Đồng nghĩa của recurred

Alternative for recurred

recurs, recurred, recurring

Đồng nghĩa: come again, repeat, return,

Động từ

Past tense for to continue without interruption
persisted continued lasted remained endured abode abided lingered bode bided bidden held holden kept up perdured stayed carried on kept on survived ground grinded held on held up obtained perseverated prevailed pursued repeated ran on run on strove strived striven carried through followed through followed up kept at lived on saw through seen through stuck around stuck at went the limit gone the limit stuck to guns toughed it out went all the way gone all the way refused to go away perpetuated extended protracted existed sustained maintained progressed projected lived passed tarried proceeded kept going dragged on stayed on ground away held fast stayed around pressed on ploughed on had no end took taken been were was gone on went on persevered plugged away held out hung on kept at it stood firm stuck it out soldiered on pegged away stayed the course stuck with it hung in there hammered away subsisted stood struggled on resisted stood your ground stuck at it dwelled dwelt kept it up saw it through seen it through beared outlasted put up with it weathered withstood stuck with hung around stayed alive beavered away stayed with it carried on trying kept striving kept attempting bashed on spread resided remained alive put up with sweat dug your heels in made it continued with stood fast pressed ahead stretched straught hung in hung tough laboured travailed labored occurred run lasted out exerted oneself lodged plodded on waited stretched out spun out come through pushed on persevered with stayed with clung on outlived hung round held sway stood up followed something through worked hard went the distance gone the distance stayed put sat tight hung out hung about bore borne prolonged escaped death evaded death abounded predominated lengthened grinned and bear it fought handled preponderated toiled persisted at slogged conducted wrought worked drudged lied rested sweated moiled plodded plodded away slaved away slogged away reserved stuck out inhabited hovered hanged hung reigned borne up bore up plugged grafted worked at dragged out cheated death clung to life got on had life worked like a dog worked like a Trojan sweated blood cut it gutted it out chugged away stayed with something had being remained standing left no stone unturned stayed over held the fort stopped at nothing waited around worked away soldiered on with let it ride walked the earth drawn out drew out ran rode out ridden out came through suffered overcome surmounted saw something through seen something through held your own chugged directed toiled on fought on pushed forward buckled down breathed operated applied gone went standbyed lumped gritted one's teeth smiled and nodded worn wore slaved managed foughten countenanced hacked absorbed met pocketed pulled through supported brooked weathered storm stomached lived through tolerated absorpt accepted stood up to struggled practised discharged waged endeavored attended sweated out hammered ruled reached headed led leaded grubbed continued to exist kept strained remained unchanged held true taken place took place hustled plowed practiced proceeded with prosecuted creeped ranged crept delayed stalled stayed round moved stuck to pegged fought for your life sustained oneself tugged sticked stuck padded died slowly humped trended circulated encompassed worn well wore well gotten on never said die seen it through to the end saw it through to the end elongated outstretched increased remained valid drawn breath drew breath endeavoured hed good held good showed determination hammered away at extended the duration of dragged one's feet dug away gone on with stuck to your guns kept a hold on stayed staunch kept your head down remained effective loitered kept your nose to the grindstone remained motionless come about deported drudged away hacked it carried on with kept afloat headed-down remained in operation advanced stayed fresh strung out grasped comported acted kept body and soul together remained in force sustained life went on with gripped kept your hand in kicked your heels sticked to it worked one's butt off rambled kept driving sweated it hung in the air killed oneself latched on pursued your goal shown determination clung executed remained operative held the phone applied oneself remained true clinged made the cut plodded along made longer killed oneself with cracked on banged away kept on with got along happened moved past kept something going existed generally persisted with remained firm held your ground clutched kept your head above water went ahead gone ahead grafted away behaved watched for gotten through got through taken pains took pains rid overcame rode ridden engagde in engaged in ploughed beared up against rose above risen above came about worn on wore on bore with borne with lay in wait lain in wait applied yourself gotten by got by took it like a man taken it like a man went ahead with gone ahead with werepatient gone to the mat been patient gone for it was patient gone around went around went for broke gone for broke went to the mat went round gone round went for it took the rough with the smooth taken the rough with the smooth taken the bad with the good took the bad with the good

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