Đồng nghĩa của imaginative

Alternative for imaginative

Đồng nghĩa: ingenious, inventive,

Tính từ

Having or showing creativity or inventiveness
creative ingenious inventive original enterprising inspired visionary clever innovative innovatory resourceful fanciful fantastic insightful whimsical artful blue-sky individual innovational nonconformist off-centre originative Promethean stimulating unconventional unorthodox unusual vivid dreamy poetical artistic avant-garde extravagant fertile fictive high-flown inspirational offbeat pie-in-the-sky poetic productive quixotic romantic utopian brain wave breaking ground out of the ordinary way out pioneering gifted revolutionary perceptive fresh novel strange groundbreaking talented trailblazing new different unprecedented unfamiliar radical ground-breaking newfangled deviceful unique experimental exotic expressive bizarre formative discerning genius singular advanced modern unknown chimerical eccentric unreal arty-crafty pretentious arty brilliant left-field picturesque fantastical intuitive contemporary state-of-the-art wild breaking new ground new-fashioned ultra-modern sharp untried disruptive astute skilful uncommon overdecorative intelligent futuristic unaccustomed aesthetic neoteric curious unheard-of skillful fine cutting-edge leading-edge odd constructive out-of-the-box sensitive seminal peculiar demiurgic capable impractical able outlandish adroit out of touch with reality prescient sophisticated weird freakish shrewd refreshing inspiring distinctive marvellous smart elaborate penetrating quick wise flighty esthetic perspicacious illusory knowing marvelous keen far-sighted modernistic surprising sharp-witted artsy-craftsy ornate profound cutting edge deep accomplished idealistic fancy masterly grotesque absurd virtuoso just out beautiful bright quaint cultivated crafty cultured refined elegant ambitious baroque percipient queer causative teeming forgetive fruitful unrealistic tasteful graceful fabulous wonderful individualistic special exceptional moving unworkable idealized idealist subtle awesome far-fetched quixotical avant garde stylish quirky daydreaming nifty quick-witted imaginary starry rare idealised ridiculous chimeric fundamental capricious starry-eyed latest untested glamourous glamorous recent canny razor-sharp freaky fairy-tale intricate ivory-towered atypical germinal artsy acute ready alert head-in-the-clouds knowledgeable brainy sagacious tuned in progressive sage unhackneyed understanding head in the clouds whip-smart pretentiously artistic forward-looking witty welcome prolific transformational eloquent variational lateral influential foolish crazy nonsensical insane slang preposterous unwonted alternative important funky elevated figurative symbolic flowery not just another discriminating brand new up to date Gothic gothic optimistic idyllic exaggerated hopeful incredible out of the common arty-farty unlikely unpractical far cry extraordinary wondrous up-to-date this season's new-fangled in a world of one's own improbable fictitious legendary surreal bizarro enigmatic astounding Panglossian Micawberish mythical dreamlike major full of feeling dexterous rococo Kafkaesque well-thought-out high-tech complex forward-thinking well-designed highly developed well-planned strategic multifaceted involved well-built mischievous playful dextrous sly cunning made-up sensational astonishing spectacular incomprehensible stupendous out there breathtaking romanesque phantasmal crackpot phantasmic waggish droll pivotal epoch-making primary critical crucial generative on the ball neat fashionable happening hot in far out modernist trendy groovy unexplored modish with-it cool hip unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional funny deviating drastic far-out thinking outside the box flaky intellectual apt thinking homespun homemade handmade rational idiosyncratic weird and wonderful enlightened logical fast well-informed up-and-coming game-changing world-shattering scholarly supersmart precocious dotty crotchety rustic all there instructed having a good head on one's shoulders responsible alive highbrow together comprehending know how many beans make five ultrasmart having no flies on calculating cerebral very smart sensible nimble quick on the uptake hyperintelligent whiz decorative lovely dicey flakey amusing humorous quizzical random off-the-wall chancy uncertain kinky old-fashioned comical arbitrary ornamental exquisite spirited pleasing enthusiastic dreaming speculative unfeasible practical emotional attractive outstanding hypothetical theoretical adventurous energetic superlative exciting memorable superb thrilling otherworldly introspective musing abstracted noble prophetic exalted astral unworldly lofty impracticable grandiose delusory vigorous venturesome excellent enthralling magnificent supreme aesthetically pleasing active aggressive judicious sapient incisive impressive dazzling observant savvy thoughtful penetrative prudent tremendous awake argute conscious appreciative cute aware responsive grand musical harmonious pictorial ideal rhythmical sublime dramatic in the clouds super formidable virtuosic ace coruscating magic knows what's what ear to the ground smashing brill wicked mean with your head in the clouds first-class first-rate supercalifragilisticexpialidocious out of this world of genius

Tính từ

Existing only in the imagination
imaginary unreal fanciful mythical fictitious chimerical imagined fantastic visionary fabulous fictional invented mythic illusory fantastical ideal pretend chimeric phantasmal phantom fantasied phantasmic legendary imaginal notional whimsical hypothetical dreamlike theoretical fabricated hallucinatory fancied unsubstantial assumed quixotic delusive mythological ethereal dreamy abstract suppositious shadowy fantasy nonexistent deceptive illusive concocted storybook supposititious apocryphal figmental supposed spectral virtual imagal apparitional made-up make-believe non-existent dreamed-up trumped up fool's paradise all in one's head figment of someone's imagination product of someone's imagination romantic capricious fairy-tale conceptual utopian academic estimated all in the mind extravagant far-fetched absurd preposterous unbelievable ridiculous curious wild fabled tall poetic crackpot offbeat flakey unlikely kinky far out fictive aerial fairy tale flaky floating incredible traditional cock and bull hard to swallow blue sky hard to take pipe dream on cloud nine pie in the sky castles in the air out of this world ancient heroic told improbable allegorical unhistoric customary dubious unhistorical unverifiable created related doubtful storied handed-down sham false fake insubstantial mock pretended pseudo phoney misleading seeming immaterial phony ostensible fantasized dream simulated feigned spurious artificial untrue phantasmagoric faux play-play bogus fraudulent intangible mistaken fallacious imitation fantasised impalpable apparent delusory vague airy metaphysical illusionary vaporous semblant inexistent imponderable acted nebulous insincere unnatural weird reproduction reachy replica speculative deceitful delusional imitative phantasmagorical deceiving hollow thought up dummy ersatz ideational suppositional conjectural putative specious misguided erroneous in your head blue-sky unsubstantiated conjectured theoretic Barmecidal Barmecide float factitious mimic substitute counterfeit synthetic man-made forged absent lacking missing wanting incorporeal gossamery dead defunct flimsy baseless empty tenuous gone blank negative ungrounded departed groundless extinguished lost vacant perished void null extinct indescribable indefinable obscure untouchable indistinct unclear unbodied formless nonphysical bodiless ghostlike discarnate nonmaterial spiritual ephemeral passed on passed away without foundation imperceptible to the touch puny fly-by-night unsound slender infirm petty idle decrepit few and far between null and void too little too late

Tính từ

Having or showing initiative and resourcefulness
enterprising original resourceful bold daring spirited ingenious adventurous audacious enthusiastic energetic inventive vigorous creative able active alert ambitious bright capable clever eager gifted intrepid keen quick-witted sharp talented venturesome adventuresome courageous dashing dynamic emboldened entrepreneurial free-swinging go-ahead gutsy hardy nerved nervy up-and-coming venturous zealous advancing aspiring busy craving diligent driving go-go gumptious hardworking hungry hustling industrious innovative itching lively lusting peppy progressive pushing ready self-starting snappy spanking stirring take-over yearning zippy hard ball spark plug coming on strong pioneering advanced forward-looking modern disruptive liberal forward-thinking driven enlightened vital rising new go-getting high-powered avant-garde brave valiant fearless valorous plucky heroic unflinching mettlesome dauntless unafraid ballsy spunky game have-a-go gutty undaunted radical progressivist gallant doughty stout stalwart temerarious unblenching unabashed manful stouthearted lionhearted unshrinking aweless resolute greathearted heroical indomitable confident gritty undauntable lion-hearted stout-hearted cocky sassy icy feisty brassy frightless assured reforming forehanded visionary forward positive foreseeing prescient provident foresighted farseeing forethoughtful proactive farsighted reformist right-on open-minded revolutionary impavid undismayed unalarmed left-wing leftist freethinking libertarian free-thinking latitudinarian PC humanistic reckless daredevil madcap politically correct death-or-glory devil-may-care rash risky wild overconfident foolhardy brash overbold death-defying ungoverned uncurbed

Tính từ

Having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion
cunning sly artful devious crafty shrewd tricky wily guileful knowing subtle astute scheming designing Machiavellian sharp slick canny foxy ingenious skilful skillful slippery clever deceitful deceptive duplicitous manipulative inventive resourceful sneaky beguiling cagey cagy cute dodgy fiendish fly pawky savvy slim calculating carny insidious shifty vulpine smooth streetwise sharp-witted street smart street-smart Janus-faced crazy like a fox sly like a fox brilliant deft dexterous adroit dishonest deep experienced intelligent dextrous underhand smart treacherous conniving disingenuous shady unscrupulous underhanded double-dealing crooked perceptive wise untrustworthy stealthy furtive acute keen discerning two-faced sneaking shonky discriminating fraudulent sagacious quick-witted intriguing false unprincipled evasive cheating clear-sighted conspiratorial secret indirect plotting heady dissembling judicious on the ball snide perspicacious sapient insightful covert heads-up politic insincere surreptitious contriving sensible lying perfidious clandestine roguish quick bent astucious secretive prudent mendacious sage hardheaded clear-eyed argute hard-boiled long-headed whip-smart hypocritical penetrating deceiving untruthful hidden dishonourable elusive backstairs dishonorable hugger-mugger hole-and-corner brainy media-savvy double-faced oblique alert unreliable underground bright delusive private counterfeit undercover traitorous dubious iffy farsighted rogue cautious hollow-hearted knavish stealth observant privy false-hearted misleading truthless sneak hush-hush suss circumspect behind-the-scenes fast far-sighted black serpentine under the table quick on the uptake as sharp as a tack arch knowledgeable thoughtful conspiring learned greasy dirty faithless masterly adept hardened careful profound captious bluffing illusory proficient immoral unethical seasoned worldly cloaked unfair feigned percipient cloak-and-dagger intuitive piercing Punic slinking discreet wary apt collusive incisive skulking snidey corrupt back-alley probing phoney genius pretended fake phony fishy accurate under-the-table fly-by-night dangerous backhanded witty far-seeing in the know nimble-witted under wraps not born yesterday quick on the trigger quick off the mark colluding full of plans tricksy enterprising impish mischievous leery contemplative enlightened sentient scholarly self-aware reflective informed educated wry witted delusory razor-sharp caballing heedful crazy like fox shrewdness unpredictable suspicious nifty mean slimy trick planful dicey irresponsible unfaithful disreputable malicious bogus sham controlling unhonest uncandid not candid not frank cynical undependable deviant unsporting unsportsmanlike two-timing gingerly considerate premeditating chary safe guarded opportunist amoral fugitive neat unfrank unveracious sussed cutthroat unconscionable opportunistic below the belt shrouded veiled sideways sidelong closet concealed worldly-wise philosophical expedient not entirely truthful terminologically inexact perilous ensnaring sinister wormlike snaky sensitive murky low-down able frugal having fancy footwork with it watchful hep hole-in-the-corner ready unsafe unsteady insecure unstable hard to pin down changeable uncertain inconstant mutable variable penetrative nimble cloak and dagger disguised sharp as a tack creepy behind someone's back sub-rosa hole and corner masked jive mealymouthed unctuous artificial disloyal double mealy not to be trusted plausible rascal off mock spurious bum seeming catchy imposturous like a snake in the grass fine errant obliquitous erring gimmicky under-the-counter rational erudite gnostic showing great knowledge with great knowledge cool hip sophic keen-witted backstabbing economical with the truth agile illegitimate on the QT illicit illegal faking one out playing politics put on playing games not straightforward rapier-like searching Pecksniffian lip acuminous supersmart ultrasmart exceptional hyperintelligent finely honed double dealing phony-baloney back-stabbing phoney-baloney left-handed smart as a tack knowing how many beans make five nobody's fool not missing a trick exact having smarts critical with all one's wits about one quick-thinking in holes and corners on the quiet full of insight cowardly yellow shark calculated inside wised up on the inside on top of up on defrauding fallacious

Tính từ

Bright, colourful, and showy
jazzy flashy bright colorful colourful gaudy snazzy bright-coloured brilliant effective exciting eye-catching interesting lively stimulating striking strong bold brightly coloured fancy flamboyant glaring graphic pizazzy pizzazzy showy splashy vibrant vivid bling garish lurid smart wild like an explosion in a paint factory looking like an explosion in a paint factory stirring racy invigorating forceful envigorating refreshing loud ostentatious glitzy swank flash ritzy pretentious ornate glittering resplendent brash extravagant tawdry meretricious chichi swanky tinsel gay tasteless vulgar classy dashing flaring flaunting noisy screaming nifty brazen rich tacky florid spiffy naff fancy-pants raffish stylish razzle-dazzle cheap dazzling obtrusive chintzy blatant sharp tony snappy kitsch bling-bling sporty flaming trendy natty brummagem conspicuous glamorous overdone tinselly splendiferous overwrought crude sumptuous rakish luxurious sassy in bad taste Brummagem elegant sparkling chic fashionable voguish sophisticated dapper over the top now beautiful slick upscale uptown jaunty in vogue high-class dressed to kill brassy expensive trashy over-bright violent harsh pompous glittery elaborate schmick distasteful unattractive nauseating bilious sensational opulent peacocky histrionic intense sickly kitschy catchpenny lustrous debonair modish radiant deep glowing theatrical bedazzling clear cool baroque irradiant sheeny warm glossy gleaming luminescent psychedelic incandescent swish dressy peacockish camp outrageous luminous candescent fly kicking kicky blazing stunning swashbuckling cheap and nasty shiny groovy rococo luxuriant luscious kaleidoscopic lambent glistering dramatic refulgent beaming with it ablaze shining OTT on fleek sleek mod deep-coloured a la mode in fashion highly-coloured highly colored whimsical full casual informal tatty convivial merry visual plastic gimcrack splurgy fun spivvy dandy spiffing splendid crass cheap-jack cheapjack rubbishy paltry over-elaborate affected brilliantly coloured kenspeckle commanding bodacious prominent noticeable pronounced remarkable superfly catchy grabby marked arresting emphatic shabby shoddy junky worthless dicty pizzazz frou-frou coarse gross flakey bombastic flaky gassy poor dirty offensive common sleazy twopenny-halfpenny pzazz trumpery gussied up putting on the ritz trendsetting hip in modern fine contemporary polished designer funky exclusive happening fresh swell supercool intricate urbane latest big steezy modernistic dap tasteful new decorative well turned-out à la mode in the mainstream up-to-date up to date au courant all the rage dressed to the teeth bang up to date up to the minute ultra-modern decorated scintillating embellished ornamental ornamented lovely adorned lucid gorgeous spruce deluxe fussy busy posh trim swinging quality towering extreme superior select devilish attractive prime fanciful special trig swagger froufrou frilly fancible unusual cushy custom beautifying highfalutin high-quality as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox in poor taste

Tính từ

Full of meaning or significance
pregnant meaningful significant eloquent expressive suggestive loaded charged meaning pointed telling revealing weighty revelatory creative inventive original seminal cogent consequential fecund important momentous redolent rich sententious vivid graphic striking evocative pictorial descriptive colorful colourful detailed definitive explicit illustrative clear forceful realistic narrative lifelike true to life moving poignant passionate intense strong stirring emotional artistic lively ardent sympathetic indicative energetic powerful indicating feeling indicating emotion allusive inspired deeply felt forcible emphatic visionary demonstrative masterly showy understanding representative silver-tongued articulate sensitive warm pathetic stimulating animated full of emotion ingenious alive easy-to-read indicating full of feeling spirited picturesque tender brilliant touching thoughtful dramatic mobile representing communicative responsive signifying open telltale speaking deep reminiscent feeling emotive haunting remindful resonant delicate tendentious resonant with remindful of touchy calling up difficult symbolic knowing denoting convincing symptomatic allegorical emblematic token compelling representational figurative insightful symbolical calculating hinting indicatory significatory connoting characteristic valid insinuating giveaway reflective evidential illuminating oracular denotative informative relevant exhibitive pithy solemn purposeful fluent persuasive graceful potent effective well-spoken smooth-tongued glib lucid well-expressed magniloquent grandiloquent rhetorical fervid fervent impassioned facund smooth-spoken well spoken voluble outspoken vocal well expressed affecting impressive

Tính từ

Concerned with theories or hypotheses rather than with practical matters
theoretic imaginary theoretical abstract academic analytical as a premise assumed codified conjectural contingent formalistic formularized general hypothetic hypothetical ideal idealised idealized ideational ideological impractical instanced intellectual in the abstract in theory logical metaphysical notional on paper pedantic philosophical postulated presumed problematical pure quixotic speculative suppositional tentative transcendent transcendental unearthly unproved unsubstantiated vague intelle postulatory unproven suppositious untested imagined conjectured academical suppositive nominal putative supposed conceptual rational presupposed presumptive alleged apparent reputed purported supposititious inferred scholarly unreal unfounded groundless unconfirmed reasoned uncertain suspect doubtful indefinite surmised inferential based on guesswork likely asserted ostensible seeming accepted ostensive evident rumoured claimed thought held rumored understood prima facie cognitive fanciful fancied illusory educational scholastic visionary imagal moral ethical ratiocinative suspected experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive postulational guessing unresolved surmising guesstimated figured professed unpragmatic unrealistic irrelevant believed specious useless on a hunch soi-disant declared on a long shot invented made-up philosophic fictional said ivory-tower ivory-towered ivory-towerish indeterminate casual contestable disputable equivocal assumptive stochastic concocted questionable conditional conjecturable debatable refutable provisory proposed guessed pretending problematic inferrible wise erudite learned derivable made up inferable esoteric thoughtful sagacious deducible deductive expected hypothesized granted anticipated implicit given connoted tacit deduced scientific hypothesised a priori self-evident based on theory taken as known counted on taken for granted

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