Đồng nghĩa của preyed on

Động từ

Past tense for to cause anguish or distress to
burdened oppressed beset depressed distressed disturbed haunted nagged troubled weighed on worried gnawed at hung over lied heavy on obsessed plagued tormented weighed heavily on took over taken over took control of taken control of afflicted cast down harassed bothered harrowed upset bedevilled bedeviled tortured beleaguered weighed down grieved racked perturbed besieged agonized hounded vexed vext bugged cut nagged at appalled agonised saddened discouraged pressed down on dejected dispirited harried disheartened daunted excruciated pestered curst persecuted anguished cursed possessed hassled badgered weighed dashed crushed importuned recurred made gloomy got down made despondent lied touched pricked stabbed bent someone's ear made desolate buttonholed preoccupied pained annoyed caused suffering to maddened bummed out infested moved caused pain disquieted come back to caused anguish agitated wound brought down wounded nettled got someone down caused someone distress discomfited stayed with came back to given someone grief gave someone grief taken the heart out of took the heart out of dismayed aggrieved ailed discomposed irked fazed concerned fretted strained stressed desolated hurt tried put a damper on demoralized disconcerted irritated demoralised unsettled dampened got to flustered rattled perplexed alarmed aggravated fussed put into a funk made sad cast a gloom upon made anxious abased niggled discomforted flurried made miserable frazzled exercised unhinged distempered derailed made unhappy hagrid caused anxiety to freaked out shaken shook weirded out made uneasy gotten to mortified chagrined enervated wearied taxed debilitated beat cut to the quick displeased dulled teared dampened spirits distracted unnerved caused anguish to made blue dragged down prest pressed exasperated discombobulated brought one down beat down despaired sweat ruffled teased needled alarumed made wretched grinded ground tantalized tantalised burnt up burned up cast a pall over turned one off brought tears to your eyes chafed spooked knocked for six knocked the stuffing out of stirred up knocked sideways niggled at caused concern to made uncomfortable made your heart bleed put off caused discomfort to cast a gloom on cut up poured cold water on made someone fed up hagridden hagrode wrung gave a hard time given a hard time sapped lowered overwhelmed subjugated stifled subdued suppressed chilled weakened devitalized squelched smothered diminished drained discommoded riled galled narked broke broken brake humbled overpowered overcome extinguished quelled deadened defeated curbed dragged darkened cowed damped drug scared shattered floored run down reduced to tears hacked off chastened inconvenienced torn tore festered downed deplored peeved offended frightened miffed threw thrown discountenanced knocked the wind out of abashed damped down broke one's heart broken one's heart beaten down feared sweated stewed incommoded tyrannised tyrannized harshed one's mellow angered tested confounded injured rankled gnawed puzzled martyred strapped dogged undone indisposed goaded pushed hectored dunned undid kept under overcharged psyched harshed someone's mellow rankled with given someone the blues gave someone the blues caused disquiet to provoked interrupted got at picked on aroused anxiety in dished out stuck it to preyed on one's mind thrown cold water on eaten at broke someone's heart ate at made waves driven up the wall threw cold water on flipped out hacked you off broken someone's heart made it tough for psyched out drove up the wall pushed buttons dashed the hopes of sweated out ticked off dished it out caused anxiety caused trouble to wringed wrang stung overcame broke the heart of broken the heart of beaten bore down on borne down on ran down nit-picked worn wore gnawn gnew threw off thrown off given it to gave it to gotten at gave a bad time given a bad time done a number on thrown off balance threw off balance did a number on bore down borne down

Trái nghĩa của preyed on

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