Đồng nghĩa của reformed

Alternative for reformed

reforms, reformed, reforming

Đồng nghĩa: change, convert, improve, revise,


To have become something different
changed evolved transformed converted turned metamorphosed morphed mutated resolved shifted naturalized reconditioned shaped transfigured transmuted diverged merged progressed commutated materialised naturalised reduced transmogrified deformed transubstantiated materialized recast altered modified adapted refashioned remodeled remodelled revamped renovated reoriented remade metamorphosized developed reorganized reordered adjusted amended restyled remoulded reshaped tweaked revised reconstituted modulated reworked rewrought reorientated varied redesigned regulated recalibrated reset set interchanged made alterations to reorganised made over remolded made adjustments to diversified reconstructed overhauled revolutionized renewed fashioned rebuilt rearranged shope redid redone rehashed refined reshuffled retooled translated rejigged transposed alchemized molded improved upgraded edited customized doctored fixed updated readjusted redeveloped controlled differentiated turned around redrafted switched reconfigured made innovations refurbished regenerated tampered with denatured rectified made different corrected fixed up refitted stirred up permuted rehabilitated transferred permutated tailored turned over new leaf become different turned upside down commuted cooked made changes to affected warped moulded turned the tables shifted gears rejiggered switched over changed completely turned the corner revolutionised tuned customised became different sung different tune did up done up sang different tune veered pivoted digressed drifted fluctuated slipped swung deviated vacillated become aged matured ripened backed changed direction swerved snapped becomed becomen undergone a sea change underwent a sea change


Past tense for to make changes in something in order to improve it
amended bettered corrected improved rectified mended rehabilitated ameliorated rebuilt renovated reconstructed remodeled remodelled altered refashioned refined reorganised reorganized revised adapted adjusted changed recast redesigned remade reshaped revolutionised revolutionized reworked rewrought converted emended reconstituted redid redone repaired restored restyled revamped transformed regenerated remedied remolded remoulded renewed reoriented reorientated restructured upgraded customised customized permutated permuted reclaimed tailored uplifted varied cured debugged modernised modernized rearranged resolved made better brought up to code made over red-pencilled red-penciled made adjustments to made alterations to set right put right fixed updated modified enhanced put to rights righted reconditioned refurbished squared redressed doctored fixed up lift helped straightened out overhauled developed made good shaped up put in order sorted out touched up habilitated edited perfected redeemed settled elevated patched up tweaked retrieved refreshed streamlined picked up raised meliorated dealt with enriched polished boosted reworded advanced reshuffled rescripted rejuvenated rehabbed brought up to date regulated recalibrated patched innovated lifted rejigged rewrote rewritten progressed honed made up for set the record straight rephrased augmented redrafted set straight redistributed transfigured set to rights transmuted healed reassembled harmonized made right reformatted contemporized technologized harmonised recreated recuperated retouched rebranded revived paid one's dues redecorated dialed back cleaned up face-lifted straightened up increased calibrated cleared up readjusted straightened sharpened fine-tuned cultivated clarified turned the corner reordered made strides reinstated did up done up transmogrified balanced vindicated optimized optimised set scrubbed evolved refitted troubleshooted troubleshot serviced reestablished reindustrialized fit promoted turned things around heightened put rationalized strengthened turned around ironed out cleaned up act retreaded turned over new leaf mitigated built up rationalised fiddled with tarted up spruced up furthered become better stepped up beefed up put in other words put in working order purified manipulated brought into the twenty-first century put back together fortified built made perfect perked up restituted metamorphosed qualified recovered reeducated paraphrased subedited redacted salvageed salvaged eased altered dramatically absolved relieved reengineered regrouped realigned shifted bowdlerized expurgated censored emendated laundered compensated for benefited benefitted redeveloped diversified stirred up untangled diagnosed unscrambled unravelled deloused unraveled reproduced canceled negated counteracted frustrated cancelled become turned neutralized mutated recompensed compensated counterchecked neutralised negatived annulled refurnished gentrified arranged tuned solved rehashed replaced conformed ordered reconciled shaped accommodated bowdlerised evened up recompensed for made amends for retooled turned upside down resuscitated resurrected revivified cleansed revitalized rekindled cleaned spruced reactivated reconfigured shifted gears switched over made different reviewed made restitution for evened out restored the balance made restitution made amends paid for made reparation for leveled out balanced out made reparation fashioned fitted conditioned normalized gone over went over built on brushed up made changes to turned one around turned the tables attuned coordinated aligned organized jiggered revitalised changed around re-established made far-reaching changes in re-formed aided changed for the better excelled worked on smartened up improved on transcended sorted organised graded normalised focused tightened suited quadrated twiddled focussed risen rose breathed new life into translated restated rendered transcribed removed errors paid dues pieced together vamped up gussied up matured smartened amplified appreciated fettled done over did over tuned up tailor-made leveled up scaled up pulled ahead thrived brought something up to code remanufactured prospered restored to favour made up expressed differently expanded come on made conform cleaned up one's act became better reenforced reinforced worked the bugs out of levelled up attended to marched into the twenty-first century dragged into the twenty-first century saved from blame made headway brought into line come along assuaged moved forward in leaps and bounds reerected flourished extended freed from blame made improvements to brightened up multiplied remediated moved forward paced squared up expressed in other words forwarded removed guilt from got along got the latest version of made as good as new got ahead made progress corrected mid-course restored to working order forged ahead leaded into the twenty-first century seen to expressed in own words saw to got on taken off took off redrawn redrew becomed becomen shook up shaken up shope did done putten got with it gotten with it added to taken care of took care of grew grown given something a facelift gave something a facelift given a face-lift gotten working again gave a face-lift got working again broken with the past broke with the past came along thriven went places moved ahead gotten somewhere throve gone places got somewhere gotten on drove forward driven forward gone off went off came on


Past tense for to deprive an established church, military squadron, operations base, etc of its official status

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