Đồng nghĩa của wackadoodle

Tính từ

Having an unusually strange character or behavior
crazy weird strange whacky absurd ridiculous bizarre outrageous peculiar ludicrous preposterous eccentric fanciful fantastical nonsensical unreal wild goofy impracticable inane mercurial senseless silly whimsical abnormal astonishing baffling bewildering cock-eyed crazy-ass extraordinary fantastic farcical freakish grotesque idiotic illogical imbecilic implausible incongruous incredible infantile laughable loony monstrous mystifying nonconformist phenomenal pointless puzzling queer risible shocking unbelievable unique unreasonable unthinkable unusual wackadoo balmy derisory dreamlike fatuous foolhardy funky harebrained imprudent inconceivable offbeat outré puerile quirky quixotic remarkable rum surreal unworkable weirdo foolish hare-brained insane irresponsible odd off-kilter off-the-wall spaced-out beyond all reason bird-brained cockeyed half-baked ill-conceived inappropriate out of all reason short-sighted stupid daft asinine wacky mad nutty brainless unwise witless zany crackpot lunatic dippy dotty kooky daffy half-witted cuckoo looney kookie featherheaded jerky tomfool simpleminded screwball lunkheaded bubbleheaded weak-minded sappy inept irrational fool mindless moronic cockamamie unintelligent cockamamy reckless comical dopey barmy ill-advised injudicious rash crackbrained dumb ill-considered empty-headed doltish impractical derisive thoughtless pathetic giddy screwy derisible incautious indiscreet scatterbrained dim-witted unrealistic thickheaded gormless damfool birdbrained batty chowderheaded dotish glaikit extravagant imbecile dim far-fetched slang simple off the wall flighty pea-brained outlandish frivolous loopy potty thick dunderheaded feebleminded cretinous impossible divvy dof funny wooden-headed meaningless feather-brained droll madcap scatty vacuous lamebrained halfwitted boneheaded blockheaded futile ill-thought-out heedless slow-witted too much curious impolitic hilarious way out comic ignorant careless inconsistent unstable improbable childish unlikely amazing braindead unfeasible dense dull ill-judged pinheaded muttonheaded chuckleheaded unthinking non-viable dappy weak diverting useless gelastic out to lunch softheaded brain-dead fat-headed off beam dead from the neck up impulsive humorous unsound amusing lightheaded ditzy misguided hysterical erratic featherbrained dubious doubtful excessive incorrect faulty immature extreme untenable clueless freaky dozy romantic chucklesome unconvincing wacko brash hasty inadvisable changeable ditsy unscientific uproarious dizzy unjustifiable light-headed frothy yeasty flawed humoristic facetious capricious riotous unpractical unreasoned slapstick wrong exorbitant unimaginable comedic sidesplitting nonrational entertaining visionary groundless backward slow hotheaded inconsiderate antic unreasoning demented unattainable vain killing deranged contradictory off your head screaming hysteric hopeless unviable naive nerdy unearthly theoretical side-splitting rib-tickling simple-minded feeble-minded priceless light-minded unrealizable ivory-tower incompetent infeasible pie-faced good-humored good-humoured out of sight without foundation without basis out of the question full of holes not making sense beyond the bounds of possibility thick-witted incomprehensible rattlebrained unsteady defective clownish ornate imaginative exotic unconsidered mentally incompetent bugged out dimwitted obtuse burlesque callow donkeyish obstinate credulous retarded green harum-scarum far-out goofy loony contemptible fancy creative original doolally gonzo unaware insipid insensate complacent idiotical improvident inexperienced fickle skittish foolheaded Boeotian unhinged idiotish squirrelly sublime taking the cake maniacal forgetful inconstant witty mirthful smoothbrained off your trolley worthy of scorn invalid Gothic gothic baroque jocose jocular off the air up the pole very stupid smooth-brained sick dope fallacious extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible jolly slaphappy ineffectual heady daredevil overhasty wrong-headed unseemly specious spurious light-hearted excellent feather-headed unbalanced starry-eyed unjustified erroneous hot-headed O.T.T. as thick as two short planks wet behind the ears a bit much OTT over the top marvelous inconclusive idealistic joshing camp embarrassing in vain campy daring adventurous ill undiplomatic inexpedient indelicate graceless tactless incoherent sophistical unplanned utopian unworldly perfectionist delusory imaginary soft for grins to no avail badly planned confused risky temerarious audacious overbold overconfident casuistic illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential unfounded unproved sophistic wondrous illusory incredulous grandiose oddball unachievable unformed sophomoric undeveloped radge perverse false irrelevant unconnected irreconcilable self-contradictory unsubstantial beyond belief hollow unconceivable misleading ambitious uncompelling artificial nitwitted gone nonrealistic reachy floating dopy illusive suppositious different singular hallucinatory off the top of one's head unobtainable chaotic lively very good underdeveloped flakey flaky not applicable not sensible blue sky on cloud nine not following sheepheaded make-believe forlorn undoable insurmountable poorly planned not thought through not fully developed not well thought out insuperable irresoluble insolvable unsolvable cock-and-bull muddle-headed sensational awesome spectacular divine stupendous astounding out of this world splendid breathtaking wonderful prodigious fabulous superb terrific glorious paradoxical irresolvable impervious insoluble inaccessible inexecutable impassable irrealizable unserviceable inoperable not to be thought of not on not possible no-way not a prayer not worth considering beyond one hardly possible no-go like herding cats beyond you hundred-to-one contrary to reason marvellous nonpractical unusable questionable ludicrous. laughable nonviable overdramatic high-flown elaborate overdone sensationalized otherworldly nonfunctional chimerical speculative inapplicable unbusinesslike abstract inefficacious cheery cheerful happy hearty won't fly no go inflated overstated highly unlikely uncivilised inordinate last straw unconscionable out of bounds sensationalised extortionate barbarous uncivilized highly coloured

Tính từ

Attached to someone or something in a neurotic or pathological manner
fixated obsessed absorbed attached captivated devoted fascinated preoccupied single-minded besotted engrossed smitten hypnotised hypnotized infatuated mesmerised mesmerized monomaniacal spellbound taken up with wrapped up in focussed focused gripped by hell-bent hung up on keen obsessed with obsessive about possessed by preoccupied by preoccupied with prepossessed single-minded about caught up in dedicated to devoted to engrossed in enthusiastic about fanatical fanatical about hooked immersed in infatuated with intense neurotic paranoid passionate wackadoo besotted with gone on hooked on nuts about potty about wild on crazy about dotty about in the grip of stuck on intent occupied immersed engaged hung up deep involved wrapped up riveted enthralled rapt concentrated happy attentive queer resolute distracted concerned consumed gripped intrigued interested lost caught up taken up committed determined steadfast up to here enthusiastic concentrating obsessive resolved firm inflexible fixed really into dedicated motivated buried busy into taken over tied up turned on wound up head over heels locked in dialed in up to here in sunk in focused on intent on eat sleep and breathe interested in involved in absorbed in up to your ears deep in thought heavily into passionate about having a one-track mind possessed on task knee-deep crazy ardent fervid fervent feverish entranced enchanted beguiled impassioned nuts full connected charmed held dotty set bent all ears observant enrapt whole entire exclusive studious earnest undivided all steady eager watchful alert insistent impatient strong-minded persistent driven dogged intensive bewitched enraptured enamored enamoured transfixed enticed delighted trapped dazzled tantalized attracted seduced titillated captive mentally enchanted thrilled intoxicated tantalised under a spell gone settled set on deep in using wasted dependent abusing strung out jonesing for jonesing on addicted prone dependent on addicted to habituated shooting up under the influence with a … habit

Tính từ

Excessive, as results from obsession
obsessive compulsive besetting obsessional consuming gripping haunting neurotic tormenting all-consuming dominating fanatical addictive controlling driven excessive fanatic fixed impulsive irresistible inescapable pathological uncontrollable wackadoo fixated headstrong infatuated possessed preoccupied unrelenting unyielding enthusiastic fervent passionate wild keen frenzied eager dedicated devoted obsessed ardent immoderate over-enthusiastic extreme fervid mad burning frenetic nuts crazy dotty potty hooked visionary gung-ho zealous overenthusiastic rabid passional perfervid bigoted violent fiery incorrigible bugged credulous erratic opinionated biased monomaniacal contumacious partial willful stubborn unruly raving domineering feverish obstinate addicted impassioned high on turned on nuts for intense vehement excited avid earnest spirited fierce energetic committed wholehearted warm enthused voracious heated flaming strong torrid pumped red-hot lively raring emotional manic charged delirious hot-blooded impatient warm-blooded radical revolutionary juiced demonstrative hungry desirous vigorous athirst blazing glowing extremist incandescent superheated antsy religious solicitous gung ho hot revolutionist forceful animated devout frantic agog anxious deep great ultra thirsty over the top furious unrestrained profound powerful heartfelt restless stoked assiduous hearty hysterical geeked raging intemperate deep-seated inflamed fevered vivacious hopped-up mad keen acute hepped up fond uncontrolled keen as mustard heightened ready ferocious steadfast overzealous willing true intent infatuated with interested devoted to ambitious gone on diligent greedy carried away enamored sprightly overwrought keyed up as keen as mustard sincere true blue ebullient hyperactive enamoured urgent yearning exhilarated severe fired up longing motivated exuberant loyal faithful staunch serious zestful hectic high-spirited in love concerned thrilling tumultuous very keen on exciting on fire addicted to swivel-eyed dutiful appetent psyched hooked on deeply felt pious amped true-blue smitten hopped up rebel terrible crazed drastic militant feeling nutty extraordinary absorbed exceptional diehard industrious angry stirred game itching hellacious maniacal blistering heavy inordinate explosive conscientious warmblooded engaged distracted determined forcible thrilled daft sentimental steamed up enamored of afire purposeful pleased raw animate unfeigned hung up messianic titillated expressive enamoured of smitten with melodramatic constant single-minded ecstatic tender responsive stirring craving active hot for unqualified desperate resolute steady card-carrying hyper nervous impetuous potent covetous crazy about mad about bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fast in love with good stanch breathless happy gotta have dying to ready and willing nuts about chomping at the bit raring to go inclined supportive disposed down-the-line given over to hopeful mighty wishing insatiable dying overpowering desiring engrossed involved rampant sexy titillating arousing intent on ravenous grasping acquisitive emphatic marked uproarious keen on occupied knee-deep temperamental avaricious rapacious penetrating piercing vivid allegiant untrammeled untrammelled nutso adoring big doting attentive intensified full prepossessed abject genuine entrenched habitual relentless in a frenzy overemotional emotive excitable susceptible towering exaggerated terrorist passionate about enthusiastic about clamorous vocal noisy vociferous outspoken loud compelling ghastly almighty sensitive very excited honest hard-core rooted intrenched admiring adherent consecrated hard major rebellious subversive outrageous strident forthright insistent warmhearted jumping up and down pushy loving heartwarming overcharged tempestuous roused exquisite mad on deep-rooted inveterate thorough bona fide rousing supreme grave full-throated concentrated pronounced berserk dreadful zealotic fired go-ahead wild-eyed itchy ripe fireball self-starting pyretic febrile unreasonable sentient verklempt sharp fearful mental ungovernable disorderly amenable restive hankering unreluctant pining glad fearsome significant silly thoroughgoing settled moving eloquent poignant high-pressure stimulated precipitate headlong high-powered inspiring hotblooded affecting quickened touchy-feely effervescent on the make vicious combative sweating intensive frightful high nutso over shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about bred-in-the-bone confirmed excruciating critical stirred up high as a kite fraught dizzy coming on strong heavy-duty cut-throat dynamic flushed burning up febrific unchecked unbridled turbulent confused unbalanced fascinated rhapsodic aflame wacky tantalized OTT chaotic demented furibund distraught insane corybantic phrenetic wired confusing unscrewed tantalised zesty gaga wigged-out turnt dependent outre gone outré outlandish beside oneself fond of sweet on very enthusiastic hot to trot out of control weirded out fast and furious wigged out lost it stalwart far-out over-the-top champing at the bit full of beans agitated in a lather aggressive proactive bullish banzai all out too much unwavering sworn out of bounds firm take-charge can-do through and through studious extremely enthusiastic pledged dependent on predisposed attached imbued accustomed hyped habituated dyed-in-the-wool overactive out-and-out single-hearted old faithful deep-dyed true to the end hard-working given to under the influence strung out given to abusing jonesing for prone to spaced out used to given to using in the habit of using jonesing on wedded to busy worked up in a tizzy high-strung like one possessed

Danh từ

An eccentric or odd person
crank nut nutcase eccentric oddball nutter weirdo crackpot oddity screwball kook fruitcake character crackbrain flake wacko zany lunatic original crack loony maniac codger quiz individualist weirdie nonconformist maverick misfit case sicko madman freak madwoman cuckoo nutjob wackadoo wack dingbat psychotic radge bohemian deviant dropout pervert geek zealot perv fanatic hippy jock head case unorthodox person odd fellow free spirit odd fish odd bod one-off queer fish wing nut individual card loner fish out of water nutso loon beatnik outsider rare bird square peg in a round hole round peg in a square hole bad boy lone wolf crazy fool schizo whacko headbanger psychopath psycho meshuggener sickie bug heretic dissenter oner dissident loose cannon basket case iconoclast eccentric person boho counterculturist nonconformer rara avis odd bird exception odd man out offbeat different breed lone ranger enfant terrible daredevil hothead devil peculiar person strange person lamebrain tearaway gink odd duck madcap hippie anomaly piece of work wild man odd type queer strange bird loser odd person rum customer queer duck odd one out booby simpleton ninnyhammer charley nit ninny doofus turkey jackass simp featherhead charlie ding-dong mooncalf berk nitwit nincompoop ding-a-ling goose git dipstick yo-yo half-wit bedlamite harebrain dement bigot non compos mentis rebel protester freethinker renegade apostate dissentient radical separatist schismatic recusant demonstrator heresiarch malcontent sectary misbeliever seceder swinger liberal outlier night person unconventional person free thinker rarity flower child nut case independent clown New Ager extremist avant-gardist one of a kind headcase skeptic one gonzo wackjob caution trendsetter outcast zombie spook nonbeliever numbskull bozo goof dumbbell saphead bonehead blockhead lunkhead rationalist dodo galoot insane nutbag nutbar unconventional thinker independent-minded person unconstrained thinker unorthodox thinker nut job libertine revolutionary infidel sceptic deranged person sociopath longhair dilettante gypsy artist writer live one nut ball artistic person jester wag joker comedian New Age traveler independent thinker prankster joculator merry-andrew buffoon wisecracker moron idiot show-off farceur humorist cutup comic gag person practical joker funny person

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