Đồng nghĩa của refund

Alternative for refund

refunds, refunded, refunding

Đồng nghĩa: pay back, reimburse, repay,


An amount of money that can be earned or received free of tax
allowance concession deduction discount reduction rebate authorisation authorization clearance concurrence consent decrease granting leave licence license permission repayment sanction sufferance warrant weighting accommodation adaptation adjustment admission advantage green light tolerance toleration authority acceptance approval permit go-ahead dispensation agreement endorsement blessing assent acquiescence okay imprimatur liberty privilege right OK ratification confirmation approbation say-so seal of approval thumbs up cut nod freedom favour favor charter stamp of approval entitlement indulgence rubber stamp backing carte blanche accreditation support validation mandate markdown O.K. grant legalization admittance exemption pass remission credentials certificate legalisation empowerment depreciation say so subtraction countenance bonus power immunity abatement access fiat word prerogative order commission authentication passport diminution saving ticket slash warranty decree verification guarantee pullback condonance impunity card green-light acknowledgment condonation sanctification acknowledgement passage seal blank cheque nihil obstat franchise yes leniency assurance attestation accord strength ability delegation unconstraint self-determination independence compliance document passing okaying notification OK'ing letting rights signature understanding consensus harmony good wishes visa certification dibs first dibs adoption enactment a blank cheque subpoena summons depletion allowance tax break voucher right on blank check establishment writ security laissez-passer triptyque firman carnet use of edict papers pledge official document legislation empowering badge patent safe-conduct testimonial written order credential bargain benefit of exception payback benefit usage of permission to use opportunity to use discretion avowal relaxation reprieve relief legitimization decriminalization decriminalisation latitude run endorsation command release price cut all clear reimbursement kickback return right to use free hand free rein withdrawal removal abstraction exoneration exclusion absolution perk devaluation drop deflation write-down fall slump cutting loss of value boon apanage asset appanage claim due special consideration a let-off docking discounting debit birthright opportunity utility perquisite plus luxury reduction in sentence partial refund reduced sentence taking away contribution excision write-off taking off dockage payment decrement credit freelage reward expedience profit chance rollback fringe benefit knocking off knock-off recognition stamp affirmation encouragement recommendation droit sanctioning documentation proof title commendation justification injunction directive ruling ukase canon precept the nod dictate aid assistance ordinance pronunciamento corroboration substantiation advocacy ratifying validating evidence testament proclamation championing testimony promotion witness championship regard patronage law espousal A-OK qualification instruction statute accession official sanction thumbs-up indemnity direction dictum clean bill of health pat on the back power of attorney covenant welcome benediction satisfaction notarization the right faculty valediction affidavit Godspeed formalization a free hand statement assenting acceding interest business choice upholding formalisation free will call subscription diktat rule countersignature superscription comment merit priority approving decreeing ordaining deputation charge demand rescript stroke hubba-hubba commercial consent to agreement to pretension pretense pretence bidding bull promulgation commandment proxy brevet agency application legislating appliance implementation irade decretal regulation basis grounds subscription to applause acclaim praise standard act principle guide making law pat on back rationale laudation respect appreciation congratulation bill criterion guideline constitution admiration acclamation kudos adulation esteem veneration congratulations ovation imperative obligation behest defence cause reason defense vindication help reg code prescript liking accolades bells plaudits salutes seconding diploma hand cooperation boost assist abetment lift deed ID missive documents high regard complete discretion complete freedom unconditional right no holds barred complete authority full power full authority proxy in blank unrestricted authority leeway say unconditional authority accompaniment references demonstration auspices backup secondment adherence identification papers ID card docket bona fides identity papers moral support proof of qualifications letter of credence letter of introduction letter of recommendation proof of identity character identification letters of credence identity card token proving helping hand leg up accepting corroborating authorizing affirming verifying supporting authenticating authorising go ahead


Money in coins or notes, as distinct from cheques, money orders, or credit


Something given as a reward or in recompense for something done
payment hire pay salary wage fee remuneration wages emolument stipend compensation earnings fees recompense reward emoluments price rate reimbursement allowance consideration handout honorarium income packet paycheck profit remittance requital revenue gain gross pay lucre net pay proceeds profits take-home pay takings acquittal advance alimony amends amortisation amortization annuity award bounty cash defrayal defrayment down expense indemnification outlay part pay envelope pay-off pension portion quittance redress reparation repayment restitution retaliation return subsidy sum support indemnity damages satisfaction settlement meed payoff recoupment atonement benefit guerdon bonus premium grant take reprisals money inducement bribe deserts incentive reprisal perquisite solatium take-home sweetener dividend bread present perks gratuity prize carrot charge remittal commission gift scale fix reciprocity advantage offset graft honour merit salt right counterclaim honor retribution accolade cut gravy interest claim due tip quid pro quo backhander perk pay packet meet reckoning coverage shake kickback entitlement comp expiation desert propitiation redemption penance bribery garland goodies crown setoff scholarship dues dowry merits donation appreciation plum expenses endowment fringe benefit payola feather in cap reciprocation just deserts bacon penalty winnings yield reparations sop pickings boodle purse decoration justice forfeit wedding gift forfeiture net percentage fine mulct hush money rebate assistance squaring things remitment disbursement allocation benefaction fellowship bung retainer cue need prerogative privilege rights grease palm greasing payroll returns perquisites kick-back payout deserving gross prem earned income handouts vindication penitence pittance stipendium cost costs pledge complimentary fee largesse koha lagniappe hand-outs something in return ransom cumshaw damage reinstatement title incomings receipts gains dividends apology restoration revenge contribution subsistence maintenance honoraria making good dot rightful treatment fair treatment insurance sanction extra groceries gate balance favour favor payback salvo liberation money upkeep pocket money keep ration boon plume kudo distinction fringe benefits protection something returned rake-off piece of the pie bottom line instalment installment financial support sum of money give-back discharge give-up money back acquittance discount consolation marriage settlement lobola tocher store stock value spiff punishment amercement regard blue ribbon levy assurance security financial penalty assessment punitive action welfare plus marriage portion enticement share remedy rectification superannuation cover cure aid help ease relief allurement gratification IRA retirement pension retirement fund social security retirement income welfare payment subvention retirement account fixed income comeback correction softener oil amendment vengeance renewal reworking remodelling rehabilitation reformation conciliation offsetting reestablishment change remodeling revision repair balancing remission prize money money under the table


To return something to a vendor for a refund

Trái nghĩa của refund

refund Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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