Đồng nghĩa của salvation

Alternative for salvation


Đồng nghĩa: redemption,


An instance of kind, or charitable, behavior
kindness service aid benevolence favor benefaction boon courtesy help bounty favour grace indulgence assistance mercy succour succor turn alms benediction blessing philanthropy relief benefit benison boost dispensation honor honour charity contribution deed gift support donation endowment funding grant largesse abetment handout patronage subsidy welfare assist compensation offering sponsorship subvention allowance bursary comfort deliverance sustenance furtherance reward good deed good turn hand-out kind act act of assistance act of kindness goodwill gesture care rescue a leg up a helping hand reinforcement donations quick fix fix gifts debt remission financial assistance a hand redemption maintenance abettance backing cooperation lift hand promotion push facilitation encouragement guidance backup alleviation spurring on advocacy shot in the arm espousal advice giving leg up attention helping hand present bequest gratuity donative award bestowal stipend presentation bonus allotment allocation appropriation giveaway freebie concession scholarship freebee fairing lagniappe dole largess handsel lump comp annuity legacy entitlement fellowship premium perk settlement goodie baksheesh honorarium privilege admission provision gifting prezzie tip conferment perquisite inheritance sweetener pourboire stake payment koha tribute pension hand-me-down consideration generosity conveyance transfer assignment compliment compassion unselfishness liberality accommodation dowry write-off beneficence fund bequeathal revenue income investment transferal zakat finance devise hereditament property nest egg trust alimony subsidisation indemnity financial aid financial backing subsidization souvenir token pittance tithing oblation douceur bonsela offertory windfall godsend advantage gain profit convenience felicity good thing asset luck good manna extra virtue additional benefit added attraction plus plus point break miracle good fortune stroke of luck added extra lucky thing piece of good fortune manna from heaven lucky break good luck piece of luck

Trái nghĩa của salvation

salvation Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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