Đồng nghĩa của prospered

Alternative for prospered

prospers, prospered, prospering

Trái nghĩa: decay,


To have advanced or promoted the growth of
developed elevated improved advanced bettered boosted progressed upgraded enhanced expanded lifted perfected raised augmented fostered improved on refined ameliorated built increased polished stepped up beefed up brushed up built on built up fast-tracked fine-tuned fortified furthered grew heightened intensified magnified promoted reenforced reinforced scaled up shaped up smartened smartened up straightened out strengthened supplemented touched up updated uplifted worked up amplified compounded cultivated enriched extended made headway made progress made strides moved forward forged ahead worked out lift aggrandized grown honed worked on put the finishing touches to put the final touches to corrected revised emended revamped amended helped sharpened meliorated optimized polished up optimised reformed edited rectified set right finished tempered completed made perfect consummated embellished mended finished off appreciated propelled burnished adjusted complemented recuperated brightened purified perked up picked up modified turned the corner elaborated finalized rephrased crowned tweaked rescripted changed for the better fixed up excelled transcended redressed tightened up elaborated on smoothed forwarded envigorated consolidated rounded made improvement inflated souped up mitigated practised matured boosted up vitalized practiced illumed spruced up sleeked stimulated finalised improved performance slicked added value to polished up on fixed assuaged invigorated gained ground made better cleaned up topped up endowed remediated rose risen took off taken off rewritten rewrote driven drove went over gone over taken the next step took the next step taken to the next level took to the next level


Past tense for to be successful
throve thrived thriven flourished succeeded bloomed flowered advanced progressed arrived blossomed burgeoned boomed did well done well expanded went well gone well improved spread fared well got on well gotten on well grew vigorously grown vigorously made it shot up was successful were successful been successful came on come on got ahead picked up became rich become rich flew high flown high went places gone places made good made headway made progress augmented battened bore beared borne benefited benefitted fattened gained grew grown increased multiplied produced rose risen scored struck gold struck oil yielded yold yolden did all right for oneself done all right for oneself went great guns gone great guns bore fruit borne fruit became wealthy become wealthy caught on did wonders done wonders feathered one's nest got on gotten on got on in the world got there went up in the world gone up in the world made good speed made money made out made the big time made your mark went to town gone to town grew rich grown rich hit it big hit the jackpot made a killing struck it rich stricken it rich turned out well lived the life of Riley cut it developed matured made strides triumphed shone shined prevailed ameliorated made the grade come along built spread your wings wrought worked achieved success moved forward gained ground worked up evolved cracked it profited cut the mustard worked out come of age hit the target upgraded achieved gotten somewhere got somewhere bourgeoned excelled yielded results moved forward in leaps and bounds strengthened lift found a place in the sun elevated delivered won got better emerged become better paid off refined come off pressed forward pushed ahead made inroads came along pressed on burst forth bettered shaped up forged ahead brought home the bacon put to good use made a name for oneself moved ahead clicked starred stood out modernized transformed modernised revolutionized built up got along covered ground panned out developed well pushed on came of age revolutionised scaled up reigned supreme carried off stood out in a crowd waxed managed coped got results gotten results survived got to the top gotten to the top mushroomed distinguished oneself fared honed lifted accomplished shifted updated perfected glowed boosted gone went reaped benefits enhanced cultivated gotten better became better furthered become famous proceeded figured climbed the ladder hit the mark moved onward pushed forward hacked it reached the top came off gone forward went forward hit pay dirt stood in good stead took steps forward taken steps forward muddled through dominated extended got places gotten places continued ahead come out on top come to fruition setted the world on fire reaped the benefit made good use of come through pulled ahead stepped up made the most of setted the Thames on fire ripened had a gift for had a gift leveled up levelled up turned to one's advantage carried all before you run riot grown well grew well stolen the show stole the show gone as planned met with success went as planned surpassed climbed outmaneuvered sprouted outmanoeuvred left behind hacked peaked milked abounded proliferated raised rocketed endured effloresced germinated budded cracked on unfolded earned fore faren consolidated soared uplifted existed made do subsisted skyrocketed maturated did done led leaded performed trained made ends meet come around looked up featured achieved recognition intensified promoted propelled hastened bolstered launched polished reaped financial reward become successful made a go muddled along scraped by enlarged paid become popular became famous brought forward forged ahead with made headway with risen in the world rose in the world pulled it off delivered the goods made the cut exploited realized realised handled unrolled moved pushed changed elaborated optimized meliorated fortified enriched fine-tuned turned the corner had legs gained advancement made shift scrimped scraped through scraped along contrived polished up on worked on cashed in on took it to the next level taken it to the next level altered metamorphosed grown up grew up advanced oneself won out come up with the goods adapted headed transmogrified differentiated came out on top beefed up optimised moved on took the next step taken the next step came to fruition fended gotten by got by made a profit paid dividends yielded profit came through capitalized on trucked shot derived educed continued speeded sped gained your end drove forward driven forward made capital out of built on cranked it up worked hard at made a return picked up the pace moved up in the world adapted yourself climbed the ladder of success made a name brushed up on scraped a living kicked back did the trick devoted oneself to barely have enough to live oned did the business gained control attained control propelled forward gained an advantage kept the wolf from the door reformed conquered gained ascendancy achieved a great deal won hands down opened out worked one's way scarcely have enough to live oned stepped it up had the desired result done the business got better at straightened up done the trick turned over new leaf ran riot stricken it big gained recognition paced beat the game turned it up rolled up marched on improved in health turned the trick lucked out provided a living boosted one's game beat the system kicked it up a notch made first rate did well enough increased one's intensity carried all before one gained advantage stepped up one's game done well enough attained ascendancy improved in fitness elevated one's game struck it big raised one's game clomb outdone outdid clumb overtaken overtook went up gone up taken off took off got higher gotten higher became successful went ahead gone ahead grew fat grown fat got with it gotten with it came around sprung up sprang up got ahead of gotten ahead of driven drove came up with the goods became popular did well out of done well out of worn the crown wore the crown taken root took root gone over went over gone off went off did well for oneself done well for oneself went forth gone forth beaten the game beaten the system taken advantage of took advantage of broken through broke through done good did good showed profit shown gain shown profit showed gain showed improvement taken shape took shape shown improvement taken it to the limit took it to the limit taken it up a notch took it up a notch risen to the next level rose to the next level done with did with

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