out put a leash on put on ice put an end to cooped up fixed together clipped someone's wings put in chains choked immured put a crimp in put the kibosh on tied one's hands kept back held down put a lead on withholden discouraged snookered puzzled defeated idled impaired spoilt mystified confounded spoiled stumped caught overloaded netted ensnared captured enmeshed scotched nonplussed quashed dissuaded snagged incommoded flummoxed immobilised immobilized forbid entrapped joined ruled kept measured reined oppressed charged discommoded bothered sidelined dead-ended cornered pigeonholed warded enjoined outlawed bitted tabooed bit reduced averted interdicted debilitated stayed gyved circumscribed quelled laced sabotaged laced up stemmed the flow of staved off prevented from making progress held off sent up intermitted necessitated protracted cribbed bottlenecked threw a spanner in the works contravened brought to screeching halt loused up backed off clapped in irons committed prorogued brought to a screeching halt setted limits on complicated enslaved kept a tight rein on tied someone's hands kept under control made difficult simmered down pinioned gained mastery over trapped sequestered fenced in muzzled enfettered jugged hung fire nipped in the bud monkeyed with postponed delimited cooled counteracted kept in check taped closed in neutralised deprived cooled off imposed limits on impounded cuffed deferred moderated banded kept in resisted made late neutralized obscured walled up screened placed at a disadvantage throttled paused caged subdued wrapped enchained wrapt hitched up prolonged gained control over remitted stove off held over quarantined thrown a spanner in the works disallowed held off on boxed in banned shotgunned cooped concussed walled in denied forbidden forbade thrown a spoke in the wheel of threw a spoke in the wheel of retardated taken down took down frozen threw monkey wrench in thrown monkey wrench in taken out took out gave disadvantage given disadvantage gave the run around given the run around thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into

Trái nghĩa của gave a hard time

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