Đồng nghĩa của erase

Alternative for erase

erases, erased, erasing

Đồng nghĩa: cancel, cross off, obliterate, wipe out,


To remove completely, leaving no trace
delete efface expunge obliterate remove cancel excise eradicate rub out eliminate wipe out abolish annihilate blot out cross out exterminate extirpate liquidate strike out blank out blue-pencil bowdlerise bowdlerize censor dele redact score out scratch out wipe off annul black out blank blot cancel out clean up cut disannul dispatch gut kill launder negate nullify root out scrape off snuff out stamp out strike sweep away trim withdraw X-out blue pencil cut out put a line through remove all traces of take out destroy scrub extinguish raze get rid of scrap quash demolish squash decimate total block out do away with smash waste ink out drop omit edit out scratch zap wreck devastate do in desolate edit suppress exclude void axe put an end to elide abate undo ax ruin deny forget shatter pulverize finish off vaporize nuke wrack rescind cream recall repeal terminate tear down pull down obscure revoke pulverise vaporise discard conceal lift nix cover call off wipe off the map x out wipe off the face of the earth wipe from the face of the earth end clean reverse squelch abrogate invalidate abandon countermand abort trash crush torpedo off stop retract vacate purge obviate call avoid dismiss set aside discharge white out cry off take away stroke out weed out put paid to knock off declare null and void wash out rub sanitize rid clear slaughter strip sterilize snip massacre level wipe expurgate renege cleanse uproot exsect sterilise sanitise expel chop disclaim overrule override renounce recant repudiate take back shed sink upset null dismantle make void backpedal disown abjure counterorder render invalid forswear junk scrub out call back put a stop to unload X out put down back out of declare invalid throw out strike through strike down roll back cast aside render null and void leave out shoot down slay subtract shut off repress fade erode cross through extract disrupt cover over pull dissolve bring to an end check smooth away rub away wear away amputate exscind slash discontinue put out of your mind declare break off refuse overwhelm put the lid on beat close obstruct shut out shroud hide screen vitiate get off the hook give up jettison benothing score through cut up lop off scissor out record over ditch dump forget about give the chop banish stifle disinfect empty obfuscate shade darken batten smother eclipse finish postpone defeat ravage scour clear out flatten bulldoze shake out dispose of rout out clean out rid of fell unbuild budge wipe off face of earth knock down knock out blow to bits blow sky-high KO destroy root and branch take apart mark out rub off clear away cover up pass out hold back make dark keel over cut off crash dynamite topple capsize bomb spill lay waste overturn reduce batter scatter subvert unmake overthrow unpublish score bleep decontaminate knock to pieces sponge out clean off scrub off blow down raze to the ground cast down break down tear up mow down shift get off loosen throw down black wash off rinse off blow away rule out Tippex out pass up oust eject evict slur disregard throw out on your ear give the bum's rush kick out give something a miss chuck out turf out leave off boot out let go send packing miss out


To cause the death of
kill murder destroy dispatch execute slaughter assassinate massacre slay butcher eradicate annihilate decimate exterminate terminate waste croak extirpate liquidate eliminate whack obliterate off blackball claim down fell ice neutralise neutralize stiff top nix scrag smite smoke wax asphyxiate crucify finish garrotte garrote get hit snuff strangle suffocate guillotine hang immolate lynch sacrifice cut down take out take someone's life wipe out cause the death of do to death end the life of finish off knock off put away put down put to death rub out take the life of bump off do away with make away with blow away carry off dispose of do for mow down shoot down do in cut to pieces polish off put to sleep wipe from the face of the earth zap snuff out put an end to give someone the works terminate with extreme prejudice wipe off the face of the earth extinguish abolish get rid of blot out root out remove silence end take cancel expunge put to the sword stamp out wipe off the map vaporise purge vaporize grease stun delete gun down drag scratch sterilize sterilise exclude clear away take down drag down take care of stretch out deep-six efface quell quash kill off put end to put a stop to nullify ethnically cleanse sweep away blow someone's brains out send to the gas chambers send to kingdom come clean up black out axe ax annul abort overturn overthrow bring to an end put paid to shoot defeat dust off cool behead decapitate electrocute chill mutilate euthanize overwhelm gas send to the chair stone to death dispense with send to the gas chamber put before a firing squad send to the gibbet string up send to the electric chair put out of its misery stab dust blast bowstring fry depopulate kill in cold blood carry out a sentence of death on ruin mass murder overcome discard take away discontinue stone overpower rout worst murk best do knife smother garotte stick torture mangle maim beat vanquish send to the gallows devastate bring down stop banish administer the coup de grâce give the coup de grâce drive to the wall move in for the kill take off take a life abrogate invalidate knock out put out knock something on the head get shot of give the chop cast out phase out drive out


To erase the memories and personality, while still leaving an intact, living brain and body


To scrape or wear away by friction or erosion
abrade scrape chafe rasp scratch erode rub graze wear fray corrode scuff skin excoriate frazzle grind scour grate file corrade flay strip roughen fret gall irritate triturate wear away wear down bite into eat away at scrape away grind down gnaw away at wear off rub off scrape out bark score lacerate cut damage eat away peel rub raw etch buff raze sand tear dissolve nick consume polish wound wear through sandpaper impair shred eat decay mark shave wear out wear thin rub down become worn clean pare crumble incise scrub snick rub against hurt eat into burn into gouge rub painfully gnaw deteriorate flake destroy rip oxidate waste unravel burnish undermine brush spoil burn nibble rust rot gash tatter distress bite bite at waste away gnaw away become ragged cleanse notch become tattered come apart decorticate drag furbish oxidize smooth wash husk hull shuck hone disintegrate weather scarify rub away tarnish wipe engrave oxidise decompose become threadbare wash away mop burn through scuff up make a mark on inflame shell pinch chip sear corrupt denude riffle ripple rake thin remove ravel strip away peel away dent sponge canker go through wear threadbare scar go into holes exfoliate swab groove key scrawl on deface excorticate scale slit slash prick scrabble dissipate exhaust melt liquefy weaken grit gnash clear break the skin of rend split devour take off run through lessen sap diminish crunch scrunch puncture cleave shape injure shear slice chip away at refine finish level break up cut open maim tear apart make ragged purge flush whiten nip carve pierce lance furrow use dight shine fade bother overwork overuse tax buff up pumice grind away crumble away cut down scrape off use up go to seed


To pay off one's debts
clear pay off repay pay pay back settle redeem square amortise amortize discharge eliminate honor honour liquidate meet recompense reimburse account for make good remit satisfy solve ante up balance compensate for defray foot pay up pony up spring for stand quit pay in full take care of foot the bill settle up make payment bear the cost pay for square up cover make good on bear the expense compensate remunerate cough up stump up fork out foot the bill for come through with bear the cost of clear up exchange relieve shell out fork over cash out service clear off put up bear the expense of kick in hand over make indemnify requite equalize recoup ante disburse fix end close atone equalise make reparation for give payment to tide over make reparation dispose of meet one's obligations come across fork up come up with the money contribute fund finance chip in cover cost pick up the bill pick up the tab for pick up the tab pick up the check pick up the check for pay out give dish out part with lay out pay the bill come up with spend expend outlay come across with donate drop make with render deliver bail someone out put in invest give up defray the cost of splash out pay down guerdon plunk down reward spring give out settle the debt splurge accord stake produce cede yield relinquish surrender provide up blow squander offer lay down turn over turn in front up check out supply advance distribute furnish pledge pay compensation refund pay damages pay costs settle accounts with settle up with pop for vouchsafe redress fee tip award grant return give back lavish honor one's debts knock down come through allocate blue dispense hand out lash out commit sacrifice share impart devote pitch in throw in


The killing of one person by another
homicide murder killing slaying assassination manslaughter butchery extermination liquidation slaughter blood execution fratricide massacre matricide parricide patricide rubout sororicide bloodshed filicide infanticide regicide uxoricide bump-off carnage crime death foul play hit offing ride shooting stabbing big chill first-degree murder second-degree murder annihilation putting to death elimination dispatch destruction doing to death martyrdom decimation taking of life mass murder holocaust bloodbath wiping out wasting bloodletting bumping off taking out blood bath ethnic cleansing unlawful death mactation termination purge removal crushing assassinating political execution genocide lynching murdering blood-letting dispatching knifing off eradication extinction fatality mass murdering finish blood shedding rub out coup de grâce act of killing death blow kill taking of someone's life contract killing the business the works havoc shambles capital punishment rapine warfare butchering hecatomb gore blitz pogrom insurrectionism indiscriminate bloodshed mass destruction blood and guts search and destroy Shoah mass homicide mass execution ruin devastation obliteration wastage indiscriminate killing wholesale killing battue loss wholesale slaughter mass slaughter mincemeat subjugation night of the long knives demolition end mass killing desolation demolishment extirpation wreckage internecion dissolving ravaging disintegrating extinguishing abolition wrecking subversion overthrow ruination shattering abolishing subverting bane sacking crashing invalidating invalidation disrupting wreck injury wounding snuffing persecution witch-hunt victimization wrack perdition racial killing genticide euthanasia silence calamity megadeath mass suicide race extermination victimisation death sentence massacring slaughtering overwhelming finishing off killing off rubbing out snuffing out putting down putting to sleep zapping downfall extinguishment rooting out undoing

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