Đồng nghĩa của lower

Alternative for lower

lowers, lowered, lowering

Trái nghĩa: heighten, upper,

lows, lowed, lowing, lower, lowest

Đồng nghĩa: bad, base, coarse, evil, inferior, lesser, mean, short, sinful, vile, vulgar, wicked,

Trái nghĩa: high, loud,


Less high in rank, quality or amount
inferior subordinate junior minor lesser secondary smaller ancillary subsidiary low nether subservient poorer second-class second-fiddle lower-grade lower-level lower rung low-level second-string second-rate bush-league unimportant insignificant less petty small small-time trivial reduced minor-league low-grade marginal small-fry low-ranking paltry inconsiderable under lower-ranking dinky two-bit accessory less important negligible trifling slighter lowly inconsequential second peripheral slight piddling inessential light casual auxiliary supplementary supplemental diminished penny-ante picayune measly little incidental dependent subaltern younger base minus contemptible irrelevant of little account sub- supporting reserve bottom niggling tangential mean extra piffling attendant third-string undersized subjacent nominal non-essential footling nickel-and-dime lessened fiddling minute collateral subject piddly pimping nugatory no-account chicken peanut backup pettifogging pitiful tacky frivolous shabby Mickey Mouse assistant scratch shallow de minimis cheap inconsequent shoestring below the mark entry-level lower-class bottom-rung obscure unknown lightweight tinier little-known petite little known beneath smalltime tributary substract associate tiny minuscule token alternative insubstantial inappreciable derisory spare alternate substitute fallback pathetic beggarly mingy foolish poxy exiguous additional relief bush unsubstantial fewer limited small-bore unconsiderable not worth mentioning not worth bothering about of no account shortened sub youngest baser humble mediocre unpretentious menial subalternate negative depressed deficient declined contributory undistinguished unassuming borderline superficial extraneous immaterial indirect a notch under not so great fall-back vice- side demeaning miserable degrading puny middling common lousy ordinary meager inglorious branch cooperative aiding appurtenant adjuvant helpful serviceable useful tributory assisting curtailed not so much beside the point not the main on the side scrubby wretched sorry plebeian ignominious servile sad ignoble humdrum not as great low-born lower in rank lower in status meagre second-banana beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important back seat not so important twopenny-halfpenny briefer shorter potty baseborn proletarian lowborn lumpen vulgar unwashed low-life prole poor working-class simple peasant declassed low-class déclassé modest meek submissive obsequious popular blue-collar plain average low-bred gentle mild unworthy commonplace dutiful docile lowlife satellite mundane withdrawing everyday retiring reverential prosaic blue-singlet slavish worthless plebby cast down zero useless zilch nothing of low birth second-best dishonourable dishonorable crude cloth-cap bourgeois restricted philistine substandard minimal democratic people's grassroots underprivileged declassé unrefined severe rough unremarkable unskilled unsophisticated traditional banal conventional pedestrian second class second choice sparse slender uncouth unfit sordid boring low-status routine dull lower than of low rank of lesser importance than less important than abject feeding shoot vile fawning deprived grovelling sycophantic pointless frothy meaningless of little consequence of little importance of no importance tinpot nonessential zip of no moment of no consequence null indifferent unnecessary tedious basic groveling obeisant second best captive subjugated no great shakes not worth speaking of controlled neither here nor there of no great concern governed obedient enslaved ruled diminutive liable vulnerable accountable disposed susceptible pint-sized stunted frail weak feeble dwarfish underfed pygmy weakly at one's feet in danger of bound by fun size sickly underdeveloped undernourished Lilliputian undeveloped undersize pocket-sized pocket delicate half-pint pocket-size shrimpy pint-size toylike fine fragile smallish bantam subnormal weedy peewee wee unsound scrawny runt infirm small time shrimp unconsequential more concise


To go to a lower level, especially abruptly
drop sink fall crash crater decline dive plummet plunge tumble descend dip skid droop nose-dive slump go down nosedive decrease reduce lessen diminish dwindle recede take a nosedive depreciate subside drop off fall off ebb abate fall away collapse fall sharply drop rapidly shrink taper wane pitch ease fall steeply get lower come down drop down tail off de-escalate decrement slide slip regress flag relent settle downturn become lower go into a tailspin take a dive depress attenuate sag devalue topple moderate ground dump remit set be reduced go downhill taper off hit the floor die out ratchet down phase down die down go downwards fall headlong deteriorate downscale downsize contract stoop precipitate decrease rapidly get less grow smaller get smaller throw sound spiral descend rapidly plump shoot fling belly-flop crash-dive downgrade cascade plop jump down devaluate run down fall prostrate move down tumble down slide down fall down retrogress relapse lose lapse totter pall drag slope buckle backslide cheapen trail become softer mark down become quieter flop let up grow less drain away bow out founder die away dunk run flounder break down be precipitated go through the floor lose value fold up hit the dirt decrease in value cave in tip over take a header decline in price get quieter get softer write down go lower go under the surface touch bottom come downwards go to the bottom dip beneath the horizon cast down hurtle stumble sprawl lurch fall flat pour spill trip toboggan keel fold gravitate crumble keel over crumple duck pancake ditch overturn overbalance crash-land header come a cropper splash down jump pitch down free-fall go headfirst slouch flump degenerate worsen plonk yourself lower oneself plank oneself plonk oneself plump oneself plop oneself plump yourself decay rot wither fail falter weaken wilt drift get worse go to pot go down the toilet go to the dogs hit the skids


To decrease in size, amount, value, or degree
reduce decrease lessen diminish curtail cut depress prune slash abate pare attenuate break cheapen dent deplete depreciate devaluate devalue downgrade downscale downsize drop dwindle ease mark down moderate sink ax axe minimise minimize clip deflate demote shave undervalue de-escalate bring down slim down cut back cut down knock down pare down scale down write down write off cause to fall roll back ease up on temper weaken curb mitigate tone down shrink quell lighten dull soften trim taper discount blunt alleviate contract limit deaden dampen relax assuage wind down allay restrain subdue ebb take the edge off check stifle erode decrement degrade mute decline relieve retrench dilute suppress mollify palliate make cutbacks in impair turn down calm step down abridge tail off ease off shorten muffle wane slacken taper off sap drop off cut back on smother fade truncate phase down subside still dial down damp down fall narrow peter out restrict damp qualify soothe let up deduct undermine minify whittle down make less ratchet down cool slow round down recede relent remit run down level down scale back die down take the sting out make smaller enervate fall away quieten debilitate die out die away subtract dip extenuate slake extinguish overcome drain cushion average down dock quench modulate slow down lower in price put a damper on put down make less intense keep down grow less pall wear away humble wear down take the bite out salami-slice drain away take off bedim dim darken silence discourage squelch devitalize couch rationalize enfeeble constrict abbreviate cast down vitiate take down appease devalorize trim back trim down disable cripple numb cut down on rationalise dry up modify thin plummet slump put damper on lop put the lid on crop tranquilize waste economize lenify economise tranquillize quiet grow smaller rein in drop away soft-pedal reduce the price of phase out whittle away make reductions in become smaller rachet down discredit ration belittle tame hush sate slenderize scale something down debase regulate economize on make fewer syncopate elide disempower contain revise gentle defuse muzzle reduce greatly chill nose dive ease up buffer etiolate calm down worsen decay deteriorate retrench on get less keep it down mellow decrease the volume pipe down keep to a minimum keep at a minimum lull make weaker rebate make less active deter control restraint flag desist die off take the heat off lower in value tire subvert cut in price nosedive waste away come down go down benumb blanket inhibit cauterize dash adulterate rarefy dissipate offset mark off hold back blur amputate close help satisfy plunge undersell lower the price of make cheaper put on sale wreck prostrate ruin destroy stamp out anesthetize anaesthetize settle pacify kill play down slack up offer at a giveaway price render worthless cauterise cloud throw cold water on compose fill surfeit sweeten let up on lay off take pressure off remove delete eliminate confine omit pour cold water on water down disgrade demerit drive down strike off knock off take away put an end to make nice put a stop to pour oil on eat away rob from run low dispirit crush become less fall off slacken off pale budget cut tune down roll down trim away overwhelm trouble ail dishearten demoralize deject subjugate dismay exhaust consume expend upset shake sadden oppress daunt snip shear amortise make dim empty spend amortize tighten placate perturb defeat chagrin bother weary abase distress overpower evacuate use up make faint milk bob nip pollard mow poll weigh down demoralise bum out bear down on beat down skive shape neaten make less bright burn absorb bleed devour cut short tidy up cut off cut shorter even up lop off cast a pall over suck dry impoverish bankrupt finish draw down draw squander play out wash up eat up dig into repress smooth dispel stop ameliorate comfort quash retard mask paralyse banish slack loose improve obtund paralyze chill out cure choke off aid assist cool out get rid of dampen down rein back address satiate put at rest commute settle down rein excuse dulcify gratify fix up take sting out patch things up gruntle reduce the force of dismiss admix hebetate desensitise desensitize drive away chase away put to rest square drive off disintegrate refresh crumble relaxed adjust transmogrify switch revamp loosen reduce something fine tune monkey around with take the bite out of make reasonable take the sting out of play up to release rise above squash arrest brighten salve counteract halt dumb censor punctuate succor succour console vary solace clam run interference for disburden clear the way cheer nurse forward disengage facilitate speed up doctor simplify meliorate promote free make easier speed untighten expedite attend to lift open the door further liss interrupt delay close up say nothing clamp down on crack down on slap down snuff out incapacitate stun frustrate etherize chloroform KO drown unnerve stupefy injure freeze gas deprive dope prevent break up detain hinder bring respite to handicap bring an end to take a load off bring aid to make bearable make something bearable bring aid take load off knock out lay out put out of order put to sleep stunt decelerate impede hold up stall set back obstruct keep back mire hamper lag retardate stay loiter postpone procrastinate embog choke reef interfere with back-water hit the brakes lose speed put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps get in the way of bog down keep waiting anchor it


To diminish in intensity or severity, especially gradually
abate ebb fall recede subside wane diminish dwindle lessen moderate decline decrease ease pall relent remit shrink taper de-escalate let up drain away drop off fall away fall off die down phase down ratchet down taper off die away die out weaken drop fade slacken sink peter out tail off reduce slump degenerate deteriorate decay wither contract crumble fail fade away shrivel ease off attenuate droop soften go downhill plummet waste away flag languish come to an end drain slack off relax ease up depreciate disappear slow down settle collapse go down descend atrophy wind down waste regress slip retrograde retrogress melt away grow less trail off slacken off grow smaller calm down quell become smaller evaporate dry up wear away drop away vanish wilt plunge dissolve worsen quieten die off terminate alleviate curb quiet check slide slow become less degrade close nosedive fizzle out devolve trail rot disintegrate give way lighten get worse lapse get smaller restrain devaluate become worse rachet down go down the toilet hit the skids go down the tubes lose edge narrow down wear down run low dim deplete calm cease quieten down withdraw stop sag lull retire downsize become weak blur debilitate grow faint grow dim minimize halt minimise mitigate thin out melt go away depress slack cool off wear off come to a stop become weaker disimprove grow worse go to pot settle down impair corrode go to the dogs take a nosedive fall short rebate slash cut down modify tail away curtail peter downscale slope shorten narrow release temper incline downwards slope down dip tilt downwards slant down grow deflate condense flow away dent disengage wrinkle slim finish elongate rescind trail away bate shape still minify abbreviate extenuate retrench take a turn for the worse make something worse go from bad to worse damage telescope evanesce give in knock down desist close out thin down phase out go through the floor fade out hit the floor make smaller be on the way out retreat draw to a close fall down level off decelerate unlax end coast cool subdue dull die away or out die away or down spoil chill out cool it crumple retrocede back away drop back fall back pull out return emaciate go tire lag decrement go back move away fall in sink back stagnate falter backslide retract back depart move back be neglected break down go bad fall apart injure be the worse for wear go backwards adulterate go to the pack be worse for wear alloy go to pieces lose it skid mar break be in decline undermine go to rack and ruin lose quality relapse totter faint debase vitiate lose impoverish tremble limp cripple back off move further off drop down cave in draw away draw back flow back lose spirit grow weaker break up dissipate disperse gutter give out


To behave in a way that is perceived as unworthy or debased
demean humble degrade humiliate abase debase disgrace belittle devalue downgrade cheapen condescend deign discredit shame denigrate embarrass sink abash chasten dishonor dishonour foul smirch stoop descend bemean crush cast down take down reduce defame disparage smear derogate tarnish drag through the mud sully blot taint stigmatize depreciate decry diminish slander corrupt poison blacken stain vilify malign lessen slur stigmatise knock demote pervert debauch mortify censure besmirch put down damage reflect badly on calumniate take down a peg besmear warp bring into disrepute vitiate injure subvert libel do a hatchet job on undervalue asperse defile deride deteriorate traduce rubbish drag through the mire reproach bad-mouth prostitute break give a black eye bring shame on deprave bastardize rip profane cut down to size undermine soil bring shame upon give a bad name canker slag off scandalize spoil minimize spot run down tear down attack disrespect scandalise blemish bring discredit to bastardise do a number on tar and feather speak ill of bust disrate assail bring down deprecate slam minimise demoralize declass muckrake pan blotch dismiss shoot down breathe on discount rip up and down cast a slur on sling mud at spread scandal about fling mud at run smear campaign demoralise deflate befoul detract vilipend bring low write off bring shame to relegate detract from trivialize play down lower in rank take down a peg or two bump underrate ridicule minify abuse drag down snub squash lower the status of blister own pooh-pooh trivialise cast aspersions on dump on poor-mouth show up pull down put someone in their place make someone eat crow devaluate harm lower in status subdue mark down condemn mar criticize bench set back downplay mock revile ruin underestimate diss chagrin reduce to the ranks trash misprize slate dis trash-talk laugh at scorch put in a bad light hold cheap cause to lose face criticise make light of cry down take to pieces kiss off talk down give a bad name to depress revert kick downstairs betray blight depose unseat brutalize cashier decrease scorn disesteem mudsling demerit disfavor marginalize weaken disfavour blast sell out compromise discomfit be untrue to oneself treat lightly waste prejudice brutalise attaint reduce the status of laugh off rap bash pour scorn on scoff at sneer at roast flame squelch reduce in rank reduce in importance pull apart do down let down move down make a fool of show in a bad light marginalise take away from hit out at pick holes in put to shame have a go at settle someone's hash make lose face make someone eat humble pie pull to pieces tear into cut to the quick bestialize crawl subjugate attenuate subordinate badmouth bring dishonour to disconsider disoblige write down disdain impugn lower someone's status lower someone's dignity brand misuse demolish desecrate disregard blackguard disconcert devalorize misemploy be prejudicial to cast a slur blacken the name of misapply sneer vituperate denounce drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud sling mud lose face make uncomfortable make someone feel ashamed cow desensitize dehumanize delegate displace dethrone oust strike squander put hooks in speak badly of curb blame sell sacrifice dehumanise desensitise destroy take apart disbar impair influence tame drum out cut down silence upset overcome soften discipline restrain flatten infect pollute despoil beat down succumb pop one's balloon make one feel small put one away strike dumb put away bring down a peg make eat dirt force to eat humble pie abandon one's principles take to bits strip of rank hold back remove from office afflict check repress pillory execrate lambaste hurt rail against deplore strip someone of their rank reprehend anathematize cavil at inveigh against reprobate fulminate against excoriate carp at dispraise understate deform disfigure deface ravage animadvert disapprove of lower oneself debase oneself be reduced to debase yourself demean yourself lower yourself be reduced demean oneself come down on complain hold forth against tear to shreds opprobriate snipe at take swipe at take away throw stones at hit rail put in your place quash discountenance wither poor mouth pooh pooh take a swipe at shoot full of holes sour grapes vanquish confound confuse cause to feel small make ashamed put out of countenance take the wind out of someone's sails cripple backbite withdraw debilitate soft-pedal subtract from gloss over cut rate brush aside insult expose ruin the reputation of bring into disfavour blacken someone's name damage someone's reputation destroy someone's credibility dirty smudge mark contaminate daub offend spatter displease tar damage the reputation of label muddy begrime grime characterize annoy slight splash discolour vex class classify splatter dismay back-bite muck gaum mire distain bemire contemn horrify appal get dirty speak evil of characterise affront mark out belie make filthy make dirty get filthy reflect negatively discolor appall have the last laugh on mess up cast in a bad light harm the reputation of get the better of muddy the reputation of blacken the reputation of adulterate bedaub distort dilute despise misrepresent touch darken anoint mongrelize slag gossip about lie about blacken the character of villainize throw mud at disappoint stamp designate tag tell lies about blot one's copybook run a smear campaign against crumb bedraggle maculate mess muss make mucky muss up muck up knock down cloud faze fluster rattle nonplus cast slur on put zingers on do discredit to put someone to shame get one's comeuppance take the wind out harass worry cast a slur upon shock outrage disgust perturb blemish the reputation of tarnish the reputation of be a discredit to discompose sicken repel revolt nauseate sell short tinge find fault with look down on clamor against spurn fault become a stain of the escutcheon of become a blot of the escutcheon of irk give offence to raise eyebrows amongst blackball cause raised eyebrows lampoon cause a few raised eyebrows amongst irritate miff zing disquiet chop insinuate push cap peeve dissatisfy categorize kick in the teeth skin alive blow off cut up identify describe slap in the face hit where one lives wreck scar call categorise name flaw total blow undo bloody crab endamage crool disfeature label negatively accuse of being cross up make useless be a blot on the landscape devastate plunder screw up depredate sack pillage smash put a damper on desolate spoliate


(of a sound) To make or become less in amount, intensity, or degree


Lower, let fall, cause to sink


To fail to impress
underwhelm baffle baulk balk confound disappoint dismay let down depress disenchant displease drop move down sink forsake betray let fall desert cheat take down pull down fall short leave in lurch disillusion fail abandon dissatisfy leave stranded upset chagrin dispirit disconcert disgruntle distress dishearten discomfit horrify discourage appal discompose sadden discountenance faze fluster abash rattle bother perturb nonplus vex disturb agitate disoblige distract appall throw into a tizzy throw embarrass dumbfound bewilder puzzle burst one's bubble dampen the spirits of bum out dash hopes embitter dash the hopes of shatter the illusions of cast down mortify shame humiliate confuse demean crush discombobulate discredit dishonour make awkward make uncomfortable own make ashamed show up make self-conscious make uneasy put out of countenance annoy plague dishonor hang up irk catch one short bug put in a spot stun give a bad time make a monkey of give a hard time put in a hole tease put on the spot alarm scare frighten daunt unnerve shock shake startle concern unsettle unman surprise panic take aback shake up dash trouble ail exercise flurry fuss hagride disquiet chill spook alarum frazzle worry paralyse frustrate distemper terrify demoralize undo psych unhinge discomfort derail affright pother get to put off throw off balance mess up snafu weird out knock for six foul up freak out paralyze demoralise screw up put the wind up someone knock sideways perplex mystify fill with consternation flummox terrorise louse up give someone a turn terrorize muck up


Be silent, morose, and bad-tempered out of annoyance or disappointment


Exert a modifying or controlling influence on
modulate adjust attune balance regulate harmonise harmonize moderate modify set temper tone tune vary inflect adapt alter amend change control curb fine-tune lessen reduce restrain revamp revise shift switch transmogrify tweak play down tone down transform evolve convert morph metamorphose mutate turn veer progress diverge fluctuate swing vacillate coordinate pivot digress transmute transfigure develop reconcile remodel drift refashion slip recast mold edit reconstitute tailor deviate diversify affect mould accommodate fix conform reconstruct pitch reform renovate rework remake redo metamorphosize redesign restyle remould reorganize revolutionize retool reshape fashion rearrange reorient rejig translate reorder regenerate improve readjust refine reorientate integrate proportion make over warp reconfigure remold reorganise revolutionise reshuffle rehash transpose alternate replace tamper with rejigger commute rectify interchange make adjustments to permute make alterations to redraft make innovations become different turn around calibrate differentiate autotune manage settle grow metastasize move metamorphize synchronize time swerve back change direction snap tighten synchronise string dial tune up pass realign transmutate transit renew overhaul distort transition disguise flip-flop substitute swap displace rebuild transubstantiate alchemize shape upgrade customize update redevelop doctor rehabilitate permutate denature recalibrate correct refit recondition customise cook refurbish transfer turn over new leaf turn the tables turn the corner stir up change completely shift gears fix up sing different tune switch over turn upside down do up accustom acclimatize key acclimate conciliate assimilate condition familiarize accord counterbalance compensate familiarise acclimatise be in harmony with make agree grow accustomed to be in tune with become used to be in accord with freshen up tamper emendate rewrite review order remix redress shuffle arrange make different reword set right put right see to patch up mend repair organize emend make good organise align fit restore square straighten sort patch debug retread set up clean up fiddle with put in order standardize normalize jigger twiddle remedy normalise standardise cure quadrate service polish program programme rescript fettle suit tailor-make set to rights bring into line face-lift put in working order reconciliate tidy up scrub retouch put to rights put back together restore to working order touch up shape up go over compose bring together iron out make as good as new make up set straight manipulate reacclimate methodize gauge measure give a face-lift get working again make improvements to collimate gage position orient true up make consistent redecorate mesh correlate systematize groom tidy right schedule spruce up beautify modernize better ameliorate pool interrelate dovetail modernise make tidy posh up make smarter tart up smarten doll up make neater neaten spruce jazz up brighten up gussy up concert plan slot in fix a time for line up prearrange timetable diary pencil in book slate orchestrate sort out reunite quarterback conduce systematise atune relate direct reclaim help check red-pencil make right set the record straight clean up act do over clear up get with it pay dues straighten out pick up deal with fit together get it together reset rephrase condense pacify rehab heal censor copy-edit placate appease propitiate make changes to assemble redact cut get working annotate shorten abridge mollify approve arbitrate mitigate assuage get together on kiss and make up resolve differences between restore friendly relations between make peace between join mediate make matters up re-establish friendly relations between merge restore harmony between bring back together bury the hatchet re-establish intercede bring to terms come together bring back together again win over cool restore harmony patch things up prepare analyse trim draft finish splice publish assign strike out boil down prepare for publication draught analyze amplify check over report delete fly speck compile write over discard blue-pencil style excise feature butcher massage prescribe proofread enhance put sharpen focus troubleshoot grade make conform


To completely destroy or devastate
pull down demolish raze annihilate cream decimate desolate destroy devastate extinguish level nuke pulverise pulverize ruin shatter smash tear down total unbuild vaporise vaporize waste wrack wreck do in rub out bulldoze destruct dismantle flatten remove let down take down knock down obliterate wipe out ravage trash raze to the ground break up crush lay waste wreak havoc on exterminate topple undo defeat bring down disassemble desecrate take apart fell spoil overthrow break crash torpedo dilapidate slaughter erase wipe off the map take out impair eradicate leave in ruins expunge extirpate efface break down gut overturn overwhelm scourge damage stamp out devour throw down spoliate blast disrupt despoil leave desolate lay waste to wipe off the face of the earth abolish liquidate blow up bomb eliminate upset kill undermine dynamite blow to bits massacre sabotage zap do away with blot out snuff out reduce sack depredate finish off mow down pillage put paid to cut down tumble write off cancel crack delete explode suppress trounce reduce to ruins beat blow away clean up root out black out sweep away sink capsize batter terminate subvert blow to pieces butcher clear floor plunder blow down tear up wipe off map quash bust mutilate ravish maim abate injure blow a hole in damage beyond repair put out of commission nix wipe from the face of the earth deface reduce to rubble bring to naught blight blow out scotch mangle mess up lay in ruins scupper mar do for strike wrack up prostrate banjax dish lay low dash put the kibosh on tear something down depopulate wipe dispose of rip down benothing rape put out of action queer make desolate empty end consume avenge torment incinerate burn away burn obscure prang trample havoc wreak havoc overrun execute commit genocide kill off cut a swath through finish bankrupt cool ransack dispatch dust vandalize smite take do one in raid run onto the rocks pile up shipwreck crack up smash up vandalise dash to pieces cripple overcome maraud bring to an end check put down put a stop to put an end to take away squash put the lid on blow sky-high drive propel force thrust excise take to pieces unjoin rip to pieces rip to shreds pull to bits pull to pieces pull apart make a mess of foul up poison reduce to nothing bring to nothing screw up deplete bring to ruin wreak havoc upon cruel ruinate euchre clean out defile bodge muller disfigure blow louse up botch burst drop implode spill scatter unmake shiver splinter destabilize knock to pieces deck fracture split fragment hew cast down strike out supplant unsettle disintegrate scratch out wolf wax dethrone disestablish oust depose dissolve unseat cause to fall saw down bowl down clear-fell knock to the ground clear-cut chop chop down ground bring to the ground hack down disaggregate knock over shoot down KO smatter splinterize fragmentalize exhaust crunch fragmentize break into pieces rive rend crush to smithereens blow apart scrunch disable smash to smithereens snap supersede invert depress weaken rebel undercut reverse destabilise bring about the downfall of invalidate gobble up tear to pieces put in toilet rout hammer drub clobber paste pound thrash stuff whip defeat utterly lick murder crucify tank beat hollow shellac skunk own give someone a drubbing give someone a pasting wipe the floor with make mincemeat of take to the cleaners win a resounding victory over run rings round run rings around turn inside out harm blemish hurt vitiate tarnish taint compromise flaw stain sully corrupt endamage pollute besmirch contaminate thwart debase blot scar bloody crab cross up dirty deform befoul soil smirch distort frustrate stymie foil quell hinder enfeeble infect sap diminish threaten blacken foul disfeature loot incapacitate discolor discolour play havoc with impede stop degrade spot wound smear overpower subdue muck up afflict muddy throw a spanner in the works of debilitate impoverish throw a monkey wrench in the works of rob contort tar hamper interfere with bruise torture crool discredit conquer vanquish grime begrime smudge prejudice prevent enervate touch warp slay mark shake up strip nullify put a damper on disorganize attenuate denigrate twist rifle cut corrode scorch abuse scratch subjugate neutralize halt debauch reave obstruct blunt adulterate negate make impure jeopardize rough up attack wear away darken uglify bring someone to their knees knock out harry blow out of the water annul neutralise lessen disprove pop maul squelch hamstring worst misshape pervert scathe deteriorate oppress mangulate paralyse best jeopardise master disgrace muck distain bemire gaum mire daub make a hash of wrench forage be detrimental to paralyze humble prevail over devalue outmaneuver outmanoeuvre skin influence upend cheapen vilify cause detriment to cancel out slam swamp spike render ineffective get rid of violate disturb shoot full of holes unfit affect drag through the mud roll back erode block disarrange disorder cramp buckle squinch stifle screw malform eat away put at risk emasculate bust up traumatize lacerate refute use up humiliate fleece scuttle demoralize wither gnarl detract from tear deflate shake drain maltreat deprave do damage to worsen shock dishonour balls up wrong harass downgrade throw into disorder throw into confusion restrict knot skew spread to strike down defame shame demoralise bend hit depreciate falsify do harm to dishonor stab make unattractive knock cease dent slash prove wrong decrease wince blotch disempower stigmatize detract devaluate traumatise belittle tweak ding whack wallop steamroll be prejudicial to doctor make ugly immobilize marmalize overbear overmatch cane trim pommel whitewash get surmount tear apart play merry hell with rain on someone's parade bang up tamper with flog water down be a blot on the landscape make useless edge outplay triumph over whomp tan handle roughly deprive stigmatise reflect badly on bring into disrepute give the lie to entrap outjump outflank ambush route outrun outhit lambaste flax disqualify inactivate nip in the bud win against drive a coach and horses through take to cleaners take it all throw monkey wrench in unstrengthen edge out poke full of holes get around cut up get the better of give someone a hiding pip at the post run roughshod over pwn plow under hogtie hock handicap bear down walk all over take down a peg work over drag through the mire kibosh unbrace immobilise nose out win a victory over do down make unclean muzzle do mischief to pinion render incapable pick apart bring shame on lead astray molest tag devitalize make of no use or value pauperize chasten chastise speckle mess endanger manipulate inconvenience wreak havoc with rattle cloud whittle imperil disfashion nick detonate slow retard delay hold up convulse prey pirate wrest foray seize capture derail be the ruination of derange slow down turn upside-down disappoint decay bow annoy cast a pall over cast a shadow over rupture cause confusion in throw into disarray cause turmoil in bring to nought prohibit make destitute bleed dry cow set a bad example take the edge off take the shine off burn out hack throw a monkey wrench into glitch up limit lame indispose put the skids under counteract spend take care of interrupt dispirit take the enjoyment out of take the pleasure out of spray paint brand dampen be disadvantageous to knacker shrivel maraud over confuse torpefy be the ruin of seal the doom of displace dislocate cost make misshapen distort the shape of demote engulf dump on play mischief with create chaos aggrieve grieve pain pique distress sting be deleterious to make unfit render powerless make powerless defenestrate inhibit smother curb restrain minimize minimise demean bend out of shape disrate absorb envelop expend lose strength crumple mildew tip remove from power remove from office purge bring low have craze overreach outsmart crimp outfox offset crack down on jumble be the end of draw blood hack up score pinch scrape cause the loss of cause the sacrifice of result in harm to strike at the foundations crud up knock off balance tame chip away color colour sour queer someone's pitch radioactivate dispossess result in damage to lead to the end of work against make waves trouble contradict bollix repress impact hash slit slice carve cut about separate mash flay denude disease move enthuse overshadow maculate discourage abort silence whelm overmaster play out draw down perturb confute steal from freeboot reive taint with mildew chop up disillusion quelch strangle ice harsh intrude on counter go through force down snow under grind down bear down on slap down clamp down on cause instability scuzz up prevail occur appropriate embezzle trespass arrogate confiscate invade torch run through spread among cast gloom over prick make foul controvert rebut disconfirm debunk belie mistreat manhandle dismiss throw out throw into chaos mix up turn topsy-turvy impinge rot gnaw rust puncture cut short mark down negative go against bleach fade impact on impinge upon cast a gloom upon bring a note of sadness to mishandle assassinate whittle away jam cause injury lace thin dilute suspend strike at confound plague curse knock props from under take wind out of sails blow sky high knock bottom out sandbag mine dig soften tunnel wear challenge embarrass write down deactivate disenable freeze combust scald take hold of disband discontinue bully down prove false cremate carbonise carbonize clamp wheel-clamp dig out hollow out have an effect on have an impact on exert influence on persecute brutalize assault victimize bump revert devalorize abase undervalue demerit set back declass bench adjourn bastardize mix slander clip one's wings chip away at queer the pitch of tie render inoperative prevent from working arrest disarm prevent from moving bring to a standstill make inoperative action render inactive bring to a halt drive a nail into the coffin of make a nonsense of put in a bad light bring shame to knock the bottom out of grimace destroy by fire burn up reduce to ashes burn to the ground burn down burn to a crisp disannul rescind void vacate axe prorogue avoid null repeal abrogate conclude extend sophisticate traduce roughhouse knock off malign scrap wind up disunite dope knock about kick around knock around treat roughly be violent toward brutalise treat badly beat up do over victimise ill-treat mess over bung up bump off put away censure slur rubbish give a bad name to make lose face have a negative effect on have a negative impact on knock for six split up close close down loose collapse shoot ax fade out discharge resolve into postpone render void sever wind down reproach badmouth decry disparage calumniate take off carry off take someone's life mix with denature bastardise infiltrate phony up commingle irrigate doctor up plant transfuse amalgamate thin out blend intermix alloy shave cook mingle asperse besmear scandalize assail libel beset punish burden terrorize excoriate bedevil drive to the wall move in for the kill pan muckrake vilipend give the coup de grâce administer the coup de grâce bring shame upon rip up and down blackguard do a number on give a black eye rip disrespect speak ill of bring discredit to scandalise sling mud at do a hatchet job on breathe on poor-mouth give a bad name blister slag off deride tar and feather drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud cast a slur on spread scandal about bad-mouth fling mud at sling mud derogate run smear campaign knock the stuffing out of terrorise cause suffering to



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