Đồng nghĩa của bore fruit


(a business) Past tense for to advance, develop, or expand
grew expanded improved advanced developed developt progressed flourished throve thrived burgeoned prospered succeeded evolved matured boomed strengthened rocketed skyrocketed was successful were successful built up came along came on got on well went great guns made headway made progress worked up did well made it went well got ahead cut it hit the jackpot hit it big bloomed blossomed scored arrived spread your wings turned out well triumphed prevailed shined shone rose made good fared well went places flew high made the big time flowered spread shot up achieved success went to town got to the top cracked it hit the target yielded results made the grade got somewhere profited achieved picked up yielded yold moved ahead made inroads made strides did wonders came of age developed well caught on brought home the bacon carried off got there did all right for oneself got places grew rich made your mark got on starred bourgeoned increased excelled stood out gained ameliorated emerged figured grew vigorously battened produced accomplished won covered ground went forward became rich took steps forward moved forward gained ground augmented stood out in a crowd worked made a name for oneself made good speed put to good use carried all before you benefited reigned supreme hit the mark cut the mustard found a place in the sun stole the show benefitted beat the game struck oil made money beat the system grew well had a gift for struck gold moved forward in leaps and bounds wrought led leaded performed featured dominated sparkled glowed wore the crown ran riot came into your own had a gift gained control attained control gained ascendancy carried all before one attained ascendancy struck it big achieved recognition gained recognition became famous broke through reached the top built waxed mushroomed cracked on pressed forward pushed forward pushed ahead became better got better pressed on went ahead moved onward got results came through came off made the cut pulled it off worked out hacked it came out on top panned out clicked delivered the goods made the most of turned to one's advantage reaped the benefit made good use of stood in good stead reaped benefits made a go forged ahead had legs gained your end made a return made a profit paid dividends paid off kicked back yielded profit paid payed showed profit provided a living showed gain lived the life of Riley made a killing feathered one's nest became wealthy multiplied got on in the world went up in the world bore fattened struck it rich made out beared


Past tense for to produce fruit, seeds, or spores

Trái nghĩa của bore fruit

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