Đồng nghĩa của reparation

Alternative for reparation


Đồng nghĩa: amends, fix, fixing, fixture, mend, mending, repair,


A payment of time, effort or money to undo past transgression(s)
compensation damages indemnity recompense redress restitution amends atonement indemnification requital remuneration retribution penance propitiation quittance recoupment redemption reimbursement reprisal emolument expiation payment repayment satisfaction apology dues reward settlement solatium making good squaring things reprisals return remittance pay meed consideration fee punishment penalty profit retaliation salary earnings stipend wage reciprocity guerdon gain honorarium allowance justice offset payoff take benefit counterclaim quid pro quo reckoning deserts defrayal vengeance fine forfeiture payback salt meet coverage remittal premium bread shake bonus scale advantage take-home comp revenge sanction setoff reciprocation remedy comeback wages income forfeit judgement refund mulct judgment restoration reparations punitive action penitence just deserts absolution sentence attrition rectification rebate correction purgation costs fees punition proceeds emoluments rap price comeuppance amercement nemesis measure for measure tit for tat poetic justice eye for an eye money vindication sacrifice replacement substitution claim reinstatement blood money damage accrual benefits interest gate yield accruement something in return retainer salvo charge commission lex talionis tooth for a tooth act of contrition levy something returned financial penalty assessment give-back discharge kickback give-up acquittance discount consolation hire cure aid help ease relief ruling money back assistance determination conviction decree verdict amendment renewal reworking remodelling rehabilitation reformation conciliation offsetting reestablishment change remodeling revision repair balancing remission rate revanche measure counterblow avenging avengement means of redress means of reparation due reward an eye for an eye an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth just reward retributive justice rule condemnation packet paycheck handout revenue compunction discipline chastisement net pay takings gross pay profits take-home pay lucre decision pronouncement reprimand alimony advance pension pay-off sum annuity down defrayment support subsidy cash bounty portion amortization amortisation outlay expense part acquittal pay envelope award medicine torture penalization infliction castigation wrath pain chastening consequences self-abasement self-mortification self-punishment self-flagellation firm hand stick suffering jankers unhappiness coercive measure ostracism mortification punitive measure gallows punitive measures hell to pay disciplinary action sequestration deprivation victimisation confiscation hammer rod victimization prize perquisite dividend incentive cut accolade desert due gratuity gravy perk tip inducement gift honour percentage right share merit honor carrot perks crown winnings grant sweetener purse entitlement garland goodies slice appreciation plum merits present fringe benefit feather in cap returns decoration endowment bacon gratification scholarship amount prize money piece end piece of the action bite what's coming to you what you deserve need prerogative rights grease cue privilege card refund prem deserving donation rewards perquisites pickings payroll expenses koha lagniappe largesse chargeback barter earned income net gross pot title rightful treatment fair treatment whack cost stake extra quota complimentary fee baksheesh commish boon plume kudo distinction allotment stakes allocation lot instalment installment bribe toll slice of the cake figure stock spiff store value ration something to sweeten pot bill tariff account just punishment deserved fate regard proportion stint freight ante backhander payola graft helping limit apportionment enticement blue ribbon handouts fare rake-off handle subscription price tag house juice take-in chunk sop remitment cheque disbursement giving paying bequest permitted amount inheritance legacy taste budget permitted quantity pin money quantity fellowship stipendium pittance allurement monies softener oil boodle transmittal transfer hand-outs hush money negotiable instrument transfer of funds money order money under the table plus


The action or process of correcting something
correction amendment emendation rectification righting adjustment alteration improvement modification rectifying adjusting altering amelioration repair improving modifying remedy resolution revision putting right setting right tweaking amending changing editing fixing indemnification mending putting to rights redress reexamination remodelling remodeling rereading revisal revising sorting out tweak clearing up ironing out patching up corrective action development melioration advancement betterment refinement recovery reformation minor adjustment change reworking adaptation reconstruction reform recasting transformation rehabilitation revamping rearrangement reshaping restyling rewriting reorganization redrafting rephrasing refashioning redoing variation conversion renovation restructuring reorganisation tailoring overhaul enhancement regulation clarification setting copy-editing tuning rewording refining revamp redaction review redraft remoulding readjustment makeover difference revise remaking qualification overhauling remolding customization customisation calibration standardisation standardization realignment renewal shifting acclimation polishing enhancing subediting censoring censorship bowdlerization expurgation updating restriction fix mitigation settlement mutation cure easing relief modulation re-examination healing refitting adaption retrospect afterlight homework polish recension retrospection updation rescript reediting regulating making good converting arrangement correcting redesigning twiddling jiggering edit reorganizing reorienting rebuilding remake shaping organization organizing organisation repairing organising balancing fitting reorientation customizing fine-tuning addition rewrite customising reorganising update attachment addendum adjunct

Trái nghĩa của reparation

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