Đồng nghĩa của guardianship

Alternative for guardianship

guardianship /'gɑ:djənʃip/
  • danh từ
    • sự bảo vệ; trách nhiệm bảo vệ
    • sự giám hộ (tài sản...); trách nhiệm giám hộ (tài sản...)


The office or position of one acting as a guardian or conservator, especially in a legal capacity
care custodianship custody keeping safekeeping trust ward caretaking charge guard protection responsibility supervision tutelage tutelarity tutorship wardenship watch aegis guidance auspices patronage support control safe keeping management superintendence wardship surveillance backing trusteeship preservation protectorship stewardship sponsorship regulation superintendency keep oversight conservation championship administration direction government governance intendance headship maintenance safeguarding advocacy handling umbrella safeguard operation aid auspice assistance presidency help defence salvation shelter defense ministration cover running observation looking after safety security egis financing protecting promotion guarding inspection upkeep preserving conserving sustentation preserval possession parenting agency refuge authority hands funding insurance conduct reassurance assurance leadership guaranty sustainment command encouragement upholding saving perpetuation shield benefaction check managing subsidy recommendation grant storage keeping going care and feeding keeping alive keeping up influence escrow countenance lap moment store liability account taking care of caring providence benefactor angel sponsor patron finance overseeing patronization babysitting minding fostering nursing certainty evaporation tanning refrigeration wing favour favor safe haven mothering fathering provision of care continuance continuation prolongation continuity manipulation good hands mastery retainment sustaining sway containment caregiving reins philanthropy comanagement generalship codirection coadministration sustention screen invulnerability furtherance espousal carrying-on carrying on sanctuary strength armor shielding fortification investment conservancy husbandry immunity indemnity barrier buffer surety supervising cherishing governing armament safeness armour stability ammunition wall self-defense careful management


The act of guarding, protecting, or guiding
tutelage schooling education teaching instruction tuition tutoring training coaching apprenticeship guidance preparation drilling lesson care custody protection supervision wing expert hand pedagogy inculcation andragogy enlightenment edification discipline indoctrination information direction cultivation lessons study improvement erudition background science reading learning scholarship development literacy nurture pedagogics civilization civilisation book learning grounding proselytism catechism finish refinement learnedness brainwashing breeding rearing culture propagandism tutorials drill priming book-learning chalk talk e-learning tutorship tutorial research studying swotting expenditure fee price charge foundation formal education buildup groundwork practice academic work uplifting elevation classes exercise upbringing sharpening basics rules lectures readying seasoning tune-up betterment enhancement irradiation elucidation knowledge bettering illumination building up insight awareness understanding wisdom comprehension disciplining explanation clarification intelligence cognition discernment an aha moment grooming basis guiding briefing matriculation revelation schoolwork discovery perception programming persuasion proselytization propaganda inspiration fostering tending raising control apprehension regulation lore authority bringing up familiarity accomplishments letters attainments class strictness regimen sophistication order session intellect broad-mindedness open-mindedness expertise know-how philosophy academic achievement grasp ability academic study intellectual attainment skill orderliness seminar period lecture light knowingness conversance acquaintance cognizance routine subject advancement awakening liberalism sense judgment course bodhi satori epiphany rules of conduct domestication acquaintanceship judgement intimacy ken grip lear period of instruction information taught period of coaching period of teaching period of tutoring period of schooling peace that passeth understanding


The possession of authority of control, especially with regards to armed conflict
command control power authority sway dominion charge domination dominance government management rule ascendency direction leadership stewardship supervision ascendance ascendancy ascendence custody grasp grip guidance hold influence jurisdiction reign reins superiority administration clout sovereignty superintendence authorisation authorization clutch coercion despotism generalship hegemony might predominance presidency primacy rulership subjection supremacy tyranny strings death grip upper hand mastery governance preeminence paramountcy prepotency arm whip hand prepotence running superintendency operation intendance edge handling regulation care conduct eminence oversight imperium pre-eminence leverage sovranty prepollency mana predominancy strength force weight overseeing pull standing transcendence organization preponderancy predomination empire distinction rank organisation prestige managing advantage keeping prestigiousness orchestration noteworthiness muscle preponderance tenure reach position teeth possession regime say-so reputation esteem execution headship realm governing hands capacity lordship importance puissance prerogative regiment clutches right status controlling ability significance manipulation regimen potency jump say surveillance leg up responsibility a lead an edge an advantage duty evil embrace scope compass ranking extent prominence territory stature field a commanding position kingdom station sphere directing area province drag orbit regulating conducting precedence first place supervising commanding claws a head start beef prevalence hand license purview administering commission orchestrating overlordship regimentation regency ruling domain dynasty monarchy maintenance mark juice check auspices strong arm might and main principality lead law vantage head start time in power impact effect throne polity bureaucracy period of influence patronage politics political practice omnipotence dictatorship victory triumph office oppression suppression conquest rangatiratanga rein subjugation intimidation repression coordination subordination chieftainship masterminding forefront directorship strong influence leading place mastery power stranglehold captaincy premiership governorship primary position the upper hand instruction jaws authorities first position regnancy thrall top spot head place inspection credit establishment raj monopoly access federation warrant performance priority grease permit word initiative heft ownage claim preference weighting commonwealth notoriety licence protection pwnage conduction foresight conveyance greater importance incumbency aegis tutelage guard keep personal power powers-that-be executive predominanc ministry social position privilege prelacy range system of government occupancy occupation retention ownership spell suzerainty authoritativeness what it takes leading steering guiding statecraft pilotage skill confederation the whip hand circuit district bounds zone pride of place absolute rule driver's seat supreme authority supreme power total domination pecking order seniority containment superpower ambit comanagement codirection coadministration turf confines precinct bailiwick discretion slot state limits judicature arbitration magistracy inquisition the feds Uncle Sam demesne crown sovereign state union people breadth stomping grounds leg-up break foothold high ground drop start gain res publica world power extent of power oyer and terminer better favour inside track catbird seat stead favor acceptance gravitas involvement input participation opinion voice gamut role part image trust plausibility credibility integrity confidence radius magnitude play share concern contribution association expression engagement interest feedback connection agency commitment inspiration stimulus royalty faith energy knowledge conviction kudos experience vigour capability forcefulness powerfulness efficiency dignity prowess sinew brawn potence mightiness vigor efficacy sovereign power toughness stamina horsepower robustness muscularity valour sturdiness stoutness moxie forcibleness valor punch competence firepower steam seat of power powers that be hard power note renown consequence effectiveness fame repute notability account celebrity greatness illustriousness value honour honor import cogency relevance efficaciousness momentousness moment weightiness substance worth in persuasiveness glory merit success efficacity gravity seriousness signification effectualness class productiveness effectuality prominency acclaim impressiveness famousness usefulness luster name validity character lustre conclusiveness regard estimation convincingness persuasion virtue urgency matter éclat suasiveness eminency loftiness consideration eloquence cachet report quality benefit salience caliber calibre bearing point meaning respect materiality place emphasis fruitfulness use odor odour graveness rep successfulness izzat validness constructiveness exigency good reputation applicability approval respectability good name acceptability effectivity trustworthiness soundness dependability high standing conspicuousness foundation articulateness footing logic fashion logicality excellence laurels coherence reasonableness level grade popularity pertinence rating rung reaches degree echelon potential stratum adequacy stardom extraordinariness application specialness bargaining chip visibility intensity capableness sufficiency dynamism recognition implication severity enormity reliability bottom appeal venerability notedness venerableness Augustness slickness smoothness inducement choiceness first-rateness excellency superbness primeness perfection bargaining counter fascination pressure valuation verve outstandingness situation grading essence high rank brownie points wallop caste kingship memorability publicity size helpfulness obligation thrust ascendant superstardom proprietorship helm invincibility clasp nobility aristocracy jump on commandeering collaring grandness distinguishment stress function unanswerability physique figure development qualification growth media interest media attention stake significancy upshot orderliness rationality lucidity clarity methodicalness reputability stock permission entitlement high station all-powerfulness almightiness undisputed sway progress facility consistency reverence veneration blue blood birthright sweep fierceness grandeur aggressiveness vividness richness assertiveness good organization progression rap elevation brand prestidigitation diadem autarchy autocracy totalitarianism high birth remit department majesty carrying on instrumentality activity public esteem high regard preserve absolute power divine right unlimited power pith bite stage condition area of activity career limit boundary pilgrimage arena extension circumference mode type category relation social standing memorableness remarkableness unforgettableness gumption determination sphere of influence span of control markedness sapience unusualness obviousness rarity cruciality strikingness uncommonness exceptionalness relevancy pronounced nature linkage kinship liaison aptness affinity relationship kick outstanding nature headiness germaneness appurtenance appositeness reference

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