Đồng nghĩa của prestige

Alternative for prestige

Danh từ

The quality of how good the reputation of something or someone is, how favourably something or someone is regarded
honor honour authority cachet celebrity distinction eminence esteem fame importance influence kudos note prestigiousness regard renown reputation standing stature status weight account bottom estimation image mana class consequence credit laurels prominence rank repute superiority supremacy clout control dignity éclat illustriousness izzat notability position power preeminence prominency respect state sway brownie points glory greatness acclaim name mark pre-eminence notoriety station popularity significance character recognition luster favour favor lustre merit rep good name quality excellence exaltation stardom dominance acclamation accolade leverage pull praise respectability report worth nobility ranking muscle place teeth applause noteworthiness veneration high standing immortality admiration odor odour approval famousness acceptability elevation homage laudation accolades reputability reverence caliber calibre prepotency good reputation beef force majesty juice loftiness eminency ascendancy value style privilege command props approbation predominance import commendation plaudits splendor heft domination bays perfection social position sovereignty transcendence trustworthiness strength level pride flair extolment footing supereminence grade splendour adulation fashion paramountcy glorification deference say credibility tribute rating sun celebration devotion impact bouquets consideration rung tributes obeisance worship eulogy salutes congratulations echelon rap grandeur compliment momentousness triumph grandness magnificence reign dominion public esteem impressiveness dependability decoration leadership conspicuousness moment high rank capacity substance laud mastery visibility reaches degree adoration aggrandizement peerlessness appreciation stratum salience high station rule excellency advantage primacy fealty reach magnitude elegance preponderancy preponderance refinement self-respect choiceness superbness primeness apotheosis deification immortalization canonization compliments attention lionization signification in sophistication first-rateness stage eulogium paeans trust commemoration lionisation aggrandisement weightiness polish stock effectiveness self-image relevance face self-esteem reliability opinion good image manner badge award stateliness lavishness sublimity imposingness puissance outstandingness ceremony nobleness specialness success aristocracy pomp situation grading superstardom gravitas seniority might effect laurel caste ego brand sphere grandiosity display awe plausibility integrity snob value edge condition extraordinariness memorability publicity virtue blue blood awards honours decorations qualification mode type category stamp seal design high birth exposure high relief public exposure social standing high regard concern interest urgency pressure street cred street credibility self-regard good report seriousness gravity media interest media attention snob appeal honors panegyric encomium graveness meaning exigency bargaining chip jump on high profile order cheering citation hurrah cheer recommendation bravo thanks rave sycophancy paean puff plaudit cry boost hymn flattery ovation classification tier purpose essence emphasis big up blue ribbon gold star feather in cap monopoly access jurisdiction gradation division grease persuasiveness efficacy extent matter thrust league notch estate groove niche hold good word big hand forcefulness forcibleness powerfulness potency pith taste stylishness acknowledgment heyday infamy acknowledgement myth legend panache dash pat on the back chic couth élan savoir-faire fineness brilliance savoir vivre bon ton savoir faire finesse gentility high calibre high standard high quality high caliber testimonial idolization love salutation salute cheers loyalty magnification idolatry bouquet faithfulness fidelity worshipping gratitude allegiance dithyramb worshiping obedience affection attachment troth pumping up a pat on the back duty respectfulness good opinion thanksgiving memorial genuflection grace court remembrance hero-worship honoring piety blessing liking honouring ardor ardour high opinion steadfastness commitment praising constancy dedication reward submission mention staunchness fastness devotedness prostration welcome adherence faith trustiness adhesion felicitations great respect hero worship fondness rave review respects pat on the head observance revering beatification supplication benediction shingle idolizing lionizing venerating glorifying service toast greetings blandishments trueness raves magnifying patriotism eulogizing PR support eulogising réclame bond blandishment lionising idolising sentiment notice firmness infatuation congratulation crush true-heartedness passion puffing up steadiness hankering dulia care testament pash weakness amore yen shine best wishes clapping hat tip cherishing mark of respect puppy love valuing prizing stroke points stroking astonishment amazement strong praise devoutness pats on the back round of applause honourable mention validation monument bay suit royalty lordship ladyship sire gift courtship addresses thankfulness appreciativeness prayer adoring warmth commendations regards capitulation complaisance courtesy endorsement extolling prayers exalting worshipfulness admiring memorialization strokes thoughtfulness encouragement prize latria sympathy present offering memory reminiscence shouting surprise wonder public image high esteem intense love fawning eulogies commemorative enthusiasm attentiveness trueheartedness delight pleasure charge bidding salutations blessings hail pledge health blarney cajolery sanction kudo salvo bootlicking eulogiums special mention shot in the arm honorable mention -olatry plug symbol statement token bonding inviolability ennoblement obsequiousness fear bow religiousness acceptance vengeance wrath repayment extravagant flattery audation kneeling treasuring enjoyment wonderment good wishes flattering remark hand jubilation standing O roar loud homage praying to servile flattery fulsome praise marveling marvelling acknowledgement of recognition of celebration of positive reception warrant voucher credentials warm fuzzy honeyed word buttering up trade last monumentalization memorial service death anniversary dignification height highness down drink proposal position in society standing in society social class social status pat on back pat on head commission charter confirmation sheepskin goodness lauding resolution benefit deifying worthiness idealization idealisation uplifting obsession perseverance doggedness tenacity determination resoluteness fixedness standard good hero-worshipping valuation desert talent fanaticism resolve obligation deservingness meritoriousness application obstinacy consecration capability plus point skill ability accomplishment arete pro redeeming feature aptitude diploma single-mindedness zeal eagerness honesty unfailingness staying power decision abidingness principle certainty earnestness truthfulness surety

Danh từ

A sign or indication of a quality or characteristic
mark characteristic marker sign attribute distinction feature hallmark indication quality symbol token affection aspect caliber calibre cast character component criterion disposition emblem evidence facet fingerprint manner note particularity penchant proof quirk standing symptom tendency trademark trait attribution badge bent clue complexion diagnostic differentia earmark eminence hint indicator manifestation notability peculiarity point property repute stamp streak value virtue way idiosyncrasy odor odour reputation specific touch essential quality typical feature element specialty speciality individuality singularity essence nature oddity detail side factor habit slant temperament mannerism ingredient lineament constituent endowment condition differential savor tone sure sign savour telltale sign uniqueness twist stripe tinge thing nicety dimension eccentricity constitution foible custom faculty flavour flavor angle personality highlight distinctiveness make temper kind air style makeup frame mood part individualism signal prodrome identification ability edge strain abnormality trick power label tag denominator birthmark theme distinctive feature signature addition subtlety distinctive quality merit marking gag gimmick integrant inclination proclivity particular finish accessory status symbol essential respect originality thumbprint turn bearing incidental minutiae grace charm nature of the beast item signature characteristic bag sort parameter predication description article material fine point frill demeanor piece form demeanour strong point affirmation genius way of it name of tune nature of beast make-up persona attributes traits psychology ethos identity mentality spirit psyche features mould aura tenor qualities feel grain vein colors mettle shape properties complex clay humour key marked traits set vibrations mold crasis colours mystique humor sense ambience turn of mind sum and substance frame of mind appearance selfhood kidney feeling estimation self-identity practice fashion kink mode habitude regard crotchet curiosity tic quiddity quip consideration praxis circumstance groove affectation wont erraticism hang-up perspective consuetude standpoint second nature grind viewpoint practise beaten path matter of course daily grind ritual pattern issue effect routine influence procedure knack hand precedent observance into propensity question matter fact look portion strand connection individual trait point of view unconventionality rule impression personal trait direction addiction position determinant view method topic fault argument weakness failing level policy defect atmosphere exterior behavior characteristic gesture datum phase use usage technicality imperfection prospect oddness specification behaviour queerness flaw front proneness subcomponent carriage face pose dope image presence piece of information nitty-gritty member switch attitude integral part contributing factor determining factor modus operandi outline unorthodoxy shot proprieties measure p normality normalcy ordinariness customariness prevalence caprice whimsy whim dash trace concern reference ilk fetish constraint semblance facade scene relation management weight habitualness aberration guise façade bit section significance handling technique imprint variable mind tang wave obverse subject variable quantity deviation swim stature information proposition statement system drill entanglement perversion mien way one is usance figure looks info opinion data count instance unit minutia smell talent schedule structure circumstantiality fraction idea cause presentation ABCs reason garb expression countenance dress brass tacks minor point gift score itemized information line of reasoning subject matter gen low-down chapter and verse data point nuts and bolts meat and potatoes basis dynamic aptitude screen outside strangeness infirmity shortcoming frailty instrument instrumentality fundamental capacity weirdness outward aspect outer shell outward form gesticulation pretension gesture unnaturalness bizarreness incongruity capability flair blemish means extraordinariness outlandishness freakishness head facility qualification inadequacy weak point sin demerit want vice dereliction limitation curiousness phenomenon irregularity incongruousness anomaly freak building block antecedent part and parcel strength unusualness rarity weak spot wackiness anomalousness kookiness conduct habilitation conversation piece quirkiness convention feet of clay bad habit personal imperfection Achilles heel personal talent natural gift aptness tradition tikanga modus vivendi

Danh từ

Political or social authority or control
power authority clout authorisation authorization influence jurisdiction right sovereignty ability ascendancy license agency arm entitlement governance hand leverage licence permission permit prerogative privilege strength weight birthright law leadership management regency say sway warrant commission diadem direction pull say-so strong arm upper hand connection eminence hold inside track steam strings teeth advantage mana prestidigitation responsibility sovranty vantage voice control command dominion mastery supremacy dominance rule reign domination standing edge superiority force muscle government leave sanction scope reach consent approval rank mandate grip might dispensation position clearance assent compass predominance approbation charge precedence blessing go-ahead reins liberty green light discretion beef juice death grip seal of approval primacy endorsement reputation acquiescence agreement esteem imprimatur carte blanche range clutch empowerment accreditation stature OK freedom nod station exemption thumbs up support administration rubber stamp whip hand supervision capacity extent credit leeway heft acceptance ranking prominence sweep granting significance rein ambit duty pre-eminence lead facility territory immunity realm play province latitude free rein mark gravitas field jump access sphere delegation area independence impact effect limits empire orbit grasp allowance autonomy hegemony purview sufferance credentials concurrence self-determination preeminence favour favor nihil obstat gain might and main break okay bargaining chip independency odds a blank cheque say so boon self-governance head start margin opportunity abandonment indulgence swing abandon rope flexibility elbowroom profligacy bent unrestraint rampancy laxity expediency luck blank cheque laissez faire full play own accord plenty of rope self-government full swing importance puissance remit keeping ascendency potency status in bargaining counter faculty droit breadth commitment forefront thrall effectiveness strong influence obligation claim leading place competence self-rule integrity image plausibility credibility first place primary position word warranty the right pressure first position democracy federation kingdom top spot head place gamut monopoly kudos title domain commonwealth republic self-legislation what it takes grease radius magnitude non-alignment devolution notoriety jump on due capability capabilities a free hand trust self-sufficiency home rule majesty confederation headship social position superintendency guidance directorship transcendence imperium superpower drag captaincy superintendence premiership governorship signature union people organization leg up divine right orchestration initiative better res publica world power ratification countenance drop convenience preference good leg-up assistance improvement trump trump card ace in the hole winner aid protection prevalence help asset profit decider backing concession acknowledgment validation confirmation condonance tolerance verification admission avowal stead conveyance conduction organisation foresight impunity sanctification pass acknowledgement run endorsation charter order toleration decree passage condonation seal admittance all clear pilotage skill green-light stamp of approval free hand O.K. start district regime bounds circuit zone regimen handicap state turf judicature arbitration confines precinct bailiwick magistracy slot inquisition bulge stomping grounds high ground catbird seat deputation extent of power oyer and terminer certificate proxy brevet power of attorney

Tính từ

Designed for customers with a high income
upmarket esteemed exclusive high-end high-quality important notable prestigious prominent upscale chic classy eminent expensive glamorous high-class posh renowned reputable smart swanky ritzy elite aristocratic swish swank trendy fancy sophisticated lavish opulent ostentatious deluxe cosmopolitan upper-class luxurious plush elegant plushy stylish grand sumptuous rich fashionable luxury lush palatial glitzy ornate select luxuriant grandiose palatian lavishly appointed tony costly extravagant Lucullan luxe splendid magnificent gorgeous high-toned exquisite fancy-pants snazzy pretentious elaborate luscious splashy de luxe dicty silken Babylonian majestic Lucullian lux flashy swankish well appointed choice sharp modish fit for a queen fit for a king superior fine tasteful indulgent palace stately up-market showy chichi well-appointed snappy impressive schmick swell snobby special snobbish imposing princely with-it genteel refined handsome regal voguish top-drawer in cool pompous immoderate yuppie formal voluptuous upper-crust a la mode agreeable flamboyant peacocky five-star nice pleasant glittering respectable elitist snotty high-hat persnickety toffee-nosed snooty potty quality artistic attractive coffee-table resplendent happening fresh supercool hip leafy famous distinguished superb cultivated ornamented dignified overdone stuffy loaded pricey self-indulgent arty beautiful classic dainty rare first-class delicate recherche splendiferous super abundant exuberant salubrious courtly graceful spiffy embellished valuable precious premier glossy well produced exalted influential high-ranking powerful dashing mod uptown designer limited beyond price swishy au courant conferring prestige private affluent on fleek in vogue cliquish comfortable cliquey sensuous clannish well paid comfy high class upper crust in the lap of luxury A-grade flash sprauncy plummy larney swagger la-di-da chi-chi

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