Đồng nghĩa của canny

Alternative for canny

cannier, canniest

Đồng nghĩa: artful, careful, cautious, clever, crafty, cunning, prudent, shrewd, skillful,


Having or showing shrewdness and good judgement, especially in money or business matters
shrewd astute sharp acute clever wise careful sharp-witted artful cautious judicious perspicacious prudent sagacious circumspect intelligent knowing smart crafty cunning discerning discriminating penetrating perceptive savvy wily sensible subtle calculating clear-eyed clear-sighted hard-boiled hardheaded heads-up heady pawky suss sussed whip-smart argute long-headed sapient worldly-wise able adroit cagey dextrous dexterous discreet foxy frugal hep ingenious nimble-witted quick quick-witted skilful skillful slick slippery sly smooth streetwise wary watchful on the ball street smart street-smart with it as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork keen insightful sage brilliant bright guileful scheming devious alert intuitive percipient observant brainy designing cute politic tricky rational sneaky genius knowledgeable Machiavellian resourceful far-sighted experienced thoughtful profound incisive beguiling dodgy shifty deceitful fly cagy conniving piercing aware sensitive deep logical informed quick on the uptake chary sound enlightened nimble dishonest vigilant deceptive heedful learned deft slim intellectual insidious practical inventive erudite duplicitous razor-sharp unscrupulous underhand intriguing attentive reasonable shady apt gifted considerate far-seeing manipulative fast fine disingenuous scholarly ready adept precocious vulpine guarded provident double-dealing exceptional carny foresighted gingerly safe quick off the mark supersmart crooked commonsensical understanding imaginative proficient ultrasmart accurate sane rapier-like masterly hyperintelligent analytical witty capable good seasoned worldly sober educated treacherous agile farsighted expert plotting delicate pragmatic sophisticated leery untrustworthy whiz well-informed conservative well-advised sharp as a tack nifty sharp-sighted not born yesterday responsive media-savvy contemplative astucious gnostic realistic thinking downy desirable strategic reflective underhanded clear philosophical tactful accomplished critical precise handy open-eyed down-to-earth tactical cheating matter-of-fact levelheaded neat cluey dishonorable fiendish well-reasoned penetrative reasoned cerebral well-founded cool skilled creative full of insight Janus-faced no-nonsense responsible probing quick-thinking competent talented analytic prescient dishonourable on guard quick on the draw wide awake mean forearmed advisable exquisite expedient quick on the trigger all there on the lookout on the qui vive visionary sharpened forethoughtful fraudulent keen-witted hardened furtive roguish stealthy conscious arch forehanded crisp mindful sentient efficient apprehensive trenchant showing great knowledge with great knowledge seemly scrupulous clairvoyant solid justified awake original well judged well advised razor-like exact diplomatic well-thought-out businesslike level-headed in the know sophic crack balanced practised suspicious qualified reluctant hip evasive dissembling elusive captious delusive bluffing illusory traitorous commonsense well thought out shonky finely honed mature virtuoso prompt impressive just restrained conversant practiced grounded together hesitant searching thorough all ears wired effective thrifty not missing a trick crazy like a fox on the alert knowing how many beans make five nobody's fool sparing having been around with all one's wits about one self-aware contriving conspiring einstein premeditating joined-up razor sharp secret facile dirty complicitous craft appropriate considered covert concerned greasy concise receptive hard-headed straight decisive complex exacting ratiocinative detailed pragmatical acuminous beneficial trained unbelieving advantageous profitable been around battle-scarred recommended tricksy malicious succinct punchy pithy impish mischievous secretive cool-headed well-balanced on your guard powerful proper hard-nosed gainful worthwhile deliberated complicit strong effectual smart as a tack having smarts innovative insighted active vigorous mercurial curt urbane unprovincial foreseeing genial well-read well read well educated fitting strict effortless express categorical judgmatical judgmatic with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground farseeing steely reserved reticent efficacious sneaking tuned in wise to smart as a whip cognizant crazy like fox to the point seasonable judicial inspired enterprising cogitative knows what's what ear to the ground no fool forward sly like a fox well a good idea heightened common-sense intractable tough unsentimental resolute hard-bitten defrauding misleading exploitative lying deceiving swindling insincere hoodwinking immoral corrupt rascally unprincipled inch-perfect clean proactive instructed alive highbrow comprehending well-judged shark calculated inside prophetic innovational elaborate trailblazing innovatory fertile originative Promethean deliberate non-committal wide-awake finely tuned very smart valid clued-up tuned-in pioneering bent rogue vague unrevealing moderate controlled walking on eggs thinking twice handling with kid gloves keeping on one's toes doubting unwasteful watching one's step saving watching out hard coherent firm consequent well-grounded serious-minded commonsensible well informed artistic thinking outside the box deviceful having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on with-it noncommittal well reasoned wised up on the inside consummate versed veteran on top of up on nimble-fingered masterful full of common sense punctilious examining exploratory inquisitive enquiring researching intense interested pointed investigative curious inquiring overcautious with eyes peeled forward-looking overcareful with reservations well-developed well-honed polished dynamic ultraefficient au courant having all one's marbles in right mind steady-going professional softly-softly stand pat locked in tough nut hang tough salty ornery hostile two-faced illicit unethical illegal snaky wizard ace nippy wicked workmanlike bravura killer useable serviceable working realizable realisable hyperefficient usable reliable practicable feasible finely judged habile playing one's cards close to one's chest fleet uneasy having good hands having know-how prepared tentie tenty loath sceptical dubious shy doubtful distrustful mistrustful keeping a weather eye on psyched up on your toes keeping a weather eye open switched on keeping one's eyes open keeping one's eyes peeled on the job on one's toes fast on the draw on the watch Argus-eyed averse afraid nervous disinclined parsimonious stingy iffy inhibited constrained skeptical miserly economical particular fastidious master great excellent tasty crackerjack well versed cultured complete first-rate compleat elite top-notch cultivated professed first-class refined stellar academic bookish a dab hand at outstanding schooled hot sharp-eyed eagle-eyed keen-eyed hotshot hawk-eyed on tiptoe lively literate extraordinary spirited razor-edged knife-like magnificent concentrating specialist marvellous formidable regardful wakeful pro well-rounded beady-eyed au fait intent there with eyes like a hawk marvelous tasteful top-drawer bright-eyed and bushy-tailed immensely skilled highly qualified very skilled gimlet-eyed highly skilled exceptionally skilled out of this world extraordinarily skilled up to speed heads up highly trained big league selective lettered familiar acquainted questioning brisk studious apprised tutored certain phenomenal civilized splendid scientific superior widely read sure versant illuminated remarkable philosophic eggheaded choice whip class no dummy certified agog anxious topflight endowed deadly unsleeping very intelligent old vet clued up civilised Einstein keeping your eyes peeled keeping a weather eye on things well-versed paying attention top-hole waiting on on the beam on toes whiz kid good hands looking for with weather eye open looking to on alert class act shining at a hand at superintelligent whetted fully developed in-depth sharp-edged bluestocking sprightly swift PDQ minute swotty streamlined smooth-running teachable superlative wonderful dazzling star superb mentally keen quick to learn fluent appreciative fit leading polite egghead leet supreme keeping one's eyes skinned with one's eyes open book smart drilled phenom well-organized well organized in one's best interests privy appraised literary hooked glued with one's eyes skinned clear-thinking with your wits about you clued-in on the stick vital recognizant clued dominant suitable fitted well run supremely skilled smashing fab peerless pedantic esoteric recondite brill magic abreast witting well-taught finished A1 very able tip-top know stuff no slouch very good suited equal adequate donnish apperceptive treating with kid gloves gracious courteous opportunistic conciliatory bland suave equipped easy observing dynamite up to it highly endowed up to snuff know one's onions worthy know backwards and forwards know the ropes liberal open-minded ware posted well-educated polymath professorial abstruse omniscient solemn pansophic grave studied having a knack for cut out for broad-minded well versed focused perky fully awake wide-eyed genned up surveying deducing correct eager considering intentive discovering detecting contemplating focussed advertent observative specialized top-shelf developed advanced have smarts advanced for one's age have the goods ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary old beyond one's years got it specialised progressive tolerant free-thinking discriminative discriminatory discriminational differential plausible justifiable veridical faultless collected unquestionable veracious deductive synthetic credible objective infallible trustable reasoning knowing what's what hip to in the picture plugged in aesthetic nice rigorous substantiated secure confirmed errorless proven corroborated colorable meticulous truthful sincere impeccable cogent inerrant validated verified choosy with good taste picky individualising opinionated individualizing choicy esthetic finical select eclectic persnickety fussy finicky defensible maintainable definite defendable calculable explicit supportable tenable sustainable empirical cognitive open stringent empiric flippant facetious cheeky jazzed sarcastic sassy on-target letter-perfect clear-cut dead-on spot-on flip bantering smarty-pants bold tongue-in-cheek smart-alecky droll jesting saucy highbrowed humorous fresh whimsical insolent smart-aleck brazen jocular


In a state of comfort and relaxation


Characterized by economy, frugality, or good management of finances or resources
thrifty miserly frugal sparing parsimonious mean stingy economical tight close scrimping cheap chintzy provident prudent saving careful cautious economising economizing abstemious scrimpy unwasteful chary forehanded conserving preserving close-fisted penny-pinching careful with money energy-efficient energy-saving fuel-efficient fuel-saving sensible penny-wise meager circumspect meagre far-sighted shrewd wise discreet skimping spare cost-effective efficient time-saving money-saving work-saving avaricious watchful prudential methodical closefisted practical curmudgeonly penurious on the rims economic Scotch spartan austere abstinent monkish self-denying nunlike non-indulgent puritanical monastic ascetic self-disciplined sagacious forearmed cheese-paring tight-fisted ungenerous grasping mingy politic equipped judicious cheeseparing vigilant commonsensical well-prepared wary tightwad meticulous forethoughtful far-seeing foresighted prepared expedient illiberal tightfisted uncharitable stinting pinching near greedy pinchpenny pennywise Scrooge-like money-grubbing strict selfish skinflinty severe petty covetous churlish costive grudging acquisitive self-abnegating Spartan ungiving temperate hair-shirt continent disciplined celibate miserable ironfisted moderate rigorous restrained stringent reclusive cloistered self-restrained solitary grabby cheapskate eremitic hungry snoep money-grabbing rigid anchoritic hermitic skinflint simple rapacious beggarly skimpy money-conscious hard-fisted narrow financially savvy sober budget-conscious mercenary tight-wad stewardly scanty hoarding cost-conscious abstentious teetotal moderating extortionate ignoble exacting solemn refraining straightlaced strait-laced self-sacrificing secluded withdrawn contemplative hermit-like sequestered cenobitic conventual quiet meditative monachal cloistral coenobitic hermetic oblate chaste stern harsh monklike mortified abstaining ascetical other-worldly


Friendly, sociable
personable good-looking affable agreeable amiable attractive charming nice pleasant pleasing presentable congenial engaging genial good-natured handsome likeable appealing bonny couthy likable nice-looking pretty winning aces comely easygoing friendly gregarious okay sociable sweetheart taking white-hat all heart all right good egg cordial gracious amicable kindly good-humoured warm obliging good-humored companionable mellow kind convivial unreserved good-tempered social cheerful clubby hospitable well-disposed warm-hearted gentle benevolent sympathetic clubbable approachable sweet lovable neighbourly delightful outgoing jovial warmhearted winsome extroverted neighborly extraverted considerate lovely talkative decent soft tolerant helpful mild mild-mannered conversable complaisant civil benign easy to get along with clubable amenable courteous urbane caring affectionate easy-going comradely compassionate polite kind-hearted understanding unassuming chummy tender easy matey prepossessing unpresumptuous simpatico tenderhearted tender-hearted good-hearted sweet-natured big-hearted softhearted goodhearted soft-hearted large-hearted bighearted accommodating even-tempered kindhearted buddy-buddy sweet-tempered harmless swell easy to get on with boon demonstrative good cheery sensible wonderful facile peaceful chirpy bonhomous compatible cozy copacetic breezy humble modest well meaning well intentioned ingratiating respectful self-effacing lenient regular cosy calm temperate perky civilized kindred like-minded downright neighborly palsy-walsy well disposed lively thoughtful civilised bombastic boisterous vivacious fit unanimous adapted frictionless united suitable harmonious enchanting captivating well-suited sympathique well suited favourable witty mushy reasonable as nice as pie unselfish sensitive loving patient generous cooperative congruous happy favorable amical consistent consonant spirited waggish sprightly fun blithe fabulous gassy regular fellow right neighborly barley-sugar accessible open welcoming informal communicative natural pally relaxed uninhibited indulgent hail-fellow-well-met hearty charitable extrovert palsy intimate magnanimous merciful beneficent collegial liberal humane benignant altruistic forbearing hail-fellow familiar responsive close peaceable company-loving brotherly chivalrous casual placid conciliatory compliant happy-go-lucky supportive moderate deferential carefree fond bland receptive well-mannered forgiving fraternal pacific gallant tight attentive solicitous clement free and easy smooth willing communal suave acquiescent meek docile enthusiastic nonchalant eager mannerly diplomatic unctuous chilled buoyant noble forthcoming tactful expansive earnest debonair backslapping jolly submissive giving well mannered concerned empathetic fatherly humanitarian maternal serene motherly lavish non-hostile empathic pitying equable accommodative loyal faithful jocose jocular courtly tractable effusive ardent ladylike gentlemanly laid-back unflappable decorous permissive undemanding unconstrained merry heartfelt biddable sunny insouciant wholehearted sincere free smiling passionate pliant yielding personal untroubled dear exuberant confidential deep down-to-earth genteel thick obedient humoring eager to please honourable honorable animated feeling subdued well-bred available broad-minded spiritless upbeat comforting honest pliable joyous jocund inseparable eager to help open-minded great-hearted paternal dutiful conformable chipper glad subservient stately gay unrestrained moral tame obeisant humouring unstuffy munificent selfless reverent righteous lamblike regardful bounteous bountiful obsequious buddy buddy unstinting sentimental bleeding-heart big philanthropic angelic good company unoffensive human public-spirited open-handed bubbly unemotional approving confident assent amusing confiding hilarious attached entertaining vibrant funny comical on good terms unceremonious oily heroic courageous charismatic enjoyable relishable preferable cliquey flexible valiant colonial expressive assenting clannish familial brother's sibling genealogical socializing people-oriented glad-handering vulnerable measured quiet glowing brave affectious adaptable imperturbable unconcerned unruffled unworried commiserative conflict-free unaffected loquacious garrulous bluff near nonmalignant door's always open unhurried easy-peasy unexcitable devoted laid back fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless concordant agreeing accordant red-carpet bosom sparing nonthreatening wholesome handy accepting long-suffering socialising couth understandable cheering high enlivening upper up softie marshmallow noble-minded valorous adoring doting square shooting right nice chatty voluble conversational shy non-confrontational demure dove-like ungrudging together unfazed fresh officious snug eleemosynary soft touch propitious openhearted benefic greathearted princely philanthropical fatherlike heart in right place openhanded freehanded user friendly on tap on deck dovelike retiring cool free-and-easy nurturing discursive talky at ease cultivated sunny side up free-handed knightly well-meaning soft-spoken sisterly non-malignant genuine amatory tranquil thick as thieves willing to help well behaved well-behaved discreet inviting effervescent gushy fervent reverential in accord in favor in agreement in favour ethical respectable upright favourably disposed amorous well spoken poised good-mannered well bred well brought up politic punctilious well brought-up well-spoken condescending polished virtuous trustworthy easy-oasy worthy incorrupt dependable willing to please pampering permitting soft-shell emollient assuaging mollycoddling assuasive lax pardoning favoring spoiling excusing light condoning letting allowing expressing adoration bound up close-knit jejune vapid dull flat forbearant just principled upstanding mirthful favouring gladsome right straight true airy jaunty light-hearted going easy on live with being big blithesome joyful beatific blissful euphoric ecstatic elated stand-up intense gleeful laughing bright eupeptic lightsome festive canty malleable clean-living on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded avid zealous frisky manageable ebullient unassertive without a care in the world unthinking in high spirits non-resisting passive impassioned duteous energetic ductile dynamic timid devout loud emphatic resigned profound deepest servile slavish vigorous self-abasing frank abiding profuse full gushing spineless grovelling supine back-slapping bootlicking deep-rooted good natured deep-felt under someone's thumb resistless domesticated obeying kowtowing nonresistant disciplinable comformable governable abject surrendering giving-in lowly groveling fawning complying handleable trainable unresisting bowing down uncomplaining subordinate nonresisting law-abiding controllable menial teachable placable under one's thumb longanimous

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