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slates, slated, slating

Đồng nghĩa: slating, ticket,


Past tense for to criticize severely
lambasted attacked bashed hammered pilloried condemned flayed knocked mauled panned pummelled pummeled reviled savaged vilified criticized harshly crucified slammed bagged roasted rubbished shot down skewered trashed excoriated pulled apart pulled to pieces slashed took apart taken apart slagged off took to pieces taken to pieces tore to pieces torn to pieces gave something a battering given something a battering threw brickbats at thrown brickbats at did a hatchet job on done a hatchet job on criticized put down censured criticised dissed cast aspersions on disparaged blasted denigrated laid into castigated had a go at bad-mouthed cut up abused denounced hit out at run down maligned found fault with berated deprecated vituperated flamed aspersed reprehended derogated reproved chastised railed against reproached reprimanded slurred objurgated rated inveighed against rebuked picked holes in upbraided reprobated poured scorn on decried belittled blamed jumped on scolded ran down bawled out scathed fulminated against laced into arraigned impugned dressed down besmirched belabored assailed carpeted chewed out belaboured chid chided read the riot act defamed hauled over the coals faulted insulted tore into torn into admonished vilipended discredited rapped caned potshotted traduced reamed out depreciated slagged slandered dispraised calumniated carped at vituperated against derided minimized blistered dragged through the mud remonstrated with scoffed at cried down cut down disapproved of cavilled at lectured harangued scorned slighted pitched into dismissed minimised took to task taken to task nitpicked about denunciated discounted ridiculed come down on undervalued bollocked dumped on underrated tongue-lashed lashed trash-talked ranted at diminished smeared rapped over the knuckles called down played down scorched let someone have it put on the mat spread lies about libeled libelled stigmatized told off basted underestimated sledged ragged detracted from jawed keelhauled picked to pieces execrated found fault kissed off talked down contemned gave a bad press to given a bad press to stigmatised railed at trivialized rollicked deplored sneered at criticizes severely scored anathematized ripped downgraded animadverted on trimmed misprized given someone hell gave someone hell treated lightly found lacking gave someone a roasting given someone a roasting pooh-poohed trivialised made light of tore off a strip torn off a strip blackened the name of nitpicked over held cheap curst cursed carped mocked gave some stick to given some stick to railed wigged sailed into done down did down rowed detracted deflated judged came down on minified skinned bagged on nagged at hit pulled up gave someone a rocket given someone a rocket gave someone a rollicking given someone a rollicking ticked off wrote off written off spoken ill of spoke ill of raked over the coals slapped down sent someone away with a flea in their ear cast a slur on put away cut down to size cut to the quick poor-mouthed given someone a bad press gave someone a bad press nagged sullied the reputation of tore a strip off torn a strip off given someone a bollocking gave someone a bollocking gave flak to given flak to caviled cavilled exprobated disciplined degraded marginalized reamed devalued slanged proscribed slung mud at punished complained about lowered spoke badly of spoken badly of laughed off laughed at passed strictures upon marginalised objected to taken down took down thrown mud at threw mud at picked at slapped someone's wrist branded let fly brought into disrepute lampooned blackened the reputation of blackened the character of despised gave someone a dressing-down given someone a dressing-down torn down tore down blackened conducted a smear campaign against torn to shreds tore to shreds given a talking-to gave a talking-to fustigated griped about scourged demeaned chastened taunted debased disdained nitpicked cussed grouched about groused about quibbled about carped about whined about moaned about beat downplayed disapproved penalized animadverted read out penalised ostracized ostracised bellyached about beefed about whinged about clobbered ripped to shreds made short work of made mincemeat of slugged zapped beat up on sounded off about cheapened lit into nit-picked ripped up skinned alive got at disgraced cast out sold short yelled at given a rocket gave a rocket jumped down one's throat jeered at put a whammy on given something a bad press gave something a bad press spoken evil of spoke evil of given someone a telling-off gave someone a telling-off given someone an earful gave someone an earful given someone a caning gave someone a rating gave someone a mouthful given someone a row gave someone a wigging laid down the law looked down one's nose at given someone some stick given someone a rating gave someone a row cussed out gave someone a caning shouted at called to account given someone a wigging gave someone what for gave someone some stick given someone what for put hooks in cut to bits let have it given someone a mouthful torn apart tore apart gave a bad name given a bad name lashed out at slang gone for the jugular went for the jugular abhorred blew up at took to the woodshed went on at taken down a peg took down a peg gone on at done a number on blown up at did a number on taken to the woodshed detested refuted satirized found unacceptable accused had a pop at growled riled fulminated argued with rounded on satirised disagreed with doomed sentenced voodooed dug mistreated demonized jinxed piled in looked askance at frowned on given someone bondi gave someone bondi cautioned threaped badmouthed sweared offended criticized unfairly remonstrated rebuffed incriminated started on started in whipped rejected recriminated corrected demonised harassed heaped imprecated blasphemed animadverted upon brought under fire thrashed flogged understated squelched squashed drubbed scarified expostulated protested against picked apart looked askance backbitten backbit expelled dratted convicted darned confounded banished banned monished lessoned checked questioned ragged on preached lashed out praught persecuted oppressed chewed destroyed snapped someone's head off jumped on one's case fluffed slogged tied into ripped into sneered prosecuted declaimed hitten hat devaluated lessened compromised humiliated hosed injured scandalized zinged miscalled scandalised impeached indicted gotten after got after threw shade thrown shade gotten at humbled spurned complained discountenanced harshed sniped at lashed into framed poormouthed named pronounced adjudged complained of inveigled against thundered against reviewed unfavorably taken exception to took exception to held forth against gave a black eye given a black eye leaned on passed judgment criticized hatefully pinned it on jumped all over looked down on exposed to ridicule called someone names run something down kept after shot full of holes talked to called on the carpet held up to shame charged with hung something on pointed finger at held accountable showed up weighed into knocked off high horse marked down sent up sent up the river called names declaimed against burned one's ears held someone to blame laid out dragged over the coals brought down rapped someone the knuckles jumped down someone's throat held someone responsible laid at one's door complained to brought someone to book clamored against knocked off had someone on the carpet talked something down got on spoke of with disfavour spoken of with disfavour got angry with gotten angry with assaulted verbally sworn swore took taken took on taken on chewn bit someone's head off bitten someone's head off taken a dim view of took a dim view of rid rode ridden shown someone up showed someone up barked at criticizes strongly criticized strongly gave a tongue-lashing given a tongue-lashing beaten ran something down taken a swipe at took a swipe at blown whistle on blew whistle on gave comeuppance given comeuppance gave black eye bad mouthed given black eye given bad press gave bad press given someone a carpeting gave someone a carpeting ate out gave one hell eaten out given one hell taken someone to task blew up took someone to task blown up taken away threw stones at took swipe at took away taken swipe at thrown stones at wrote down written down blown off swore at blew off sworn at took somebody to task taken somebody to task given a hard time gave a hard time gotten on spoken to spoke to argued against taken issue with took issue with lay out charged imputed pointed the finger at inculpated taxed opposed rapped someone over the knuckles come down hard on criminated expressed disapproval of kicked up a fuss about kicked up a stink about put on trial for put up a fight against thundered raved at challenged inveighed held responsible given a piece of one's mind gave a piece of one's mind objected opposed strongly fingered raised objections to attributed chewed someone out climbed all over made a fuss about complained vociferously about slapped someone on the wrist laid charges against preferred charges against ranted protested disputed fumed raged against hoist implicated called over the coals visited cited remonstrated about protested strongly at expostulated about summonsed came down hard on raked shellacked made a protest against kicked against alleged jawboned summoned complained bitterly about kicked strongly criticized rapped on knuckles slapped on wrist disagreed violently with trounced frowned upon told a thing or two accused of arraigned for come down on like a ton of bricks brought charges against made a stand against prosecuted for tried sounded off filed charges against impeached for brought to trial for pointed the finger put on trial made accusations about pointed a finger at reprimanded severely raged contradicted rebutted spoke out against spoken out against confronted controverted took a stand against taken a stand against thought wrong not supported stormed quarreled with raved blustered spouted huffed brought to book discommended disfavoured expressed a poor opinion of negated disesteemed disfavored remonstrated against recompensed skelped noticed dinged spanked hoisted glued feruled forewarned intimidated menaced made a stand raised an struck smothered slapped twitted cudgelled cudgeled vociferated warned vociferated about mouthed off about sat on jacked up saddled advised counseled adjured counselled dishonoured dishonored passed on exprobrated presented thrown the book at threw the book at held liable ranted and raved brought to account laid on drew the line drawn the line rapped someone's knuckles moralised moralized fried kicked up gave a going over given a going over assigned fault to placed the blame on laid the blame on called to task indicted for came down on like a ton of bricks assigned liability to assigned guilt to had your knife in ranked on made an example of considered guilty of meted out punishment to had words expressed strong disapproval of afflicted found guilty of took to court for expressed disapprobation bickered subjugated excepted laid at door laid at your door severely reprimanded carped on had words with apprehended held at fault taught someone a lesson repressed expressed disagreement with argued expressed disapprobation of singled out sued laid blame on fought rained had the law on sent someone away with a flea in his served with a summons faced with charges dissented had on the carpet passed the buck lowered the boom objected strongly to filed claim softened brought to trial withstood thought badly of griped resisted lodged a protest against laid a guilt trip on taxed with arrested incriminated for suppressed combated brought charges recriminated for scapegoated stuck it to served summons raked over coals censured with betrayed demurred combatted laid a bad trip on rapped across the knuckles brought a charge against lodged complaint dressed-down squabbled picked on taken to court for brought a case against gainsaid gave a rough time given a rough time stricken spoken out spoke out taken a stand took a stand spoke spoken spake went on about gone on about lay on took great exception to taken great exception to given the devil gave the devil given going-over gave going-over went after gone after blew the whistle blown the whistle gave someone stick given someone stick taken to court took to court gave tongue-lashing given tongue-lashing given somebody a piece of one's mind gave somebody a piece of one's mind given the dickens gave the dickens gave piece of mind given piece of mind gave someone a telling off given someone a dressing down given someone a telling off gave someone a dressing down torn someone a new one tore someone a new one grope taken issue took exception gripen taken exception foughten took issue


Past tense for to make a record or listing of


Past tense for to strike or hit heavily, and sometimes repeatedly
pounded thumped beat beaten wallopped walloped bashed belted hit hat hitten struck stricken hammered battered thrashed pummelled pummeled knocked smacked punched whaled bludgeoned whipped buffeted buffetted batted slogged banged lashed drubbed whacked slapped clobbered flogged clouted pelted socked tanned thwacked clubbed licked lambasted bopped mauled slammed swatted birched biffed cracked slugged rapped clipped clipt hid hidden swiped whopped smote smit smitten smited switched pasted boxed laced threshed lathered busted paddled basted pommelled pommeled whapped whupped clocked tromped fibbed clapped clapt belabored bonked curried nailed zapped bobbed tagged did done welted boffed lammed sloshed belaboured quilted whomped donged swinged swonge swongen drew drawn forged malleated roughed up worked over laid into laced into bunged up pitched into lit into rained blows on punched out messed up tore into torn into let someone have it sticked one on gave someone a hiding given someone a hiding gave someone a good hiding given someone a good hiding beat the living daylights out of beatbeat the living daylights out of the living daylights out of set on weighed into knocked into the middle of next week cudgeled cudgelled beat up on flailed flagellated caned punished spanked assaulted smashed strapped beat up scourged leathered horsewhipped slashed rawhided cowhided decked attacked maltreated flayed hit hard larruped larrupped laid one on knocked about knocked around tonked abused bruised rammed mashed trounced beaten up cuffed assailed tapped chastised hit repeatedly drummed thudded manhandled crushed plugged lacerated coshed mutilated let one have it waxed broke broken brake tanned one's hide put in the hospital let have it done over did over defeated bumped impacted whisked jerked knobbed handled thumped on knocked on chinned mistreated whammed blistered reviled bashed up disfigured lamed crippled disabled mangled brutalized wrecked aimed blows at defaced contused brutalised maimed dashed against duffed up filled in beat to a pulp trashed rained blows upon fustigated paddlewhacked bullwhipped pitched flopped flapped feruled fluttered blackjacked striped quirted leaned on warmed someone's seat dusted someone's britches struck with a stick beat with a stick drave driven druv drove shaken shook bore down borne down worn out wore out given someone a drubbing gave someone a beating gave someone a drubbing given someone a beating given someone a good beating gave someone a good beating beaten to a pulp gave someone a good drubbing given someone a good drubbing beaten with a stick gave a hiding given a hiding taken a strap to took a strap to taken care of broken face took care of broke face set upon set about let fly at had a go at beset got stuck into mugged jumped pulverized sailed into pulverised routed pounced upon overwhelmed turned on ambushed crucified jumped on pounced on descended on descended upon worsted bested hurt sicced slaughtered annihilated demolished charged tanked rushed duffed someone up injured marmalized massacred murdered destroyed flattened besieged shellacked skunked owned turned inside out lashed out at put paid to put an end to upset run rings around brought someone to their knees outhit wiped the floor with walked all over made mincemeat of hit out at triumphed over harmed bushwhacked stormed totalled totaled fell upon struck at beat hollow fallen upon conquered wound wounded subdued set at overpowered vanquished overcome quelled fallen on fell on raided subjugated buried aggressed mastered rounded on smoked cut quashed ill-treated rolled smothered creamed bombed dusted steamrolled went in on gone in on own outmanoeuvred won against plowed under subverted pwned outflanked prevailed over rolled back walked over slapped around wiped out ran roughshod over outrun ruined put out edged out got won a resounding victory over mowed down taken to the cleaners killed torpedoed nosed out defeated utterly dropped skinned dispatched knocked out decimated whitewashed outjumped swamped obliterated trampled KO'd pipped at the post overmatched pwnd won a victory over overturned blitzed took to the cleaners blown out got the better of picked apart waded into stopped outplayed surmounted trimmed upended gotten the better of slayed butchered finished off had at ran rings around snowed under blew out of the water made an assault on shipwrecked run rings round launched an attack on chastened put on the rack blown out of the water brought to ruin launched oneself at overrun outmaneuvered entrapped blew out edged floored flew at flown at beaten hollow gone for went for kicked in damaged tormented beat someone up overthrown overthrew impaired persecuted molested beaned kicked terrorized booted bombarded grazed gashed incapacitated overcame bothered brained stuffed terrorised scratched scraped harassed afflicted martyred undone undid cooked took to cleaners done down stabbed knocked cold physically attacked overran ran rings round caused injury to come down on banged up hauled off on jumped down one's throat gotten around taken it all sank run at rushed upon knocked for a loop pinched slew impaled launched at knocked block off laid siege to did down caused pain to rushed at took it all tortured overbore took blown away got around sprung on outran gotten inflicted pain on chopped down impugned taken sunken come at knocked down lobbed inflicted suffering on taken to cleaners martyrized slain grilled gat roughhoused steamed turned to violence blew away sprung at accosted encountered overborne sunk invaded mishandled taken a stick to took a stick to beaten someone up gone at went at came down on assaulted physically came at given someone the works gave someone the works sprang on sprang at went after ran at gone after


Past tense for to propose or formally enter as a candidate for a role or award

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