Đồng nghĩa của recondite

Alternative for recondite

Đồng nghĩa: abstruse, deep,


Having a covert or obscure meaning
abstruse arcane deep esoteric profound dark difficult hidden involved mysterious obscure occult secret abstract cabbalistic complicated complex concealed cryptic hermetic hermetical impenetrable incomprehensible mystical opaque unfathomable academic acroamatic Alexandrian cabalistic hard heavy little-known mystic orphic out-of-the-way pedantic scholarly little known inscrutable enigmatic perplexing puzzling mystifying inexplicable ambiguous enigmatical Delphic confusing unclear baffling murky intricate nebulous elliptical equivocal bewildering uncanny veiled double-edged elliptic fuliginous vague unintelligible secretive involuted clandestine convoluted oblique sibylline unknowable involute oracular covert knotty strange coded unaccountable elaborate rarefied tangled fathomless thorny hard to understand as clear as mud insoluble undecipherable shadowy unexplained recherché labyrinthine sophisticated tricky unexplainable subtle fiddly difficult to understand sphinxlike indecipherable hazy clear as mud tortuous dense serpentine tough labyrinthian detailed fancy problematical over one's head beyond comprehension byzantine Daedalian Gordian Byzantine entangled interlaced weighty serious full of twists and turns peculiar odd unrevealed shrouded unknown clouded cloaked uncertain indistinct obfuscated apocryphal evasive Delphian wildering indefinite black ungraspable inconceivable doubtful confounding incognizable paradoxical tenebrous Greek to me impossible to understand clear as dishwater baroque daedal confused unsolvable cumbersome above one's head beyond one's grasp jumbled knotted mixed troublesome hi-tech Daedalean mind-bending private metaphysical inner hypermetric enciphered classified encoded weird curious ulterior disconcerting magical highbrow bizarre indiscernible insolvable cryptical subliminal indeterminate worrying refined funny queer foggy secreted unnatural unsolved arduous problematic dubious untold shrouded in mystery incalculable stealthy uninterpretable riddling amphibological nubilous purblind imperceptive cerebral intellectual mind-boggling hard to solve vexing rambling advanced gnarly hard to explain thought-provoking cagey subjective illegible technical incredible illogical indecisive far-out teasing stickling stumping not easily understood unimaginable inaccessible challenging cloak-and-dagger Greek anagogic beyond one beats me all Greek to someone too hard to understand double Dutch too difficult to understand beyond your grasp above your head all Greek to you hard to follow indirect ravelled winding sinuous twisted circuitous ornate complicate multifaceted multifarious variegated rococo heterogeneous nuanced muddled raveled high-tech can of worms maze-like mixed up long-drawn-out drawn-out roundabout misleading inexplicit elusive circumlocutory periphrastic devious inconclusive implied inexplainable unreadable questionable gnomic indescribable underlying shifty beyond understanding debatable ambivalent arguable incoherent equivocating prevaricating inexact imprecise unanswerable undefinable mumbled two-edged personal deceptive garbled open to debate open to argument undercover unexplicit surreptitious meandering backhanded inarticulate inextricable duplicitous uncomprehensible crooked wandering awkward repressed unapparent curving elusory hinted at underhand blurred individual internal twisting deceitful inaudible mazy sneaky anfractuous covered bamboozling surprising stonewalling circular sneaking erratic fanciful supernatural intense polysemous polysemic polysemantic multivocal dry undiscoverable intimate mysterial ineffable unresolvable meaningless gray grey implicit mazelike taxing full of surprises beyond you irresolvable unresolved unconcluded borderline slurred too deep senseless scrambled slippery suspicious without a solution unable to be solved indigestible labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthiform labyrinthic labyrinthal contradictory blurry unusual circumlocutionary ambagious astonishing unparalleled extraordinary freakish freak cunning shuffling uphill terrible ramified reticular formidable effortful bemusing muzzy open fuzzy disreputable freaky fluky dissembling spooky rum sophistical disguised collateral obliquitous unheard-of unwonted uncommon all Greek to me really hard very hard intangible casuistic false casuistical noncommittal masked off the wall underground furtive curled curvy curling crazy bending curved windy non-committal conspiratorial hush-hush suppressed subconscious fraudulent illusory backstairs closet deviating excursive muffled sly sneak privy underhanded stealth camouflaged unspecific fallacious muttered halting faltering hesitant ill-defined in ambush on the QT unenlightened hugger-mugger behind someone's back behind-the-scenes unseen top-secret surprise backdoor hole-and-corner remote detouring errant removed digressing flexuous digressory straying diverting fugacious transient phantom shy fleeting greasy imponderable transitory insubstantial tenuous volatile evanescent hesitating stuttering stammering stumbling speechless mute voiceless unexposed unrecognizable invisible shielded unrecognisable hooded screened tongue-tied disjointed deviant zigzag reticent unvocal mumbling maundering clumsy poorly spoken divergent sidelong unforeseen subsidiary vagrant snaking unplanned long-winded tacit eventual long understood sinister discursive long way home inferred


Involving or characterized by scholarship
learned scholarly erudite lettered cultured intellectual knowledgeable academic bookish cultivated highbrow literary civilised civilized literate sage studious clever esoteric experienced intelligent pedantic sagacious well educated well-read wise brainy cerebral discerning donnish educated enlightened expert illuminated sapient skilled sophisticated versed well informed well read well versed widely read genius well-informed abstruse accomplished conversant deep grave grounded judicious omniscient pansophic philosophic philosophical polymath posted professorial scientific sharp solemn solid sound studied well-educated well-grounded well-rounded in the know obscure savvy into scholastic wise up analytical smart rational logical insightful thoughtful penetrating perceptive percipient serious informed subtle perspicacious arcane weighty astute hermetic shrewd reflective hermetical orphic profound knowing acroamatic occult secret full of insight with great knowledge showing great knowledge sensible prudent schooled keen aware canny pedagogic bright trained formal acute brilliant egghead swotty discriminating instructed contemplative clerkly precocious quick-witted didactic earnest acquainted switched-on taught gifted intuitive refined polished alert tutored familiar pedagogical politic coached versant eggheaded careful inventive bluestocking ingenious educational overnice schoolish au courant foresighted sharp-witted doctrinaire formalistic dry reasoned au fait exceptional inkhorn abreast good whip-smart quick urbane advanced up-to-date creative deep-thinking highbrowed proficient intellective well-versed sussed cogitative prepared crack skilful skillful masterly adept able virtuoso meditative in the picture fast impractical ivory-towerish supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent pompous ostentatious stilted arid hairsplitting dull punctilious egotistic fussy priggish sententious particular nit-picking reliable plugged in tuned in book-loving justified school reasonable precise sentient pedantical briefed clear-sighted foxy farsighted astucious cagey longhair intellectualistic intellectualist genteel geeky liberal talented well-reasoned well-founded well reasoned assiduous worldly nerdish blue nerdy eager cognizant plugged-in understanding well thought out developed cool hip practiced classical practised cosmopolitan couth well-taught down clued-up elite well-bred mature tolerant polite courteous seasoned excellent practical mannerly clued up genned up up to date superior streetwise witty heady resourceful choice whip nimble intellectually aware well versed in in the loop competent worldly-wise first-class very intelligent first-rate Einstein whiz kid genial nimble-witted self-aware well schooled advised theoretical labored introspective musing deliberate considered thinking museful ruminative reflecting pondering calculating measured pensive pointy-headed laboured well-briefed directed belletristic bookly cunning open-minded metaphysical abstract broad-minded coherent levelheaded schoolmasterly just valid long-haired over-subtle diligent hard-working unintuitive responsible gracious congruent firm sober psychologic apprised unprovincial sedulous adult dependable commonsensical commonsense commonsensible gnostic apt smooth sophic progressive free-thinking thought out having been around planned out incisive precisionist overprecise hair-splitting nitpicking well mannered instructive edifying instructional educative on the ball crafty cluey quick on the uptake whiz academical busy bookworm determined grubbing book-learned very smart wised up hip to veteran knowing what's what ace qualified complete master consummate crackerjack compleat professed masterful great primed college university collegiate grown-up tasty tuitional propaedeutic dogmatic informational nurtured level-headed formed corrected initiated professional fitted shaped enriched finished well up up on artistic provocative gripping intriguing stimulating thought-provoking artistically aware high-class sensitive savant blue-stocking elegant distingue tasteful traveled appreciative chivalrous arty gallant esthetic deliberated rehearsed informative teaching aesthetic travelled apprized well briefed with good taste abreast of the facts filled in up to speed strategic tactful desirable familiar with up riveting heavy captivating powerful interesting heavyweight absorbing fascinating argute tactical knowledgeable about abreast of informed about witting alive comprehending conscious acquainted with hep apprehensive well-advised well judged well advised practised in skilled in well informed about proficient in apprised of well up on au fait with at home with experienced in no stranger to at home kept posted au courant with up to speed on plugged into up to date on perfect in genned up on on the beam clued up on cognizant of down with


Based on abstract reasoning
metaphysical abstract theoretical intellectual ideal philosophical speculative conceptual notional abstruse basic deep essential fundamental esoteric high-flown ideational intangible profound spiritual supernatural theoretic universal unreal academic immaterial impalpable incorporeal oversubtle transcendental unpractical unsubstantial bodiless conjectural difficult discarnate eternal hypothetical insubstantial jesuitic mystical nonmaterial nonphysical numinous ontological philosophic superhuman superior supermundane suprahuman supramundane supranatural unfleshly unphysical unrealistic suppositional conjectured putative suppositious suppositive nonconcrete impractical transcendent assumed analytical imaginary imaginative unsubstantiated tentative logical mental pure general formularized idealized ideological unproved in theory academical presumed fanciful idealised nonrepresentational nonfigurative illusory perceptual visionary rational supposed formalistic codified as a premise instanced contingent in the abstract thoughtful scholarly unproven irrational postulated vague untested unfounded groundless hypothetic subjective based on guesswork intelle paradigmatic non-practical non-technical blue-sky fancied not practical higher imagal cognitive unapplied quixotic pedantic problematical unearthly on paper educational scholastic unpragmatic irrelevant indefinite useless ratiocinative inferred suspected presupposed surmised wise erudite learned postulational uncertain guessing unresolved surmising suspect guesstimated figured reputed doubtful ivory-tower ivory-towered ivory-towerish sagacious reasoned on a hunch subconscious psychosomatic on a long shot experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive unconscious emotional subliminal psychological non-physical all in the mind in the mind


Farfetched or improbable
farfetched improbable implausible incredible unconvincing dubious fantastic unlikely preposterous doubtful fishy illogical unrealistic suspicious bizarre incoherent inconsequential strange eccentric forced laboured labored queer strained unbelieveable unnatural unbelievable inconceivable suspect flimsy impossible far-fetched questionable absurd unreasonable unimaginable weak puzzling obscure thin reachy problematic won't hold water full of holes won't wash far out nonsensical ludicrous false incongruous fanciful unthinkable shaky fantastical incredulous uncompelling debatable unsubstantial tall unconceivable cock and bull hard to swallow full of it for the birds too much ridiculous not likely cock-and-bull unplausible hard to believe exaggerated outlandish misleading overblown sensational untruthful embellished untrue extravagant fabricated dishonest dubitable outrageous laughable hyperbolic shady farcical spectacular mind-boggling disputable equivocal untrustworthy embroidered histrionic arguable iffy distorted unreliable undependable blown up beyond belief complicated out of the ordinary tenuous untenable vague flawed irrational unpersuasive faulty poor unsatisfactory inadequate inconclusive unsubstantiated unsound contradictory feeble nebulous lame spurious hollow unsustainable invalid sketchy unsupportable specious irreconcilable senseless indefensible groundless nonrational vain pathetic unfounded airy unreasoned inconsequent illegitimate unreasoning fatuous nutty unimpressive wacky fallacious slight off the wall self-contradictory crazy extraordinary insane unreal wild foolish astonishing inane mad unjustifiable rare remote silly baseless amazing staggering hare-brained beyond the bounds of possibility shallow harebrained cockeyed unworkable astounding weird idiotic impracticable peculiar scarcely credible risible difficult to believe phenomenal stupid incogitable daft loony singular unusual cockamamie barmy insufficient unfeasible kooky half-baked odd insupportable unimagined unique remarkable fabulous pointless exceptional unapt imbecilic unheard-of breathtaking asinine zany off-the-wall unheard of lunatic screwy mind-blowing unviable hard to take out of the question paltry trifling transparent elaborate unattainable unacceptable whimsical unjustified whacky superficial impractical inept sophistic futile faint slim defective unsuccessful ill-founded uncommon wrong highly unlikely balmy incomprehensible unwise comical prodigious shocking uncertain stupendous cock-eyed doubtable surprising funny bewildering stunning miraculous off brainless frail looney wondrous cuckoo kookie meagre striking meager featherheaded unwarrantable eye-popping non-viable way out trivial inexcusable unforgivable unsuitable unpardonable ineffectual frivolous erratic capricious unachievable unobtainable contrived puerile controvertible reasonless erroneous unsupported ineffective goofy unwarranted insubstantial ineffable unrealizable overdone artificial undoable outré curious unspeakable unknowable meaningless monstrous grotesque insuperable insolvable unsolvable romantic ungrounded wishful untold unutterable unscientific derisory abnormal inexpiable insignificant useless hopeless offbeat inconsistent marginal contemptible assailable weakly insoluble mystifying baffling arbitrary flat unordinary overwhelming negligible small irresponsible unconfirmed grandiose inaccessible unthought of oddball insupposable outside infeasible slender potty simpleminded flakey mindless tremendous shonky awful awesome portentous wonderful eye-opening sublime freaky aberrant phony undreamed of witless daffy flaky without foundation unexpected ill-conceived cockamamy dotty screwball dippy lunkheaded crackpot bubbleheaded phoney batty distant tiny outside chance demented make-believe hundred-to-one without basis not in the least likely inconsiderable amazeballs not on fragile hardly possible marvellous marvelous off beam beyond the realm of reason contrary to reason not to be thought of weak-minded half-witted idealistic unicorn counterintuitive foundationless unarguable undefendable refutable tame vaporous inadmissible without justification uncorroborated likely unreachable unwinnable incorrect unthinking contrary untoward crackbrained hokey unbacked injudicious derisible beyond possibility threadbare moronic puny jerky fool slang tomfool sappy fruitless profitless less likely imcomprehensible sophistical vapid unstable distraught raving disconnected delirious disjointed nominal isolated unhinged deranged extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful not expected off your head casuistic unproved maniacal beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe perverse irrelevant unconnected exorbitant reckless slim and none extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible inefficient flabby faltering unpleasing outstanding supernatural impressive awe-inspiring confounding ponderous unmaintainable unverifiable unmanageable unsanctionable caricatural lacking substance bad uncalled-for unbalanced legendary immense weak-kneed undecided speculative unsettled unsure not following reaching hilarious dicey fractional imperceptible diminished minute excessive dodgy scatterbrained lamebrained rad indescribable not making sense uncredible derisive over the top unendurable underhand shifty mysterious O.T.T. a bit much OTT top drawer beyond one's wildest dreams out-of-this-world inapprehensible undreamed-of overdramatic high-flown sensationalized rings phony long shot fat chance notable momentous on thin ice touch-and-go problematical murky crooked bent dark disreputable jaw-dropping unforgettable eye-catching arresting not able to hold water inflated overstated special unwonted uncustomary noteworthy conspicuous past belief open to doubt temporary fleeting brief exceeding uncanny extraordinaire unprecedented serious especial unco atypical preternatural unaccustomed aberrated freak anomalous out-of-the-way not understandable not convincing unfamiliar uncivilised inordinate unconscionable sensationalised extortionate barbarous uncivilized heavy flash gnarly forby beyond wildest dreams ambiguous irregular not quite right devious not kosher mercurial off beaten path never to be forgotten out of this world wackadoodle nonconformist infantile crazy-ass freakish wackadoo beyond your wildest dreams highly coloured imprudent dreamlike surreal rum funky quixotic quirky weirdo foolhardy forlorn insurmountable irresoluble last straw paradoxical irresolvable spaced-out off-kilter little minimal imaginary out of bounds impervious inexecutable impassable irrealizable short-sighted beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason inappropriate illusory faraway far outlying ambitious visionary scarce illusive suppositious different extreme hallucinatory no-way no-go not possible beyond one out of sight not a prayer not worth considering like herding cats beyond you


Hidden, secret
concealed hidden covered obscured screened secret unseen inconspicuous covert masked secreted camouflaged disguised invisible privy not visible on the QT private tucked away unnoticeable buried cached cloaked enshrouded guarded hush-hush incog incognito obscure perdu planted shrouded stashed ulterior veiled out of sight under wraps covered up hidden away holed up hushed up put in the hole unrevealed undisclosed unknown imperceptible out of view underground surreptitious undercover confidential unexposed clandestine under cover clouded undetectable unapparent furtive undivulged masquerading latent dark off the record classified imperceivable undetected top secret strictly confidential unpublished untold underhand restricted discreet hidden from sight hidden from view unexpressed not for publication not for circulation not to be disclosed not to be made public unobserved unnoticed not obvious indiscernible entombed sequestered unobtrusive eclipsed unofficial impalpable imaginary closet inside hushed intimate esoteric nonpublic sneaky behind-the-scenes sub rosa not in sight in the dark with a lid on difficult to see low-profile low-key larvate cryptic cabalistic hard to see withheld sheltered secondary underlying secluded snug tect undeclared unprofessed hard to find kept concealed buttoned up kept secret lurking unperceived lost to view not on view impenetrable occult unsuspected curtained imagined undiscovered unrecognized unsaid deep far-off far-removed faraway blurry blurred beneath below sunk interred unidentified uncommunicated inhumed unrecognised isolated bearded cloistered dug in coffined protected pretend false unrecognizable assumed closed stealthy secretive privileged stealth dissembled backstage backstairs artificial sly sham fake forged mock imitation underhanded offstage backdoor sneak sneaking censored mum behind the scenes cloak-and-dagger under one's hat tête-à-tête in camera not open hugger-mugger close to one's chest behind someone's back non-public one-on-one top-secret hole-and-corner not in the public domain pseudo feigned back-alley counterfeit phoney quiet mom laid to rest pixelated consigned to the grave changed unrecognisable phony in disguise unseeable indistinguishable indistinct nonexistent unperceivable shadowy inappreciable intangible unobservable ghostly insensible ethereal vaporous unviewable imponderable gaseous sailing under false colours not in view impossible to detect


Unusual or uncharacteristic
unfamiliar novel unusual curious different new strange uncommon unknown exotic peculiar unaccustomed unconventional alien alternative anomalous atypical fresh odd original out-of-the-way uncharacteristic unheard-of unorthodox unprecedented unwonted aberrant abnormal bizarre extraordinary fantastic obscure outlandish remarkable remote unexpected unexplored uninvestigated untried beyond your ken little known out of the ordinary rare unique dissimilar distinct foreign quaint queer oddball mysterious inexplicable intriguing uncanny weird singular offbeat eccentric funny exceptional quirky off-centre freakish uncustomary off the wall irregular deviant freak left-field surprising untypical way-out avant-garde out of the way special innovative freaky kooky idiosyncratic wacky groundbreaking inventive pioneering newfangled innovatory kinky outré far-out crazy revolutionary innovational experimental preternatural ingenious bizarro puzzling zany screwy kookie mystifying erratic phenomenal perplexing unheard of unnatural inconceivable rum incongruous off-the-wall creative baffling trailblazing radical aberrated ultra-modern uncharted whacky advanced new-fashioned ground-breaking modern queerish funky wild weirdo distinctive state-of-the-art futuristic off-kilter unaccountable imaginative neoteric especial way out cranky wacko disruptive dubious incredible undiscovered individual spaced-out unparalleled unco isolated extraordinaire suspicious eerie prodigious modernistic exceeding whimsical striking out there noteworthy astonishing outstanding refreshing cutting-edge outrageous unthinkable amazing leading-edge far out droll infrequent contemporary outre something else questionable scarce fishy spooky creepy ludicrous conspicuous ridiculous preposterous originative inspired little-known seminal unrepresentative daggy unreal unexampled unordinary fanciful avant garde nonstandard nonconforming out-of-the-box external breaking new ground memorable distinguished forward-looking individualistic out of the common untraveled exclusive unexposed wonderful unmapped undetected bohemian uncultivated extrinsic visionary extravagant divergent nonconformist unplumbed monstrous clever off the beaten track artistic absurd incomprehensible fantastical unimaginable marvellous incomparable marvelous one of a kind momentous interesting miraculous just out cutting edge faraway distant trendsetting characteristic fringe particular extreme sporadic progressive specialized surreal unbelievable notable untested grotesque inspiring sensational eye-catching awesome atypic prominent significant eminent anomalistic exogenetic brand new unlike contrary supernatural jarring disparate newsworthy outside heterodox estranged awe-inspiring resourceful flakey awkward imported extraneous unlikely recent unmatched unequalled unrivalled out of this world out of line off-base exogenous doubtful off-color comical flaky out in left field specialised Promethean unrivaled few and far between in left field astounding dilly latest matchless unexcelled unequaled irrational nonsensical thin on the ground mad foolish cockamamie insane record peerless eye-popping unhackneyed perverted ethnic inimitable cool hip signal out of place first-time off-key in a league of its own without equal one and only beyond compare non-native sui generis without parallel mould-breaking exciting welcome innovating spearheading brand-new unfathomed unstudied undetermined impressive stimulating non-detected unfound out-there old-fashioned seldom seen artful altered variant ready maverick informal fertile arcane nondescript startling egregious few seldom custom customized signature personalized distinguishing transformational laughable unrecognized unrecognised esoteric loner variational occasional not prepared other specific productive demiurgic deviceful previously unencountered outside one's experience hippy unceremonious madcap boho fundamental nutty unpredictable wigged out daft nuts schizoid off-center schizo far-flung slang unconforming discordant shady drastic wayward barbarous dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy suspect deviating weird and wonderful up-to-date this season's up to date new-fangled stunning problematical problematic one-off shocking unacceptable offensive limited improbable unforgettable arresting not tightly wrapped diagnostic discriminating identifying diagnostical classic symptomatic perverse malformed unhealthy warped twisted not just another unhinged touched demented unbalanced avant go-ahead quizzical errant unharmonious spectacular stupendous unrealistic distorted aberrational devious off-beat off the rails bugged out heteroclite corrupt deviate serious implausible grandiose tremendous wondrous unsung unremarked disgraceful unregarded unnormal heteromorphic up-and-coming game-changing world-shattering amazeballs colourful glamorous heavy flash gnarly forby hare-brained personalised customised liberal ahead of the times underground head lead beat vanguard romantic fascinating off beaten path never to be forgotten far-fetched make-believe undreamed of undreamed-of unrenowned nameless not normal non-typical neat fashionable happening hot in modernist trendy groovy modish stylish with-it pathbreaking nontraditional mistakenly trendy new wave far off foreign-looking Bohemian attractive glamourous all-time exterior untravelled unresearched never before encountered enticing colorful alluring peregrine outward adventitious extramural virgin unsurveyed unidentified far-off hidden unnamed concealed non-resident international supervenient from elsewhere third-party from abroad far cry not mapped inscrutable like nothing on earth

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