Đồng nghĩa của blue sky

Tính từ

Characterized by or pertaining to rapid changes in light intensity and colour
illusory false misleading unreal untrue deceptive fallacious hallucinatory mistaken sham chimerical delusive seeming apparent deceitful delusional illusionary deceiving fancied hollow non-existent bogus delusory erroneous fake fanciful illusive imaginary imagined misguided notional specious Barmecidal Barmecide fantastic fictional fictitious fictive float ideal ostensible semblant suppositious supposititious visionary whimsical pipe dream phantasmal dreamlike chimeric fantastical phantasmic phantasmagoric blue-sky mythical fabulous invented mythic pseudo phantom pretend fantasied imaginal made-up make-believe phantasmagorical psychedelic nightmarish surreal bizarre phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic Kafkaesque phantasmagorian phantasm romantic extravagant far-fetched absurd preposterous unbelievable curious legendary ridiculous wild tall fairy-tale poetic imaginative capricious crackpot offbeat flakey aerial fairy tale unlikely kinky shadowy flaky floating far out incredible cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take pie in the sky castles in the air on cloud nine out of this world unsubstantial fabricated nonexistent hypothetical theoretical figmental fantasy concocted dreamed-up immaterial ethereal assumed intangible mock impalpable storybook spectral mythological phoney virtual insubstantial phony pretended apocryphal trumped up all in one's head quixotic dreamy abstract supposed imagal apparitional fool's paradise figment of someone's imagination product of someone's imagination traditional created storied counterfeit affected spurious incorporeal contrived faked feigned indescribable indefinable vague untouchable indistinct obscure unclear unbodied adopted airy improvised ghostlike discarnate formless nonphysical bodiless nonmaterial vaporous spiritual cooked-up cod trumped-up dishonest made up ephemeral inexistent imperceptible to the touch fly-by-night unsound imponderable slender infirm puny petty metaphysical idle decrepit nebulous artificial insincere too little too late reachy fabled unnatural weird replica faux imitation reproduction

Tính từ

Not realistic
unrealistic impractical unworkable impracticable improbable romantic impossible non-viable quixotic silly starry-eyed unfeasible unreasonable absurd fanciful foolish half-baked idealistic illogical irrational senseless wild delusory far-fetched perfectionist theoretical unworldly utopian visionary crazy potty floating gone ivory-tower naive nonrealistic nonsensical reachy unlikely unreal not applicable not sensible on cloud nine useless unserviceable unattainable inoperable dreamy unrealizable unpractical unbusinesslike unachievable unusable nonpractical unviable idealist quixotical starry Utopian optimistic chimerical dreaming out of the question inefficacious head-in-the-clouds unsuitable inconvenient inapplicable infeasible unwise extravagant imaginary impulsive fantastical chivalrous impetuous ineffectual ineffective inappropriate implausible preposterous airy-fairy unpragmatic inconceivable out there unthinkable unimaginable awkward out of touch with reality undoable happy hoping not worth considering imprudent like herding cats insuperable impossible to carry out overoptimistic contrary to reason hardly possible rose-coloured ill-considered cock-eyed ill-thought-out crackpot nonviable inept otherworldly nonfunctional clueless abstract speculative incompetent hopeless roseate won't fly no go unobtainable outlandish insolvable unsolvable insoluble futile inaccessible unwinnable unreachable vain insurmountable forlorn incredible risible irresoluble outrageous irresolvable paradoxical farcical no-way beyond you not to be thought of not a prayer impervious no-go not on laughable too much inexecutable beyond one not possible ridiculous hare-brained hundred-to-one impassable way out unbelievable beyond the bounds of possibility ludicrous irrealizable

Tính từ

Having or showing creativity or inventiveness
imaginative creative ingenious inventive original enterprising inspired visionary clever innovative innovatory resourceful fanciful fantastic insightful whimsical artful blue-sky individual innovational nonconformist off-centre originative Promethean stimulating unconventional unorthodox unusual vivid dreamy poetical artistic avant-garde extravagant fertile fictive high-flown inspirational offbeat pie-in-the-sky poetic productive quixotic romantic utopian brain wave breaking ground out of the ordinary way out expressive radical revolutionary experimental trailblazing pioneering deviceful formative fabulous fantastical exotic unreal fresh fancy quirky dreamlike eccentric mythical flighty absurd curious keen freakish freaky illusory brilliant genius imaginary wild bizarre chimerical crackpot chimeric phantasmic ridiculous astute phantasmal far-fetched far-out head in the clouds out of touch with reality gifted perceptive novel strange groundbreaking talented new different unprecedented unfamiliar ground-breaking newfangled unique discerning singular advanced modern unknown arty-crafty pretentious arty left-field picturesque intuitive contemporary state-of-the-art breaking new ground new-fashioned ultra-modern sharp untried disruptive skilful uncommon overdecorative intelligent futuristic unaccustomed aesthetic neoteric unheard-of skillful fine cutting-edge leading-edge odd constructive out-of-the-box sensitive seminal peculiar demiurgic capable impractical able outlandish adroit prescient sophisticated weird shrewd refreshing inspiring distinctive marvellous smart elaborate penetrating quick wise esthetic perspicacious knowing marvelous far-sighted modernistic surprising sharp-witted artsy-craftsy ornate profound cutting edge deep accomplished idealistic masterly grotesque virtuoso just out beautiful bright quaint cultivated crafty cultured refined elegant ambitious baroque percipient queer causative teeming forgetive fruitful unrealistic tasteful graceful wonderful individualistic special exceptional moving unworkable idealized idealist subtle awesome quixotical avant garde stylish daydreaming nifty quick-witted starry rare idealised fundamental capricious starry-eyed latest untested glamourous glamorous recent canny razor-sharp fairy-tale intricate ivory-towered atypical germinal artsy acute ready alert head-in-the-clouds knowledgeable brainy sagacious tuned in progressive sage unhackneyed understanding whip-smart pretentiously artistic forward-looking witty welcome prolific transformational eloquent variational lateral influential foolish crazy nonsensical insane slang preposterous unwonted alternative important funky elevated figurative symbolic flowery not just another discriminating brand new up to date Gothic gothic optimistic idyllic exaggerated hopeful incredible out of the common arty-farty unlikely unpractical far cry extraordinary wondrous up-to-date this season's new-fangled in a world of one's own improbable fictitious legendary surreal bizarro enigmatic astounding Panglossian Micawberish major full of feeling dexterous rococo Kafkaesque well-thought-out high-tech complex forward-thinking well-designed highly developed well-planned strategic multifaceted involved well-built mischievous playful dextrous sly cunning made-up sensational astonishing spectacular incomprehensible stupendous out there breathtaking romanesque waggish droll pivotal epoch-making primary critical crucial generative on the ball neat fashionable happening hot in far out modernist trendy groovy unexplored modish with-it cool hip unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional funny deviating drastic thinking outside the box flaky intellectual apt thinking homespun homemade handmade rational idiosyncratic weird and wonderful enlightened logical fast well-informed up-and-coming game-changing world-shattering scholarly supersmart precocious dotty crotchety rustic all there instructed having a good head on one's shoulders responsible alive highbrow together comprehending know how many beans make five ultrasmart having no flies on calculating cerebral very smart sensible nimble quick on the uptake hyperintelligent whiz decorative lovely dicey flakey amusing humorous quizzical random off-the-wall chancy uncertain kinky old-fashioned comical arbitrary ornamental exquisite spirited pleasing enthusiastic dreaming speculative unfeasible practical emotional attractive outstanding hypothetical theoretical adventurous energetic superlative exciting memorable superb thrilling otherworldly introspective musing abstracted noble prophetic exalted astral unworldly lofty impracticable grandiose delusory vigorous venturesome excellent enthralling magnificent supreme aesthetically pleasing active aggressive judicious sapient incisive impressive dazzling observant savvy thoughtful penetrative prudent tremendous awake argute conscious appreciative cute aware responsive grand musical harmonious pictorial ideal rhythmical sublime dramatic in the clouds super formidable virtuosic ace coruscating magic knows what's what ear to the ground smashing brill wicked mean with your head in the clouds first-class first-rate supercalifragilisticexpialidocious out of this world of genius

Tính từ

(of a subject of study) Dealing with abstract concepts and not practical application
pure abstract academic philosophical speculative theoretical intellectual theoretic conceptual conjectural hypothetical notional non-practical blue-sky non-technical basic fundamental higher tentative unproved ideal metaphysical ideational impractical imaginary not practical vague formalistic analytical postulated on paper unsubstantiated presumed suppositional quixotic formularized general instanced codified pedantic problematical transcendental idealized ideological contingent in the abstract hypothetic logical transcendent in theory as a premise imaginative assumed unearthly idealised suppositious putative suppositive conjectured academical unreal supposed presupposed unproven untested unrealistic visionary recondite presumptive unfounded groundless imagined intangible unpractical indefinite immaterial uncertain suspect doubtful based on guesswork fanciful postulatory paradigmatic fancied illusory imagal nominal experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive nonconcrete unapplied unpragmatic irrelevant useless alleged ivory-tower ivory-towered ivory-towerish apparent inferred indeterminate casual contestable disputable equivocal assumptive stochastic concocted questionable conditional conjecturable debatable refutable provisory proposed guessed unconfirmed pretending problematic purported suspected surmised supposititious made up postulational guessing unresolved surmising guesstimated figured reputed likely asserted inferential abstruse essential deep esoteric supernatural profound high-flown universal spiritual on a hunch on a long shot oversubtle unsubstantial impalpable incorporeal jesuitic discarnate unfleshly nonphysical supramundane eternal philosophic unphysical supermundane insubstantial superhuman bodiless suprahuman nonmaterial difficult numinous supranatural mystical ontological superior

Động từ

To formulate a theory, especially about some specific subject
theorize conjecture guess hypothesise hypothesize speculate suppose formulate posit postulate project propose propound blue-sky conceive hypothecate imagine philosophise philosophize submit suggest surmise think form a theory formulate a theory put forward take as a hypothesis assume presume presuppose contemplate deliberate say premise figure meditate reason ponder weigh predicate consider guesstimate assert cogitate brainstorm excogitate cerebrate dope take for granted have a hunch figure out hazard a guess dope out call it chew over call the turn beat one's brains build castles in air propone broach moralize sermonize examine pontificate preach pronounce advance sermonise moralise state found establish ground argue build wonder select estimate aver nominate claim solicit affirm choose muse announce begin commence introduce start suspect daresay suspicion reflect review pipe-dream form theories study scheme ruminate read make suppositions make guesses head trip size up reflect on psych out kick around run it up flagpole read between lines offer theorise think about mull over entertain weigh up revolve brood pore over think over question puzzle over debate perpend meditate on ruminate on dwell on turn over wrestle with pore on be in a brown study turn muse on brood over evaluate eye give thought to roll brood on rack brains stew over ruminate over appraise judge ruminate about cogitate on cogitate about put on thinking cap puzzle toy with agonize play around with agonize over moon deliberate about dream mull agonise worry about stew ask oneself be lost in thought speculate about mind noodle around brood about sweat over think out expect intellectualize analyze deliberate on give consideration to comprehend rationalize discuss worry logicalize envision daydream chew the cud ideate dwell debate with oneself consult percolate chew on look at analyse intellectualise meditate over rationalise wonder about have in mind put on one's thinking cap use one's head bat it around pour it on sum up hammer away at think through give much thought to turn over in one's mind ask oneself about think hard talk over knock around give some thought to think on sort out beat one's brains out about run up a flagpole chew deliberate over assess be indecisive woolgather admit consider the pros and cons of meditate upon acknowledge put on one's thinking cap about medidate upon understand discern lucubrate cudgel one's brains sleep on it concentrate apprehend process reflect about pore cool out take in aspire to ruminate upon think of picture reflect upon muse over anticipate ponder over ponder on envisage recollect feel query be lost in contemplation be in a reverie flash on inquire obsess enquire doubt fret mope repine languish over mope over grieve over sulk about fret about moon over ask yourself be inquisitive be curious grieve be in brown study feel despondent about dwell upon gloom sweat out bleed eat one's heart out languish chafe inwardly sulk sigh lament eat your heart out think upon despond cudgel your brains appreciate resolve deduce infer ratiocinate stop to consider take under consideration plan design purpose intend devise digest plot view engage in contemplation track think deeply entertain idea be in a thoughtful state say to oneself

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