Đồng nghĩa của disconcert

Alternative for disconcert

disconcerts, disconcerted, disconcerting

Đồng nghĩa: confuse, discomfit, discompose, flurry, put off, untune, upset,


To disturb the composure of
rattle confuse disturb upset worry baffle bewilder faze fluster unsettle abash agitate nonplus perplex ruffle trouble unnerve disorient perturb discomfit discompose discountenance embarrass shake unbalance undo dismay flurry put off startle surprise take aback catch off balance confound discombobulate distract flummox mortify shake up throw throw off balance baulk balk bug demoralise demoralize disarrange frustrate gravel hinder puzzle psych out take by surprise foul up get to put out of countenance stop someone in their tracks upset the applecart make someone scratch their head put someone off their stride put someone off their stroke cause to be at a stand set someone back on their heels bother disquiet distress vex alarm floor dumbfound shock astound stun amaze astonish stupefy unhinge concern flabbergast discomfort annoy stagger frighten mystify daunt frazzle irk alarum daze derail scare distemper fuss ail bowl over hagride muddle irritate harass addle dishearten exercise bemuse knock for six freak out weird out discourage fuddle intimidate provoke horrify chagrin fox beat spook buffalo appall fret stump appal rock overwhelm befuddle get cow afflict make uneasy panic awe jolt torment thunderstrike maze bamboozle displease pose plague terrify befog humiliate hassle make anxious dumfound strike dumb fog wilder knock sideways terrorize pester deter gall depress dispirit stir up shame throw off terrorise peeve blow away surprize psych needle burn up mix up petrify chill be all Greek to muddy knock the stuffing out of leave open-mouthed crush grieve browbeat exasperate nettle sadden aggravate affright pique anger set someone thinking disappoint consternate make uncomfortable leave aghast excite unman bully knock out subdue thwart give a hard time rile make nervous blow your mind nark derange oppress obfuscate hurt put out pain work up agonize put into a flap throw into a tizz deject hack off gnaw at agonise make waves give a turn outrage knock for a loop sicken throw a curve wound torture offend disrupt miff craze fright pother chafe disorder benumb paralyse scarify nag dash aggrieve niggle jar paralyze electrify render speechless strain put down cramp stymie pick on cause someone to lose their composure weigh down screw up put the wind up scare to death take your breath away discommode affect disgrace overawe sap bulldoze humble insult check overcome rattle one's cage spite persecute move obstruct demean badger disgruntle repel bedevil stop jumble beset chasten devastate boggle elude disorientate foil burden block defeat harry stress let down bring up short deflate try impede curb give someone grief ridicule cripple bum out boggle the mind cast down tick off hang up get at throw into a tizzy scare the bejesus out of take someone's breath away take down spring something on go to your head haunt hurry bustle disgust scandalize undermine grate unstring weaken affront destabilize disillusion gripe itch frost rasp eat inflame make self-conscious enfeeble traumatize rouse tangle shatter dissatisfy frenzy ride enervate turn dement flip bar abrade prevent tease disenchant hamper throw into tizzy arouse harrow wind up dishonour discredit overpower destabilise own make fretful get across dizzy interrupt trick complicate impress encumber egg on antagonize disorganize show up indispose numb dishonor turn on debilitate beleaguer scandalise dazzle abase disburb stiff traumatise bring down outwit rack antagonise sting dis checkmate hound disoblige injure make a scene eat away at snub entangle cause anxiety to flip out trap degrade belittle restrain oppose scupper push buttons strike terror into interfere halt scare away lie heavy on give a bad time put on the spot cause anguish to bring low give offence to cause anxiety circumvent scare stiff mess up scare off knock over make miserable make wretched boggle the mind of curdle the blood take the wind out of someone's sails hurt somebody's feelings make teeth chatter weigh on gross out rankle with cut to the quick chill to the bone put one away make jump give a shock make one's blood run cold pull the rug from under wrong-foot cramp one's style knock over with feather throw monkey wrench in cause concern to drive up the wall mess with one's head cause discomfort to make someone's head spin cut down to size scare the living daylights out of make someone jump out of their skin take the wind out of your sails take down a peg pull the rug out from under catch out make one's hair stand on end take down a peg or two shoot down get in the way heat incite put on edge preoccupy stick it to incommode stick despair touch strike stimulate unquiet excoriate goad gobsmack down displace rummage disarray cause disquiet to blind intrude tire confusticate snafu worst make restless disarm galvanize ferment blur send into a spin metagrobolize confuscate set thinking galvanise snow throw for loop sweat fear stew ventilate examine throw into confusion fill with consternation louse up muck up make punchy intoxicate catch unawares inebriate pour cold water on throw cold water on thicken involve scare silly make someone's hair stand on end strike with awe cause wonder blow someone's mind cause to panic roil impose upon burn revolt uncalm blind someone with something make speechless put away throw into uproar throw into disorder grind boggle someone's mind ball up spring on nauseate anguish curse throw a curveball hit like a ton of bricks get on one's nerves make flip bug up muck ravel stumble mess with someone's head do someone's head in knock props out throw for a loop put off one's stroke spring set back lie heavy on someone's mind hack you off prey on someone's mind weigh heavy on someone's mind throw into panic nit-pick tantalise strap dog break tantalize prick push desolate martyr make awkward make ashamed trip up stir inconvenience possess mix you up make someone laugh on the other side of their face cause suffering to scare witless devitalize weigh heavily on taunt do a number on cut up eat at arouse anxiety in make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth be on one's case make it tough for snarl up muddy the waters freeze your blood fill with fear give someone a jolt give someone a fright slight disempower loco give someone goose pimples get the wind up throw into a panic bait jeer nag at be a great weight on be a burden to weigh heavily on someone's mind niggle at grind at unzip dampen snarl disparage unglue damp incapacitate embitter furbelow bluster frill wear give one the creeps scare someone out of their wits throw into a fright make one's flesh creep put the fear of God into chill to the marrow scare the pants off scare someone half to death give someone the heebie-jeebies throw into a blue funk catch one short dampen spirits break one's heart squash barrack boo fire up make blue drag down put a damper on break the heart of put into a funk hector shatter the illusions of burst bubble dash the hopes of dampen the spirits of dash hopes put in a spot make a monkey of put in a hole get someone key up lay up disrespect diss blow out send up take steam out blow up take apart blackjack get one's comeuppance make someone eat humble pie put to shame take the wind out shout down debase rock the boat dragoon flatten cheapen slur zing bullyrag haze hiss counter reproach smear foul lower raise someone's eyebrows madden shake out of your complacency hit like ton of bricks completely surprise make someone's blood run cold bogart defile sink blot gibe chivy railroad destroy debunk quash flutter get on someone's wick give a black eye make someone eat crow make someone feel ashamed put someone in their place hustle tyrannize crack be disagreeable be an affront to be offensive give offence rub up the wrong way turn off put someone's back up get someone's goat tread on someone's toes cause offense hurt someone's feelings put someone's nose out of joint quicken heckle jibe at shout at bludgeon knock down puncture balloon take the wind out of somebody's sails let wind out of sails kick in the teeth let down easy scotch smash snooker butt in shout catcalls at make game of nobble make insane drive mad nullify root queer traverse tyrannise strong-arm halt in its tracks duck give the slip crab shake off give the run-around promote dodge shuffle off put the mockers on nip in the bud juke bilk put a spoke in someone's wheel ditch run circles around put paid to skip crimp run rings around throw a spanner in the works bollix throw a monkey wrench in the works do for mau-mau lean on silly push around expose outsmart conquer delay brake turn on the heat play outfox retard inhibit trammel slow cumber forestall trip hamstring handicap fetter shackle scare the daylights out of manacle clog hobble counteract stall stonewall bork dam interfere with handcuff freeze catch on the hop close off hog-tie cut off slow down shut down put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of saddle with chain hold back bind hold up throw a monkey wrench in the works of short-circuit shut off get in the way of stand in the way of tie up ruin head off infuriate rankle incense give someone the hump enrage exacerbate hump get on your nerves rark get under your skin rub the wrong way molest make someone see red get your goat get in your hair grate on repulse drive crazy tee off gnaw drive to distraction get in someone's hair pursue get on someone's nerves drive round the bend mither tax make unhappy put your back up get down get your back up make angry get on your wick excruciate ire enflame mad be on your back make sick raise someone's hackles get someone's back up be repugnant to ruffle someone's feathers make someone's hackles rise weary sour steam up make sad T-off make one's heart bleed reluct drive round the twist besiege make someone's blood boil get under someone's skin get up someone's nose get someone's dander up turn stomach sear crucify press chivvy get across someone disaffect jar on make cross make your blood boil beat down send into a rage get your dander up drive bananas hang over make despondent make gloomy try your patience bring tears to your eyes give someone the blues give someone the pip dump on do in break someone's heart hit where one lives try someone's patience abuse make someone fed up rattle someone's cage test damage fidget heavy alienate cavil drain nudge scar harm bore bite stretch devil impose on cut make your hackles rise cause trouble to obsess meddle pressurize prostrate reduce to tears slap dull criticize be at squelch jangle acerbate breathe down someone's neck be disagreeable to estrange whelm overmaster swamp pressurise raise your hackles be a pain in the neck be a thorn in someone's side get up your nose wear on cast a gloom upon criticise get your hackles up be offensive to be a nuisance to keep on at go on at cheese off rub you up the wrong way greatly upset get on somebody's nerves be distasteful to cause offence to stick in one's craw give trouble set one's teeth on edge make it tough make shudder be repulsive to keep after try the patience of hurt one's feelings be on the back of be a thorn in someone's flesh get someone's hackles up get a rise out of snow under make someone want to throw up put somebody's nose out of joint make discontented break someone's spirit put to trouble make someone's gorge rise fill with loathing wrong muddle up tear apart mistake fester discontent deplore occupy misplease wing curdle cool sound cap be rude to importune bruise tear dun be hurtful to bleed mourn cause anguish cause suffering lambaste cause sorrow exhaust henpeck bum hack steam drive nuts cause resentment to cause annoyance to rile up push the buttons of thrill roust push one's buttons play dirty sweat out dislocate motivate absorb grab attract awake goose ignite interest cast a gloom on pierce work on push button heat up grill thumb nose at mistreat accost encroach obtrude chide overcharge mess infest ask for it weigh heavily on one's mind begrudge grudge get someone's wick start dampen someone's spirit stress out stroke someone's hair the wrong way arouse hostility in drive you up the wall grind down put to some trouble occupy thoughts disengage uncouple unfasten separate unhitch disconnect detach get on the wrong side of make an enemy of somebody make somebody's hackles rise prey on press down on resent set someone's teeth on edge snit pet tiff huff wring mess with push someon's buttons disaccord disharmonize discord give the business alien eat up put inflict trauma deeply upset chill off frighten to death frighten the living daylights out of be carp ruffle one's feathers get even hit hard tire out wear out confront dispraise slander suppress subjugate stifle cause to lose your bearings find fault with envenom make turbid make your gorge rise make someone feel nauseous suffer be unwell weigh be a burden on cross disadvantage work into lather set off set on take a rise out of dish out dish it out give it to quibble give a zinger give the cold shoulder break in drive you crazy nitpick make demands on make severe demands on put a strain on tear to pieces have had enough become bored exhaust someone's patience grate at lose patience smother diminish be indisposed be crook flap poison umbrage drive insane muss intrude upon take over hurt the feelings of drive you to distraction make livid bend someone's ear put out of action hit bring around be ill be weak be sick feel pain be agitated carp at cause someone difficulty discommodate take pains deaden extinguish quell drive you round the twist drive you round the bend hit a sour note crawl get on someone's case clutter be in a tizzy be worried labour over take control of threaten menace squick drive you off your head make you see red be in a flap be a problem to be wrong with be in pain feel unwell send over the edge be in a stew get worked up get in a stew smite make someone feel sick make a big thing out of make a big thing of disunify disunite divide make someone's stomach rise wean be the matter with drive you out of your mind make somebody's blood boil drive out of mind botch bungle abominate cause to feel nauseous pall cause aversion surfeit cloy on offend morals of be repulsive make a meal of make a mountain out of a molehill bear down on damp down blight give someone bother put pressure on be in someone's hair bring pressure to bear on be displeasing to make a thing of give you the creeps make flesh crawl grip spellbind knock the wind out of overstretch overtax pressure tense visit take victimize buffet harsh one's mellow jaundice empoison make resentful make bitter cast a pall over make emotional drive make someone go out of his way coerce drag darken run down make things hot for someone inspire panic in strike terror in frighten out of your wits fill with terror make it hot for someone victimise put the frighteners on worsen wreck steamroller kill hit for six downgrade leave speechless sweep someone off their feet subordinate invigorate inspire whip up crunch overextend make desolate keep under acidulate make rancorous bitter venom make a mess of spur energize pump up harsh someone's mellow cause to feel emotional strain overdo cause to feel mental strain make tense tense up put in traction push to the limit put on trial bring tears to someone's eyes bear down make someone's heart bleed juice up enliven inspirit foment energise envigorate trigger animate enthuse liven up activize work jazz up titillate make ill disagree reduce embroil silence make a fool of pop one's balloon bemean pull down bring down a peg cause to lose face settle someone's hash tear down make one feel small fix someone's wagon smirch make eat dirt force to eat humble pie demote make unwell complexify complex sophisticate be sickening be unsuitable cause illness to cause problems make difficult be injurious to be disturbing be injurious strike down multiply twist make intricate add fuel to fire make complicated render unintelligible interrelate fold convolute interweave make difficulties mire elaborate intricate set hurdles combine open can of worms obscure make more difficult make complex interfuse infold snag go against the grain be distasteful have an adverse effect on

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