Đồng nghĩa của salve

Alternative for salve

salves, salved, salving

Đồng nghĩa: balm, cream, lotion, ointment, pomade,


Item used for the treatment of ailments
help remedy medication medicine balm cure corrective medicament restorative alleviation amelioration assuagement mitigation easing healing improvement treatment nostrum antidote panacea placebo pharmacon elixir curative therapeutic medicant counteragent lotion fix ointment aid counteractant catholicon countermeasure drug physic prescription specific medicinal pharmaceutical dose vaccine vaccination inoculation antibiotic pill tablet elixir vitae tonic healing agent antiseptic potion antitoxin serum cure-all anesthetic modern medicine tincture quack remedy patent medicine Western medicine sedative anaesthetic capsule liniment biologic injection therapy antiserum rectifier course of treatment unguent reparation recovery assistance proprietary redress restora-tive quick fix opiate essence poison depressant pharmaceutic narcotic dope preparation mixture stimulant preventive relief analgesic neutralizer antivenin lozenge pellet painkiller magic bullet solution caplet theriac bolus pilule troche pastille cap formula jujube medical drug prophylactic counteractive tab drop ball rubric heritage tradition rule convention custom anodyne antibody antipoison edict decree ordinance forescript law prescript regulation palliative compound mithridate antivenene answer neutralizing agent counteracting agent counterstep negator nullifier rehabilitation healing treatment therapeutics method of healing remedial treatment concoction tranquilizer morphine aspirin demulcent alleviative embrocation diacatholicon panpharmacon cream creation substance plan scheme universal remedy sovereign remedy pain reliever tranquillizer wonder drug sovereign cure composition liquid paste application cure for all ills big idea home remedy quack medicine


A tip given to a waiter, taxi driver, etc
gratuity tip bonus gift perquisite present reward donation recompense boon baksheesh benefaction largesse perk handout lagniappe pourboire bounty cumshaw dividend donative douceur extra gravy throw-in bonsela fringe benefit guerdon alms bit extra contribution extra payment gravy train little extra offering sweetener token little something service charge goodwill gesture grant endowment benefit charity subsidy bequest award stipend freebie largess premium advantage hand-out plus privilege giveaway allowance payment incentive bestowal scholarship freebee consideration favor favour inducement allocation aid appropriation assistance help gain presentation concession prezzie goodie allotment asset compensation lump honorarium godsend prize fellowship koha dole additional benefit plus point bribe fairing subvention legacy handsel remuneration blessing merit upside windfall value pay souvenir comp fee philanthropy gifting annuity pay-off backhander entitlement appanage settlement beneficence memento profit payoff carrot price pension pro funding admission dispensation sponsorship added extra treasure keepsake commission investment emolument remembrancer conferment subscription kickback virtue money write-off winnings meed giving cut take resource provision pittance purse relief compliment stake bestowment service addition honour courtesy inheritance dropsy enticement sop goody ice hand graft golden hello amenity fix boodle bursary honor helping hand hand-me-down good point tribute good advantageousness feather in your cap good thing saving grace conveyance transfer assignment tips benevolence transferal dowry expenses salary packet paycheck hire wage tithing vail support generosity almsgiving lap of luxury life of Riley life of ease submission fund oblation offertory free sample backing bequeathal income revenue smalls bonsella widow's mite complimentary fee percentage finance munificence liberality return requital free meal free gift convenience expediency devise hereditament decoration utility beauty expedience attraction alimony subsidisation financial aid financial backing indemnity subsidization leg up pay envelope frosting benediction bonanza manna apanage felicity luxury small change nest egg trust property desert repayment benison added advantage attractive feature boot money perks usefulness indulgence strength mileage strong point good fortune piece of good fortune break stroke of luck charitable donation acquisition garland goodies crown accolade signing bonus sign-on bonus unexpected extra pay supplement special compensation additional compensation golden parachute something extra payola helpfulness use deal little something extra bung venture buy acquirement prize money feather in cap worth cream steal bargain purchase egg in one's beer sling plugola drop allurement schmear good buy accretion good deal possession procuration holding envelope feedbag sweetening reward for treachery corrupt money buyoff hush money influence peddling contract blackmail protection lure grease bait corrupting gift ration a hand doing one's part heritage birthright patrimony heirloom welfare conferral estate reminder valuable trophy grace succor remembrance memorial patronage succour commemorative monument family treasure charitableness dues pledge mercy deed granting relic promotion share symbol accordance abetment kindness sustenance dower grants portion testimonial kind act good turn good deed emblem act of assistance act of kindness memorabilia graciousness zakat altruistism disposal brotus tilly pasella financing funds thoughtfulness lubrication payment grease payment goodwill tendering conferring advancement antique something inherited input gimmick altruism memorandum knickknack role supply devisal bequeathment reversion donations contributions gesture of goodwill olive branch friendly gesture one's part handouts tradition primogeniture heritance trial offer special offer gifts free offer product sample free go free lunch complimentary ticket free pass presents scholarships subsidies endowments bursaries turn presenting awarding boost donatives benefactions financial assistance financial relief alms-giving quota dispensing furnishing delivery entrusting according offerings gift-giving superannuation assist tax offer delivering investiture extending deliverance comfort lot IRA retirement pension retirement fund retirement account fixed income social security retirement income welfare payment furtherance salvation skill slice talent duty measure amount charge piece end proportion stint part handing over handing out levy impost helping limit apportionment remittance bite permitted amount taste budget interest permitted quantity pin money quantity customs ransom toll sign mark evidence index indication expression homage tariff excise manifestation representation badge demonstration proof note token of remembrance something to remember someone by something precious earnest clue recognition attestation warrant sample warning pawn presage symptom significant gesture omen indicia security


To provide comfort or assuagement to
soothe ease still allay appease mollify alleviate assuage comfort palliate becalm calm compose lighten lull lullaby pacify quiet quieten settle tranquillize tranquilize dull mitigate ally balm heal relieve soften unburden untrouble calm down cool off smooth down pour oil on take the edge off take the sting out of relax subdue placate console reassure solace cool quell hush assure succor succour lessen settle down help cheer hearten sedate temper uplift condole bolster reduce encourage cheer up buoy up put at ease bring comfort to ameliorate cure repress diminish check silence moderate steady inspirit make up quieten down boost support gladden lift conciliate stroke elevate besoothe commiserate dulcify give solace to take the sting out tranquillise attenuate content gentle smooth over shut down contain collect free control deaden quash stifle give respite to propitiate suppress resolve restrain rein adjust slacken regulate modulate smother reconcile dispose fall cease qualify soft-pedal win over square re-collect make peace with rock to sleep take it easy quiet down ease off chill out take the edge lay back put a lid on meliorate nurse improve doctor make nice butter up play up to patch things up give condolences to lighten burden reanimate empathize with commiserate with envigorate revitalise make one feel at ease enliven give sympathy to quiet fears sympathize with buck up revitalize invigorate make well give a lift to condole with let up simmer down ease up hold in tune down make better attend to set right drug anaesthetize dope narcotize stupefy anesthetize buoy unruffle zonk brighten knock out put out put under dispel counteract settle your nerves make calm administer a tranquillizer to administer a sedative to vary punctuate abate settle something's nerves stop liss interrupt sweeten put at rest settle one's nerves assist prevent aid break up put one's mind to rest bring respite to bring an end to make bearable take load off take a load off bring aid to let up on make something bearable bring aid animate pity stimulate strengthen exhilarate rally sympathize upraise perk up embolden feel for sympathise fortify steel revivify incite empathize rouse energize arouse pep up gee up be moved by energise compassionate inspire empathise feel sorry for give strength to be a source of strength to stir refresh restore elate express sympathy bear up chirk up quicken sustain cheer on brace ginger up raise your spirits bleed for grieve with have mercy on pick up boost someone's morale give a shot in the arm to express sympathy for give a lift decrease please satisfy see someone through snap out of it disburden grieve for feel pity for ache for facilitate relent have one's heart go out to be a tower of strength to grieve open one's heart lament for express sympathy to show compassion to cushion show fellow feeling to brighten up humour blunt modify disarm keep someone going curb humor give confidence motivate restore confidence to tone down fix up mellow take sting out set your mind at rest snap one out of it be a source of strength give a leg up to boost morale give moral support to hold someone's hand boost the morale of be there for boost moral restore someone's confidence dispel someone's fears bolster someone's confidence make peace square off pour oil on troubled waters drive incentify empower raise someone's spirits applaud spur push galvanize help out cheer along tide over keep someone's head above water keep going renew loosen spark pique disinhibit trigger sway fillip vitalize impassion build up goad enforce egg instigate stir up kindle jumpstart fire up activate incentivize whip up spur on enhearten excite move build make lighter rejuvenate resuscitate give a boost to reenforce raise pump up ignite rev up provoke boost up warm release nudge reinvigorate regenerate slack praise prick freshen reduce weight disencumber empty levitate take remove extenuate uplight change shift put off throw out pour out jettison thin eradicate cut down unload dilute make less loose recreate renovate recharge resurrect rekindle refreshen repair awaken stimulate spiritually raise the morale of spirit someone up give shot in arm psych up give hope to light a fire under prop up lift the spirits of give confidence to bield stiffen the resolve of kick-start brace up identify with lament with show forgiveness have compassion for ache forgive be compassionate towards understand put out of one's misery pardon grant amnesty be sympathetic yearn over show concern feel sympathy for show sympathy be sorry for give quarter have compassion be there for somebody be sympathetic towards take pity on feel with weep for reprieve galvanise incentivise put on cloud nine rediscover reinforce revive bring round reawaken overcome enkindle recondition restart recuperate let the sun shine in put on top of the world run interference for clear the way forward disengage speed up simplify promote make easier speed untighten expedite open the door smooth further touch up spring up make whole bring back to life breathe life into breathe new life into bounce back bring around bring to compassion mourn for send condolences to sorrow for offer condolences to share sorrow offer sympathy to be sympathetic to offer condolences have mercy show compassion


To praise or compliment, typically excessively or insincerely
flatter compliment praise blarney cajole humour soft-soap sweet-talk flannel admire commend puff blandish court adulate belaud butter up fawn hero-worship honey massage overpraise stroke wheedle express admiration for fawn on inveigle laud pander to panegyrize pay tribute to beslaver bootlick brownnose charm con crawl to creep to glorify grovel humor jolly make much of oil pay blandishments to pay court to play up to sell snow soften suck up to toady wax lyrical about be all over lay it on thick say nice things about build up cater to compliment excessively fall all over sweeten up work on work over get next to spread it on lay it on with a trowel rub the right way coax palaver smooth-talk slaver persuade entice woo beguile brown-nose lure tempt get round seduce make up to ingratiate oneself with dance attendance on prevail on talk into induce kowtow win over influence curry favour with curry favor with curry favour curry favor fawn over manoeuvre truckle toady to urge maneuver rub up the right way be servile towards be sycophantic towards truckle to crawl suck up sway allure soap bring round kowtow to apple-polish cower creep cringe lick someone's boots abase oneself to be obsequious towards demean oneself to keep someone sweet bow and scrape to revere ingratiate banter decoy worship gush over tantalize elevate get tantalise worm get around argue into press be obsequious to be servile to fuss be sycophantic to put on a pedestal soothe kiss feet stoop crouch pander kneel bow fawn upon soften up smoodge to cultivate lay it on kiss up to bow and scrape ingratiate yourself prostrate oneself to try to get on the good side of seek the favour of grovel to try to win over adore caress venerate lionize mollycoddle fuss over cosset pat spoil baby pet pamper indulge solicit rave over kiss someone's feet lionise quail bend eat dirt puff up back-scratch submit to defer to captivate overdo it sweet talk get in with prostrate oneself cozy up keep sweet talk humiliate yourself abase yourself humble yourself eat crow prostrate yourself prostrate oneself before abase oneself eat humble pie get on the right side of flatter into attract wile butter up to make a fuss of encourage draw stroke one's ego exalt convince prod make hook wangle reason argue coerce pressure pressurize plague talk into something twist somebody's arm pester importune come on tease prevail upon rope in jawbone barter arm-twist roose pressurise finagle dupe deceive crowd push mislead delude entrap bring pressure to bear on apple polish hand a line eulogize grovel before cringe before fall over oneself for abase oneself before invite debase eulogise defer submit praise to excess abase scrape yield cotton smarm around sing the praises of bow and scrape before praise to the skies fall on one's knees be obsequious cave in to be at beck and call lick boots pay court be servile honey up buddy up


To smear or rub over with oil or an unctuous substance

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