Đồng nghĩa của germinated

Alternative for germinated

germinates, germinated, germinating

Đồng nghĩa: develop, flourish, grow, sprout, thrive,


To have come into being as a result of something
developed followed arose stemmed ensued resulted transpired came about came into being came off chanced derived sprang sprung occurred picked up uprose went brake broke broke out burst out came into existence sprouted erupted issued propagated fomented happened metamorphosed set in shot up upsprang upsprung come about come into being emanated emerged evolved flowed proceeded materialized manifested surfaced formed eventuated appeared unfolded dawned originated flourished crystallized culminated come forth crystallised come up materialised cropped up come into existence arisen risen rose taken place took place grown grew launched actualized catalyzed uprisen broken originated in accompanied supervened attended came forth come to pass supervened on turned out took shape come after took form taken form came up turned up come off panned out came to light broken out catalysed taken shape gone came to pass came after fallen out fell out come happed betided betid passed arrived come down felled befell befallen presented itself came went down gone down been was were came down gone on went on fell fallen started poured cooked bechanced accrued popped up made an appearance come out succeeded sprung up sprang up did done loomed descended come next spread hit actioned spread out become apparent come from entered into the picture played out followed on intervened ended up had its origin in entered the picture come to the fore bobbed up become a fact chanced to happen came out took effect taken effect postdated progressed presented commenced began begun rolled up came next reappeared presaged become befitted spawned engendered showed up came from passed off extended stopped come into view chased after replaced showed gelled become evident had one's origin displaced circulated kicked in stemned from came to the fore saw the light of day become visible became apparent become common knowledge kicked off chased recurred leaked out proved to be the case become known proceeded from come out in the wash became a fact leaked headed rolled out supplanted ended superseded slipped out come on the scene seen the light of day sprung from pursued terminated resulted from manifested itself come out in the open overtaken overtook becomed becomen shown arrived on the scene came on the scene came into view became visible shaken shook arose from arisen out of arisen from arose out of hitten saw daylight seen daylight came out in the wash became evident gotten around gotten out became common knowledge became known got out came out in the open got around went next sprang from gone next went after gone after


To have produced or brought about
developed established formed began commenced created started built designed executed introduced organized constructed crafted effected embarked on enacted engineered generated initiated instituted launched originated produced set down set in motion set up actualized affected assembled catalysed catalyzed composed constituted effectuated fashioned forged found founded installed instigated machinated materialised materialized moulded organised put in motion realised realized setted authored brought about brought into being brought into existence brought to pass cast erected fabricated gave rise to inaugurated knocked together knocked up made pieced put in place rendered rigged secured shaped shope did molded engendered exercised set begun done given rise to contrived plotted schemed devised manoeuvred maneuvered planned put up finagled masterminded wangled conspired intrigued put together framed hatched cooked up connived colluded manipulated finessed compassed concocted arranged negotiated invented conceived come up with dreamt up developt thought up cogitated angled worked wrought made up caballed formulated thought of pulled strings hatched a plot laid plans hit on orchestrated came up with complotted operated pulled wires worked out participated in a conspiracy played games choreographed conceived of directed consorted coordinated collaborated conducted drew up projected jockeyed formed a conspiracy trumped up doped out whipped up outlined managed discovered threw together controlled drummed up exploited fixed fixt excogitated imagined coined evolved brought on drawn up swung worked hand in glove shapen brewed conjured up drafted modeled modelled draughted laid out were in cahoots been in cahoots was in cahoots thrown together innovated brainstormed pioneered fraternized cooperated influenced superintended manufactured abetted blueprinted sympathized threw up charted supervised handled brought off coconspired achieved promoted fraternised framed up ad-libbed sympathised put out a contract wheeled and dealt put over put on wheeled and dealed put through mapped out put one over hit upon revolutionized ushered in fathered spearheaded turned out kicked off issued modernized modernised knocked off started out inducted revolutionised compounded diagramed lay out comprised diagrammed advanced decided started up gotten in bed with swang hammered out swungen determined brought carved out got in bed with caused laid pondered conceptualized prepared came out with guided steered used run administered mounted mobilized rang in feigned regulated stage-managed succeeded confederated encompassed pulled off staged improvised fiddled come out with uncovered brought forth stumbled upon mooted budgeted concerted calculated presided over sparked vamped made secret plans ran up translated into vamped up scammed fabled roughed out bluffed carried out played it by ear thrown up found a way fixed up faked it worked together formulated plans succeeded in shifted engineered plans worked it hustled cooked doctored wired conceived a plan planted hooked mobilised passed one-upped diddled worked against upstaged detected lobbied strategized about used to advantage played upon collogued took part in a conspiracy turned to one's advantage elaborated worked something out cogitated on had the bright idea of conceptualised wrangled run up beguiled taken part in a conspiracy got off schemed out joined together engineered a way dreamt worked closely dreamed hatched treason played conned hatched plans ran founden fand rung in gotten off oversaw overseen swung it swang it gotten together got together

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