Đồng nghĩa của showed

Alternative for showed

shows, showed, showing, shown

Đồng nghĩa: aim, clarify, demonstrate, denote, direct, display, exhibit, explain, guide, illustrate, indicate, manifest, point, reveal,

Trái nghĩa: disguise,


To have been visible, or to have been seen
appeared revealed emerged stood out stuck out caught the eye exposed featured flashed presented became visible came into sight came into view materialised surfaced materialized arose blossomed broke out came out cropped up dawned debuted erupted loomed reappeared rematerialized resurfaced rose shot up sprang up evolved unfolded broadened deepened transpired resulted leaked out advanced came into being developed crystallised naturalized flourished progressed came forth took shape took form crystallized manifested became apparent came up turned up changed increased naturalised arrived came together occurred became known came to light merged grew emanated flowed matured happened popped up set in issued presented itself sprang sprung formed came into existence sprouted began started originated came to pass eventuated commenced came about made an appearance mushroomed actualized ensued befell spread took place showed up followed put in an appearance burst forth germinated broke brake budded bloomed set proliferated happed burgeoned kicked in put forth shoots entered into the picture burst out bobbed up took root put forth buds accumulated proceeded rocketed stemmed supervened multiplied spawned catalyzed pullulated betided betid engendered flowered built up revealed itself presented oneself manifested itself catalysed thrived throve skyrocketed expanded derived swelled snowballed prospered enlarged vegetated incubated boomed ballooned bourgeoned peeped appeared partly appeared slowly exploded peeked set off shot turned out rolled up bechanced entered launched fell felled accrued put on a spurt went down made the scene ran riot exposed itself kicked off grew rapidly showed itself became more numerous peered out popped in arrived on the scene blew in showed its face burst into came on the scene spread quickly chanced to happen escalated chanced existed became manifest came mounted appreciated came to the fore entered the picture popped popped out forthcame clomb climbed passed began life accelerated soared went through the ceiling went sky-high gained was were came from arose from stemned from arose out of resulted from showed partially peeked from issued from appeared briefly upsprung upsprang headed waxed did stopped ended terminated formed buds developed buds appeared unexpectedly sprouted up appeared suddenly actioned increased rapidly increased exponentially settled cultivated crystalized solidified acquired jelled propagated came off fell out came down flamed happened suddenly ripened blew up started suddenly flared up began suddenly embarked on blazed up took on character hardened fell into place shaped up became a reality condensed precipitated sparked incited initiated pushed up pushed manifested yourself showed one's face hove in sight manifested oneself became evident hoved into view made appearance heaved into view showed oneself wound up at revealed oneself invoked enkindled fostered developed quickly instituted actuated established collected gathered occasioned triggered activated abounded started up kick-started triggered off became established effloresced came along grew up fared well bore fruit maturated battened grew well produced got on amassed succeeded broached came after went up ascended came to the top came to the surface floated up stood up rose up broke the surface came next mounted up stockpiled augmented added piled up accompanied attended followed on originated in supervened on


To have established a fact to be true
confirmed demonstrated established determined illustrated affirmed asserted attested corroborated proved verified backed up bore witness indicated pointed out ratified substantiated supported upheld validated vouched ascertained bore out certified circumstantiated elucidated endorsed evidenced evinced exposed noted pointed predicated prescribed projected registered reinforced showcased clarified explained expounded justified laid bare laid out made evident made known made out made plain revealed sustained testified to witnessed discovered authenticated demonstrated the truth documented established evidence gave substance to the fact that produced evidence produced proof showed beyond doubt submitted evidence submitted proof testified witnessed to the fact that flagged up signified signalled signaled displayed exhibited manifested denoted attested to settled bespoke proclaimed expressed spelt out presented spelled out made clear showed clearly vouched for declared underscored cleared up got across guaranteed concluded espoused ostended assured showed once and for all warranted argued avowed avouched averred sweared proven vindicated professed maintained prove stated upholden beared witness to asseverated borne out claimed backed contended alleged shown sworn swore insisted promised lent weight to pledged vowed checked ensured pronounced deposed announced acknowledged protested gave credence to given credence to sealed buttressed purported borne witness insured guarantied adduced shown beyond doubt okayed put forth stood by held shown to be true showed to be true given substance to gave substance to recognized advanced defended authorized accredited advocated pleaded pled approved secured clinched answered for laid down agreed checked out given proof of gave proof of double-checked authorised recognised cinched said so demonstrated the truth of rubber-stamped admitted challenged put the seal on confessed allowed owned bolstered suggested made sure seconded seen submitted implied reenforced opined represented reassured realized set out shored up cited offered made certain betokened gave evidence given evidence gave weight to given weight to sponsored strengthened let on nailed down satisfied oneself set stood up for checked up stood behind setted the seal on made a case realised witnessed to stated on oath notarized opened up put about that countersigned put forward owned up stuck up for iced crossed heart put on ice provided evidence of locked up bespake bespoken sworn to swore to lay down saw shown clearly given an undertaking swore up and down sworn up and down taken an oath took an oath given substance to the fact that gave an undertaking reasoned granted reasserted reaffirmed underpinned charged accepted conceded sanctioned formalized legitimized undertaken undertook capped wound up closed pretended hinted insinuated accused expostulated intimated imputed reflected provided own postulated questioned propounded posited extenuated appreciated invoked effected sewed up sewn up stipulated conveyed notified laid recited recounted signed off on found accounted for yielded excused wagered arranged emphasized moved remonstrated seen to it saw to it acceded acquiesced adjured cognized perceived enforced constituted proof of constituted evidence of made sure of constituted cosigned averted taken care contracted protected tried out signed and sealed stood for signed for got behind were responsible for committed rehabilitated given an assurance developed got off chest proved to be genuine made a deposition gave an assurance had a lock on was responsible for disproved objectified sussed out given assurances provided evidence spouted given force to come out of closet gotten behind brought forward tried convinced debunked pressed signed actualized emphasised had a case fessed up stood bail for shielded whitewashed owned up to formalised legitimised championed prevailed upon made a case for cooperated with crooned passworded acquiesced in checked on stumped subscribed to confuted shown once and for all gave a pledge rationalized talked big took care made safe encouraged come clean refuted pinned down completed said under oath been responsible for gave assurances gotten off chest locked on deferred to concurred with gave testimony resulted repeated delegated pleaded for swore on bible gave force to copped a plea fixed given testimony bowed to offered grounds for staked declared true reified tested subscribed given a pledge added up constated rationalised rumored disculpated deposed to tried on held up sworn on bible rumoured rubber stamped appealed sweared to the fact stressed marked soapboxed spieled proposed come out made certain of guarded said deponed underwritten underwrote lay out argued for gave reasons for given reasons for given nod gave nod done justice to disproven did justice to gave one's word given one's word gotten across thrown one's weight behind threw one's weight behind gave proof given proof did not forget to done not forget to given grounds for gave grounds for sworn an oath swore an oath yolden yold came out acted as if blown hot air sang blew hot air gotten on soapbox got on soapbox sung shown the truth of showed the truth of given assurance of spoke for asserted under oath gave assurance of went bail for gone bail for spoken for known knew were aware of came clean took on board been aware of was aware of acceded to came out of closet went along with approved of agreed to gone along with taken on board given an affidavit gave an affidavit beared testimony acted as a witness did not forget


To have explained or demonstrated something
taught coached demonstrated educated explained instructed trained tutored advised counseled counselled directed mentored showed the ropes clarified lectured prepared described developed explicated expounded gave instructions gave lessons indoctrinated pointed out gave the facts drilled briefed enlightened inculcated informed nurtured schooled supervised guided helped holp drummed into let in on led told acquainted let know edified put in the picture disciplined apprised primed familiarized versed clued in familiarised filled in put someone through their paces cleared cultivated hipped caught up notified upskilled illuminated put in the picture about put wise grounded ground fostered groomed instilled initiated lessoned updated reared tipped off exercised wised up leaded improved conditioned warned made aware clued moulded clued in on put through the grind genned up on brainwashed accustomed bettered molded illumined shown the ropes kept posted cared for filled in on shaped inspired bred programmed honed raised readied shown habituated communicated forewarned uplifted elevated parented piloted revealed instructed in tipped posted put on to shed light on put through the mill kept up to speed with cast light on looked after put someone on notice licked into shape made clear alerted broke in broken in implanted illumed imbued tamed civilized influenced rehearsed made conversant mothered sharpened disclosed practised cautioned announced to formed apprised of made aware of practiced worked over clued up about made conversant with schooled in clued up on sent word to clued up kept someone posted walked through kept up to date civilised provided for brought up equipped gave lessons to given lessons to shope supported refined promoted polished acquainted with illustrated sophisticated planted elucidated humanized introduced interpreted tended reclaimed socialized convinced demystified made familiar seasoned presented acculturated reminded oriented unriddled accustomed to informed about propagandized fit advanced shepherded defined imparted to taught in trained in coached in educated in inured grounded in advised of divulged made known to informed of dinned something into leaked to given notice spelled out indoctrinated in brought up-to-date socialised made fit made familiar with laid it out steered initiated into put on guard propagandised laid it out for reported to catechized put wise about signalled prompted made suggestions to put on the alert familiarized with made recommendations to waked given lessons hinted put wise to humanised explained to spelt out given instructions worked out let know one gave information to got up to date put on the line genned up primed in cleared up broke down made explicit levelled with let next to given information to tuned up communicated to whipped into shape got across gave notice signaled made ready let down hair sent word taken care of took care of given the lowdown drilled into gave the low-down on gave pointers dinned gave the gen about gave information about given information about given the low-down on given pointers gave instruction to hammered into gave the lowdown given instruction to given the facts given the gen about exemplified displayed exhibited domesticated regimented tailored based softened crammed announced proselytized persuaded intimated equipt prepped ennobled idealized enriched spiritualized ethicized orientated related nursed ostended construed walked one through radicalized learnt learned related to mellowed appraised aided fitted habituated to predicated rested primed on touted imparted simplified rationalized broke broken brake qualified matured preached made cognizant helped forward naturalized communicated knowledge gave instruction gave the low-down adapted gotten across made knowledgeable cherished brought up to date on given the low-down gave a rundown of kept up to speed homeschooled made something clear to given warning grassed up notified of tutored in gave the gen given the gen hardened given a rundown of gave warning offered information introed impressed upon provided brought up to speed made known pulled one's coat equipped with enlightened as to checked out plugged into watched over gotten into shape levelled gave counsel to given counselling to snuck on updated on come to know gave direction to given instruction explained the circumstances to gained friendship given advice to welled up on raised the alarm leaked tattled attended to gotten together drilled in popularised explained things to expressed proselytised gave someone tips given someone tips offered suggestions adjusted kept up to date with gave counselling to opened eyes made recommendations opened up mixed given direction to made used to supplied with facts nourished taught information woke brought out pounded into improved mind taught about taught school opened someone's eyes updated about managed rubbed the rough edges off demonstrated to told about fanaticized sponsored fixed up got to know about knocked down become aware of become adept in given the word engineered cased come out with described the state of affairs to given counsel to bolstered offered opinions introduced to given insight into woken filled someone in radicalised tempered given insight wonted demonstrated something to brought into use backed welled informed about leveled brought up to date kept abreast rationalised run by popularized gave insight into gave insight gave the word got into shape sounded the alarm kept posted one declared to upped to date with polished up broken down used brought into common use got together hanged irradiated idealised gave advice to hung naturalised extremized nursled briefed as to gave someone hints explained the situation to given someone hints gave orders given orders came out with ran by given a grounding in gave a grounding in gave character broken someone in broke someone in given character gave intelligence given the rundown given intelligence gave the rundown gave details to given details to given someone an idea gave someone an idea gave lessons in given lessons in broke it to broken it to got used to gotten used to gave somebody the lowdown given somebody the lowdown blown the whistle on blew the whistle on gave the low-down to given two cents gave someone to understand gave two cents given a tip gave a pointer gave a tip given a pointer given the low-down to given someone to understand gotten lowdown on got lowdown on got with it became adept in gotten to know gotten in awakened to broken the ice got lay of land became aware of gotten lay of land came to know got in broke the ice gotten with it got to know gave fair warning to given fair warning gave the high sign given a warning to gave a warning to given the high sign gave fair warning given fair warning to given the rundown on shown the lay of the land gave rundown showed the lay of the land given a rundown given rundown gave the gen on gave a rundown gave the rundown on given the gen on gave an idea of given an idea of shown the way to showed the way to gave a demonstration of shown how something works showed how something is done showed how something works shown how something is done given a demonstration of given counselling given direction gave hints given hints gave advice gave direction gave counselling gave guidance given tips given counsel given advice gave counsel given guidance gave directions gave tips given directions developt


To have guided or escorted
escorted guided directed took accompanied led steered walked attended brought chaperoned piloted routed saw shepherded ushered marshaled marshalled conducted convoyed went with leaded helped led the way assisted followed showed the way conveyed shown taken seen moved channeled channelled drove maneuvered herded manoeuvred pointed gone with companioned companied squired partnered kept company travelled with tagged along with consorted carried tagged along come along guarded dated dragged beared gone along with went along with kept someone company come with showed someone the way shown someone the way consorted with transported shadowed chummed stuck to held someone's hand beared someone company said goodbye to escorted out driven courted collected taken out took out fetched delivered called for picked up wooed protected ferried came along got cost went out with gone out with run served dogged bore borne showed around strung along shown out looked after hung around with came with shown around shlepped along showed out went along gone along spent time with romanced shown the way come along with gone for went for saw out shown to the door seen out showed to the door went together with gone together with defended gotten hung out with hung around costed summoned flanked ran navigated obtained retrieved elicited produced received bucked gone steady ushered in piggybacked gunned rode shotgun trucked procured draughted safeguarded strung along with lugged propelled brought back waited on shouldered sold for socialized watched gone around with paid court to stepped around went steady packed socialised sold trailed around with paved the way spooked backed toted rocked along heeled ridden shotgun shown about shown in tailgated shielded trailblazed beled made a date pointed in the direction of showed about indicated the way hung out went around with brought to stepped out with sent addressed shlepped along with beaconed tracked square with pointed the way drafted came along with associated with shown the way to showed the way to gave directions to given directions to gone around together gone out went together went out went around together gone together drawn gone get went get drew forth given rise to got a hold of rode gave rise to went and get ridden gotten a hold of gone and get schlepped drew drawn forth gone courting with went courting with given a lift to given a ride to gone to get went to get gave a ride to gave a lift to gone around went around


(with object) To have conveyed information
indicated displayed signaled signalled specified revealed designated read recorded marked illustrated broadcast broadcasted symbolized denoted demonstrated evinced pointed at featured symbolised pointed to signified pointed toward brandished promulgated presented exposed represented said intimated pinned down showcased pointed out published uncovered made clear suggested betokened implied expressed meant meaned declared heralded communicated shown portended identified augured bespoke disclosed announced presaged manifested conveyed proclaimed flagged hinted forecast insinuated spelled referred to foretold stated foreshadowed mentioned harbingered exhibited evidenced promised foreboded connoted signed sayed foretokened bode boded betrayed predicted made known set forth gestured divulged motioned hinted at told prophesied imparted labeled labelled registered inferred gesticulated told of put forward adumbrated detailed bespake bespoken waved cited tagged noted purported warned of forecasted named beckoned prognosticated added up to alluded to imported prefigured characterized reported recounted typified distinguished nodded stood for asserted reflected called characterised brought up put over testified to put across pronounced alluded proved exemplified forerun attested argued omened called attention to constituted spelled out spelt out pointed avowed affirmed described introduced quoted threatened set out unveiled highlighted uttered advanced vaticinated touched on tabbed divined signalized adverted directed pegged professed put into words stamped put down for made out let out signalised acknowledged selected readen intended defined pinpointed branded forewarned evoked given away gave away emphasized signposted informed recited raised discussed aired got at offered referred adverted to beared witness to flagged up emphasised fingered maintained portrayed confessed foreshown foreshowed averred depicted delineated admitted narrated spilled spilt spotlit spotlighted articulated avouched ticked verbalized stipulated voiced mooted sketched emblematized alleged dropped typecast imputed put bared broached publicized made propounded made plain warned flashed verbalised smacked of commented on talked about touched upon put finger on let on publicised put it on record put in words conveyed the impression let on about laid bare prove proven claimed foreran drew attention to drawn attention to contended related anticipated allowed styled chronicled nominated ticketed remarked epitomized classed classified docketed painted underlined instanced charged forboded testified proposed rehearsed embodied rendered adduced noticed explained amounted to enunciated witnessed soothsaid conjured up talked ascribed leaked got over alluded to the fact made a gesture remarked on buttoned down had a hunch made a sign got across said indirectly reminded of individualized made public made reference to comprised epitomised come out with marked off checked off individualised spoke spoken spake conceded gotten at mouthed owned ushered in sounded granted drove at driven at dubbed personified outlined equaled equalled recognized pantomimed asseverated worded phrased pretended chose chosen termed couched opined framed vocalized unmasked categorized advised acquainted established protested warranted insisted apprised charactered christened hailed put labels on spread guided delivered referenced ventilated addrest used sign language denominated addressed advertised advertized disseminated earmarked unbosomed unfolded uncloaked charted measured stopped particularized notified looked trumpeted list laid out typecasted pigeonholed bid vented pictured foresaw foreseen titled premonished expounded put stickers on clad passed clothed predicated laid shadowed prevised auspicated spaed given gave considered presupposed paraded implicated formulated realized itemized enumerated put forth made reference to the fact gave someone to understand called it filled in gave someone to believe reminded let slip set apart picked out let it all hang out brought to light picked up on put on view put before put a label on repeated particularised deputised put on show spit it out categorised added up given someone to believe given an inkling put you in mind of put on display let the cat out of the bag gave an inkling made mention of put one in mind of let know deputized brought to mind put in mind of personalised realised gestured towards let anyone know of opened up vocalised winked let in on let cat out of bag put down as made signs recognised itemised owned up corresponded to personalized individuated tipped off given someone to understand brought into the open let it be known told to us struck gave a sign to given a clue came out with spoken about gotten over given out launched celebrated gotten across given a sign to bade fair gave a warning of given a warning of starred directed attention to spoke about gave out shown to us gave a clue told us bidden fair held mimed determined commented stickered qualified own spotted deposed upheld challenged assigned appointed approximated to preceded knelled entitled certified sweared mattered elected observed located seemed continued darkened misted clouded involved initialed designed aimed explored contemplated obscured obfuscated used one's hands acted out initialled ID'ed IDed deputed picked tabled agreed accused pleaded pled appeared modeled modelled annunciated imagined unearthed baptized covered whispered attached labels to crossed made manifest submitted furnished made obvious notated acceded accepted enlightened posted sensed familiarized systematized impersonated briefed felt catalogued pervaded permeated mirrored watermarked encapsulated extracted entailed messaged suffused reproduced delegated commissioned placed forewarned of debated telegraphed wigwagged promoted semaphored shewed detected flaunted unclosed given details of gave details of listed interpreted fancied summoned lay out turned up elucidated putten canvased saluted canvassed disported cleped billed peached blared circulated advocated assented primed personated spun intuited laid claim invoked ordained opted inducted released bore witness borne witness tapped inflected intonated blazoned stressed intoned muttered confirmed appreciated poured out coughed up clued in made a clean breast of shrugged had undertones of favoured decided on betided weighed in passed on masqueraded as told on represented oneself as exteriorized breathed a word of moved held out hope spat it out attested to roared setted oneself up got something off one's chest cleared come down to marked out held out hopes of arranged lined leaded you to believe reasserted hung sign on summoned up levelled feigned the identity of called the shots presented oneself as psyched out painted a word picture of blurted out dropped a hint reaffirmed fessed up engaged shown in come out of the closet asked owned up to baptised writ confided crossed the mind illustrated with had a feeling gave evidence of popped off prompted spoke of replied had as a reading bodied forth implied that one is resulted from gave an account of made it known reminded you of plumped for had overtones of shadowed forth led figured out forespelled gone into strutted peculiarized paved the way for angled systematised bore out brought hope brought in cried sanctioned leaded to the belief occurred given notice of had in mind looked like settled on tipped someone the wink about singularized squealed about exclaimed singled out declared arrival maintained that one is dotted gazetted versed leaded paved the way gave voice to continued to speak leveled run through remembered authorized come before setted oneself up as spilled the beans mentioned en passant talked through made an allusion to rumoured given evidence of went into checked reeled off modulated accounted for traced referred in passing shouted from the rooftops called up contained instantiated passed oneself off as showed off persisted kept posted shouted opened the way for forereckoned made distinctive alleged that one is spoke briefly of touted reminisced pointed in the direction asterisked recapped spilled the beans about wised up chimed regarded retailed added passed for favored proclaimed that one is gave the impression cataloged cued held a probability of waved around allegated painted in words conferred about betid allowed to be seen brought forward caught up made allusion exchanged views on yielded posed as made a clean breast reminded one of advised of kept going laid down dealt with stated further gave expression to seen coming substituted for pointed in direction of excerpted acquiesced gossipped deliberated about corresponded documented gave notice of editorialised given expression to tipped the wink seemed likely led to expect leaded one to expect concurred authorised ticked off served as evidence of given the impression given an account of given voice to said in passing brought out exchanged views about asserted that one is relayed come clean numbered unclothed given a sign spoken of shared saw coming relaid called to mind ballyhooed preferred waved down boiled down to made a passing reference gave a sign mentioned in passing codified treated gave a hint invited informed of answered for conversed about said further made book made reference made gestures given a hint carried on spilt the beans typed co-opted stroked had an aura of exposed to view talked of held probability had an atmosphere of yelled spoken briefly of copped to laid open leaded you to expect nicknamed provided details of rumored accosted told all about made signals attached tags to talked over clued gossiped familiarised led to believe beared weaved made aware made you think of borne out sported projected left word carried editorialized spilled your guts called upon equated with stricken holden upholden sworn swore drew drawn gave the high sign given the high sign bade clepen clept shewn span gave evidence given evidence extraught came before bore borne given someone an inkling of gave someone an inkling of given form to gave form to blown wide open blew wide open appeared for given a feeling of gave a feeling of given the game away gave the show away gave the game away given the show away wrote written shown the position of showed the position of broken the news gave facts given facts woven wove broke the news threw out thrown out came down to gave utterance gave expression given expression spoken out gave testimony given testimony gave utterance to spoke out given utterance gave vent to given utterance to lay down given vent to gone on went on to say went on gone on to say sang sung sungen gave a account of given a account of ran through given a description of given details on gave details on gave the facts on gave a description of gave a rundown of given a rundown of given the facts on shown off got down to brass tacks appealed to gave as example gave as an example given as example gotten down to brass tacks given as an example came clean blew the gaff on blew the lid off went into details yolden blown the gaff on came out of the closet yold blown the lid off gone into details gave the idea given the idea given the lowdown given the skinny on gave the lowdown given information gave the skinny on gave information shown signs of gave an indication of gave hope given every indication of given good grounds for expecting gave every indication of showed all the signs showed signs of given an indication of given hope shown all the signs given hope of gave hope of gave good grounds for expecting

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