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Động từ

To mentally worry or torment
haunt plague obsess torment trouble beset disturb worry bedevil besiege burden oppress beleaguer possess torture bug recur agitate agonise agonize annoy appal appall bother discomfit disquiet gnaw at harass harrow hound infest madden nag at nettle preoccupy prey on rack vex weigh on weigh heavily on lie heavy on stay with be ever present be a weight on one's mind weigh heavily on one's mind nag afflict distress harry pester aggravate weigh down concern niggle take control of upset persecute perturb prey on your mind hang over consume badger hassle be a burden to dominate assail depress irritate fret irk dog tease curse anguish excruciate take over eat up cause anxiety to drive up the wall give someone grief weigh heavily on someone's mind disconcert absorb engross grip monopolize discompose overwhelm affect perplex fixate monopolise devour mither be a burden on pain get to eat away at rankle with press down on ride gnaw attack weigh niggle at be a great weight on become an obsession with give a hard time blight bedog grieve grizzle importune cast down molest fluster buttonhole be prey to occupy rattle unhinge discomfort provoke unnerve ruffle unsettle be uppermost in someone's mind bend someone's ear cause suffering to overcome engulf get down frazzle flurry be the victim of devil keep after exercise fester lie heavily on hector pursue gall chafe rankle beleague wear overburden distract enthral overpower get in your hair get on your nerves drive round the bend be on your back be a nuisance to overload enthrall eat at be bothered cause anxiety faze strain be a weight on someone's mind stir up grind at make uncomfortable make anxious burn up make uneasy cause concern to cause discomfort to rule catch embarrass fascinate hold infatuate control entangle hamper aggress pick on put the squeeze on jump on one's case give a bad time give the business fall on fall upon start in on give the needle have a hold on have a grip on victimize extort live off take advantage of bully feed on exploit depredate bleed load fleece terrorize victimise blackmail seize eat live on kill hunt tax raid intimidate terrorise plunder be on your mind be uppermost in your thoughts alarm dismay fuss ail distemper weird out freak out undo discombobulate derail hagride discountenance confuse try throw alarum confound puzzle stress bewilder aggrieve needle spook abash nonplus mortify sadden frustrate shake hurt despair put off tantalise tantalize shake up throw off balance disarrange pother exasperate psych psych out put out of countenance do someone's head in make someone scratch their head make waves push buttons disorder dishearten cause disquiet to muddle make fretful throw off make a scene incite inflame stew sweat fear excite occupy thoughts grind rouse stimulate interrupt lie heavy on someone's mind weigh heavy on someone's mind hack you off flip out arouse work up ferment wound shame displease turn on bug up examine make flip ventilate craze move egg on humiliate offend miff peeve injure anger chagrin nit-pick strap prick indispose push break desolate martyr cause anguish to demean arouse anxiety in make it tough for make miserable cut up get at do a number on tick off be on one's case make wretched crush horrify dishonour discredit baffle make self-conscious make awkward own make ashamed show up dishonor let down hang up stun make a monkey of dumbfound throw into a tizzy catch one short put in a spot put in a hole put on the spot disorient scare unbalance surprise take aback startle frighten test catch off balance flummox tear goad dun hinder gravel demoralize balk demoralise take by surprise baulk mess with someone's head sweat out cause to be at a stand foul up set someone back on their heels upset the applecart stop someone in their tracks put someone off their stroke put someone off their stride

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