Đồng nghĩa của unpractical

Alternative for unpractical

Trái nghĩa: practical,

Tính từ

Based on abstract reasoning
metaphysical abstract theoretical intellectual ideal philosophical speculative conceptual notional abstruse basic deep essential fundamental recondite esoteric high-flown ideational intangible profound spiritual supernatural theoretic universal unreal academic immaterial impalpable incorporeal oversubtle transcendental unsubstantial bodiless conjectural difficult discarnate eternal hypothetical insubstantial jesuitic mystical nonmaterial nonphysical numinous ontological philosophic superhuman superior supermundane suprahuman supramundane supranatural unfleshly unphysical unrealistic suppositional conjectured putative suppositious suppositive nonconcrete impractical transcendent assumed analytical imaginary imaginative unsubstantiated tentative logical mental pure general formularized idealized ideological unproved in theory academical presumed fanciful idealised nonrepresentational nonfigurative illusory perceptual visionary rational supposed formalistic codified as a premise instanced contingent in the abstract thoughtful scholarly unproven irrational postulated vague untested unfounded groundless hypothetic subjective based on guesswork intelle paradigmatic non-practical non-technical blue-sky fancied not practical higher imagal cognitive unapplied quixotic pedantic problematical unearthly on paper educational scholastic unpragmatic irrelevant indefinite useless ratiocinative inferred suspected presupposed surmised wise erudite learned postulational uncertain guessing unresolved surmising suspect guesstimated figured reputed doubtful ivory-tower ivory-towered ivory-towerish sagacious reasoned on a hunch subconscious psychosomatic on a long shot experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive unconscious emotional subliminal psychological non-physical all in the mind in the mind

Trái nghĩa của unpractical

unpractical Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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