Đồng nghĩa của dignified

Alternative for dignified

Đồng nghĩa: grand, majestic, noble, stately, worthy,

dignifies, dignified, dignifying

Đồng nghĩa: ennoble,

Tính từ

Having or showing a composed or serious manner that is worthy of respect
distinguished august stately decorous formal noble lofty solemn staid ceremonious courtly exalted imposing reserved grand kingly lordly proper sedate upright venerable composed eminent gracious highbrow honorable honourable imperial imperious impressive majestic portly proud regal serious aristocratic couth distingué grave great highfalutin' magisterial magnificent nifty refined respectable respected somber sombre starchy superior self-respecting just so glorious splendid royal elevated illustrious grandiose monumental gallant striking heroic superb massive magnific awe-inspiring epic baronial heroical Homeric important fine renowned princely honoured prominent resplendent commanding honored esteemed powerful celebrated sublime notable pompous palatial awesome worthy leading high-ranking sumptuous prestigious spectacular high big influential highly regarded revered supreme ceremonial preeminent marvellous splendiferous highest acclaimed prime towering traditional rich marvelous pre-eminent elegant noted statuesque authoritative outstanding reputable well-known official conventional opulent breathtaking sovereign posh famous premier gorgeous high-minded first dominant stunning dramatic recognized luxurious famed ritualistic foremost formidable recognised ritual stiff well thought of eloquent decent excellent ornate elaborate primary principal queenly lavish handsome predominant chief monarchic terrific overbearing arresting seminal large arch extraordinary iconic haughty first-class number one resonant mighty admired admirable high profile high-level high-powered something else portentous correct highest-ranking punctilious liturgical hallowed stilted nice inflated beautiful intellectual sacramental celebratory major key venerated deluxe stuffy graceful public scrupulous wonderful main immodest astral exaggerated excessive brilliant central Olympian cardinal capital tremendous magnanimous focal head fantastic paramount magnolious ritzy splendacious stiff-necked noteworthy mind-blowing big-time overblown greatest prodigious high-flown top-ranking huge top core of distinction remarkable integral estimable top-drawer prevailing notorious fabled mega legendary high-born smashing fab primal prized valued alpha trusted all-important puissant distinctive historical fit for a king well-connected upper-class pretentious of influence senior high-up incomparable signal ambitious potent first-rate out of this world super unreal well known major league highly rated orthodox costly number ideal leonine principled procedural articulate rarefied godlike extravagant diplomatic judicious authoritarian self-assured poetic written reverential fit for a prince utopian tall in the saddle virtuous great-hearted fit for a queen fit for a princess momentous monarchial monarchical monarchal eventful top-level controlling mannerly penetrating absorbing pivotal consequential reverenced prepossessing memorable oratorical upper cogent four-star successful phenomenal of note deciding VIP of repute Junoesque well-proportioned material fundamental dynamite cultivated ostentatious moral beneficent valiant very good classy purple flowery queenlike self-important uplifting of high standing good essential worshipped trim poised shapely independent self-sufficient eye-catching staggering lionized nice-looking personable good-looking attractive well-bred state effective civil of mark in the public eye of great consequence far-reaching sacred reverend sage forcible well mannered well-mannered courteous set prescribed exemplary wise moving stirring exciting overwhelming ominous deferential precise stupendous literary presidential exact lionised matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped tall and dignified sensational astonishing astounding fabulous amazing incredible wondrous higher rigid deliberate affected measured superlative triumphal idealistic learned bossy dictatorial something to write home about one for the book mannered stylized studied grandiloquent seemly decorated unparalleled gifted matchless prior unexcelled peerless unequaled unequalled redoubtable first rate arch- of the first rank unsurpassed big league arrogant domineering autocratic reputed appreciated acknowledged high up slow-moving higher up confident high-handed overweening self-confident peremptory much vaunted well-regarded much touted highly esteemed well received highly thought of patronizing supercilious overconfident immense master leviathan mammoth considerable substantial hulking colossal monstrous oceanic giant gigantesque enormous largish vasty walloping goodly titanic humungous sizable outsized supersize whopping jumbo sizeable monster vast whacking biggish mountainous astronomic elephantine supersized gargantuan humongous voluminous astronomical boxcar gigantic lead cosmic pharaonic bulky planetary husky oversize bumper cosmical tidy cyclopean outsize hefty oversized herculean maestoso galactic patronising dogmatic judicial highhanded patrician premium resounding sonorous apex transcendent super-duper king-size Brobdingnagian king size Himalayan king-sized genteel elite biggest largest cool highborn upmarket overmastering highbred gentle sovran overriding wellborn number-one numero uno blue-blooded widely praised well born upper-crust silk-stocking star significant ruling vital crucial popular big-name topmost critical major-league bright big-league uppermost immortal ultimate heavy lauded basic exceptional presiding supereminent name visible conspicuous storied unforgettable vaunted best high-profile luminous preponderant prevalent salient champion shining top-tier stellar superstar utmost triumphant front-page gratifying ascendant predominate applauded regnant feted world-class surpassing professional praised extolled indispensable intrinsic elemental celeb celebrious high-power redoubted dazzling strictly business laureate playing hard ball overruling effulgent radiant top-notch staple time-honored much publicized heavyweight historic infamous of consequence weighty pleasurable of greatest importance governing dominating widely known No. 1 big-shot much-publicized remembered unrivalled consummate absolute blue-chip chivalrous unrivaled necessary special maximum top-priority especial big-gun creditable winning greathearted underlying must-have established meaningful rudimentary ranking urgent radical reigning directing sterling praiseworthy headmost of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost up there big name well-thought-of talked about heavy-duty in the limelight having made a name for oneself on the map splendrous heavenly delightful enjoyable finest accomplished expert finished ok splendorous decisive unsurpassable unmatchable rightly prized favoured favored chosen characteristic inherent unlimited familiar enduring perennial evergreen abiding timeless classic time-honoured ageless divine benevolent particular simple strongest telling crack root high-status known flaunted marked splashy proverbial axial constitutional common infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded crowning singular beginning opening titled basal constitutive everyday operative keynote strategic quintessential richest oustanding strong adored landmark fateful generous second-to-none total unconditional full utter victory commemorative second to none final compelling determining worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out touted top-rank nonpareil energetic dynamic instrumental trendsetting big-wheel hot-dog underlined of importance intervening superseding of greatest significance commemorated just fine paraded groundbreaking fulfilling considerate guiding front noble-born of gentle birth of noble birth interesting far-famed high-flying promoted overhyped advertised publicized hyped talked of initial in spotlight in limelight inaugural A-number-1 A-1 paragon genius omnipotent supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious almighty arbitrary lionlike page-oner publicised boasted about bragged about made much of shown off cheering satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding pleasing primo hotshot hotdog commended hailed cheered natural topical holding the reins exulted in crowed about prated about at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff relevant buzzworthy maximal loftiest crown made a display of newsworthy apical zenithal tiptop out of the ordinary of substance most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most powerful most skilled most obvious most noticeable

Tính từ

Calm, dignified, and unhurried
sedate calm composed tranquil placid serene serious earnest unruffled collected proper sober cool demure imperturbable staid unflappable decorous quiet seemly steady grave serious-minded coolheaded equal formal level limpid peaceful possessed prim recollected self-composed self-possessed smooth solemn stiff stuffy together undisturbed unperturbed unshaken untroubled unworried boring starchy stick-in-the-mud deliberate dispassionate somber sombre stately cold sober cool as cucumber unexcited businesslike grounded pacific down-to-earth hard-boiled self-controlled subdued saturnine weighty severe leaden humourless gloomy sage dour sobersided unsmiling deadpan grim forbidding ponderous sad humorless muted thoughtful uncomic no-nonsense stony-faced strictly business po-faced long-faced grim-faced stone-faced sensible equable poised levelheaded level-headed determined resolute reliable settled dependable balanced unfazed rational mature stolid sound responsible controlled relaxed secure unbothered unmoved unflustered calculable unswerving reserved good unexcitable confident unagitated chilled full of common sense soothed easygoing nonchalant equanimous calmed disimpassioned clearheaded nonplussed temperate commonsensical repressed suppressed quieted well balanced self-restrained having both feet on the ground easy laid-back at ease cool-headed self-assured even-tempered keeping one's shirt on keeping a stiff upper lip cool, calm and collected have one's act together not turn a hair as cool as a cucumber sure of oneself at peace keeping your cool

Tính từ

Grand or elegant
aristocratic elegant fine polished refined stylish courtly decorous gracious haughty polite snobbish chivalrous civil courteous debonair gallant gentlemanly ladylike suave urbane well bred proud well-bred aloof privileged well-born well mannered cultivated sophisticated cultured genteel civilized proper civilised mannerly respectable classy charming seemly formal graceful stately tasteful well-mannered correct nice handsome affable grand majestic tactful swanky distinguished becoming befitting gentle smooth comely de rigueur luxurious opulent sumptuous diplomatic plush posh poised exquisite self-possessed obliging couth august dashing conventional fashionable decent cool prim ostentatious svelte noble well-behaved magnificent splendid imposing swish fancy snooty worldly worldly-wise lofty beautiful fitting appropriate suitable fit chic choice discerning ornate ornamented high-class overdone stuffy modest glib attractive smart respectful lovely slick bland affected distingué impeccable pleasant good conforming comme il faut appealing cosmopolitan impressive ceremonious womanly media-savvy striking developed honourable honorable with good taste balanced metropolitan palatial deluxe gorgeous luxury highbred flattering preux adulatory complimentary high-bred studied glittering costly apt apposite standard smooth-tongued accepted accomplished elitist snobby swank snotty high-hat upmarket lavishly appointed persnickety lavish rich toffee-nosed glamorous plushy grandiose lush fancy-pants potty glitzy expensive approved pukka traditional presentable orthodox smooth-talking punctilious prudent patronising pompous pretentious confined la-di-da artificial intolerant hollow prudish patronizing priggish straitlaced precious discreet prissy condescending agreeable silver-tongued palatian snazzy elaborate Lucullan soft fulsome genial soft-spoken sociable oily unctuous politic cordial ingratiating pleasing restorative tactical ritzy confident self-assured trim dapper spruce spiffy fly snappy sharp trig well groomed well dressed sedate on fleek well-groomed well turned out cheerful jaunty happy casual nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly staid demure reserved well behaved in good taste restrained right meet ceremonial moral au fait done seasonable face-saving artistic classic modish delicate aesthetic select dainty rare a la mode well-designed superior schmick well-dressed recherche esthetic stylized pretty airy subtle sensitive thin ethereal harmonious light discriminating gossamer advanced educated diaphanous cute fragile enlightened experienced well-made simple flowing understated pure decorative neat fastidious ornamental precise moving expressive nuanced flashy creative sheer chaste sublime intricate imaginative high classical bonny fair fetching recherché gossamery insubstantial gauzy enhancing aesthetically pleasing royal frail lacy transparent knowledgeable filmy erudite good-looking tolerant intelligent comfortable uncluttered handy clever ingenious streamlined well-off divine aerodynamic quality flash finished perfected zooty exotic cavalier showy sleek symmetrical humane good mannered arcane far-fetched esoteric luxuriant extravagant balletic lithe high fashion austere plain emotional kind well-proportioned Augustan first-class stylistic stunning knockout taking goodly likely bonnie drop-dead lovesome beauteous ravishing sightly filigree considerate deferential thoughtful flowy evolved close progressive improved forward rigorous accurate pinpoint spot-on late higher mathematical complaisant well-chosen musical pictorial ideal rhythmical stimulating dramatic picturesque beautifying frilly open tenuous slight petite well spoken well brought up well-spoken elevated figurative symbolic flowery high-brow high-minded sartorial slim scholarly intellectual jet-set citified blasé meshy fairy fluffy aerial rarefied highbrow dinky mondaine knowing mature intangible impalpable shadowy world-weary well-favored quiet unobtrusive splendiferous uptown unaffected gratifying subdued well-informed worldly wise been around perceptive profound deep poetic insightful lacelike net lace-like patterned netlike net-like otherworldly ghostly waiflike vaporous wraithlike eerie unworldly vapory gaseous elite upper-class sweet darling deft tender delightful feeble well-read artistically aware learned understanding liberal up-to-date lettered savant blue-stocking intellectually aware able distingue well-educated traveled appreciative arty well informed well read versed well educated literary informed literate well born highborn upper-crust titled high-born wellborn travelled full of feeling detailed au courant wispy upper crust Brahmin ennobled blue-blooded aristocratical top-drawer great flimsy papery chiffony floaty silky feathery gentlemanlike blue silk-stocking queenly regal lordly exalted silver-spoon princely patrician knightly kingly translucent gauzelike threadlike shimmering born with a silver spoon in one's mouth fine-grained fine-spun wafer-thin see-through

Tính từ

Full of virtue, having excellent moral character
good righteous equitable honest honorable honourable just moral noble pure rectitudinous respectable upstanding virtuous admirable ethical exemplary godly incorruptible laudable lofty meritorious principled professional reputable saintlike saintly upright angelic balanced clean dutiful elevated favouring favoring high-minded incorrupt incorrupted innocent law-abiding lawful morally correct obedient praiseworthy pure as the driven snow right right-minded right-thinking scrupulous self-righteous sinless sound squeaky clean unbribable uncorrupted unimpeachable untainted whiter than white worthy anti-corruption blameless charitable cultivated estimable guiltless inculpable irreprehensible irreproachable lily-white sanctimonious tractable well-behaved dinkum lenient prim religious saving sportsmanlike sportsmanly proud straightforward decent decorous proper wholesome seemly moralistic modest redoubtable clean-living high-principled immaculate impeccable chaste celibate undefiled unobjectionable vestal G-rated reverent noble-minded conscientious high natural chivalrous gallant greathearted magnanimous lordly genteel trustworthy respected polite befitting nice correct presentable neat smart spruce accepted above board venerable tidy well bred moderate august ordinary appropriate redoubted becoming done comely conforming creditable sublime of good repute well-thought-of mediocre de rigueur suitable comme il faut highly regarded virginal unblemished virgin unsullied spotless squeaky-clean stainless demure kosher flawless maidenly true unaffected straight above reproach untarnished perfect maiden unstained unwed faultless unmarried self-denying self-restrained abstinent unspotted simple white fair continent prudish faithful fitting square humane pious all right clear true blue unspoilt whole sensible beyond reproach uncontaminated apple-pie commendable ideal model intact accurate quiet refined elegant conscionable exact precise restrained austere inexperienced impotent intemerate controlled monogamous subdued seamless picture-book absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect unerring indefectible rightful stand-up exquisite beyond criticism errorless on target above suspicion unpolluted platonic responsible unquestionable unsoiled sober discreet Christian unassailable morally right morally acceptable unwemmed chase holy ritually pure apropos severe coy unchallengeable in good taste delicate rational edifying uplifting reasonable reliable dependable unexceptionable improving non-erotic non-violent guileless nunlike unblighted unprofaned inviolate beyond question beyond suspicion error-free fair-minded copybook classic meticulous lily white wide-eyed sanitary open invigorating helpful ruddy sane normal practical open-faced clean-cut together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic safe commonsensical blooming without fault foolproof without blemish wet behind ears free of sin right on on the nail on the mark bang on supreme spot on crimeless unguilty just so textbook on the button babe in woods all there pure as driven snow hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink cleanhanded ten aces infallible A-okay note-perfect as pure as the driven snow fleckless unflawed legit true-blue in the clear on the up and up up front without reproach on the level of excellent character

Tính từ

Affectedly proper, or formal, and rather prudish
prim prudish formal proper puritanical demure prissy strait-laced priggish Victorian starchy stuffy fastidious fussy mimsy niminy-piminy old-maidish particular precise schoolmarmish stiff bluenosed governessy nice-nelly old-maid po-faced schoolmistressy straightlaced straitlaced Grundyish square-toed blue-nose ceremonial ceremonious choosy cleanly conventional correct dapper decorous genteel good goody-goody meticulous moralistic nice nit-picking overmodest polite prim and proper rigid snobbish spic-and-span spruce stickling straight upright wooden square reserved reticent narrow-minded strict staid sedate uptight narrow diffident restrained quiet austere withdrawn modest retiring shy bashful mild stick-in-the-mud conservative timid finicky backward smug sober stilted overnice fuddy-duddy severe affected uncommunicative punctilious cool puritan aloof offish taciturn undemonstrative unapproachable composed close serene placid frigid unresponsive collected icy tight-laced peaceful timorous old-fashioned Pecksniffian pompous scrupulous cold secretive shrinking self-effacing of the old school self-contained distant close-mouthed seemly serious cautious inhibited self-righteous solemn standoffish inflexible gentle soft-spoken misanthropic noncommittal reclusive solitary uncompanionable eremitic sententious self-restrained bigoted sanctimonious censorious shockable stiff-necked stern forbidding pernickety mincing meek holier-than-thou respectable pretentious artificial humble unpretentious hypocritical squeamish fogeyish overparticular moral pedantic rigorous precious self-satisfied mannered silent unassuming unassertive down-to-earth lowly starched earnest unforthcoming controlled self-controlled virtuous exact discriminating pure remote unfriendly detached introverted picky overdelicate careful retired goody-two-shoes exacting persnickety stand-offish choosey nit-picky overscrupulous ascetic pietistic stodgy fanatical disapproving pious hair-shirt spartan niggly Pharisaic overexact simpering illiberal abstemious conforming abstinent complacent vain overcautious epicene pi straight-laced god-fearing unctuous PC old-womanish namby-pamby uncompromising methodical unostentatious unobtrusive simple forced conscientious politically correct goody two-shoes mathematical stringent unnatural laboured sticklerish fixed tough scientific insecure unaffected unconfident natural genuine strained unsociable indirect unrelaxed unpretending artless unambitious mousy ordinary ingenuous plain inconspicuous labored private coy constrained equivocal afraid hesitant euphemistic doubtful media-shy guarded calm closemouthed unemotional chilly tight-lipped laconic dumb tranquil Olympian disingenuous devious insincere deceptive unruffled dainty demanding ladylike decent discerning sensitive critical innocent virginal chaste maidenly imperturbable unflappable impersonal fine kittenish sheepish coquettish recessive steady deadly musty conformist finical refined sharp keen selective serious-minded grave humourless fusty perceptive faddy fussbudgety faddish finicking perfectionist acute mealy-mouthed coolheaded undisturbed limpid equal unshaken unworried self-possessed unperturbed together recollected untroubled self-composed level possessed smooth unassured blushing skittish old-fogeyish hypercritical nitpicking delicate boring foetid self-important hot bloated warm fetid arrogant smoky supercilious humorless smelly magisterial important puffy sombre deliberate dispassionate stately somber hard to please over-particular difficult to please impossible to please cold sober cool as cucumber as dry as dust unbending unsympathetic haughty unsocial official antisocial straight arrow keeping people at arm's length by the numbers

Tính từ

Having a reputation for bravery
gallant bold brave courageous fearless heroic daring intrepid valiant doughty valorous dauntless noble plucky dashing lionhearted manful manly gutsy mettlesome undaunted great-spirited gritty honourable macho stout-hearted daredevil death-or-glory greathearted gutty heroical indomitable lion-hearted stalwart stout stouthearted unafraid undauntable unflinching unshrinking ballsy game have-a-go spunky venturous fire-eating hairy honorable quixotic spirited suave urbane audacious resolute adventurous nervy confident hardy venturesome feisty adventuresome unfearful determined chivalrous rock-ribbed unabashed tenacious unblenching strong tough assured staunch unalarmed enterprising swashbuckling brassy nerved emboldened spartan steely temerarious unfearing cocky vigorous aweless devil-may-care rash brash free-swinging as game as Ned Kelly impavid powerful frightless foolhardy flamboyant dazzling romantic forceful positive firm decisive steadfast lively dynamic dogged reckless redoubtable assertive puissant icy worthy smart peppy sporting go-ahead fortitudinous herolike cheeky forward swaggering bravehearted persevering rakish cool undismayed unswerving unwavering unfaltering unyielding unbending resilient stubborn unconcerned unworried unapprehensive sassy orped full of determination impervious undisturbed carefree ostentatious roisterous brazen defiant chin-up imprudent superhuman rumbustious exciting cavalier Herculean fiery gung ho unabashed by unshakable undaunted by classic exaggerated grand epic extravagant high-spirited elevated high-flown inflated grandiose brisk unscared sure unalarmed by unfrightened mythological champion ardent gingery peppery stylish mettled resolved frisky sprightly impulsive madcap heedless stand tall jaunty sporty debonair pushy assuming bantam having nerves of steel not scared bigger than life salty fire eating impudent smart-alecky go for broke out on a limb hot shot dareful obtrusive crusty exuberant breezy attractive raffish animated buoyant energetic swish elegant dapper showy exclusive swank alert gay rousing striking vivacious keen indefatigable strong-willed strong-minded dedicated unshakeable purposeful committed earnest single-minded unhesitating unrelenting persistent intransigent obstinate steady perseverant unflagging intent constant set adamant pertinacious immovable bulldog relentless insistent inflexible implacable strenuous stiff untiring purposive decided fixed obdurate deliberate unshaken uncompromising true undeviating indurate four-square unswervable invincible driven unconquerable unsurpassable invulnerable solid grim unstoppable serious unbendable unchanging faithful loyal willful undefeatable meaning business direct firmly-based devoted straight reliable trusty enduring unbeatable bound definite immutable persisting impregnable settled out hell-bent on intent on on one's mettle insistent on set on do-or-die determined to hell-bent upon bent on committed to the idea of bent upon hell bent on tall in the saddle dead set on intent upon unremitting insuperable untameable bulletproof insurmountable unassailable unfailing tireless ruthless impassable focused perseverative fanatical patient passionate never-tiring never give up unappeasable laborious dead set focussed tough nut hanging tough enthusiastic iron-willed fierce zealous high-powered aggressive hard-nosed intense active avid eager vehement sagacious self-confident irrepressible firm in spirit independent perceptive tough-minded two-fisted ironclad keen as mustard self-assertive resourceful certain take charge mean unflappable wholehearted inexorable unmovable compulsive

Tính từ

Being gratified by something
proud fulfilled gratified honored content contented delighted glad pleased satisfied appreciative spirited esteemed flattered grateful happy honoured joyful overjoyed prideful thrilled revered venerated well-pleased ecstatic joyous jubilant elated euphoric enchanted enraptured in seventh heaven blissful chuffed rapt triumphant captivated stoked wrapped thankful gleeful entertained entranced tickled over the moon blissed out on top of the world as pleased as Punch as happy as a clam walking on air cock-a-hoop tickled pink on a high as happy as Larry on cloud nine jumping for joy like a dog with two tails charmed amused sent gladdened diverted excited enchanté pleasantly surprised on cloud seven in transports of delight made up very pleased beside oneself with happiness like a child with a new toy merry effervescent welcome wonderful enjoyable high cheerful pleasing pleasurable heartwarming delightful fantastic cheery jocund vivacious jovial hilarious upbeat lively amusing gladsome exhilarated optimistic buoyant exuberant carefree glowing riotous grinning humorous uproarious pleasant winsome larking boon jumping boisterous radiant peaceful rapturous festive grooving lighthearted zippy orgasmic rhapsodic zappy smiley saturnalian rollicking blithesome paradisiacal rosy paradisal rhapsodical untroubled fun hopeful beatific paradisaical frolicsome sanguine zingy rocking rejoicing beaming paradisiac rousing well paradisaic chirpy perky sportive chipper convivial light comfortable peppy sparkling playful blest laughing mirthful up sunny jolly smiling gay blessed blithe exultant magical wild intoxicated tickled to death can't complain beside oneself with joy looking good full of beans feel-good starry-eyed in high spirits at ease as happy as a sandboy light-hearted rose-colored rip-roaring in good spirits floating on air fun-loving flying high Panglossian in a good mood

Động từ

Past tense for to make (something) seem worthy and impressive
elevated aggrandized distinguished ennobled exalted glorified graced honoured magnified advanced promoted raised adorned canonised canonized deified enhanced enshrined enskied enskyed enthroned erected honored preferred sublimed upgraded upreared venerated added distinction to added dignity to added lustre to bestowed honour on made lofty praised celebrated lauded admired lionized sanctified revered acclaimed commended put on a pedestal lionised commemorated immortalized worshipped worshiped extolled paid tribute to hailed hallowed immortalised adored blessed blest applauded eulogized appreciated complimented observed panegyrized eulogised installed idolized set apart apotheosized esteemed decorated prized idolised acknowledged put up marked improved the status of rolled out red carpet paid homage to boosted recognized signalized reverenced emblazoned signalised valued recognised toasted saluted moved up improved the position of inaugurated characterized individualized built up kicked upstairs ordained crowned inducted looked up to discriminated differentiated instated invested singularized initiated augmented idealized increased coronated established memorialized consecrated respected memorialised proclaimed set out set down kept characterised individualised lift idealised cried up dedicated feted big upped cracked up bigged up hoist sang the praises of sung the praises of sanctioned favoured favored preserved hymned cherished treasured laureated glamorized gave key to city given glad hand gave glad hand given key to city consummated romanticized lorded performed caroled glamourized lifted up glamoured up resounded carolled kinged protected celebritized heroized monumentalized formalized represented incorporated realized manifested embodied expressed embalmed contained glamorised sounded the praises of hiked romanticised given promotion to gave promotion to given a higher position to gave a higher position to included sworn in swore in lifted furthered thanked sublimated endorsed spelt out spelled out realised laid down hoisted improved appointed haloed transfigured illuminated loved mythified besainted sainted idolatrized beatified formalised solemnized solemnised delegated cheered congratulated improved the standing of setted in stone made famous given credit to given accolades to sang paeans to sung paeans to showed appreciation of gave accolades to shown appreciation of gave credit to encouraged given advancement to expressed approval of puffed up touted expressed admiration for cited given a higher rank ballyhooed moved up the ladder cried something up praised to the skies stepped up said nice things about commissioned took your hat off to waxed lyrical about made much of made official raved about paid respects to made into a saint gave a higher rank authorized regarded as sacred determined heaped praise on handed it to advocated clapped taken your hat off to accredited raised high lived up to officiated at authorised cried someone up gave advancement to recommended credited sang sung lay down gave praise to given praise to given promotion gave promotion spoke highly of spoken highly of gave thanks to given thanks to gave a higher rank to given a higher rank to gave advancement given advancement sang someone's praises sung someone's praises approved of went into raptures about spoken well of threw bouquets at shown appreciation for showed appreciation for gone into raptures about thrown bouquets at taken one's hat off to took one's hat off to spoke well of adulated hero-worshipped held in high regard thought highly of held in high esteem held in awe set store by flattered had a high opinion of approved bigged something up prayed to stroked doted on regarded held in esteem regarded highly heard it for had a high regard for bowed down to offered prayers to anointed rhapsodized over sacralized welcomed held in admiration raved rooted thought much of made holy deferred to held dear marvelled at made sacred marveled at setted great store by looked on with favour praised enthusiastically enthused over gushed about enthused about rhapsodized about held sacred gushed over raved over pushed went into raptures over gone into raptures over liked set on pedestal expressed delight over bowed down before waxed lyrical rated highly stood in awe of dedicated to God cracked someone up cracked something up placed on a pedestal held in respect put your hands together held in the highest regard held in great respect sang praises to sung praises to held high perpetuated eternalized marvel at gave a posy given a posy eternized divinized mobbed devoted pedestalized belauded intensified publicized desired fancied rhapsodized doted upon remembered publicised felicitated bragged about rhapsodised vaunted found attractive setted on a pedestal enjoyed made immortal went wild about went on about gone on about gone wild about countenanced mentioned built bowed down made a fuss of made a fuss over considered offered absolved signed crossed baptised sacrificed confirmed sprinkled baptized worshipped to excess paid respects devoted to God paid homage had a pash on had an eye for had a crush on had a thing about carried a torch for lavished affection on embraced gave a bouquet given a bouquet kept alive the memory of offerred benediction expressed approval for mooned over pronounced holy thought a lot of had the hots for plugged given it up for prayed for valued highly expressed respect for rated invoked happiness invoked benefits invoked happiness on supported thought the world of wondered at rolled out the red carpet extolled the virtues of delighted in grooved on relished gave it up for given recognition to gave recognition to shown respect showed respect sang praises sung praises took to taken to attached importance to gone for went for given a boost to gave a boost to given kudos gave kudos gave approval given approval sung praises of sang praises of given bouquet taken off hat to took off hat to gave bouquet given a standing ovation gave a hand showed your appreciation given a hand gave a big hand given ovation given a big hand shown your appreciation given a round of applause gave ovation gave a standing ovation gave a round of applause taken a liking to took a liking to fallen for took a shine to taken a shine to fell for

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